New parents

So this is this first year I’ve had parents from the new elementary school that opened in our community. This is the more affluent elementary school out of our other feeder schools.

Every single one of them walked in and walked right by me, and proceeded to look around for the teacher. When I walked over and reached out to shake their hand for an introduction they looked utterly surprised. Then proceeded to ask:

“Oh you’re awfully young, how long have you been teaching?”

“Where did you go to school?”

“Are you sure this is honors?”

“Can you really handle this caliber of child? We like to make sure the material is very rigorous.”

Then my AP comes down the hall and says,

“Oh I’ve been bragging on you all day. For some reason the parents kept coming down and asking me about you and your class. I let them know their child was in good hands!”

Now I don’t know if I’m just being too sensitive or what but….the tone of the questions made it clear they were questioning my ability to teach their “caliber” of children.

Am I being sensitive?




boo-ho-hooo.. starting to get into the sad stuff now, lol this is the part 2 of the day 1 Madness. even tho she said “seduce all the males” , I honestly was trying to wing it out and make it funny but yaaaaa knoow gotta spice some stuff up. 

and the whole time i was drawing this i would go back to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRfmU_veS2E its so sad >~< 

but Kuro baaaby why you do diiiis. mah heart. it hurts 



I slept like crap.

I didn’t go to work today, so here’s to hoping my sub follows the lesson plan.

I called the dentist office today:

Receptionist: good morning how may I help you?

Me: hey I have a dentist appointment but I have strep throat so-

Receptionist: *laughing uncontrollably* oh dear no, no you don’t have an appointment today.

Me:…..yes that’s why I was calling to cancel….

Caution: complaints ahead!

My back and hips are so sore from my hips constantly subluxing and dislocating! It’s happening so much lately it’s ridiculous. I stretched my legs out and I felt this weird clunk. Not to mention my shoulders, still dislocating every damn night. I am so so sore and exhausted I’m over it.

Body please get your shit together!

Sigh, I know this is pointless but I just need a rant.