What happened to the kid: that I loved, and wanted to share the rest of my days with, making it or not. To the kid that till this day, I still find ways to hate.. but miss with all of my heart.. & even though to this day, things have changed.. And i’d have them no other way.. I still miss my friend, and the person you used to be; When I could of said I love you back, if that would of changed the rest of our lives as friends till the end.

I have an now, people who will never leave our side; But as I sit here on this 36 hour drive, to start our first american tour without you, I get tears down my fucking face as I try to hold it in.. It was never the end of us; you leaving.

It was just the beginning. But I wish I could of spent a little more time, trying to convince you; we weren’t all that bad. we were just a bunch of delinquents, that didn’t fit in anywhere else expect with each other. We will live, forever. So whoever this tyler carter is that you are now. Fuck your ego, and let tyler be tyler. not this washed up fuck of an excuse for how good of a kid he used to be. This is the first time i’ve spoken about you sense you left the band, and probably the last time I will. I hope its working for you, out there in the land of dreams, chasing gold over . But i’ll stick right here, in the bunk next to my brothers New & Old, next to my friends, next to the only people who have ever accepted me, and never for any dollar think; of selling them out.. And i’ll sleep with the thought of you on my heart, but the thought of our bright future in my head.

I love you Derek Tyler Carter, & I hope, someday you can love you again too

—  Austin Thornton - Woe, Is Me to Tyler Carter.