“ Saturday turned into Sunday. It was around 4 am, when I hopped in the car with Father and his team. I was getting dropped off at my spot before they hit their hotel, but first, “Whataburger, Whataburger, Whataburger,” at Father’s demand. Drake’s “Know Yourself” played on the way there. When we pulled up, Father placed everyone’s orders then asked the drive-through clerk, “Did you like Drake’s new album? ”

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A New Year Cheers

A Ben Ferris One-Shot

A New Year Cheers

“Kyle truth or dare?” Corey asked enthusiastically.“Dare! Lay it on me!” Kyle yelled as if he could concur anything.I was at Ben and Corey’s shared apartment with their friends Dylan, Kyle, Tyler, and…

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Riding the city with my woes !! #selfinterest me myself Austin Scott Paul wolf and I …. Lmfao 😁😁😁😁🙌🏾👌🏾🐺💯 (at Rutgers University New Brunswick)

Zandan poll: Transportation woes top Austin concerns, but solutions differ across region

Austin-area residents think transportation is the biggest issue Austin must confront. They also generally support economic incentives, so long as they go to companies that create middle-class jobs. And, at least regionally, they want more express lanes on highways, prioritizing this above expanded bus service or new rail transit options (residents of Austin proper, however, want buses more than highways).
These are just a small sample of the results of the annual Zandan Poll: Voices of Austin Community,…

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