woe is me shirt

Long Distance

When that beautiful girl comes on the screen I chat away indignantly and tell her of woes and happiness and troubles and, well, me.

She wears a shirt I told her I liked and rolls it up just so to match the time I told her I thought she looked perfect to me.

She sings along to songs I showed her once and clicks her pen along to the beat of my heart as I sit and watch her piece together and pull apart the world in her arms.

I gaze for hours when I cannot sleep but the waning hours have captured her eyes for dream screenings only she can see and hear.

And the best days, the best days are the days I can close the screen, unplug the wall, box it up and look at it no more, because the girl on the screen is now the girl sat at the end of my bed.

Her hairs mussed up and her eyes are red from crying but that’s okay cause I’m crying too.

More emotions than sadness invite tears you know.

Happiness leaks from eyes like sorrow wishes to try but in this moment, with her in my sight, my heart is singing and my blue demons hide.