woe is me!!

This is just. I dunno/

Wren Kingston is Charles DiLaurentis. I’m sure you’ll want to know my theory as to why I believe this to be true, but that would make too long of a post. There are already many theories to support this, so please take the time to read just one in order to understand why I’m set on these reveals. Wren has been suspect to me from day one.

Charlotte “Cece” Drake is actually Bethany Young:Charles DiLaurentis’ lover. This would give AD motive to torture the girls. Wren (AD/Charles) is trying to avenge Cece’s (Bethany) death, and since all the liars had motive to kill her, Wren had a vendetta with each liar to find out the truth. This would avoid that cliche “woe-is-me” motive and instead be a story-line built strictly around a lover’s revenge. Furthermore, Charlotte is obviously not Charles, nor is she transgender. That was all a cover, formulated by “Wren” himself, in order to keep his real identity a secret.

Melissa Hastings is the lady in black/black widow and the answer for this is most obvious; she’s literally the only widow on the entire show, besides Pam Fields, but that’s irrelevant as black widow was around prior to Wayne’s death. Black widow is said to be end game and I’m sure that will happen, but I don’t believe AD is one person, but rather two people? Possibly. 

Wren will kill Mona for murdering Charlotte. Plain and simple.

I’ve heard theories on Ezra being killed by Wren, but it’s obvious that he’s after Mona. I think instead, Ezra gets hurt trying to save Spencer from Mary Drake, or better Melissa disguised as Mary Drake; one mask reveal.

Melissa and Wren will both be AD (a team) and they will be revealed as a couple. They’ve always been sketchy to me, so I’m going with that theory I’ve had for a while.


Part of me feels like the “Twincer” reveal will be that Bethany Young is really Spencer’s twin (Bethany Drake) and Melissa tried to kill her “that night” because she thought it was Spencer. Melissa has always been jealous of Spencer. The answer to the question, “If Bethany is alive, who is in the grave?” Easy; the real Sarah Harvey. The Sarah Harvey that we know is just a random runaway, or missing persons who got caught up in an addictive game.

Now, Bethany could also be Alison’s twin, or even Cece’s twin, which could still work for the Wren reveal, since Marlene is not so subtly implying another twin reveal. 

If Emison has twins I WILL SCREAM.


It’s cliche.

It’s cheesy,

Oh, and it’s simply not logical, not unless Alison is actually pregnant with her own eggs instead of Emily’s. 

If Alison is infact pregnant with Emily’s eggs, the baby will have Emily’s and the sperm donor’s genetic makeup ONLY, not Alison’s. In order for Alison to give birth to twins, she must be pregnant with her own eggs as one or both parent must carry the twin genetic in their bloodline in order to produce twins; this would be Alison if the eggs were, unless Emily, or the sperm donor happened to also have the twin genetic in their DNA, but that would reaching, even for Marlene. Alison is pregnant with another woman’s baby, so if this were reality, the baby would have been mixed pre-insertion via pitri dish and inserted into the uterus later on. Alison cannot give birth to twins when the baby shares no DNA to her. Plain and simple.

This is so messy. 

Marlene better give us something good.

Anonymous submission. Great point about the twins thing!

You know the best part about Wonder Woman? She’s a hero because that’s what she’s always known she wants to do. She’s not all “woe is me, I am suffering under the weight of my destiny”. Hell no, right from the get-go she’s like I’m gonna save all these people because I have the ability and I know that’s what I should do. People keep telling her she can’t do it, and she sits them the fuck down and does it anyway. She actually WANTS to be a hero, and despite what BVS might have led you to believe, she NEVER stops being one.

🔮Tarotscopes🔮 June 2017


Aries have been participating in some self-deprecating thoughts lately, but being at war with yourself will only make your journey more difficult. Instead of allowing yourself to adopt this ‘woe is me’ attitude, choose to see the small gifts in your life as a wonderful stroke of good luck. Sometimes things don’t happen for a reason, but that does not mean it’s necessary to bully yourself in the process.


You need to trust in the process and trust in yourself. Your own self-doubt is what is currently holding you back. Let go of the feeling of being ‘stuck’ or not knowing where you are going to go from here and trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this very moment. You are where you are for a reason.


You are currently experiencing a change of perspective when it comes to where you want to direct your life and how you are going to live it from this day forward. This birthday in particular marks the time that you have chosen to do something different with your life, because what you have going at the moment is no longer cutting it for you. In order to change that, have the courage to follow your dreams and passions at this time, as they will direct you towards a more fulfilling future.


Cancerians can expect a win this month! The Universe is currently conspiring and working in your favour. Stay humble, keep your head down, and continue to do what it is that you are meant to do at the moment. As long as you stick to your responsibilities, the Universe will come in and clear out any outside obstacles. The giving nature of Cancerian has been noticed and you will soon be rewarded.


Last month, you’ve probably experienced some conflict with those around you. This month you will be getting a handle on those emotions that have resulted from that aggravation and will realise that you are better off holding those people at arms length. Their energy no longer serves you and in order to save yourself it is best to keep them at a safe distance.


Virgos have been contemplating new work and monetary possibilities. If you’ve been asking yourself if you should start that new venture, it is time to start it! If you’ve been applying for a new job, you will get it!


Phew! Talk about an emotional time for Libra! Currently, you are your own worst enemy and you’re killing yourself with all of your negative talk and thoughts concerning yourself. Nothing productive is going to get done this month if you decide to continue down this road. Trust in your intuition and allow that to lead you out of this emotionally dark time. You are choosing to see the glass as half empty instead of half full.


You are having a hard time trying to decide where you are going at the moment. You don’t know which way is up and which way is down or if you should go left or if you should right. The problem with being in this headspace is that we don’t allow ourselves to see any opportunities that may be presented to us. Adapt a more positive approach and watch the Universe sprinkle some magic into your life.


You’re going to be challenged this month, whether it is a co-worker trying to make you look bad in front of your boss, or someone that is feeling particularly brave and demonstrates this by being slick with their mouth leaving you feeling like, “Oh! They tried it!” Maintain your integrity by standing firm in your truth. You are better than that negativity.


Burdening yourself with too many commitments and responsibilities is not the right way to chase after your goals. In fact, it is the least effective way to get where it is you want to be. Take the time this month to reprioritise and decide what is really necessary to get you to the end.


Aquarians can expect a harmonious time this month. You’ve got all of the right energies working in your favour at the moment, so if there is anything you desperately want to do or accomplish, now is the time to get on it! You’ve got all of the tools you need to kick some ass, so trust your gut instinct and have the courage to succeed.


You are now turning the page on the last chapter of your life and moving forward. You’ve had times that were good and this makes you question if you are actually ready for new experiences; however, the cycle has completed and it is now time to move on. How are you going to write this next chapter of your life?

Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background

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He’s still mine. (x)

Writing woes

Warning for probable tiny-violin playing and entitled whining. I’m sorry.

I need some help.

Lately I’ve been feeling really, really off about my writing. I have a 12x12 coda sitting around and I don’t even want to put it up. I have things on the burner that I’m not writing. And the other day someone commented very sweetly on a fic of mine and when I went to respond I saw that it had at least 4 typos. And the writing itself was so… garbage. 

I mean it’s all so list form - A happened. Then B. Then C. 

It’s so utterly dull and uninspiring and I hate every single word I’ve put down so much that if it wasn’t on the internet I’d probably flounce dramatically and put it all in a fire. 

I enjoyed writing.. at the start. I didn’t know what I was doing so I was happy to just do it. But now I know what BAD WRITING is, and most of mine comes under that category so now I’m just freaking out over every word I put down. 

It’s just. somewhere down the line I’m not enjoying it anymore. I care too much about how it’s supposed to be than just letting it flow and I know that’s wrong but I also don’t know how to break the habit.

So what I want help with now is -

What do I do?

Should I take a break for a couple of weeks? Or fake it till I find my mojo again?

What do you guys do?