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{PART 4} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Angst, Sad

Summary: Jaebum receives a text from the last person he wants to ever see again, before the boys all come face to face with you once again.

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of cheating, hospitals, surgery and comas.

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Jaebum sat by himself in the corner of the waiting room with his head cradled in his arms while the rest of the boys bit and chewed on their lips nervously – all 7 of them desperately waiting to hear when they could go and see you. Jinyoung had just gotten off the phone to JYP himself, letting him know of the situation at hand.

“You guys do what you need to do. Be there for each other and be there for (Y/N) too. I’ll contact you again in the morning” were his words – as understanding as ever.

It was then that that Jaebum felt his phone vibrate in his pocket – but he didn’t have to look at it to know who it was from. He raised his eyes a little, studying the position of the other boys in the room before deciding to wait until later to check it. He knew it was from Mia – and he also knew that he would never, ever be seeing her again. “(Y/N) is too important to me…What have I done?” he lamented in woe, constantly being plagued with the thoughts of you lying in the middle of the street – blood everywhere while he was betraying your trust in the most hurtful way imaginable. He felt tears sting his eyes again, knowing that if he had of been home with you, then you probably wouldn’t have been out in the first place.

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Hades was not evil though. He was actually really altruistic and fair. He had a passive role in most conflicts, feeling no need to kill unnecessarily since all life ends at his domain anyways. To maintain balance was his ultimate goal. So as people are born others must die, and once they leave the realm of the surface they can never return (that is balance). So the few times he is seen as angry is when people try to leave the Underworld, living souls try to enter, or those meant to die try to trick death. Heroes (and Heroine since we learned that Psyche was the same) actually entered while ventured into the Underworld. They all usually come out very displeased with what they see (super depressing place). Even Achilles tells Odysseus that he would rather be a poor man working forever then be King of the Underworld. Hercules as entered multiple times, he even came to take Cerberus as a challenge (one of the 12 labors, but Hades lets him as long as he promised not to harm Cerberus). Hades never gets the  chance to get him back for constantly breaking the rules and bringing souls back to life because by the time Hercules dies, he ascends to Olympus.

Hades is both the name of the Ruler of the Underworld and the Underworld itself. He has also been called Plouton, which is how I grew up knowing him. There are many realms in Hades/Underworld and was the place for all souls to go after death whether or not the person was ‘evil’ or ‘good’, but those who were particularly bad and offended the Gods would be sent to Tartarus.  Tartarus was a deep abyss were the most vile souls went. The Elysium also known as Isles of the Blessed is the domain for the souls of those related to the Gods, women that had children with Zeus, and heroes. The Asphodel Meadows was were the souls of ordinary men were sent. The entrance was considered to be at a crater called Avernus. The souls would enter and pay Charon to ferry them across the five rivers (that all connected in the center marshlands also called Styx): Styx river of hate, Phelgethon river of fire (that leads to Tartarus), Acheron river of woes, Cocytus river or lamentation, and Lethe river of oblivion (flowed to the Cave of Hypnos). All of the rivers circle and encompass Hades/Underworld. They all have been personified as well. In one story, Zeus promised the Goddess Styx that all oaths would be done in her name and would have to be followed. This was a reward for siding with the gods against the titans. In another story, Goddess Styx was in love with the God Phelgethon. Yet, his flames consumed her, so her soul was sent to Hades. Hades allowed her to flow as a river, and so she was reunited with Phelgethon. It is also said that near Lethe, the location where souls drink the water to lose memories, was a pool called Mnemsyne which was water that allowed them to remember (but few drank from there). Closer to the center is the palace of Hades and Persephone where the three Judges of the Underworld (Minos, Aeacus, and Rhadamanthus) sat. Past them was the trivium of Hecate where three roads met and each led to one of the three previously mentioned realms. Based on how the three judges assessed the soul, it was sent down the road to where it would stay for eternity.

Hades was a stern but fair ruler, who loved his wife and did not partake in much violence. He presided over funerals, and defended the right for the dead to be buried.

—  “Honest Myth: Greek: Hades.” 

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What do the UT skelebros think about their UF and HT counterparts?


—- When it comes to the Underfell bros:

How is Red supposed to be him?  For one, Red calls UF!Papyrus boss, which is weird enough, but he also actually seems afraid of him.  Speaking of which, that Edgelord calling himself Papyrus and parading around, being a complete ruthless jerk, really bothers him.  Not to mention, their relationship is weird to Sans.  When he found out the collar Red wears was given to him by his “boss”, he couldn’t help but be appalled.  He’s perceptive enough to realize that despite the fact that Edge verbally abuses Red, the two do really care about one another, but it still just feels.. wrong.  

Not to mention, Red’s pretty much a pervert when Edge isn’t around, and that makes Sans feel uneasy because it kindasortahitsclosetohome.  

—- When it comes to the Horrortale bros:

Okay, so Sans is trying to act calm, but seeing the two of them REALLY FREAKS HIM OUT HOLY CRAP ON A STICK, THAT’S HIM.  That’s not some alternate version of him.  Nope, this is a possible timeline!  This is what could happen if Frisk decides to RESET and Undyne becomes ruler.  Hell, this is what HAS HAPPENED, obviously, and Sans does not want to become this.  

This version of him still makes puns, but they’re so much darker.  He’s obviously lost whatever shred of HoPe he had left, which he thought was impossible.  Then there’s the head wound, the memory loss, the complete instability.  The worst thing is that he sees so much of himself in this insane version of him that he knows without a doubt this is him.  He could be this so easily.  And he eats humans both because of the shortage of food and to spite “Undick”?  And so does Papyrus??  

Speaking of Papyrus…

*don’t think about it, don’t think about it.

Sans can’t even look at the incredibly-tall version of his brother.  He.. he just can’t.  It’s obvious that Papyrus has been used as Undyne’s punching bag, and that fact fills him with so much rage that it’s all he can do not to go to HIS timeline’s Undyne and Blast her to hell and back.  


—- When it comes to the Underfell bros:

There’s a timeline where he becomes Captain of the Royal Guard?!  Despite how terrifying Edge looks, Papyrus wants to know all the details!  Does he shower in kisses every morning?  Is he the most popular monster in the Underground?  How many humans has he captured?  He’s interested in his puzzles (“TRAPS!  THEY’RE TRAPS, NOT BABYBONES PUZZLES!”) and feels like Edge still has a good heart, even if he’s crude.  Papyrus actually understands that in the world that the UF bros come from, this version of himself is really just looking out for Sans.  That’s what the collar is about.  Of course, Papyrus doesn’t agree with that, but he can understand that and believe that they’re doing what’s best for them.  

But when it comes to Red, he’s appalled by his humor, and the fact that he seems nervous around his “boss” really unsettles him.  He ends up treating his own brother nicer for a couple of weeks after meeting these two.  He even represses a few groans at Sans’s terrible puns.

—- When it comes to the Horrortale bros:

Papyrus is going to have nightmares.  The HT version of himself towers over him and talks a lot about his spaghetti having a special ingredient.  HT!Sans makes a few jokes (“you could say pap’s spaghetti really has the human touch”) that go over his head.  It’s difficult for him to look at either brother.. Seeing Sans with that giant crack in his skull makes him feel sick, and he can tell that HT!Papyrus has taken quite a beating to his face.  It seems like this version of him is the Captain of the Royal Guard, too, which he thought would be exciting, but.. HT!Papyrus admits that he wants OUT.  Instead of lamenting his woes, however, HT!Paps invites Papyrus to check out his puzzle plans, but.. instead of coming up with original puzzles like he always has, he seems to be copying something he saw on TV.  Both bros have had head trauma, which causes them to be a little.. off.  And HT!Sans’s humor is way dryer than his own brother’s.

Papyrus’s only solace is that these two still seem to have a kind, loving relationship despite all the hardships they’ve endeared.  

For weeks after meeting them, Papyrus asks Sans to sleep in his room with the hallway light on.  

#gamergate is gonna encompass more than just games, it's gonna end up being #mediagate

Its not just games that the news journalist are manipulating,

Comic books, novels and movies are being twisted too

There’s gonna be more and more allies created from those that show disent against the news media

And more enemies

They’re already attacking nerds and geeks who are hating on Feig’s Ghostbusters

Including one of the biggest Nerds on the internet, James Rolfe who is better known to some as “The Angry Video Game Nerd” has been trending over his non review and refusal to watch the new reboot of his favorite franchise

They’re coming for all of us and they are taking away what we like

But ….they can only take the franchises away from geeks if they make money while doing so

So don’t go see ghostbusters,
Do not give Paul Feig any money,
Let him wither away in his executive office at Sony and lament his woes and strife he suffered at the hands of the nerds he despises so much

Hating on the movie isn’t anti feminist or anti woman

Its anti Paul Feig who is a corporate sleaze ball who is trying to capitalize on women

He’s a literal patriarchal douche nozzle

And he’s got the entertainment news media covering his ass just like what we’ve seen them do before in #gamergate

((*Jumps onto Rakuzan!Kōki boat several months too late, misses and belly-flops into the sea* I made Reo a bit more flamboyant in this coz why not it’s fun. Bit more of a canon divergence than just Kōki being in Rakuzan. I had no idea what was going to happen in this fic until like halfway through.))

One-on-one training sessions with Akashi were the bane of Kōki’s existence for more than one reason. To begin with, Akashi was difficult beyond comprehension when he got into one of his moods, which was being perfectly expressed at that very moment when he insisted that Kōki could not leave until he had managed to pass him.

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

He pursed his lips, and if it had been anyone else Kōki would have left immediately. He was hungry. Money had run short yet again this week (it wasn’t because of books, never books, books were a necessity anyway) and he was currently living on half a serving of plain rice a day.

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holy shit even CARMEN gets more hate than sarah and maybe even sabrina lol this fandoms hatred for rowan and how she doesn't cater to anyone's discomfort with her dedication to being herself is fucked

The thing is if Rowan DID try to be all bubbly, cutesy and unopinionated then she wouldn’t be being herself. She would be portraying a persona that Disney had manufacted for her. Literally every past Disney Star has said that Disney did this to them and controlled their every move. This is what people are used to, and they don’t like change.

Someone even had the audacity to say that Rowan treated her fans horribly because she called out a “fan” who was bullying Carmen LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This “fan” literally said

“Carmen is looking really tan lately; surprising because she’s always standing in her sister’s shadow.”

Then a so-called “Tanner Buchanan” account began defending the “fan” and that’s when the whole “Fake Tanner Drama” started.

Anyway, all Rowan said to the bully was that she wouldn’t tolerate hate toward her sister. Then the bully began lamenting “Woe is me!” and Rowan haters lapped it up.

Rowan was then labeled the “bully”.

What I hate most is when people compare Rowan and Sabrina and turn Rowan into an “Angry, problematic bully”. It also brings up a frightening reminiscent of age old stereotypes with Sabrina being the “Perfect and Pure Aryan Princess” and Rowan being “Dark, Jealous and Dirty”.