It was a great day today.

I finally hit my macros, which is harder than you might think. I had to eat 16 ounces of chicken and two baked potatoes for dinner. That wasn’t easy. 😥

I had rowing class and then my regular WOD immediately afterwards. It’s was an EMOM which is every minute on the minute, they’re tougher than they sound, and this one was 25 minutes long. 😳

My chemistry books came in the mail!

Tomorrow is a rest day. So less carbs, but I’m okay with that because I’m super exhausted and need the rest.

Night internet friends. Can some of you please move closer or just stop being so cool?


Rokha was waiting so long before she told Roghosh and Garla, who is their father and that he died (when they were small kids, she only said that he went on a war and didn’t came back yet). She said the truth on their 10th birthday. Roghosh, for who his uncle was always like a father was dissapointed when he heard his father’s story. But not Garla. She was proud and happy that Garrosh was her father and that Grommash (who always was next to her) was kind of her family too. Well, Hellscream’s blood flowed in her, for sure. Her scream was powerful like hell scream of Grommash. She was loud kid, and her brother knew it too well…

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! We worked on our overhead squats…4 x 3 at 50 lbs. 💪

250 single unders
50 KBS (26 lbs)
25 shoulder to overhead (I did push jerks at 65 lbs)
Time: I remember looking at the clock to note my time, but I quickly forgot it because my brain was fried.

I decided to take the day off work today! Maybe I’ll bake some cookies for the office later. 😁🍪

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What's wrong with Yrel? I liked her.

So did I!

I’m assuming you’re referring to an old post of mine from before WoD where all we knew about her is that she was enslaved and I was disappointed. Hell, I don’t even remember exactly what it was I was responding to. I should have quoted the thing that bothered me instead of linking to it because it was updated with all the good stuff as it was revealed so it’s lost in the sands of time.

Now MRA creeps reblog my old outdated post from time to time and no matter how many times I jump in and go “No, dumbass, here is the context and Yrel is great!” they just ignore me and keep on doing it.

So, for the record, I fucking loved Yrel and I’m sad we don’t get to see more of her going forward!  And I want everyone to know it!  YREL IS GREAT!

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You make me wish Dadhand was an actual thing in WoD.


But listen, anon. The existence of AU Draenor in WoW Lore being canon basically means all your AUs are canon. I’m sure at some point (correct me if I’m wrong) that there’s infinite possibilities when it comes to timelines. I mean, come on, FEL CHROMIE exists in HoTS.

Go have fun and write what you want, friend.

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Are you familiar with New World of Darkness rules? I'm an MC that has used the Apocalypse World system for about 2 years straight and I'm looking to get into the Storytelling system, but am not familiar with dice pool games much. Shadowrun kinda killed that for me. Basically I'm trying to ask the basics of the system as opposed to a very rules light game like Apocalypse World which loves the narrative.

Eyyyy, nice! We are fans of Powered By The Apocalypse games here, and the guiding principles and agendas for MCs in those systems will serve someone transitioning to World of Darkness well, tone-wise.

We actually primarily game with the nWoD/Chronicles of Darkness ruleset, as opposed to the “classic” WoD rules, and we like them quite a bit! It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it—the majority of rolls are Attribute+Skill+[Special] x d10, the [Special] part being supernatural whatnot or equipment bonuses, with 8s and up being successes. Some of the supernatural templates use other pools, but they’re also pretty standardized (like Mage’s Gnosis + Arcanum for general spellcasting). If an action is resisted, there’s usually a dice penalty applied; if it’s actively contested, the opponent usually rolls something like [Resistance Attribute] + [Supernatural Stat] and whoever gets the most successes wins.

Coming from a game with a lot fewer stats, it’ll be more to keep track of, but it’s definitely not as complex/crunchy as Shadowrun, and it’s pretty easy to run in a more narrative-focused way and not use parts of the crunch that aren’t working for you.

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♋:What drew you to this muse?

You went with my (IRL) Zodiac sign! Aww.

Why did I pick Wellson… You know, I had been kicking the idea for this character for about 1.5 years before I actually decided to actively RP him. I suppose that makes him 2.5 years old, RP-wise; I’ve been playing him as an avatar for… 7.5 years now? Huh. Jesus. That’s a long time.


Over that time, I developed his backstory, his mannerisms, his way of thought. Part of it stems from the fact that I was (and still consider myself to be … even if WoD killed it for awhile) an end-gamer — in MoP, I participated in and led a number of weekly Heroic Orgrimmars in a guild that I ran on Moonrunner, &c., but I found I needed more. So when I began to pursue writing as a viable career path, I thought that character development might be a good place to start, and what better place to start than with what I knew and loved: a character with whom I had already spent 5 years (at that time) of my life! Once the downtime (“Bad Times”) in WoD began about 1 year ago, I decided to actively engage in RP, because it seemed to be the next logical step in my gaming progression. And thus a character was born.

Fun fact: I recently — last week recently — discovered my auto-walk button. It is, quite possibly, the coolest button on my keyboard.

•today’s gonna be a good day
•I ate cereal (and eggs always) for breakfast which is new bc I usually feel like I should only eat cereal after working out for whatever reason. trying to break thru my anxieties with food tho
•I’m about to head to crossfit. programming is looking intense as per usual. but hang power cleans are in the wod today so I’m excited
•Kaleigh’s gonna be at my house around 11-12. we’re hitting the beach for the day
•I can’t really be in the sun (laser hair removal problems) so I’ll probably wear a maxi skirt and a hat
•I’ll be spending the night to my sister’s too. usually I don’t like going there but she asked me to hang out with her and it’s been months since I’ve spent a night there so whatevs. I’ll survive
•making decisions is difficult for me but I’m glad I just made an important one last night
•idk if it’s the best decision, but I do feel a lot lighter today, emotionally. that’s gotta count for something right?