Who talk the least at EXO’s dorm (150423 Youngstreet)

Chen: Kai Kai Kai~

Chanyeol: No D.O

Chen: ah D.O D.O D.O

Chanyeol: Really.. he doesn’t talk at all! like in our dorm for the past half a year he probably said no more than 5 sentences 

Kai: We have to talk to him first

Chanyeol: Even if I talk to him he doesn’t reply


Guk Joo:  is it…that he doesn’t like you.. are you ok?

Chanyeol: Doesn’t like me? no no no that’s not it. We are very close.. but he just doesn’t really talk… when I call him he doesnt reply……. why is that??

Chen: It is probably because… D.O, when he is concentrated he can’t hear anything around him

Chanyeol: no he is just sitting there though

Kai: Hyung (Chanyeol) always be like ‘D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah D.O-ah D.O-ah D.O-ah’

Chanyeol: Yes.. before I would always like ‘Kyungsoo-ah~~~~~~   Kyungsoo-ah~~~~~~   Kyungsoo-ah~~~~~~~~~~~’ and when he replies I would be like oh no I didn’t call you.. but now when I say Kyungsoo-ah what are you doing? he would always just look at his cellphone

Kai: Hyung he is tuning you out! because you..are too..  ‘D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah, D.O-ah D.O-ah D.O-ah D.O-ah’ 

Chanyeol: nooo not to that extent!! 

Guk Joo: So when he does talk what does he say?

Chen: Only when he has to

Kai: when deciding on what to eat

Guk Joo: so when he is hungry

Chanyeol: No not even that.. he would just go to kitchen and make for himself and eat by himself 

Chen: He really just talk when he HAS to

Chanyeol: Like when it is absolutely necessary then he will talk

Guk Joo: Oh now we got message (from fans) saying D.O is buying shoes right now

Chanyeol: Kungsoo-ah~~~~~~~

Chen: Kyungsoo are you listening right now??

Kai: Hyung buy me a pair too~

Chanyeol: Me too

Chen: Buy me a pair of practice shoes 

Guk Joo: D.O-ssi is probably trying to quietly buy himself some shoes right now and you guys just starts to ask him to buy yours too


Hey followers, you probably have noticed that I (mod r) haven’t been posting as much lately.  This has to do with a bunch of things (job hunting, keeping up with relatives, etc) but mainly has to do with two positive things that have happened on this blog: 

  • We now have a large mod base with a lot of people with differing experiences who honestly have a lot more lived experiences with the issues that have been coming up on this blog lately
  • Honestly I’ve been growing more and more estranged from the ‘college’ experience.  Next month will mark a year’s time since I stopped being a full time student and my first full semester with no academic work.  As things progress, as I start working etc, I’m going to be more estranged from college as a whole and I’ll be less able to speak from lived experience.

So what’s likely going to happen is that I’m gonna participate as I’ve been participating now, I’ll pop in when some anon asks about minimum wage stuff or occasionally about class and leftism stuff and leave other stuff to the other mods, who know more about those topics and who can speak from lived experience.

There is good news, though.  I’ve begun a new project that was born out of thinking I’ve had while writing on this blog (and while watching arguments about accessibility in leftism) and I’d like to announce it now.  The People’s Primer aims to be a beginner’s course on leftist thinking and theory, and is going to have definitions of jargony terms as well as slightly longer discussions of the concepts of key thinkers (which we’ll do on a themed weekly basis). 

We’re still getting set up but our first themed week is starting next week, where we’re going to touch on some of the important concepts in Marx.  If you’ve been interested by the posts I’ve made but occasionally get confused by an unfamiliar term or a concept used in an unfamiliar way, this blog is for you.  If you’re some ways down the path but need a clear idea of the field of left thinking, this blog is for you.  I hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see you there.

Mod R