Another recipe from “7lbs in 7 days” however I’ll give this a 6/10 purely because I think there is too much sugar. I’ll add celery to the mix next time. Think the rule of thumb should be 70-80% veg / 20% fruits so that it is healthier. #paleo #detox #juice #wodnut

My first terrarium. Limited to the succulents I had in the garden. This was just a glass vase I had sitting around. Not 100% complete as I need white sand ground cover for a more contrasted look. It looks a little empty right now however with a little patience the plants will hopefully grow into the bowl. Really need a larger bowl. That’s the next task. Terrarium vase hunting 😉#terrarium #wodnut #diy #weekendprojects #indoorplants #patiences #slowandsteady