CrossFit Gaining World Wide Popularity

Why @CrossFit is becoming the newest fitness trend. @wodnut @CFTB727

The Sport Of CrossFit Is Turning Into A Lifestyle

With more than 10,000 affiliated gyms worldwide and more than half of them situated in the United States, CrossFit is becoming the new trend in daily fitness.

Founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai, CrossFit has made it’s presence known in every state, city, and town that has a beating pulse. So what is contributing to the increasing…

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Another recipe from “7lbs in 7 days” however I’ll give this a 6/10 purely because I think there is too much sugar. I’ll add celery to the mix next time. Think the rule of thumb should be 70-80% veg / 20% fruits so that it is healthier. #paleo #detox #juice #wodnut

My first terrarium. Limited to the succulents I had in the garden. This was just a glass vase I had sitting around. Not 100% complete as I need white sand ground cover for a more contrasted look. It looks a little empty right now however with a little patience the plants will hopefully grow into the bowl. Really need a larger bowl. That’s the next task. Terrarium vase hunting 😉#terrarium #wodnut #diy #weekendprojects #indoorplants #patiences #slowandsteady