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Your selfie .. 2 things! 1. by the gods you could be Helga's ACTUAL twin!! :D and 2. You are stunningly beautifull :)

I actually have no words. thank you so, so much for those wonderful compliments. I’m still screaming haha.


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Name: Matt. :)

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5ft 8 - 10 on a good day.

Average hours of sleep: Used to have such a crap sleeping pattern, now I normally get 7-8 hours.

Lucky number: 25

Last thing I googled: a link to the tea scene from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

Number of blankets I sleep with: A duvet, there is a throw, but normally get too hot with that on.

Favorite fictional characters: One is my own DnD creation, Lyle Von Kristoff the steampunk bard. Cloud and Vincent from FF7, Zell from FF8, Zidane from FF9. Disney: Oaken (frozen), Baymax (big hero 6). Harley Quinn, Joker and Riddler. Captain Malcom Reynolds from Firefly. If you count Professional wrestlers characters as fictional, Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens and The Vaudvillians - Aiden English and Simon Gotch.

Favorite Novel: Guards, Guards by Terry Prachett. It’s hard to just pick one…

What are you wearing right now?: My blue tattooed Princess Leia (in metal bikini) T-shirt and some lounge pants.

When did I start this blog?: Two years ago yesterday (I did plan to post this as part of an ‘anniversary’, but lost track of time) 

Amount of followers: 66, and thank you to all of you.

What do I post mostly?: Mostly DnD things, Pagan Norse things, the odd bit of Steam Punk and what ever takes my fancy at the time.

Do I run any more blogs?: I co-run @supersnazzytattoos

Most active follower?: There are a few… I think its either @wodenswolf or @cliticaldamage

What made me get a tumblr?: Seemed like the thing to do. Didn’t want to feel left out.

Do I get a lot of asks?: Nope, I don’t know if I even have it on.

Why did I get this URL?: My favourite Alkaline Trio song title. Off the Map.

A music tag thing

~*~*~*~ Pass along challenge time!! Put your music player on shuffle!! Write down the first ten songs that it plays!! Then tag 5+ blogs!! Don’t forget to write down who tagged you!! And post the rules!!~*~*~*~

I was tagged by@cherrywedge, thank you :)

  1. Wrath of Titans Soundtrack
  2. Avicii & Conrad Sewell - Taste the feeling
  3. Enya - Echoes in rain
  4. The Heavy - How you like me now
  5. Sabaton -  A lifetime of war
  6. Hans Zimmer - Aurora
  7. Parov Stelar - All night
  8. Jenni Vartiainen - Minä Sinua Vaan
  9. Nightwish - Elan
  10. Enya - Even in the shadows

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