Masterpost for WLW blogs

 In honour of reaching 3k followers, we decided to make a post to mash-up all sapphic blogs we know in order to help y'all out and offer more diverse resources. Please inform us if by some mishap one of our rec’s is a transmisogynist/lesbophobe/biphobe. Enjoy and if you have any blogs to add send us an ask!

—————————————————— GENERAL WLW : @closetedsapphicopinions @closetedsapphicsupport @feminae-feminas-amant @lbpqs @lbpq-girls @lbpqparenting @les-bi-unity @moonlitsapphic @risensappho @sapphic-advice @sapphicisms @sapphic-sisters @sapphic-pride @sapphicgirlfriends @sapphicreminders @sapphicsisterhood @sapphicsuggestions @sapphic-suggestions @sapphosdaughters @sunrxskies @thesapphics @violetsisterhood @wlwbeauty @wlwconcepts @yourfaveissapphic

LESBIAN-SPECIFIC : @closetedlesbianopinions @lesbians-who @lesbiansafespace @lesbian-aesthetic

BPQ-SPECIFIC : @violetdanger @bipropaganda @biwlw @biwomensupport @bpqsuggestion @bpq-sapphic @the-bi-furious-babe

WLWOC-CENTRIC : @wlwoc @difeminawoc @wocwholikewoc @sapphicwocsource @sapphicwocsafespace @brownwlw @blacksapphics @blkwlw @desifemslash @biwoc @lgbtq-asians-united

TWLW-CENTRIC : @transwlw @trans-sapphic

DISABLED-CENTRIC : @lesbians-with-disabilities @ndgirlfriends @ndsapphicnet @ndsapphicdating @sapphicallyill @sapphic-and-ill @sickrainbowgirls

FOR SURVIVORS : @wlwsurvivors @biwomensupport

SAPPHIC ARTS : @wlwarthistory @sapphicart @sapphicfilms @lbpqfilms

quietemptydiariess  asked:

Hi, I love your blog. I saw that you're apart of the lgtbq community. I recently came to terms with the fact that I'm bi. Do you know any black lgtbq communities?

Hey, congratulations on figuring out your sexuality! I’m not a part of it but I believe that Massachusetts has a black and Latino GSA. I’m not sure if it’s sponsored through the state (I know there is a statewide GSA for the general population though, I’m a part of it). On here some blogs I follow for qwoc content are:
And I started a side blog called @qwoc-creative for art and media by qwoc.

anonymous asked:

Do you have some wlw/wlwoc blogrecs?

I do! 

General wlw blogs:

Wlwoc/LGBT poc blogs:

And here are some general poc blogs:

Hope this helps! 

anonymous asked:

I was just wondering, why not let white people fallow and interact with the blog but have the blog be focused on wlw of color? That way it's a safe space dedicated to wlw if color that also has some white people fallowing and submitting

hi, this is good idea!!! and one of the focuses of this blog is definitely on wlw of color!! but i think it would be wrong if i made this into a wlw of color blog considering im white and don’t face racism/don’t share the same experiences that wlw of color do.

but here are some blogs that are for wlw of color:








(if anyone can think of some more, list in the replies!!)

brightgay  asked:

can i just say how weirdly refreshing this blog is?? i started a queer girl themed blog for fun (and angsty romance desiring days) and pretty much all i've seen from other queer girl blogs are pics of skinny cis femme white girls. it always struck me as kind of gross and weird and unrealistic, but it's really all i've come across. recs to blogs similar to yours would be rlly awesome if you have the time!! but thanks in general, really lovely blog and a nice and well needed change x

thank you! i know the feeling, that’s exactly why i started this blog. I have a tiny fandom blog and i followed a few strictly lesbian blogs but it always bothered me how they usually only posted skinny white femme girls. basically i went with gandhi’s famous quote: be the change you wish to see on tumblr. (you’ve heard it, yes?)

i usually don’t publish non-anons, but i wanted to post these links as kind of a shoutout to some blogs i use to find good diverse pics.
wocwholikewoc           fuckyeahethnicwomen   

un-gendered                 fuckyeahasiandykes

blacklesbiancouples    queermuslims


thought of submitting for WoC who like WoC...but what would that even look like...

Hi, my name’s Shannon, don’t let my face scare you–

nah, I’m cool. To tell the truth, despite my sexuality, I think other women make me more uncomfortable than d00des.

In celebration of my blog reaching 25k followers, I decided to do a follow forever! These are some (okay a lot) of the blogs I love. Some are blogs I visit a lot, some I know irl, others I’ve never spoken to but they’ve been following me from day one. Thank you all for being the beautiful droplets of sunshine that you are!! Everyone make sure to check out these blogs, and if you like or reblog this post I’ll shoot you a personal thank you message :)

adorablelesbiancouplesajd1219anayayoichiandillwalkslowanonypantsanotherdream098cannaqueerschronic-chiefcoffeecatsclassicscomoelefantesestrelladoscoolcoolgrammacoolest-humansditto-paradiseeuropean-girlswholikegirlsfemmelesbiansfluent-in-lesbianismfuckyeahdykesfuckyeahlipsticklesbiansgayzzoli-and-is-lesgermanqueersgirlswholikegirlsidontknowwhattheitsgirlmeetsgirljoeyisanolivejrodwiththebodjustcallmesapphol-e-s-b-o-tladychaosstudiosladygreytea76lesbianbucketlistlesbianhumorismelesbianlookslesbians-rule-the-world • lesfemmeslezbehavelezbhonestlittleboynixmsfunshineneatshinyfolkoutskirtsofalderaanredrubysandrosessarah-paulsons-bottom-lipshakeyteenshe-ra-is-my-spirit-animalsu-ckerpunchtheblacklesbiancornerthelesbianguidetomboyfemmeun-genderedwocwholikewoc