brightgay  asked:

can i just say how weirdly refreshing this blog is?? i started a queer girl themed blog for fun (and angsty romance desiring days) and pretty much all i've seen from other queer girl blogs are pics of skinny cis femme white girls. it always struck me as kind of gross and weird and unrealistic, but it's really all i've come across. recs to blogs similar to yours would be rlly awesome if you have the time!! but thanks in general, really lovely blog and a nice and well needed change x

thank you! i know the feeling, that’s exactly why i started this blog. I have a tiny fandom blog and i followed a few strictly lesbian blogs but it always bothered me how they usually only posted skinny white femme girls. basically i went with gandhi’s famous quote: be the change you wish to see on tumblr. (you’ve heard it, yes?)

i usually don’t publish non-anons, but i wanted to post these links as kind of a shoutout to some blogs i use to find good diverse pics.
wocwholikewoc           fuckyeahethnicwomen   

un-gendered                 fuckyeahasiandykes

blacklesbiancouples    queermuslims