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After an extended hiatus, my zine wife Amber and I are happy to report that our Etsy store is back open! Also, after much labor, printing snafus, and other unforeseen mishaps, our 4th issue in the Native American Feminist Musings series is now available: Empower Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself #2! This issue includes: my first ever comic featuring Rez Cat taking on #NoDapl, an interview with Cecely Todacheenie about being a skating badass, plus lots of poetry, artwork, photography, short stories and more. Also, thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who submitted and were willing to share their vulnerabilities and strengths with us. Tatum Bowie, Kogee Clark, Jessica Gonzales, Bree Manson, Erica S. Qualy and Eryn Wise, sending you all much love and light. Amber and I are also happy to announce that our zines are now available in eBook format which are easily downloadable. But if you’re old-school and still prefer a paper copy, we have those available in black and white with a free button to boot. And lastly, this zine is dedicated to those at Standing Rock, the Attawapiskat youth and the missing and murdered Indigenous women of Canada. Happy Galentine’s Day! Ahehee’!


⚡️Calling all teen girls of color⚡️

Do you have paintings, drawings, writings, poems, photography, or any type of artsy stuff that you want to be put out into the world?? SUBMIT UR STUFF!! Even if ur new to ur medium or extremely proficient at it submit your work. If you think that it won’t be accepted STILL SUBMIT! It’s so so so important that your work is put out there.



Muchacha Fanzine introduces the “#TheOriginalPunks,” a revolutionary series soon-to-be zine celebrating badass revolutionary women of color in history!

Though “punk” is often characterized as a loud, aggressive, & anti-authoritarian form of rock music that was born in the 1970’s, it instantaneously took on the form of a political identity that has an infinite number of interpretations.

Punk culture and DIY culture have never & will never be synonymous with whiteness, maleness, or straightness though. For me, punk is resistance in the flesh after centuries of invasion, colonization, & multi-generational rape. For me, punk is the answer to surviving insurmountable odds. For me, my ancestors passed down my punkera spirit so that I could continue the resistance that is already in my blood.

In the spirit of all things DIY, it is important to recognize the ways that women of color revolutionaries have dedicated their lives fighting on the frontline for our liberation & have been “doing it themselves” before punk or DIY culture was even a thing.

As women of color, we should be reminded that our tenacity and fierceness in the face of relentless struggle is born from the revolutionary women of color that came before us. We owe it to them to keep their stories & contributions to history alive. As the backbone of la lucha, revolutionary women of color have been and will always be: “The Original Punks.”

Photo: POC Zine Project founders Daniela Capistrano (L) and Mariam Bastani ®

From their website: “POC Zine Project’s mission is to makes ALL zines by POC (People of Color) easy to find, distribute and share. We are an experiment in activism and community through materiality.”

Submit a POC Zine

“Help us build our archive of zines by people of color! Send us information about an older, new or upcoming zine and we’ll share it on this Tumblr.”

Submission Guidelines

Do Your Own Dishes is a feminist zine created to promote South Asian/South Asian Diaspora artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers and photographers from across the globe. The zine is published quarterly.


We take submissions in four categories: music, visual art (painting,photography, film making etc), Fiction: (poetry, short stories etc), non-fiction (articles and narrative nonfiction).

General Guidelines:

- Please include a short bio (60-100 words) and the word count in your cover letter

- Please include a high resolution photograph of yourself to go along with your work.

- Label your attached Microsoft Word Files “Your Name_DYOD Category”. For example:

“Ahmed Pervez_DYOD Poetry”

- Please make sure your submission is relevant to our zine’s mission, objective and audience

- Please send all submissions as attached files


We accept nonfiction of the following genres: narrative, creative, micro, travelogue, essay etc.

- Kindly keep submissions between 800 - 2500 words


We accept fiction piece and poems of all forms. Preference is given to works that follow our theme (are feminist in nature) and demonstrate originality.

- Kindly keep submissions between  800- 1500 words

- For poet, please submit a maximum of three poems in an attached word file.

Visual Art:

We accept artwork of all kinds: paintings, doodles, comic strips, illustrations, digital photography and film etc.

- Please make sure you submit your artwork and photography in high resolution (300 dpi file format)

- For digital photographers: kindly submit up to 10 high resolution photographs explaining the theme of your work.

-For film makers: kindly submit a 2-3 minute trailer of your film. If you wish to submit a short film, kindly make sure it is below 10 minutes.


We are currently experimenting in this category. We are open to innovative submissions. Some examples may include: interviews, photo diary, album art, discography, lyrics etc

- if you/ your band wish to be interviewed, kindly send us a 150 word pitch of how your music fits our zine’s vision.

Although the zine is published quarterly, submissions are open throughout the year.

We are currently accepting submissions for VISUALS for our August issue! Photography, drawings, paintings, etc. are all welcome (even short films). Email us at sulacollective@gmail.com if you have any questions! 

General submissions are still welcome, but any writing sent in for this issue may be postponed until the next one because we are currently backed up. 

Sula is also looking for illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers to join our staff so please visit our FAQ and send in an email if you’re interested in being part of our team!!


We’re looking for developers/designers, photographers, artists and writers! We would love to accept so many new artists into our gang! Requirements include: MUST BE A QUEER WOC!!!! Cannot stress this enough. We want this to be a safe space for queer WOC only. If you are interesting in applying or want to apply please hit us up on our email theaudrelordefanclub@gmail.com and we will provide you with the application details. Please reblog, tell a friend, your family, etc about us and what we do. 

“We are a online maga(zine) aimed at empowering young queer WOC through literary and visual art. Our goals are bigger than tumblr and the internet; we want to make a difference!”

Have any questions? Contact us…


Founder & Editor-In-Chief:

Hannah @tropicalgrrrl


Assistant Editor & Photographer: 

Valerie @crvvshed

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Hello everyone, I always wanted to start a feminist zine focusing on women of color who are passionate about social justice issues happening today! Our perspectives offer a new dialect set apart from the mainstream that should be heard. Pop culture, current issues, and anything in between can be published in this zine. Looking to build an empire with other strong women. If interested please message me on tumblr so we can get this ball rolling! Looking for an entire board of people who would be willing to write and submit :) 

*Please reblog to spread the word in case some of your followers may be interested! 

Hi, everyone! Sula Collective is currently looking for artists and illustrators to join our staff! We are also accepting writers, photographers, comic artists, and any other form of art that can be created and published once a month! 

If you are interested, please shoot us an email at sulacollective@gmail.com with any questions you may have and some examples of your work! 

Sula Collective is now accepting submissions for issue 3! We are now back with a much better flier thanks to Sophia! Please reblog and help spread the word!

Sula Collective is now accepting submissions for issue 5! We are going on hiatus this January to rebrand Sula and update our websites look! We will be relaunching in February of 2016! We look forward to seeing everyone work <3