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Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News

This truly is one of the most hilarious things ever put on television.

The slide in from the wife genuinely had me in tears of laughter.

And the way she quickly closes the door.

“Nothing to see here, folks!”


This blog is dedicated to the youth of Pakistan! Managed by these five admins with whom desi kid can relate:

Ashi Chachi

The coolest in town. Although she’s nice at heart, run away if you do her wrong (her chappals are the work of the devil himself). Will cook you yummy food and take you shopping often. All the local aunties hate her because she’s popular among the uncles - actually, the whole town in general (wink). Chachi is nice. Be like Ashi chachi. “Yeh sab tou mere bhi bache hain, bhabhi.” But she’ll still leave her kids for you to look after while she goes shopping.Tou beta, na offer karna, pls na offer karna, nahi to mara jae ga!

Head of Department of Songs

Amma Rashida

Your typical mother. Overdramatic, sarcastic and far too done with everyone’s shit. Handles a family bigger than the Amazon rainforest and louder than a cannon. Wants your gol roti to be on fleek. She believes sleek and smart make the perfect bahu! Always has an extra chappal in hand in case you misbehave. Garlz should wear dupattas. “Aisi badtameez aulaad mujhe hi milni thi?” Always complains about you not helping her, but when you do offer help, she rejects it. However, in the end maa tou maa hoti hai na!

Head of Department of Writings

Shakeela Khala

Her family never seems to end. Struggling to be someone she is not, she loves to do her own thing and show her own colour (well, bear it if it annoys you, beta) She’ll love you with a chappal in her hand. Wear “amreeki” clothes in front of her and she might as well have a over-the-top heart attack. “Ya Allah, aaj kal ke bachey! Taubah taubah!” Loves to insert her advice in every conversation, so be careful when saying anything in front of her.

Head of Department of Hating Everything In General

Mehbooba Mami

Sassy khandaan ki sassy aulaad. Pretends to like you if it’s necessary but honestly, she can’t stand your face. If she had a rupee for everytime her family and susral fought, she’d be rich enough to buy a new house and move out with her hubby and kids. Seemingly innocent and obedient bahu by day, crazy witch by night (but all within the walls of her house). Has a collection of chappals for special occasions (Beta, party ke liye nahi hain, if you get what I mean). Dreams of a world with less tharkis and more libraries, but that’s all that it will ever remain: a dream. “Saal mein eik dafa miltey ho! Mami ko bhi kabhi yaad kar liya karo!”

Head of Department of Arts

Phuphi Majeeda

Probably the most self-conscious out the lot. Doesn’t step out of the house without her phone. Too shy to even call the waiter. Always has her nose buried in either a fiction novel or jamming to music in the bathroom. May seem shy and sweet at the first glance but would end the world if you anger her or get on her bad side (her chappal is more like a dagger so beware). In typical phuphi fashion, she causes all the trouble and then enjoys the drama with a tub of popcorn. “Hum sab hassi khushi bethey thay ghar mein, magar phir Phuphi aa gain.” She’s your best friend and your worst enemy.

Head of Department of Hidden Hatred

till the morn.

requested: No

word count: 2.3k+

synopsis: late nights means late thoughts and sometimes in those thoughts, we remember the moments that you appreciate the most, especially on cold nights where the warmth and touch of each other’s skin in bed makes you think about how a person can give you so much warmth and light even in the darkest times.

a/n: i wrote this shit at like 5:30 in the morning. i don’t know why, but i was just lying in bed, feeling very warm and cuddly and i thought that writing a one shot about it would make me feel good. there is no particular boy to this one shot but i was thinking and imagining luke as i was writing it. i also tried to be vague with the description of the girl and her cultural background. All women of colour are beautiful and that shouldn’t be barrier for thinking that 5sos wouldn’t date a girl like you.


It was 3:49AM. 

A strange time for anyone to be awake, especially if the sky outside strictly dictates that darkness means silence and rest. Not even the dirty street rats outside were awake, not that they lived were anywhere near an area like that, but the emphasis still remains. No one and no thing was awake, except for him.

He laid in their small double sized bed, staring at her in her tranquil state. Sure, her chapped lips were slightly open and small little snores were coming out from her vocal chords and her messy hair somehow became entangled with itself as the top tickled his nose and his forehead every now and then, and her breath was beginning to get the weird scent of morning breath. And yet, here he was, staring at this person who gave him so much warmth and light. 

The weather outside was dropping by the second and the only thing that was giving them heat was their small grill like heater and each other under their 80% goose feather down quilt that funnily enough, her mother persisted on them getting. Why? ‘Because 80% goose down is really good! It will keep you very warm and it good quality. And also, you can get it for 40% off!’ 

His girlfriend’s mother’s accent echoes in his head as he recalls the moment they were shopping around for housing supplies. He smiles, biting his lower lip gently at his girlfriend’s mother’s broken English, despite living in Australia for over 30 years now. 

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