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okay but i fucking love how the alliance switch with rosita went down bc you fucking know that everything wasn’t gonna be ok after wynonna was all “i’ll shoot you last” but tamara was so good bc she showed how much rosita didn’t want to take this road, she was crying and she looked so upset and i’m really excited because the dynamics??? are gonna be so interesting in s3??? bc LISTEN i am a sucker for an angsty lowkey antagonistic character who has a connection with the protagonists 

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about all the 'new' women roles being given to white women, and not WOC?

While I’m glad to see movies and TV shows slowly shifting toward diverse (i.e. accurate) representation, going from straight white males to straight white females is the tiniest of baby steps. White women do not represent all women, and we as consumers of media need to be active and vocal about demanding quality representation for women of color.

give me old poc with wrinkles, give me poor brown men, give me rich black successful woman, give me innocent black babies, give me lesbian biracial woman in love, give me a black and brown bisexual couple, give me 2nd generation migrants that don’t worship britain, give me young lads straight off the boat, give me intelligent black kids, give me angry students aware of colonialism, give me pakistani taxi drivers, give me massive families, give me non-binary british caribbean men, give me queer filipinos, give me young visibly muslim woman in work, give me unemployed chinese men, but for gods sake just give me representation that reflects the diversity of real life.