The reason that Black History Month is celebrated in Canada is thanks to Jean Augustine, the first black woman to be elected to Canada’s Parliament.

She was first elected in 1993, and served as a Liberal MP until 2006.

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How three black women helped send John Glenn into orbit
A new film, Hidden Figures, tells the story of the maths wizards who Nasa relied on
By Edward Helmore

When John Glenn was waiting to be fired into orbit aboard Friendship 7 in 1962, there was one person he trusted with the complex trajectory calculations required to bring him down safely from his orbital spaceflight: Katherine Johnson, an African-American mathematician who worked in Nasa’s segregated west area computers division.

“Get the girl, check the numbers,” Glenn said before boarding the rocket. “If she says they’re good, I’m good to go.”

Johnson was one of three female African-American mathematicians known as the “computers in skirts” who worked on the Redstone, Mercury and Apollo space programmes for Nasa. Now, thanks to an award-tipped movie, Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan are about to become more widely celebrated.

The film, Hidden Figures, stars Taraji P Henson of TV series Empire, soul singer and actress Janelle Monáe, Octavia Spencer from The Help movie, and Academy Award winner Kevin Costner.

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The Original Black Feminist
This video is dedicated to a long forgotten Movement called the New Negro Woman Movement which lasted from the late 1890's until the early 1920's.

This Movement was not just in America because it was an International campaign that pushed for Black Women to be seen as dignified ladies with the utmost respect in a time when many still looked at the Black Woman like she was the same rag tag mistress that many were during chattel slavery. 

The New Negro Women may have been influenced heavily by Wealthy class European standards but it was indeed the Predecessor to both the Black Nationalist, and Pan-African Movements that would take the World by storm during the 1920’s.

Is there ANYTHING this man cannot make about himself?

*Titanic sinks*

*President Trump* “It’s sad, obviously.  A tragedy. The Titanic was a tremendous, unique ship. It was so great. But if they had just put me in charge of it? It would not have sank. Because I had plans. Great, great plans. Me and my plans. I could have done something about the iceberg. I could have made the Atlantic great again. This is CNN and Obamacare’s fault. Why does the media hate me?”