woc cosplayers

It’s so annoying that there are generic looking skinny white people who are able to pull off a perfect cosplay of almost any female character.  And I think that speaks volumes about how we treat female characters in our society. 

What A “Racebent” Hermione Granger Really Represents

The beauty of the Harry Potter character as a woman of color 

Hermione wouldn’t and couldn’t deny her intellect; she was bossy, she had big bushy hair, and she had best friends who loved her even when she was a pain in the ass — and who frequently needed her to save their asses.

She was also a Muggle-born, navigating a world that looked down on her for the situation of her very biology and culture.

As a biracial girl growing up in a very white city, I found myself especially attaching to the allegory of Harry Potter’s blood politics.

I related to her deeply, but like with so much of what I watched and read, I couldn’t see myself in Hermione.“

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