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“not all white people are racist” ok as a white person lemme tell you why that is bullshit.

If you live in the west, it’s almost definite that your society is white supremacist. especially Europe and America.

From the day you are born into one of these white supremacist societies, you will be brainwashed into believing bad things about poc. these internalized feelings will be a part of you no matter how hard you try to dismantle them. you can unlearn most of these, but you will always have internalized bigotry. this doesn’t mean that you can’t be an activist, dismantle white supremacy, etc. but the fact remains that as long as you benefit from the oppression of another group, you will be bigoted towards that group, whether it’s poc, queer people, disabled people, immigrants, women, and any other minority group.

As long as cis, white, straight, abled, native-born men are considered to be superior, everyone who is privileged will be bigoted. If I, a white, physically abled, native-born american man can realize this, you can too.