Can’t Leave Them Alone

A/N: for my sis @callmeromanogers12 (i changed the ending a lil bit). no pairings, but it can be read with any of the members

WARNINGS: slight swearing


Like you did every Friday and Saturday the boys were writing, you were lounging in the studio on your phone. Your earphones were plugged in and music was balsting from them. Even though you were texting your younger brother, you made sure to look up and greet whenever someone walked by.

You were entertaining your younger brother’s complaints about him wishing he were with the boys because they ‘liked him more’ with a slight roll of your eyes. It wasn’t true. They were your friends.

This fact never stopped you from including your brother in whatever hijinks you and the band got up to. You knew how hard it was for him to make friends, so you never exluded him.

And it also helped that they adored him. Obviously, they all loved him, but no one did more than Tristan. This week he had actually came over to house hoping to find your brother, and when he discovered he wasn’t there, he left.

Which, ouch. Your brother had gone back to boarding school.

But you never let it get to you. You loved that your besties got along with your family so well.

Speaking of family, you could hardly concentrate on the text you were trying to type to yours over the noise coming from the supposedly soundproof writing room.

You stood up slowly, pulling out an earphone. Walking towards the room where the boys were, you put your music on pause to make sure you weren’t hearing things.

You weren’t.

Screams and loud noises were coming from the room and you rolled your eyes. Of course they would find a way to be heard from a soundproof room. You were curious as to what they could possibly be doing, so you threw open the door, suprising all four of them.

“What happened to songwriting?”

You found James in a squat position straining to hold Tristan up on his shoulders as Bradley and Connor stood on opposite sides of him making sure they don’t fall over.

When they heard the door open and your voice, they jumped in surprise, causing James to lose his balance and Connor to fall back onto Bradley. Tristan, the git, was pushed back by James and fell over with a thud.

You watched all this unfold from the doorway, a smile playing on your lips.

These were your best friends. These idiots.

When people ask you how you met, you wished you had a funny and interesting story to tell—you’re best friends with The Vamps—but it really wasn’t.

Truth is, you were cast as an extra in their Oh Celia (Breaking My Heart) music video. And almost every video after that. You guys got along and they liked you, you liked them. That’s it. That’s the tea.

Since you were in university, you couldn’t be around them as much, but you always managed to clear space to hang out. Like today.

They were supposed to be working on a new single, but they must’ve gotten distracted.

“Oh, hey Y/N. Joe,” James grunted from his place on the floor. Looking next to you, you saw the boy’s manager, Joe, standing with his arms crossed, a slightly amused expression on his face.

You nodded in his direction. “What are you idiots doing? Oh, not writing a song, that’s what,” you said with your hands on your hips.

“Yeah, what she said,” Joe spoke. Then he looked at you. “This is why we keep you around; you keep these children in check.”

You grinned. “You sure it’s not because of my amazing personality and winning smile?”

Joe scoffed. “Please, I heard you call Dean a ‘lying piece of shit’ after you thought he ate your cupcake.

You shrugged. “So?”

“It was in the fridge.”

Before you could defend yourself further, Joe rested a hand on your shoulder and said, “Watch out for them, ‘kay?”

You nodded and watched as he walked away, before giving the boys a disbelieving look.

They grumbled as they stood up sluggishly.

“Songwriting is hard,” Brad whined as he came over to you, sticking his bottom lip out.

“Yeah, things tend to be hard when you don’t do them.”

Brad rolled his eyes playfully. “We were writing, but then…” he trailed off looking back at his bandmates.

“Then what?” you asked.

“Then,” Connor began, “we found that.” He pointed up to the ceiling where you noticed a hatch that definitely wasn’t there before.

“Woah,” you breathed as you walked into the room to get a better look.

“Yeah,” Connor said, crossing his arms.

“What’s up there?” you asked curiously.

“We have no idea,” Tristan admitted. “We were trying to find out when you walked in.”

That made you roll your eyes. “You guys are joking, right? You’re telling me that you were trying to open the hatch by climbing each other when there is a perfectly good table right there?”

They were silent as looked to the other side of the room where a table was situated.

James huffed out. “Well, when you put it like that, we sound dumb.”

“You are.”

“We like a challenge, okay?” Brad protested.

You merely rolled your eyes. “Help me move the table closer.”

The boys stood there confused for a second before they caught on and shifted the table so it was directly under the hatch.

Then, you climbed onto the table.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Tristan asked, cocking his head to the side.

“Trying to reach the hatch,” you said failing to reach it. “You mind helping out, or are you going to continue gawking like twats?”

Connor was the first one to respond, and went to grab a chair so you would be higher up.

“Such a gentleman,” you said with a slight curtsey.

Connor smirked in response. They all stood back and watched as you managed to hook your hand around the handle and you tugged down.

It resisted slightly.

“It’s not opening,” you told them.

“Try harder!” James said, cupping his hands around his mouth.

You rolled your eyes. “Would you like to come up here and try?”

James shook his head. “I believe you already saw us trying, it’s your turn.”

You flipped them off then returned your focus on the task at hand. It continued to struggle against you, and you started getting annoyed.

You huffed out. “Okay, guys, whatever this is clearly doesn’t want to—”

The hatch flapped open and a fountain of rainbow glitter came cascading down from the ceiling and all over your body.

Glitter fell into your mouth and blinded your eyes.

You heard hysterical laughter coming from around you, and it dawned on you what had happened.

Oh, they were going to die.

You wiped your face to get the glitter off and when you were finally able to see, you cast a glare at the boys.

Bradley was laughing the loudest. “I can’t believe you fell for that! My god! Your-your face!”

“That is never coming out,” Tristan noted, snickering.

You continued to glare at them from your perch on the chair.

“Nice,” you commented. “Real nice.”

Connor snickered. “Aw, look at her. Y/N, you look great.”

You nodded your head numbly. “Mhmm,” you muttered.

Slowly, you climbed off the chair and table, and with each step you took closer to them, the boys matched with two steps back.

When you were back on the ground, you shook yourself off like a dog and proceeded to glare at the boys.

The colour drained from their faces.

“You have three seconds to run before I kill you.”

Tristan gulped. “C’mon, Y/N…”

You took a breath and clenched a fist. “One…two…three.”

The boys took off running scrambling to get out first and you stood still for just a second more before you ran off and rounded the corner after them.

“You all are going to die!” you yelled as you chased after them, following the sounds of their laughter.

Joe’s head peaked out from a corner. “But, the song guys!”

At long last, R Kelly may be held accountable for the decades of abuse he’s inflicted on girls and women. To the reporters who have spent nearly two decades of their career at this point pursuing justice, to the activists/organizers at #MuteRKelly, and to the countless others who have worked tirelessly to make this moment possible, thank you.

And to the victims, past and present, I wish you healing and strength during this process. “No matter what happens, we stand with you.”