Darren Wilson had SIXTEEN witnesses say he committed murder in front of them in broad daylight. If he were a normal person, he’d be facing 20+ years in jail and/or the death penalty. But he was a cop, so instead he gets $1 million dollars in donations and a sympathetic article in the New Yorker. So, yeah. This is so disgusting, I can’t even put it into words.

“There are some workers at this detentions center who think poorly of immigrants. We are also human beings, just as they are, and we have feelings.” -Excerpt from letter

Artist statement: “The nation of Guatemala has endured globalization, extreme poverty and violence; which is why I can understand why so many are migrating away from this land. This young woman has a quetzal perched on top of her hand in order to express the need for liberation and family togetherness. The quetzal is a special bird because it cannot survive within captivity, therefore I feel that the migrant youth and mothers carry that [same] need – to be liberated from these prisons and from oppressive forces in Central America. I wanted to condense Angie’s quote to ‘we are human, just like you’ to remind North America that these brave souls are seeking opportunity to enhance the quality of life for their children.” - Breena Nuñez

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Visions From The Inside is a collaborative project between 15 visual artists and detained migrants at Karnes Detention Center.

In Solidarity: How Non-Black Women of Color Stand Upon the Shoulders of Black Women

“I am a woman of color, and I am an intersectional feminist. These terms of identity were both coined by black women.

“Intersectionality theory” is a concept named by scholar and professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, first discussed in her 1989 treatise “Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex: A Black Feminist Critique of Antidiscrimination Doctrine, Feminist Theory and Antiracist Politics.” In it, Crenshaw talks about the “problematic consequence of the tendency to treat race and gender as mutually exclusive categories of experience and analysis.” In reality, anti-oppression work must be addressed from multiple axes. Of course, this truth is powerfully important to women of color, who must deal with discrimination both as women and as people of color.

According to activist Loretta Ross of the Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, the term “women of color” as we use it comes from a specific point in history. Ross explains:

In 1977, a group of Black women from Washington, DC, went to the National Women’s Conference, that Jimmy Carter gave $5 million to have as part of the World Decade for Women. There was a conference in Houston, TX. This group of Black women carried into that conference something called The Black Women’s Agenda because the organizers of the conference—Bella Abzug, Ellie Smeal, and what have you—had put together a three-page Minority Women’s Plank in a 200-page document that these Black women thought was somewhat inadequate. So they actually formed a group called Black Women’s Agenda to come to Houston with a Black women’s plan of action that they wanted the delegates to vote to substitute for the Minority Women’s Plank that was in the proposed plan of action. Well, a funny thing happened in Houston: when they took the Black Women’s Agenda to Houston, then all the rest of the ‘minority’ women of color wanted to be included in the Black Women’s Agenda. Okay? Well, they agreed… but you could no longer call it the Black Women’s Agenda. And it was in those negotiations in Houston the term ‘women of color’ was created. Okay? And they didn’t see it as a biological designation—you’re born Asian, you’re born Black, you’re born African American, whatever—but it is a solidarity definition, a commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed women of color who have been minoritized. (emphasis added)”

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[Headline image: The photograph features a group of women standing together. The woman on the left has short black hair. All the rest have long dark hair. Their skin ranges in color from light to dark skinned. They are smiling.]

love inside the trojan horse

The sex is bittersweet.
Not worth the plane ticket,
although as you curl up on my chest
I tell myself that intimacy is worth more
than currency,
and I rub small circles into your back
until I believe it.  The rum
has left a sickly-sweet coating on my molars,
and I more concerned with the imminent hangover
than I am with the
‘beauty’ of your breathing, the ‘elegance’ of your cheekbones,
or the metaphors I’m supposed to write.
After all, shouldn’t you immortalize
the day you sleep with a goddess?

Maybe that’s the problem.  For two years
I have idolized the pink flowers of your lips
and the rainstorm of your dark skin,
calling you my goddess.
But Helen of Troy, whose beauty begat
the Trojan War, was half human:
Perhaps it was her humanity that made her
so radiant.

Maybe that’s the problem.
I’ve turned you from an angel into an idol
and now into a false god,
when you only asked to be a woman,
breathing gently against my skin.

every time i’m doing an online search just to learn something about Filipinx culture i come across some painfully racist shit about us. & what’s really shitty about it is that young Filipinx children who are also attempting to learn about themselves are going to come across these same diatribes. the internet is great, but it’s also another avenue to racism & subsequently internalized oppression. no matter how old are you, seeing these kinds of things online hurts. anyway, this is something i came across earlier today that disgusted me. notice that even those who come to our defense do so using racial tropes, like “obedient” and “hardworking.” sigh.

- plantainfried

5 Times Director Ava DuVernay Dropped Knowledge at the BlogHer Conference
As the film industry continues to grapple with a glaring gender disparity when it comes to women in production, director Ava DuVernay has offered a suggestion on breaking the Hollywood mold.

““You gotta follow the white guys. Truly. They’ve got this thing wired. Too often, we live within their games, so why would you not study what works?” she said during the panel moderated by Women and Hollywood founder, Melissa Silverstein.”

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