👊  HYBRID VIEWS 👊  Every week, a badass woman of color will take over my snapchat channel to share who she is/what she does, her day to day, answer any questions you may have, and share insights/expertise in her respective industries. I want Hybrid Hues to always be a safe & inclusive space to empower others. The goal is to

1) Build an INTL community
2) Perpetually inspire & be inspired
3) Discover other dope WOC

👻  hybridhues - FIRST TAKEOVER THIS SUNDAY JULY 31 WITH @two-browngirls all the way from London!!!

photo by my favorite @jpedestrian & necklace by @sayran 

*me to that so-utterly-terrifying- a-stalker- my- family-urged-me to-get-the-police- involved that I had at Bleacher Report* *Me* ”You don’t want to fuck me, do you? For a while I thought you did. Then I realized you didn’t. This isn’t love or even lust.”

*Him* “Ugh, no. You’re not that pretty. You’re not that important.”

*Me*  “But I’m still a woman. That’s why you stalked me on FB. That’s why you made 100 different accounts to trash me with and many mods were scared of you. That’s why my team manager had to personally apologize to me because no other writer had to endure what I had. 

Every other writer (out of 20) there was a guy. But, hey, I was randomly the one you picked on. Out of everyone. Thus, I conclude: You fucking hate girls, you sad, sick depraved little pig.”

Friends! Today I’m starting a project, 100 days, 100 women, drawing an awesome history-making woman every day until the election :)
First up, Shirley Chisholm, first black congresswoman, first black person to to run for president, first woman to run for the Democratic pres. nomination, righteous badass. I can think of none more appropriate to begin this project with. Read more about her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_Chisholm