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Birmingham, AL just had its largest public demonstration since the Civil Rights Movement: “All Lives Matter”

“…if all lives really mattered, food stamps and other government assistance wouldn’t be under constant assault.

If all lives really mattered, universal health care would be a right not a political fight.

If all lives really mattered, migrant children from Central America would be treatedlike the refugees they are instead of like criminals.

If all lives really mattered, being homeless wouldn’t be a crime.

If all lives really mattered, there would be a living wage that ensures economic stability not a minimum wage that ensures grinding poverty.

If all lives really mattered, torture couldn’t be defended innocuously as enhanced interrogation necessary for national security.

If all lives mattered, drones wouldn’t kill children and wedding parties and call them terrorists.

If all lives mattered, schools would all be funded well, not just the predominantly rich ones and overwhelmingly white ones.

If all lives mattered, the United States wouldn’t be adding election rights for corporations through Citizens United and subtracting them for people of color by gutting the Voting Rights Act.

If all lives mattered, the United States wouldn’t incarcerate vastly more people than any other developed country, its prison system wouldn’t target and disproportionately incarcerate and execute people of color, and its police forces wouldn’t be seven times more likely to kill black people.

If all lives really mattered, no one would ever have to say Black Lives Matter.  But they don’t, so we must.

In other words to say All Lives Matter instead of Black Lives Matter is an inherent contradiction.”