Donald Trump supporters AKA sad, soulless fucking idiots who we all have to pretend to sympathize  with  because they grew up poor and ignorant and don’t know any better. Well, fuck you, guys. I grew up poor. My dad was pretty racist. But I still learned, along the way about compassion  and tolerance and about the evils of prejudice.  Because I wanted to. You sad fucks never wanted to even learn. You just cared about hate. There were books, for fuck’s sake.  Books!

Anastagia Pierre - Artist to Watch!

Haitian-American-Bahamian Anastagia Pierre (born October 5, 1988) is a Bahamian-American beauty queen, artist, fashion model, actress, spokesperson, social media influencer and television host, elected as Miss Bahamas Universe 2011.


Accept your own and be yourself…

“I am all for f/f ships but seeing the Disney fandom ship characters like Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan makes me uneasy, those are significant characters in either real PoC history or in folklore, I’m not comfortable with mostly white shippers doing whatever they want with them considering the blatant oversexualisation of WoC everywhere”
3 Feminist Projects Reclaiming the Landscape — Nat. Brut
Joamette Gil on We Want the Airwaves, The Bad Dominicana, & Two Brown Girls
By Kayla E.
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This post is part of a Nat. Brut series in which feminist writers, artists, and activists discuss people, publications, or organizations who are working toward inclusivity. Today cartoonist Joamette Gil shares her choices.

We Want the Airwaves

“This podcast [is] an archive of interviews with queer and trans artists of color…”

This podcast by Nia King is both an archive of interviews with queer and trans artists of color as well as a personal quest for an answer that every art activist must find: is it possible to sustain myself through my artistic practice without compromising my most deeply held values? King has recorded conversations (in both audio and text formats) with people from all walks of life and craft, from Magnoliah Black and Julio Salgado to Nina Malaya and Aamer Rahman.

The Bad Dominicana

“Dissecting white Latinx supremacy with the sharpest scalpel…”

Zahira Kelly is best known as Bad Dominicana online, where she doles out brutally-and-beautifully honest wisdom on and provides tomes worth of sociocultural critique on Twitter and Tumblr from her perspective as an anticolonial Latinegra. Dissecting white Latinx supremacy with the sharpest scalpel is how she first caught my eye on social media. Her writing is largely responsible for advancing my analysis of race and Latinidad beyond the mainstream narratives that left me feeling adrift.

Two Brown Girls

“…simultaneously fun, cathartic, brilliant, and personal.”

Fariha Róisín and Zeba Blay are two pop culture/film writers who hang out and talk about race and the shows they like. That’s what I love about theTwo Brown Girls podcast: it’s simultaneously fun, cathartic, brilliant, and personal. Give them a listen if you’re working alone and find yourself in need of quality brown girl company!


FRI SEP 4 - 11:00 AM ET

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Follow @WmnFreedomConf to participate in this discussion about how Women of Color define freedom and access exciting information about the Oct 25 DIGITAL Women’s Freedom Conference!


Bounce by Chuck Collins - Artist to Watch (and support)!

(Welcome the the world of The Bouncer and his childhood friend Yemaya. Two sci-fi and movie geek bouncers that deal with New York’s craziest bar patrons.)

#datbouncertho bouncecomics

Share Your Experience of Heterosexism

I wanted to let everyone know about this:

The LGBTQ-affirmative research group at the University of Massachusetts Boston — the LGBTQ UMass Boston Advocacy and Research Collaborative (  We have developed brief exercises to help LGBTQ people deal with experiences of heterosexism.  We are hoping you would be willing to help us by distributing this email to your members and giving them the option to personally benefit from the exercises, and to contribute to the mental health of LGBTQ people who experience heterosexist experiences.  In addition, if they finish the questionnaires and exercises at the times below, they will receive an $80 Amazon gift card and if they participate at all they will be eligible for a raffle for a $100 gift card. 

In total, the entire study should take three hours to complete across five days (about 20-30 minutes on four of the days and 45-50 minutes on one day).

The study involves completing:

*A questionnaire on the first day

*A writing exercise on each of the following three days

*A follow-up questionnaire two months later.  

The link to the survey is:

Please email this to your membership. If you could post the attached flyer or distribute it at your organizations’ meetings, that would be wonderful too.    If you have any questions, please let us know by writing to us at This study has been approved by the University of Massachusetts Boston Institutional Review Board. If you have questions about your rights as participants, please contact the University of Massachusetts Boston IRB at or 617-287-5370.

We really appreciate your support to better LGBTQ lives.


Tangela Roberts, MS & Heidi Levitt, PhD

University of Massachusetts Boston

The Freddie Gray trial AKA People desperately scrambling to come up with a way a guy in police custody managed to sever 80% of his spine by himself (with no motive whatsoever) AND explain the cops sudden, random amnesia and absolute refusal to explain what the hell happened in that van.

Give it up, guys. If I want to hear fantasy fiction I’ll listen to my LOTR audiobook.