In 2003, when I overheard a girl in my class talking about how, at some party, she’d drunkenly slept with that ginger guy who always bullied me.  I took her aside after the school bell rang.

*Me* “Tell me: He was fucking horrible, wasn’t he? I know it’s a weird question, But, please, I need to know.”  

*Her* “ “Um…it was a bit of a sad fumble in the dark. It was lame. It was painful. How did you know?”

*Me* “Because any guy who mistreats a girl the way he verbally abused and mistreated me will never, ever successfully make love to a woman. They lack the basically empathy and romance skills to do so.”
first love by Oyinda
“I often wonder if love blossoms the way that friendship blossoms. Out of a glance or a smile, a body and brain begin to depend on another for something more than interaction.”


Miria Matembe

Miria Matembe was born on August 28, 1953. She was a member of Uganda’s Parliament for sixteen years, and has done legal and human rights work for twenty-five years. She has also served as minister for Ethics and Integrity, where she was at the forefront of the battle against corruption in Uganda. After that, represented Uganda at the Pan-African Parliament.

Happy birthday, Miria Matembe!