Hibari Misora

Hibari Misora was born on May 29, 1937 in Isogo-Ku, Japan. Over the course of her career in music and film, Misora became a Japanese cultural icon. She released 1,2000 songs, her records sold 68 million copies, and she also appeared in several films throughout the 1940s and 50s. She is remembered as the Queen of Enka (a Japanese musical genre), and in a 1997 poll, her song As the River Flows was voted the best Japanese song of all time.

Hibari Misora died in 1989 at the age of 52.

I love black girls so much

I love black girls so much. I’m at the movies and two black girls were at the little desk where they collect tickets and tell you where to go. And when I gave them my ticket, one was like “OMGosh, you’re so pretty!” And I was like thank you and the other one was like “Yess girl, you slay! I love your outfit, too!” And at this point I’m just blushing because they’ve made my day lol. I love when black girls gas each other up. Even though they’re strangers, they made me feel like we were all best friends. Can we get more of this, ladies? Like literally a small friendly compliment can go a long way!


I finally get to share creator thumbnails with you all (so pumped)!!! For this week’s peek, we’ve got the first page of the rough sketch phase for “Her Gift” by Coco Candelario and “After Her” by Ann Xu.

When it’s your responsibility to bring as much as you can from #Ecuador because that’s what you do in a mix status family that can’t leave the United States. They depend on your maletas for all the things that remind them of a home they left behind. Abuela and you spend the whole morning packing , weighing, strategically placing chocolates, queso, all the grains, bread, and things your #undocumented family members asked for. And you can bet that once we get to NY and all the family gathers around to see what we manage to bring that the scene is like Christmas for children. #ReturningHomePart2 #migration #undocumented #woc #qwoc #art4 #Ecuador (at Totoracocha,Cuenca,Azuay)

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