This Unique Vintage maxi has such an early 20th century vibe, it took me right back to the time I was obsessed with Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury hipsters. The hat and shoes are from widely differing eras but on the whole I feel this is the sort of wearable period look that I immensely enjoy. 

♥  Hibiscus Maxi Dress c/o Unique Vintage ♥  Woven leather T-Bar shoes from ASOS {There’s a similar pair here and also one here} ♥  Vintage Borsalino hat from Fabgabs Etsy  ♥

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Andy Allo - Artist to Watch!


Getting pretty fucking tired of Nicki Minaj just being charactarised as ‘the angry black woman’ when she’s literally just speaking what’s on her mind like any other celebrity. This happened to her in the beginning of her career and they’d say she’d get less angry as she matured but she’s still angry now and she isn’t even angry she’s just saying the truth of the world.