People can go on late night TV and cry about Cecil the lion. That’s fine. No one would EVER be allowed to go on TV and cry about Tamir Rice. At least, not without a shitload of complaints. Just saying. Americans are only OK with a certain, safe type of grief. As long as it doesn’t threaten the status quo, that’s the main thing. You can mourn a lion and hate an evil dentist. You can’t mourn a dead 12 year old killed by a reckless, racist cop. No, not ever.

The colors didn’t quite take as much as I’d hoped, but it still looks pretty cool. Sea foam green into a gold into rose gold. I wish the ends had pinked up a bit more but I like it. It definitely looks better irl than in any pics I’ve taken. Now I gotta hope my boyfriend likes it… I’m a mothafuckin afro mermaid!

Sam Dubose decided to run over Ray Tensing, like Alesia Thomas forced that cop to beat her to death on camera even though she was 100% restrained, like Mike Brown raced through a hail of bullets to kill Darren Wilson for no reason, like Walter Scott stole Michael Slager’s taser, like Trayvon Martin randomly attacked George Zimmerman from bushes that the police photographs proved where never there, like Sandra Bland committed suicide for no reason. At some point, you have to go “Wait, this is bullshit!” And if you don’t, well, you’re a fool anyway and I can’t reason with fools. I refuse to even try. It’s beneath me, quite frankly.

i’m gonna need y’all to think fucking clearly and understand that, that photoshoot Willow did was cultural appropriation. y’all acting like just because she’s black doesn’t mean she can’t appropriate other POC’s culture like???????? the shit is possible. it happens…. does that mean you have to drag her?? nah, but acknowledge that shit… don’t just reblog it like “yaaass willow slay” nooooo willow, nah that shit is garbage.

Disabled Diva’s 30th Birthday Etsy Gift Wish List! - SIGNAL BOOST

Here it is… my 30th birthday gift wish list!  :)

I decided to keep it simple, & ask for things that I’ve found while online window shopping on Etsy.  Since I’m a small business owner, I want to help other small business owners, too, & I felt that Etsy was the best place to make that happen.  

I decided to share this list early (like 47 days & counting early) because I plan to work on a few projects this month, & didn’t want time to pass me by, & not give you all enough time to see what’s on the list, & consider buying things from it.  

What’s On My Birthday Gift Wish List?

Everything on the list is under $25.  All of the merch are items I want, but do not have the funds to get myself due to being on a fixed income.  

I have a wide variety of interests, from leopard-printed any & everything, to mermaids, jewelry, art, shirts, planner decorating, & so forth.  This wish list gives you insight into my plethora of loves & slight addictions.  :)  

Why This Wish List is Registered as a “Wedding” One?:

Etsy only has one type of registry on its site that allows you to leave notes for your guests/buyers, & that’s its wedding registry option.  

I needed the notes section of this registry so that I can indicate colors, sizes, etc., for items that requested that information.  

Those options are highlighted in the yellowish-colored boxes on the page.  Click the highlighted yellow areas to see the details provided.  (This information also appears when you check out to buy the item(s) requested.)

How to Place Your Order:

You will have to create an Etsy account to place an order to buy the Item(s).

Etsy has a very simple, easy order placing format, especially since the items are already selected for you to choose from.  

** Do remember to read any notes provided in case the items have color, size, etc., options to choose from.  

Where to Ship:

On the registry, I have the Ramp Your Voice! PO Box listed.

The address is:  PO Box 1286, Winnsboro, SC 29180

*** With the PO Box, do let me know that something will be arriving there.  Our post office here is not wheelchair accessible (no lie, though there’s handicapped parking… o_O, that’s a rant for another day…).  I will have to get someone to go up there for me.  I don’t want the PO Box to get full by not knowing something’s there, so just drop me a message.  :)  

If you know me in real life (either we’ve chatted on here and/or we’re friends on Facebook), you need to ask me for my home address.  Just send me a message, & I’ll give it to you.  I don’t mind sharing my personal address if I know you, & it’ll cut down on how much is sent to the PO Box.  

One More Thing to Pay Attention To:

Some of the items listed come from the same shop (some of the jewelry & planning items, especially).  

For those of you who want to get the most bang out of your buck, regarding shipping costs, check to see if there are items from the same shop as the one(s) you would like to buy for me.  

Last But Not Least:

Thank you for the feedback about creating this gift wish list.  I’m not the best at asking for things, so I really hope this goes well.  

Please view the list, & see what may work for you in fulfilling my gift wishes.  

And do SIGNAL BOOST this!  

Soon to be 30, but forever fabulous,
Vy, proud #WOCwD  



30th Birthday wish list:

Check it out, & see what gift wish(es) you can fulfill on Etsy.  

Either ship to the PO Box address provided on the gift registry page, or message me for my home address if we know each other in real life.  

Thank you for making my birthday awesome!  :)  #VirgoDiva  

anonymous asked:

Are there any ANY one shots with a female POC ofc?

Hello, Nonny! We have several stories with POC female characters. Our authors get more and more diverse each day, and so do the characters they write.

Unfortunately, most of those fics seem to be multi chapters… but there are also a few one-shots here and there.

Here is a case where our tag system can be useful: if you search the tag ‘POC’, it will take you to a long list of posts featuring women of color.

Also, I’m sure our followers can give you a little help with your search: dear readers, what one-shots starring Tom and a woman of color are your favorites? Which ones from our archives would you recommend to this Nonny? Give a fellow reader a hand, and promote your favorite stories!

Let’s be real: There are certain people to whom Cecil the Lion will always mean 100x more than a black woman like Sandra Bland or all those one million dead Iraqi civilians ever did. Oh, please. Don’t hide now, you pricks are going to rot in Hell anyway. You may as well own up. Celebrate the sociopaths you are and pretend that superficially liking jungle animals makes you exempt from being a shitty person. Newsflash: It fucking doesn’t.