In real life, Snow White stays dead and Rapunzel grows old, alone in her tower. In real life, you gotta have enough sense to stay away from ugly bitches offering you shiny apples and have enough balls to cut off your own hair and use it as a ladder if needs be. In real life, you gotta save yourself and the only happy endings are the ones paid for in massage parlors.
—  Amy Sumida, Godhunter.
Miria Matembe

Miria Matembe was born on August 28, 1953. She was a member of Uganda’s Parliament for sixteen years, and has done legal and human rights work for twenty-five years. She has also served as minister for Ethics and Integrity, where she was at the forefront of the battle against corruption in Uganda. After that, represented Uganda at the Pan-African Parliament.

Happy birthday, Miria Matembe!