themarcstone  asked:

Look, I didn't want to be the one to say it, but we're all worried for you here. Chief says you're being too reckless, getting too close. You're gonna get someone hurt, maybe even yourself. Rumor has it you're going private soon. I can't follow you down that Route, pal. Max Repel or no.

“The latest business with Wobbuffet had brought me back to that last case I handled as an official detective in Saffron’s Fourth Precinct. I remembered what my old partner had said to me - Truth was, I hadn’t been considering going private - I’d been considering barrelling headlong into the Rocket headquarters we’d heard about; I’d been planning a suicide mission. But the way Minun said “going private” sounded… better. More importantly, it made me realize there was another option: As a cop, I couldn’t take down the organization puppeteering that big blue goon; Too many rules for dealing with criminals that powerful. But as my own ‘mon…”