tiger emoji review

looks too much like a fusion between winnie the pooh and a zebra. 2/5.

a wonderful girl!! very minimalist, with a big happy smile. looks like she could be on a children’s show or perhaps a boba tea cup! 5/5!

the lines are too thick and he reminds me of a discolored snagglepuss, but overall a kind boy! 3/5

this is a housecat! a nice tabby, but not a tiger. 4/5 for kitty 0/5 for tiger.

his mouth is smiling but his eyes are soulless. what has this man seen? 2/5 because he scares me

what is this??? this looks like a mouse with tiger face paint on. how dare you disgrace them this way. 1/5

the eyes are far too humanoid and there’s something uncomfortable in the wobbliness of the lines. 3/5 for trying

this is like a more minimalist version of apple’s. the colors are pleasing but she’s still lacking character. 2/5.

this girl looks like a blend of facebook and twitter, but i’ll let it slide because she seems like she would tell me about horoscopes. 4/5.

a handsome boy, but why is he so grumpy??? is it because he applied his eyeliner on too thick?? 4/5 we’ve all been there buddy

those stripes! that winged liner! those ears! she looks like the companion to a lesbian action anime protag, 5/5 a beautiful punk girl!

dont yuo ever fucking disrespect me like this again. -10/5 


Utah Phillips talks to Amy Goodman about getting his name, war resistance, joining the IWW and the corporate-fascist assault on the American working class.

Jumped from Photoshop to After Effects and it was MUUUUCH harder to do this edit while the character is moving! X,,D Like… DUCK! I’m not doing that again any time soon! :o But it was an interesting exercise! (OBS! May be edited when the remaining wobbliness starts driving me bonkers) 

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelHoney LemonAunt CassColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLindaMavis 

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.

ofbranson  asked:

"Persephone, darling! Are you alright?"

{ Aristocat Meme }

          Persephone had no idea how late it was, but she managed to navigate the maze of halls in her resort to her suite. It felt like quite a feat, considering she was a bit more than half-drunk after an indulgent evening in one of the lounges. With no one around to see, she slumped back against the door and then gave into gravity. Persephone slid to the floor with the sole intention of removing her heels. “Mom?” She looked up suddenly at the voice, the too familiar tone of none other than her mother. Just perfect. “Um, yeah. Yeah, I’m go- great.” Persephone pushed herself up, clumsily using the door as a brace. She nearly stumbled at a sudden wobbliness in her legs, before realizing she had only removed one heel. “What are you— When, time did you get in?” And why had no one informed her?

34471) Something shifted in me. It’s not dizziness, it’s wobbliness. It’s not fainting spells and swooning and hunger highs. It’s feeling out of reality. It’s not knowing what’s going on, with each day being more and more detached, far away. I accidentally stubbed my toe and didn’t even realize it had bled through until it turned black. I fall a lot. My motor skills are embarrassing. The time is off, my head isn’t on track. I’m scared and alone and don’t feel my real age anymore.

I’ve been reading up on the marina Joyce situation and I’m honestly so scared I can’t sleep. I used to watch her videos when I was in middle school and what is going on in her videos now is terrifying. Everything is staged. Look at her eyes. The way she talks. She’s making no sense. She’ll go from laughing to crying in a few of her videos. The bruises. The wobbliness. The hidden help me. The shot gun. On the justpasteit article there is a link to a screenshot where she replied to some comments saying that she made a secret account and that her dad is abusing her. Some people have gotten a hold of her mom and her mom is saying she’s fine and so is her boyfriend. There is definitely too much shit going on for everything to be fine. Maybe they are all forcing her into things? In not sure but I hope something gets figured out very soon because it’s so scary to see this being broadcasted for her entire audience to see.