wobble baby


When you’re home alone for the night.

Uggghhhhh my sister wants to do a photo shoot for my dads 60th and I literally can’t think of anything worse. It’s so cringe. I hate having my photo taken anyway and no doubt they’ll be plastered all over social media so there’s no escaping them and then you’re left feeling shit because you didn’t realise your nose was that big or your double chin looked like that or your wobbly baby belly hung over your jeans so much.
It’s just not my kind of thing but she’s being such an arse about it.

A list of things all black people can relate to

1. Dancing to the Cupid slide, Cha cha slide, and “Wobble baby” at EVERY EVENT. It could be a BBQ, wedding, funeral. No matter what anyone is doing, everyone will stop, form a line and dance. Those three songs are guaranteed to be on every black event playlist.

2. Being late to every event. It could even be their own event they’re hosting. Just know if a black person says they’re coming at 3:00pm they really meant 4-4:30 pm. Shit make it 5:00pm they’re probably going to be late to being late.

3. Knowing all the lyrics to “Let me Love you” by Mario or “Bed” by J. Holiday.

4. Having to dash your ass home as a child so you can outrun the street lights before the last one turned on.

5. Getting in trouble because of your friends and having your mom say “if your lil friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too?”

6. Your mom saying to you “when we get on here you 8 ok?” at a restaurant knowing damn well you 15.

7. Making a beat out of everything. The phone start ringing and you like “Ay this sound kind of tight.” Next thing you know you break dancing to the iPhone ring tone.

8. Sneaking in full course meals to the movies.

9. Sneaking in Tupperware to the buffet so you can take some food home.

10. Your parents always bringing up irrelevant shit and making you regret speaking to them.

You: Wow mom its so hot in this house
Mom: That’s cuz you don’t do shit, you always on that phone. I do everything in this house. You just here eating up all my food and taking up all my air. Y'all gon miss me when I’m gone.

Brooklyn’s Born Cages recently revealed their new song, a genre defying and melodramatic gem named I Just Want The Truth, Baby. A wobbly bass line punctuates the song’s simmering atmosphere that blends electronic rock, synthpop, dance, and alternative. Born Cages will be releasing their debut album I’m Glad I’m Not Me on June 2nd. 

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I went ice skating today for the first time in like 10 years.. at first I was scared to death, clinging to the wall lol. Then after a while I could have just one hand on the wall but only if my sister was holding my other hand. Then I could let go of the wall while holding her hand.. Then after like an hour I could skate in the middle all by myself :D I was shocked that I didn’t fall even once.. :o But I didn’t feel “stable” til almost the end, my legs were all weak and wobbly, like a baby deer haha. Ice skating is so fun, I wish I could do it more! But they need to make skates that aren’t so uncomfortable..

I remember the times Before like
polaroids stuck to every fingertip.
You, grinning, tongue bright yellow
with candy. Me, hanging off joy’s
arm, barely able to see over the tops
of counters.

You laughed so much then. Frowned
so much, too. Felt a lot and wore it
on your face so we all felt it with you.
When a baby wobbled towards you,
you shrieked and stared at it in awe.

And then it all broke, the After a flight
that refuses to take off.

Suddenly, I’m miles away, and it’s been
years since I’ve seen you, months since
I’ve heard your voice. 

I don’t even know what you look like
anymore, what you like to do in your
spare time, how you laugh when you
want to cry. Do you even cry? Do you
tell anyone when you do?

I don’t know where all the time’s gone.
Mother says you don’t talk to anyone
anymore. She says you hang up when
she calls. The last time we talked, it 
was all so stiff. I said hello and you
said hello and I said how are you
and you said I’m good and that was it.

It wasn’t meant to be like this. You 
were never meant to break like this.
But it is, and you have, and now I’m
oceans away unable to do anything
but stare at my hands and wonder
what use they are if they’re
half a world away from you.

—  Week 51 of 52 - GRIEF, A COLOUR THAT NEVER FADES by Darshana Suresh

Beyoncé doing the Wobble