“La Mordida” (En Progreso)
Acuarelas, tinta, café

1 de 10 piezas que estarán expuestas en el show colectivo “Bandidos”, junto con @gangsby y @buchsbaum13 este próximo mes. Más detalles pronto!!

Gracias por ver!


“La Mordida” (in progress)
Watercolor, ink and coffee

One of 10 pieces that will be in the group show named “Bandidos” along with @gangsby and @buchsbaum13 this upcoming month. More details soon! Thanks for viewing!

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A Dillon Francis remix of Madeon can only mean one thing: it’s time to buckle in and hang on tight. You can’t expect nothing less than brain jolting with something as massive as a remix that combines electro house wizard Madeon with moombahton savant Dillon Francis. DF takes Madeon’s Imperium and bleeds those two genres together in a fine, cinematic balance of xylophone bridges, regal synths, and dirty drops. The Imperium remix will be out soon on August 28th.