3k Follow Forever

I’ve recently reached 3k, thank you so much. I tried to put everyone I follow, but I probably missed some people, I’m sorry If I forgot you. Pls don’t hate me, ily. 

Anyways, many of these blogs, I’ve been following since I started my blog so yeah. I’ve made many mutals + friends through tumblr and I don’t regret it at all. Okay I probably make no sense but here are some really awesome blogs and ya. :))

buckwildtaylor camslutt swaggieshawn menduhs cartahstaph popecaniff cameronsbeanie caniffism rihaha stateofespinosa camerumdallas princesskaelenespinosa espinyesa camdallaz wilkinsex mendesmiracle teammagcon jackmydallas mendesmaplesyrup jackjismybae smilespinosa 8-8shawn mattshands shawnsmirk hayescutie espi-nosa awespinosa nashty-is-perfectxxx espewnosa taydallas smendeser holyviners woahtheredallas taylorccaniff ilyshawn fagcon jackgilinksys magconboiss jackdail magicalmendes livespinosa grierboys drewsland jackgilisky nineboyz slutspinosa theaaroncarpenter rxynolds gilinskyweed sunshinegilinsky woahvineguys hoppinrivers shawnmendes fuckingviners flawlesshawn baesicdallas shawnsbae espinosa-my-nosa thosevineboyzz espinohsa sonicshawn hayesbae cashllum magc0nboys taylor-caniffs-bandana camdawgdallas camdallus screwyoudallas matthewasspinosa lolespinosa mahotanylox iconsmagcon ughviners nashtybabe themagconfamily taylorcaniffsluts kingilinsky omahaweed thesammywilk camerondatass mattshands matthews-milkshake barakat1818 darlingmendes espinosoh ughgilinsky samwilkinsons guhlinsky fuckyougilinsky suptaylorcaniff asslikemattfacelikegilinsky bigdickgrier myespinxsa saucysecondsofsummer

and ashtunwrin :) 

Laiba is the person I’m closest with on Tumblr so yeah follow her, She’s absolutely amazing. :)

Once again, thank you so much for 3k, I love you all. If you ever need anything, I’ll be right here. :) Thank you!!! :)


thank you so much for 1.5k!!! i love you guys so much :)

here are some amazing blogs you should follow! bolded are my faves! they’re in alphabetical order: 

boys-of-magcon + camdallus + camdawgdallas + camerondallis + caniffornah + espinosasfab + firsthmarch + flawlesshawn + frantasdallas  + gilinskers + gilinskyfeels + gilinskymendestbh + grierboys + holymagcon + hoppinrivers + iconsmagcon + m-agcon + magcon-babe + magconaustralia + magconboys + magconofficial + matthewespinxsa + mendescaniff + mxgconboys + mxndes + myespinosa + nashtybabe + nashtygriers + nashxgrier + ofcamerondallas + ohshawn + prettygrier + salutetoespinosa + shwnmendes + taylorcaniffsluts + thematthewespinosa + ughhdallas + ughshawn + vinerbaes + woahvineguys + younashty 

btw i know the last 3 gifs have been used in one of my photosets before but photoshop decided to frustrate me and wouldn’t let me open any videos so i just had to reuse old gifs

Thank you for 1k! I love you sorry if you’re not in this!

50shadezofcarter 8-8shawn aaroncarpenterrr aarvncarpenter adoringcarpenter adoringmendes all-different-angles awespinosa aye-aye-ron-carpenter baematthewespinosa c-dallas camcaniff camdallus camdawgdallas camdxllas camerondallas camerondallis camerondattass cameronssmile cameronxdallas caniff-reynolds carolinegrier carterreynoldsmother datmagconbooty espinosah espinosamendess fagcon flawlessdallas flawlesshawn flawlessmagcon fonnor-cranta frickmematt fvckscarter gilinskymendestbh gilinskyslut grierhayes griersnash griernashty hamiltondallas hayesbae holy-fuckingg-hayes holyviners holymagcon iconsmagcon ilyshawn imagine-cameron itsgrierhayes itsmagconbitches itsmagconb0ys jackjackgilinsky jacks-crouton jackthatmendes kinkygilinsky lolespinosa magclique magco-n magcock @magcon magcon-or-nah magconaustralia @magconboys magconboysposts magconboysomfg magconboyyz magconfans magconfangirluk magconfuckyeah magcongurl magconholic magconordie magconpizza magconslays mahoganylox makeitmagcon matthewasspinosa matthewspinosah mendescaniff merster98 mostlymagcon mrsfreakingespinosa mrsgilinsky musiic-is-lifee mxgconboys mylovelydallas nahsgrier nash-grier nashleygrierr nashmygrier nashty-is-perfectxxx nashtybabe nineboyz ofcamerondallas ohmydallas ollieandivy pumamagcon shawnmendes shawnnmendes shawnsbae shawnsmirk slay-magcon slaydallas slutspinosa taylor-caniffs-bandana taylorcaniffsluts taylorcasniff tbhmagcon tf-is-a-locator thejackgilinsky themagconfamily thosemagconboys tincandallus ughhdallas ughshawn vineboyz vineraddict woahvineguys yanashtypuma zamnbae zayumdallas zayummagcon

Yeah i’m really really pissed because i was in the middle of the second time of doing this fucking follow forever and my phone shuts down. I’m also less motivated because this really stressed me but i won’t let this fucking app stress me so i’ll try to do it again.
First of all i want to thank you for receiving me here, i recognize it’s difficult to handle me so you deserve this. And i made so many friends in this little time, you guys are really important to me. Second is that i fangirl over a lot of blogs so here are some you can’t miss:
baematthewespinosa crown-ela thosevineboyzz holyviners jackjismybae camdawgdallas camdallaz taylorcaniffsluts taylor-caniffs-bandana samwilknson samwilkinsons woahtheremagcon woahvineguys woahtheredallas nashty-is-perfectxxx nashtymira nashtyfourlife shawnsmirk shawns-lazy-eye-omf drewsland iconsmagcon nashgriir flawlesshawn espinosa-my-nosa hayesbae slaydallas fagcon slayshawn ughviners frickmematt suptaylorcaniff thosemagconboys mendescaniffgilinsky pumaornah pumamagcon pumalover2001 itsmagconfanuniverse nineboyz
Sorry if i forgot you but all the blogs i follow are amazing and thank you once more for everything 💕 i will never forget you. X


i recently hit 1k and i decided to make a follow forever. ((yay!!!)) i just want to say thank you to all of my followers for following!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

 You guys rock and i love yall so much<33  


mendxs, grierhayes, gilinskers, flawlesshawn, samwilkinsons, dallahs, magc0nboys, cam-dallas, shawnsmirk, nashtymira, camdallus, ourmagcon, nashfuckmyassgrier, taylorcaniffsluts, ofcamerondallas, slaydallas, awespinosa, gilinskiscuddlingmatt, heyitshayes, gtfocaniff, griersnash, magconaustralia, sassgrier, nashisnotnashty, ohdamndallas, jackjismybae, magconboyyz, shawnsbae, drewsland, dallllascam, holyviners, nahsgrier, nineboyz, nashpinosa, magconboyscm, flawlesspinosa, ughhdallas, caniffed, thatmagconcrew, iconsmagcon, itsmagcons, jackgilinskies, vinerboysx taylorccaniff, taylorcasniff, espinosass, jackgilinksys, theaaroncarpenter, magconexposed, shawnmandes, camronsdallas, thejackgilinsky, httpgilinsky, teammagcon, shawnmehndes, macgon, jackgilinsexy, totallymagcon, holymagcon, m-agcon, matthewespinxsa, mylovelydallas, flawlessdallas, joeygattos, unfmagcon, worldmagcon, magconsboy, cambangme, vinerbaes, cameorndallas, gilnskysbae, pummagcon, woahvineguys, jackgilinskie, kinkygilinsky, magconisliife, mattespinoosa, nashtygriers, ohshawn, nashtybabe, mandesbae, frickmematt, babespinosa, maplemendes, typicalgilinsky.


for more rad blogs check out my blogroll!!

Thank you for 3K lovlies!

So I finally decided to do a ‘follow forever’                                                 Here is a list of my favourite MAGCON blogs:                                            (Take note that I probably missed a couple of blogs out, sorry + some where deactivated)

420gilinsky // 8-8shawn // ahhmagcon // allthingsmagconboysss // asslikegilinsky // ayyitsmattsbae // ayyyyespinosa // badboydallas // baesicdallas // baesicmagcon // bccamerondallas // bigdickgrier // blesspinosa // bootylikedallas // cambaedallas // camdallus // camdattasstho // camdawgdallas // camgilinsky // caniffsmagcon // caniffsprincesss // cashdrier // cuddlyjacob // cutelikegrier // dasnashty // espinosa-my-nosa // espinosuh // espinosamattbae // exoticmendes // flawlesshawn // frickmematt // fvckmendes // gilinskyslay // gilinskyslut // gilinskytbh // hardcorespinosa // holygrierr // holymagcon // holyviners // hoodratmendes // iconicmendes // iconsmagcon // kinkygilinsky // magcon-austinm // magconexposed // mattsexpinosaaa // magcon-to-australia //mattslays // taylorsgrandpa // nashgriir // nashlyornah // nashsdickle // nashtymira // nashtypoo // nineboyz // omfgmendes // princessgilinsky // screwyoudallas // sexpinosamatt // shadymendes // shawnismymandes // shawnsbae // shawnsmirk // slayconn // staymagcon // supcaniffs // swaggieshawn // taylorcaniffsluts // tbhgilinsky // thejacksx // themagconfamily // tincandallus // totallymendes // ughgilinskyxx // ughviners // versace-beltbuckle // voguematt // woahespinosa // woahtheredallas // woahvineguys // xtincandallasx // zayumgrier //

3K means a lot to me means the world to me. Once again thank you!

(Advice: If you want/plan to do a follow forever, do it on the computer its so much easier and faster)

totallyespinosa.tumblr.com                                                                       xoxo

So since I just hit my first thousand and just passed this blogs one month anniversary I decided to do a follow forever of some of my favorite blogs ♥.

magcon-babe mattesbaenosa mrsgilinskyy nashtymira sainsy14 lydia-s-m 

ayeshawnmendes ayemagcon ayeemattespinosa ay-shawnmendes basicallymattespinosa bieberxcaniff butdallywinston camdawgdallas camdxllas cameronssmile cameronxdallas caniffgirl caniffsbandana carolinegrier checky0urself dontbenashty espinosah espinosass espinosauce fyeahshawnmendes gilinskymendestbh graceelizabeththefab holyviners hoppinrivers iconsmagcon imaginethisvineboys jackgilinskyy lilianamc lolespinosa lolmagcon magc0n-b0ys magc0nboys magco-n magcon-baes magcon-or-die magconaustralia magconholic magconofficial magconordie magconuk magconvamps markkmcmorris matt-espinosa mendesmerized mendesonthemic missgilinsky mylovelydallas nashty-bae nashtybabe nineboyz ofcamerondallas ohmymendes omgshawnmendes omgviners oopsyluke pumamagcon shawnmendes shawnmendesxxx shwnmndes slutspinosa snovvboard stephn13 supshawnmendes taylor-caniffs-bandana taylorcaniffsluts taylorcasniff themagconfamily theyoungestoftwo thosemagconboys ughshawn vine101 vineboysforever vineimagines woahtheredallas woahvineguys younashty zamnbae zamno2l zayumbae zayummagcon

I love every single one of my followers so I’m sorry if you’re not on it.


Hey! I recently hit my first thousand on tumblr and wanted to celebrate by posting my first follow forever! To everyone who has followed me and messaged me, I want to say thank you! You guys are so sweet. Joining this fandom has been a crazy yet wonderful experience and I am happy because I have met so many amazing people! Below are the blogs I love, so you should definitely check them out and follow them!

A - G

aaronschapstick, blowjacks, camdallus, camdawgdallas, cameronsbeanie, cravespinosa, dallahs, espewnosa, espinosa-cupcake, espinosahood, espinosamattbae, espinoshitsherlock, espinsoa, flawlesshawn, flawlesspinosa, flawlessviners, flights-to-magcon, forespinosa, gayesgrier, gilinskis, @gilinskysjack, gilinskyslay

H - N

highgilinsky, holy-johnson, holyviners, iconsmagcon, itsespinosamatt, itsmagconb0ys, itsmissbookworm, jack420gilinsky, jackgilinksys, jackgilisky, lets-get-weird-matt, magconexposed, magcon-or-nahh, matthew-espinosas-butt, matthotspinosa, mattswhoreinchurch, nashleygrierr, nashpinosa

O - U

ohshawn, palveen, sammyboywilkinson, shawnsmirk, splashofnash, starryeyesandblurredlies, supcaniffs, taylorcaniffsluts, thatdallass, thejacksarmy

V - Z

vanityfairteen, woahtheremagcon, wilkinsex, woahtheredallas, woahvineguys

I apologize because I know I missed some people. Please don’t take it personal because it was just an honest mistake! For more blogs to follow, check out my blogroll. Once again, thank you to everyone! I love you guys :)


[Thank you taylorcaniffsluts for the pic]


To be honest guys, I havent even had this account for a month and having more than 500 followers, which is a pretty big deal. I met super nice people on here. I also met some horrible people.

I was always that one girl who can never make friends, now i have more than 500 of them.

I’d like to thank these people for making my stay on Tumblr a great one.




ayemagcon baematthewespinosa camdallus carterreynoldsmother drewsland fagcon flawlesshawn fonnor-cranta gilinskers gilinskymendestbh gilsinsky griersnash


holymagcon holyviners iconsmagcon itsgrierhayes itsmagconbitxh jackgilinskyy jackgilinksys jackthatmendes livespinosa magcock magcons magconaustralia magconboysposts magconboys magcxnic magcongifs


nashtymira nashxgrier nineboyz pumamagcon shawnmendes shawnsmirk slaydallas taylorcaniffsluts thejackgilinsky themagconfamily


vinerboysx vinersbby vinervibes woahvineguys younashty

I love each and every one fo you guys!

I love each and every one of my followers too!

thank you so so much for 1k. I never thought that I would actually ever reach this or ever get past like 300, but hey you guys made it possible and I love you all so much.

Here are some awesome blogs you should follow! Bolded are my faves.

c-dallas + cam-dallas + cameronsababe + camerondallasbae + espixosa + espewnosa + espniosa + flawlesshawn + gilinskers + gilinskymendestbh + gilsinsky + hayescutie + holymagcon + jackgilinksys + kinkygilinsky + magc0nboys + magconaustralia + magconprefs + matthotspinosa + mendesbae + mushyespinosa + mxndes + nashtybabe + ofcamerondallas + ourmagcon + sassgrier+ shawnespinosa + slaydallas + taylorcaniffsluts + taylorcasniff + thejackgilinsky + themagconfamily + ughshawn + woahvineguys + younashty + zayumdallas

thank you all so much for helping me get to 1k I love you all so much <3

if you aren’t on here, don’t fret because I love you guys all so much <3

1k Follow Forever

Hello! Here is my follow forever for 1k! :) I know I said I would do one for 1.5k, but I made the edit earlier. Okay I know the edit looks so bad and it’s probably the worst edit ever.

I never thought I would come this far in like a little over a month. I don’t even know why people follow me, haha. I just want to thank everyone for following me, I love you all and if any of you ever need anything, I’ll be right here. My ask box is always open! :) 

Go follow these people please. They’re the best people in the world and their blogs are amazing. :)

hoppinrivers ollieandivy zayyummendes lolespinosa fonnor-cranta frickmematt pumalover2001 magcock taylor-caniffs-bandana magicalmendes ourmagcon pumamagcon theaaroncarpenter gilinskers espinosa-my-nosa camdawgdallas camdallus totallymagcon iconsmagcon themagconfamily baematthewespinosa shawnmendes magcongurl suptaylorcaniff  cutelikegrier espixosa gilinskymendestbh samwilkinsons ilyshawn magconslife jackgilinsexy nashmygrier hayesbae nashtybabe nashtyfornash blesspinosa c-dallas drewsland espewnosa espinohsa flawlesshawn flawlesspinosa gilinskybae jackjismybae jackgilinksys kinkygilinsky lovingxshawn lolmagcon oh-my-mendes o2lwoaah ofcamerondallas puma-army rxynolds sassgrier shawnsmirk magcon-or-nahh vinerbaes matthewsepinosa magconbabies fagcon ughshawn espniosa just-magcon magconboyyz nashtymira thejackgilinsky supcaniffs shawnslay magconaustralia camerondatass thosemagconboys woahvineguys vine101 woahtheredallas zayumgrier mrscarterespinosa mattespinosabr matthewasspinosa matthewespinxsa matt3spin0s4 younashty nashty-is-perfectxxx magc0nboys mxgconboys mxndes magconfans magconpizza pumagcon

Bolded are favs :) || Italics are baes <3 

I’m so sorry if I forgot you. I still love you alot okay. I would like to say thank you again, and I love you all, so so so so so much. :) xxx



~ here are some blogs that I really like ~

I’ve most probably forgotten heaps more, :((

anyways, idk how to end this but ily bye


thank you so much for 2.5k! i have been meaning to make a follow forever for a long time, but if you know me then you also know that im pretty lazy so aha. 

thank you to zayummagcon for the edit

i just want to thank everyone of my followers and friends, you make my life so much better. if i would have never had created this blog, i would never have met any of you.. and idk what i would even be doing right now. 

i would also like to thank the boys for be lovely and bringing me into this fandom and making my live so much more wonderful <3


so here is my follow forever, if you don’t see your name in here it most likely means i missed or forgot your name, but i want you to know that everyone that i follow is really special and i will follow you forever and ever, don’t worry :)

( if you’re in bold then i love yah to death )

so here ya goooooo:


adoringmendes ~ ahoydallas ~ annatw4eva ~ asspinosa ~ awgilinsky ~ ayeshawnmendes ~babespinosa ~boysonvine ~ camandnash ~ camdallicious ~ camdallus ~ camdawgdallas ~ camdxllas ~ cameronbae ~ camerondaellas ~ camerondallis ~ camerondatass ~ cameronsababe ~ caniffgirl ~ caniffobsessed ~ caniffornah ~ caniffsbae ~ canifftaylor ~ carolinegrier ~ carterreynoldsmother ~ cartersoomf ~ comfycam ~ cuddlingjack ~ cuddlingmatt ~ cutelikemendes ~ cutieshawn ~dallasmendes ~ downwithdallas ~ drewsland ~ espinohsa ~ espinosa-my-nosa ~ espinosah ~ espinosasfab ~ espinosassy ~ espinosauraus ~ espinosuh ~ espniosa ~fagcon ~ flawlessdallas ~ flawlesshawn ~ frantasdallas ~ fvckespinosa ~ fvckingdallas ~ gilinskers ~ gilinskybae ~ gilinskylove ~ gilinskymendestbh ~ grierhayes ~ griersnash ~ hayesbae ~ hayescutie ~ holymagcon ~ holymendes ~ holyviners ~ hoppinrivers ~ iconsmagcon ~ ilyshawn ~ itscamerondallas ~ itsreynolds 


jackandjackobsessed ~ jackflips ~ jackgilinksys ~ jackgilinsexy ~ jackgilinskyy ~ jackgodlinsky ~ jackndjack ~ jackthatmendes ~ kianawley ~ kinkygilinsky ~ lawhley ~ livespinosa ~ lolespinosa ~ lolmagcon ~ loving-mendes ~ magc0nboys ~ magcon-world ~ magconaustralia ~ magconboys ~ magconboysomfg ~ magconboysposts ~ magcongifs ~ magcongurl ~ magconholic ~ magconofficial ~ magconordie ~ magcons ~ magconsbae ~ matt-espinosa ~ mattespinosaa ~ matthewasspinosa ~ mattewespinoza ~ matthewespinxsa ~ matthotspinosa ~ mattsexpinosa ~ mendesbae ~ mendescaniff ~ mendesdaily ~ mendesfantasy ~ mrscarterespinosa ~ mrsgilinsky ~ mushyespinosa ~ mxgconboys ~ mxndes ~ myespinosa ~ mylovelydallas ~ nash-bae ~ nashggrier ~ nashgrierz ~ nashty-bae ~ nashty-dallas ~ nashtybabe ~ nashtygriers ~ nashtymira ~ nashxgrier ~ nineboyz ~ ourmagcon ~ prettygrier ~ prostiluke ~ pumamagcon


salutetoespinosa ~ shagshawn ~ shawnisbae ~ shawnmendes ~ shawnmendesofficial ~ shawnnmendes ~ shawnslay ~ shawnsmirk ~ shawnsparadise ~ slutspinosa ~ supespinosa ~ supshawnmendes ~ suptaylorcaniff ~ swaggcon ~ taylor-caniffs-bandana ~ taylorcaniffsluts ~ taylorcasniff ~ taylorccaniff ~ tbhmagcon ~ tbhmendes ~ theaaroncarpenter ~ thejackgilinsky ~ themagconangel ~ themagconfamily ~ themattespinosa ~ theyoungestoftwo ~ thosemagconboys ~ thozeboys ~ totallymagcon ~ tropicalcam ~ tropicalshawn ~ ughhdallas ~ ughmendes ~ ughshawn ~ vine101 ~ vineboysdoe ~ vineboysforever ~ vineraddict ~ vinerbaes ~ vinersyasss ~ welovejccaylen ~ whoadallas ~ woahcaniff ~ woahtheredallas ~ woahvineguys ~ yanashtypuma ~ yodallas ~ younashty ~ yousetuber ~ zayumgrier ~ zayummagon 

sorry if i forgot anyone! if i follow you then that means that i love you and your blog xx


Okay, I just hit 7K and it feels like just yesterday I hit 1K, idek why you follow me but 7,000 of you do, thAnkyoU!!

Classic follow forever time ey, these blogs I’ve pretty much followed forever??

a - c

avonsmagcon, asslikemattfacelikegilinsky, awespinosa

bigdickgrier, baesicdallas, barakat1818, beautyanash, baematthewespinosa

cxmeron-d, camdallus, camdawgdallas, cameronxdallas, camslutt, cartahstaph

d - f

darlingmendes, dallas-0r-nah, dallahs, dontbenashty, drewsland

espinosa-my-nosa, espinosuh


g - i

getmeawaterbottle, gilinskyslut, gilinskyslay, griersluts

hayesgirlfriend, hayesbae, holyviners, holymagcon

itsmagconfanuniverse, itsmagconb0ys, iconsmagcon

j - l

jackjismybae, jackgilisky


lazydallas, livespinosa, love-life-magcon, lilianamc

m - o

magconfrustrations, mahotanylox, mendesonthemic, mendesmaplesyrup, magconexposed, magconpizza. matthew-espinosas-butt, menduhs, merster98

nashtybrits (ey ey hit up this blog) nine-one-fucking-one, n-a-s-h-l-y, nashfuckingrier, nuxtella, nineboyz


princesskaelenespinosa, palespinosa

s - u

smilingdallas, screwyoudallas, samwilkinsluts, scanmyburrito, shut-up-and-nash-me, sophievangemerenx

twerkformematt, taylorsgrandpa, taylorcuntiff, taylorcaniffsluts, taylor-caniffs-bandana, themagconfamily, tigersmahone, totallyespinosa

ur-not-matthew-espinosa, ughviners

v - z

vineraddict, vine4lyfe, vineboysdoe, vanitydallas

woahtheredallas, woahvineguys, wilkinsonslaugh



quick self promo ey

hmu on twitter: @nashtyygrierr ♡

say hi on instagram: @katyjanee_ ♡

or just talk to me on here idc ♡

Ok so I just hit 1.5k and I said I’d do a follow forever so here it is! (you should go follow them all) bolds are my favorites

mostlymagcon, magconaustralia, ughshawn, samwilkinsons, magconguurl, suptaylorcaniff, magconslife, matthotspinosa, 8-8shawn, oh-my-mendes, woahvineguys, camerondattass, flawlesspinosa, nashtybabe, hoppinrivers, ollieandivy, nashgriir, frickmematt, gilinskymendestbh, espinosa-my-nosa, aaronschapstick, baematthewespinosa, awespinossaa, taylorcaniffyounot, taylor-caniffs-bandana, vinersbby, espinsosabae, 5secondsofmagconfan, magconexposed, matthew-espinosas-butt, magconisliife, itsespinosamatt, avonsmagcon, dallascult, nashisnotnashty, cameronbae, mattespinosaswife, jackjohnson93, taylorcaniffsluts, nineboyz, holymagcon, iconsmagcon, magc0-n, livespinosa, slaydallas, zayumgrier, pumalover2001, zayumrondallas, penguins4magcon

So im excited

I hit 1k a while back and have been stalling and now im finally doing my follow forever (:

My baes are..

whitesidesbabe finervinerboys alloftheaboveandrandom 

and my by far favorites (:

taylor-caniffs-bandana taylorcaniffsluts disconnectedjacks themagconfamily lovingmagcon2 baesicdallas magconislife camdawgdallas magcon-or-nahh asslikegilinsky itsmagconb0ys hayesbae flawlesshawn nashtymagconboys nash-griers-bitch ohmydallas thatmagcon-life woahvineguys summertimemendez color-me-clear heywilkinson espinosa-my-nosa cuddlememagcon gabbydelcid jackjsbae cashbetch slay-me-babe shenmendes popecaniff vinerbabe woahtheredallas matthew-espinosas-butt kingilinsky sunshinegrier sunshining13579 camslutt caniffnavy magconweirdo zayummaaron high-dallas griernashtydallas literallylox smokinpottorff kingespinosa ohmycarpenter supcaniffs alylovexoxo everyones2ndlife icanteven37 camdallus camkisses baesicmagcon withtaylorcaniff thotsidespinosa gucci-griers mgcon omahaweed omahaboyss

there’s way more, but if your not in here, don’t worry I love you all. Im really happy to have you guys.

I haven’t wrote in a while, like I stopped writing imagines and stories because it took a long time and I felt like I sucked, but im opening back up to write for you guys, ships, blog rates and imagines for anyone who wants one or even preference.


thanks for all of you guys follow, it means a lot to me.

I hit 1.8k on Wednesday morning! I love yall so freaking much! THANK TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS AND PEOPLE WHO LIKE MY POSTS! You guys make my life a million times better! These past 4 Months I’ve been super happy and positive! Now lets get this Forever Follow going! If you have no idea who to follow or something! These people are amazing and awesome!


withtaylorcaniff caniffism gucci-griers  sexmetaylor caniff-gilinsky tastygilinsky mattswhoreinchurch mrskirstinlee darlingmendes taylorsbutttt buckwildtaylor minisharpie6667 mrscamerondalllas19 callmecaniff aaron-carpentertbh grierboys woahvineguys matt-hates-pickles kingilinsky barakat1818 nash-like-dabooty highgilinsky themagconfamily taylorcannot popecaniff callingmendes cartahstaph vineboysdoe zayummaaron magconnbabess holyviners holymagcon addiword yes-homie espinosa-is-bae born-to-be-a-country-girl camdallus priscillaachaan caniffuckya nashs-baee magconkidnapper magconslut camdallaz hayestbh aaron-carpentertbh zayumbae sexmegilinsky woahtheremagcon thedillonrupp ohhzayumm tippinqbaes espinoslays shawnslollipop callmecaniff iconsmagcon caniffs-bae


Sorry if I didn’t include all of them, but I’m kinda busy so I had to just add these. Thanks to all of you who follow me and like my random shit stuff! I love all of you so fucking much! 

REMEMBER TO BE FIRECE NO MATTER WHAT AND STAY YOU! If you don’t have a reason to smile think of the boys and me! I love you! *insert blowing kiss emoji* (Im on my laptop)

-Always and 5ever,


anonymous asked:

Favourite blogs? :)

I HAVE LOADS OMFG​ ayeshawnmendes blesspinosa caniffgirl caniffobsessed camdawgdallas dontbenashty espinosah espixosa fuckyeahhcamerondallas grierboys hoppinrivers hayesbae itsmagconb0ys iconsmagcon jackgodlinsky jackthatmendes lolespinosa magconboysposts nasshty nashtybabe nineboyz omgshawnmendes ohmydallas pumamagcon rxynolds salutetoespinosa shawnmendxs thematthewespinosa thejackgilinsky taylorcxniff taylor-caniffs-bandana taylorcaniffsluts ughshawn vineraddict vineboysdoe vineimagines woahvineguys whoadallas yanashtypuma yodallas zayumdallas zayyumm-camerondallas zamnbae zayummmshawnmendes Ok that’s alot but they’re my faves and i know i’ve missed a few so im sorry if i have


Yassss i just reached 1k so this is my first follow forever! This blogs are amazing and you totally should follow them:
woahvineguys baematthewespinosa taylorcaniffsluts taylor-caniffs-bandana ofcamerondallas pumamagcon camdawgdallas espinosa-my-nosa flawlessviners gilsinsky hayesbae holyviners omgviners shawnmendes suptaylorcaniff vanityfairteen younashty nashty-is-perfectxxx themattespinosa magconaustralia
All the blogs I follow are really amazing and thank you so much for being this nice with me since i got here, i love you. X