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OMG OKAY this girl yesterday in algebra the other day kept talking about vine and of course I had to listen in and she said she was dating nash, but she said his last name wrong and I correct her and she got all embarrassed but she tried to play it off like she knew she said it wrong and then she told me she was friends with Taylor but she said caniff wrong and I literally laughed in her face like honestly, you can't even pronounce their names right. It pisses me off when kids at school do that.

let it all out girl, i know how you feel


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yeah hopefully. I mean, they've been making tons of vines and stuff but it looks like they haven't really left the house other than to go to the skate park (they posted a bunch of videos on mobli). but idk it's stupid if they aren't going just because. they need a real reason. And I mean, Taylor is still going even though he's gonna be (or was idk) on TV today. and matt is sick and he's still gonna try to go.

taylors going less than 36 hours after having surgery

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okay so basically it started w/ Anthony commenting on a pic of cam and saying it gave him aids and then Shawn said no it didn't and cam said hahahah and yeah and then they just got into a twitter war, obviously the youtubers (Andrew, Jack, Rebecca) taking Anthony's side. Andrew also tweeted a bunch of shit about the magcon boys and it's just going down hard right now.

thank you sm

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lol guys she's probably just getting tired of being asked the same shit over and over again and it's honestly none of our business (as much as we want it to be and as much as we try to make it our business) who the guys date. personally, i do care who the guys date but I'm not going to make a huge ass deal about it unless one of the guys says it's true. so stop hating on her for saying she doesn't want to answer any more questions about the guys love lives.

They aren’t dating anyone. So people need to shut the fuck up about. haha

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ANANSNDNS OMG what cities did they announce? I can't watch right now ugh

Miami, NJ, Seattle and a bunch of other M names but Bart’s kids were screaming so I couldn’t really focus and I can’t remember but yeah.

But the also are planing Brazil and a Europe tour.