i’m not angry because we broke up, i’m sad because i can’t let you go.  i’m happy because of the memories we made, i’m sad because i can’t stop reliving them in my mind.  i’m not angry at you for not loving me, i’m angry with me still loving you.  i’m not angry that i lost you, i’m sad because once i had you.  i’m not angry because i can’t have you, i’m sad because i know what i’m missing.  i’m not angry that you’ve moved on, i’m sad because i can’t.  i’m not angry that you won’t come back, i’m sad because i keep hoping you will.  i’m not angry because i hate you and don’t want to, i’m sad because i miss you and i love you.

forget his name; forget his face; forget his smile; forget his warm embrace.  forget him when they play our songs; forget you cried the whole night long.  forget how close you two once were.  remember, he has chosen her.  forget you memorized his walk; forget the way he used to talk.  forget the things he used to say; remember now that he has gone away.  forget his laugh; forget his grin; forget the dimples on his chin.  forget the way he held you tight; just remember he’s with her tonight.  forget the times that went so fast; forget the love that now has pasted.  forget that he said he’d never leave you.  just remember she will never be you.