Internalized patriarchy affects men and women, and though policing each other (and sometimes ourselves), we help patriarchy succeed by acting as its co-conspirators. From our disgust with women who refuse to shave their legs to our vocal discomfort with women who don’t have petite bodies, our shaming is damaging. It creates limitations on how people live their lives and keep them from being their best human selves.
Loving myself in this patriarchy is a radical and revolutionary act.
Take Back the Night

Hello everyone! WOAH is organizing Take Back the Night. Women are told not to walk at night for our own safety so we’re take back the night to bring awareness to sexual and gender violence. This march is being held starting at Jameson courtyard. We will walk from Vorhees Church to Vorhees Mall and then participate in Tent State. Our rally will start at 7:00 pm at Jameson and the march will start at 8:00 and our event at Tent State will be at 9:00. This event is happening on Wednesday April 23th. We ask that everyone who can come to this event. Please sign up here and tell your friends. We want this event to be huge! You can see more information on our facebook.

Take Back the Night

Hello everyone! Take Back the Night is only a week away. Have you registered yet? You can do that here. We want this to be a huge success. So tell your friends, roommates, classmates, everyone about it and have them sign up. Hope to see you there. 

Get WOAH to the FMF Conference in D.C.!

Hey guys! We at WOAH have a big favor to ask. 

WOAH is working to get its core members down to Washington D.C. for the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Young Feminist Leadership Conference. From March 29th to the 31st, the nation’s young feminists will be attending workshops, panels, and plenary sessions ranging in topic from global women’s rights to campus organizing tips all featuring campus activists, feminist and political leaders, and other public figures. WOAH will spend its last day lobbying by working to inspire our representatives to remediate the issue of the backlogging of rape-kits: (http://feminist.org/news/newsbyte/uswirestory.asp?id=11348)

However, we need help getting there. We have a campaign set up here and if you have the means, we ask that you contribute. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Twenty dollars covers one woman’s registration but you don’t have to donate that much. One dollar will be helpful. We appreciate any and all contributions. However, we have prizes for those who can donate more. If you can’t contribute, can you please reblog this so we can spread the word?

We have fifty-nine days to raise $1,200. It’s a lot but we hope we can make it and ask you to please help us meet this goal. You will have our eternal love and gratitude. 

Thank you so much for helping us.



Come Decorate a blue bra to aid in

Supportive, Affordable, Permanent Housing for victims of domestic violence

$5 entry fee; $3 extra for a bra to be supplied

$5 for a t-shirt with a blue bra printed on it.

Refreshments and materials will be provided

November 23, at  4:00 pm

Place:  9 Bayard Street New Brunswick

Goal:  To raise money and awareness for the

First Reformed Church’s Housing Project being built by their non-profit arm the Town Clock Community Development Corp.