So I made another entry for the Jeff Project last night.


Anyways. I like it so.

And if you cant read my handwriting this is what the bubbly thinger says:

'The Jeff Project. Created by Emily, a.k.a. dailypatd, a.k.a. woahm0nalisa. Created for Spencer's dad, Jeff, who is sick with an illness that has taken a turn for the worst. We have submitted pictures to this to support Spencer and his family. The project was modeled after Brendon's touching action on Jay Leno, writing 'Jeff ♥' on his arm. Emily followed his example, and wrote it on her arm. This caused many to do that same. That caused me to draw (and re-draw) an entry for this project. Just looking at the hundreds of pictures submitted to it makes me… …so happy that this fan-base supports Spencer like that, and that Brendon thought of that wonderful example of love for his band member and friend, as well as Spencer's family. So to Emily, bless you. To Brendon, thank you. And to Spencer, WE LOVE YOU! ♥
(brendonuriesstalker.tumblr.com) Riley.’

And yeah. We do love you Spencer!~ 

This is my favorite photograph in the entire world, because it contains myself and Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith and Dallon Weekes at a meet and greet :-) 

I miss this so much, and moments after this photo was taken, Brendon told me that he’d always be there for me. They are honestly three of the sweetest, kindest, nicest men I have ever had the honor to meet. 

If you have pictures of yourself and Panic! At The Disco, link me to it in my askbox and I will happily reblog it: 


I wrote a nice thing to one of my followers and she said I was lovely. I told her thank you, thus her reply:

no you really are! i think i must of unfollowed you when you changed your url, just you’re like one of my favorite followers you’re so kind and lovely, there should be more people like you! xxx


mintmeow asked:

ahh, well it looks great, all your drawing are!
wow, thank you so much for even considering! :-) thank you! i really hope you end up making millions from your art, i love it!

Thank you! But up until now I haven’t made a dime from my drawing. I generally don’t do it to make money—if I did I’d be homeless and starving! haha