Painting your nails with 5sos would include:

- the boys barging into the hotel room, with you sitting on Luke’s hotel bed painting your nails.
- Michael jumping onto the bed and knocking a nail polish bottle over
- ‘Jesus Christ, Michael… Be careful on my bed!’
- Ashton bringing 17 examples of nail art that he wants you to do
- ‘I found them all on Pinterest… He’s one with our faces!!’
- ‘I don’t understand why guys don’t paint their nails’
- Calum talking about a time when his sister did his nails, makeup and dressed him in heels and a dress for a 'photo shoot’ when he was 7
- 'is it nail polish or lacquer?’
- Luke slowly inching closer as he watches intensely
- 'having your nails done doesn’t make you girly… right?’
- Ashton being the first to ask you to do his… he wants fake nails too, so they can be long
- Michael getting a different color on each finger
- Calum insisting on painting both hands by himself
- Luke sits quietly trying to do his own, and gives up halfway through his right hand
- Michael trying to eat chips and getting crumbs lodged in his almost dry nails
- Calum being really pleased with the outcome of his
- 'should we post a picture on twitter?’
- Luke swearing and not wanting to post a picture because his manicure sucks
- 'Luke, we are taking a picture.’
- fans easily pointing out michael’s hands when guessing who’s who.
- 'Wait! Should I have done black to be more punk rock?’

Being best friends with Calum would include:

    - a 5 minute hug at the airport
    - screaming blink-182 lyrics out the tour bus window
    - him stealing your phone and wasting your space by taking a hundred pictures of himself, holding it out of your reach while he laughs like crazy.
     - you punching him in the stomach to make him give it back.
     - ‘that’s not fair, I wasn’t even ready’ him pouting for 10 minutes before asking to see if any of them came out any good.
     - the boys talking avidly about you in interviews
     - ‘she was mine first’ being mumbled under his breath when Michael tells a funny story about you
     - debating about who is cooler
     - trying to workout with him but you end up laying on the ground playing on your phone as he continues to plank ‘HA! You’re weak!! Fuck, my abs..!’
     - introducing you to fans as ‘my bestest fwend’
     - no serious selfies… at all
     - a bunch a pictures on his social media, like a constant stream of updates which drives fans crazy
     - him choosing you to come up on stage to play his bass
     - lots of giggles after you accidentally trip while walking onto the stage, but then genuinely asking if you’re alright
     - lots of eye-rolling when he says he’s horny
     - 'okay, enough Calum, dogs aren’t supposed to wear shoes’
     - lots of whining 'but y/n!!’
     - lots of cuddling
     - stealing your phone and tweeting 'Calum is sooo manly and muscular and masculine #mcm #hottie’
     - you getting revenge by tweeting 'jammin out to the backyardigans #sicktunes’
     - him forcing you to hug his sweaty body after a show
     - 'you smell like fucking balls!’
     - 'breathe it IN!!’ Shoving his armpits in your face
     - cuddling into his chest on your last night on tour and falling asleep to him humming green day songs
     - him waking you up on your last day to a breakfast in bed that consists of slightly burnt toast, scrambled eggs, and bottle of beer.
     - 'sorry, we had no milk. I called my mom to see how to make bacon but I burned it so..’
     - 'go and get your own, cal’ smacking his hand away after he drinks half your beer
     - 'I would say fuck you but it’s your last day and I’m a gentleman’
     - him being sort of quiet all morning
     - whispering 'I’m gonna miss you a lot, y/n’ randomly as you’re packing your bag, making you drop everything and hug him
     - leaning your head on his shoulder as you share headphones for the entire drive to the airport
     - the boys taking a picture of you hugging in the airport
     - 'stop crying, y/n, you’re gonna make me cry’
     - him shoving his face in your shoulder as he cries only a little.
     - 'sorry about your shirt’ You sniff into his chest making him chuckle, 'and stop taking pictures, Ashton, I look like shit!’
     - him texting you that he misses you before you even get through security
     - him tweeting pictures from your 3 days together for the next two weeks.
     - him being even quieter in interviews especially after they bring you up.
     - early morning and late night Skype calls that involve gossiping, ranting, and debating about waffles vs pancakes
     - planning what you’re going to do together next time
     - 'I really do miss you’
     - 'I miss you too, Cal’

[michael] [luke] [ashton]

Sleepy 5SOS would include:

- Calum pouting a lot
- Michael’s shirt revealing his tummy when he stretches his arms above his head
- chain-reaction yawning
- Ashton giving out content smiles with tired eyes, and constantly talking about his appreciation for the boys
- ‘you guys are really cool, I love you guys’
- ‘thanks buddy’
- Calum dozing off with a small smile on his face
- Michael struggling to keep his eyes open as he plays on his phone
- Luke humming a song only to trail off as his eyes start to droop to a close
- Calum rubbing his eyes as he’s curled up on a couch
- Ashton taking a selfie with Luke yawning in the background
- snoring Michael!!!
- Calum’s face scrunching up in irritation when someone tells him to get up
- Luke sleepily giggling at everything Ashton says
- Calum waking up with a frown before he moves over to the rest of his band mates and cuddles up, before happily drifting back to sleep.

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Prompt #57

   The steam from Calum’s shower fogged up the mirror, so you wipe it away to get yourself ready for you and Calum’s 3 year anniversary dinner date. You were so nervous but so excited at the same time, because you had no idea were Calum was taking you. You assumed it was going to be at a nice place because he had laid out his suit on the bed before his shower, so you followed suit and got your nicest evening wear out as well. 

   Your hair was finished and everything else was looking perfect when you turned around to come face to face with your handsome man, looking very… wet in just a towel.

   “You look great, babe,” he smiled contently as you rolled your eyes. “even if you aren’t dressed up yet”

   “You look pretty fine yourself, Calum Hood,” you run your hand over his shoulder as you slide past him, flicking bits of water off of his warm skin. He chuckled as he moved towards the mirror to inspect his wet hair. He runs his hands through it, shaking the water out of it. He looked over his shoulder at you to find your blank stare watching him. 

   “Man! There’s never any privacy in this house! Always staring at me!” He joked with you, bringing you back to reality and making you blush.

   “I wasn’t staring! I zoned out for a sec!” He laughed at your excuse and shook his head.

   “It’s as if you’ve never seen me shirtless…” he said slowly, “ I wonder if you’d stare if I was… Naked!” He yanked his towel off causing you to burst out in giggles. 

   “Calum! Ge-t re-ready!” You yelled between snorts.

   “Did I tell you that you look amazing, Y/N?” Calum whispered in your ear as the two of you walk towards the restaurant. His warm hand was grasped in yours and slightly swung as the two of you walked forward together. You pulled you away from the restaurant and towards the ocean behind it. 

   And there you saw it, a little white boat with pretty fairy lights hung along the sides and all across the deck. You gaped at it for a while and then turned to Calum and swung your arms around his neck, connecting your lips to his plump ones. 

   As you broke away, he rejoined your hands and led you towards the sparkling white boat. He pulled the seat out for you, making you pause and stare at his beauty for a split second. How was this beautiful boy yours? How were you so lucky? He gave you a grin as he sat down across from you. 

   The food was delicious and after you dropped the napkin onto the table he got up and put out his hand for you. That moment will forever be engrained in your memory. His tattoos, the candle light flickering across his smooth brown skin, the slight crookedness of his tie, the dimple in his cheek, the warm glow of his brown eyes as they lovingly stare down at you.

   “I love you” you blurted out, making him laugh. He leaned down, grabbed your face with both hands and placed a firm kiss on your lips. You felt his lips curve into a smile, making you laugh as you got out of your seat to make it easier for him. You pulled away and laugh as he starts to drag you into a dance. 

   “Where the fuck did you learn to dance, Calum Hood?” You asked in utter disbelief as he twirls you back into his chest. And you stay that way for a while, just swaying with him behind you, with your hands grasped together. Safe.

   “A magician never tells his secret, baby.” he whispered, softly biting your earlobe. You roll your eyes but melt into his warm chest, “I have another magic trick if you wanna see.”

   You laughed as he spun you out, bowing before heading back towards the table. He pulled the white roses out of the vase and walked back towards you. You paused and cocked your head in confusion, making him laugh softly. Handing the roses to you he motioned down to the stems. You cautiously glanced down beneath the petals to find a diamond ring connected to the cream-colored ribbon tied around the stems.

   You froze and dropped the bouquet to the floor. Calum knelt to the floor and picked up the bouquet, untying the ribbon to have the ring land in the palm of his hand. Your hand flew up to cover your gaping mouth.

   “Diamonds and flowers, baby,” He grinned as he held the ring up towards you, “Y/N, let’s make magic together for the rest of our lives. Marry me?”

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