woah. woah what is this

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Evan, you doing better? Sorry those anons were being so terrible to you. Listen, you need to find Michael. I think he had a panic attack and might need some help. And Jeremy...whoo boy he has some problems right now. I'll explain more later, but I don't think Michael should be alone right now.

E: Woah, woah, what is happening tonight? Did somebody just drop an emotion bomb and out came this party? Jeez…

C: Evan! Jesus Christ there you are, I was worried, dude. *Connor wraps his arms around Evan* Fuck, dude.

E: Uh, heh, sorry. I-I was a little hung up.

C: What happened?

E: *pulls away* Can I tell you later? I-I just wanna forget about it right now, and apparently a lot of stuff is going on, so I gotta-

C: Evan, do me a favor and think about yourself? Screw everyone else, okay? Let’s just go watch a movie, deal?

E: Heh, o-okay…

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woAH WOAH wait what?? Is Joe and Bessy having another kid?? ....

Yeah, a baby boy :) She’s due the first week of August, but Joe announced today that the doctor thinks it could be this weekend.


Aggressive and domineering, angry and quick-tempered, violent.
Represents energy, action, desire, passion, including passionate hate.
Alerts you to danger.

Impatient and impulsive, spiteful, non-emotional.
Helps with clear thinking and quick decision making, but it can also be impulsive.
Relates to the head not the heart.

Trust, peace, calm, familiarity.
I’ts a safe color.

  • Mantis: you feel sexual love *points at Gamora* for her!
  • Drax: she 👏👏👌 just 😂😂👏👌😂 told everyone 👀😂💯your 👀👀👀deepest 🔫🔪🔪🔫🗡 darkest ☻😅😂 secret
  • Peter: how did you do it it's a verbal conversation

What if birthmarks are the places that actually killed us in our past life? Like there’s this girl from school whose birthmark is a line on her neck. What if her throat was cut? I know this guy who has his birthmark on his whole left cheek. What if he was shot? My little sisters birthmark is a line straight down her stomach. What if she died on the operating table?

Emeraude tried to make a joke when Matt and Harry were asked about Malec and about secrets being kept and she said “Oh yeah Magnus has been hiding a secret too remember the cheating?” AND SHE BARELY GOT THE SENTENCE OUT BEFORE MATT AND HARRY WERE LIKE “WOAH WOAH WOAH” AND MATT SAID “WHAT HIDEOUS THING ARE YOU SAYING WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” AND THE WHOLE CAST IS SCREAMING IM LITERALLY YELLING

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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them


Scribble: Hey, you guys asked to see it!!

Tomattordedd: No, Edd two bleach my eyes with anted to see it.

Tomattordedd: I didn’t know it was going to be THIS!!!

Tomattordedd: Oh my God this is going to look SO good on tumblr.

Tomattordedd: TOM DON’T YOU DARE-.. Wait. Was the camera on this whole time??

Tomattordedd: I sure hope so!

Tomattored: Hey, at least it’s better than Tomtord.

Tomattordedd: I think I’m going to bleach my eyes out now…

Scribble: Y’know what? I’m just gonna delete this.

Brought to you by scribble tom, the little shipper thanks to the internet.