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"VI!" Ekko ran up and hugged her from behind. "Its been such a long time!"

“Woah! Hey!” she was taken a bit by surprise from the positioning of the embrace, “depending on who this is, I might or might not toss you through a wall.”

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everybody that I have heard from that has seen spring breakers said it was a huge let down and said not to waste your money on it. When my friend was there she said people in the theater were saying it was the worst movie they have ever seen. I want to see it but I am having such mixed reviews now? Why do you like it?


the people who don’t like it are uneducated about the film and the filmmaker. They all go into this movie thinking they are getting selena gomez in a bikini, dancing around, having fun on spring break. No. If they were to even read the first sentence that pops up when you google it, they would know that it is nothing like that. People are going into these theaters, without even realizing what they are about to watch. If they knew anything, anything at all about Harmony or this movie, they would know that is going to be very weird, very crazy and very extreme. I was in a full theater of dumbfounded 20-somethings who didn’t know what they were buying a ticket for and this is the sole reason people don’t like it. Look at anyone who actually knows what they are purchasing a ticket for and they will enjoy themselves because they know what they are about to watch. The critics love it because they know what to expect from Harmony. These people think they are getting some sort of teen party movie with a bunch of famous actresses half naked. They don’t know that Harmony has created, and is known for creating, crazy film experiences.

So my answer to you is, it is amazing if you are aware of what this movie is. If not, you will be very confused and very shocked. Just look at the critics, 68% of them like it, it was selected for the 3 elitist film festival in the world; Toronto, Sundance and Venice and people are claiming it is a modern day masterpiece. 

I love it because it was a crazy, real yet surreal, extreme film experience like no other. It was immensely fun, scary, and an neon adventure. Every performance that was given was mesmerizing, you feared some characters yet were intrigued by them. There were so many amazing elements to this movie; the montages, Britney Spears, the soundtrack, the neon palette. Everything was done like an MTV dream, in a good way. I couldn’t recommend any other movie as much as I recommend this. Go in and enjoy this masterpiece.

Wow I have a lot of feels. I hope this made sense.

I Have Been to the Moonshine Jungle...

And I want nothing but to go back.

Bruno Mars at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia: June 24, 2013

So wow, my experience last night was nothing short of incredible and is something I will remember for a lifetime. It’s so hard to put it into words. Let me start by saying that prior to the beginning of my obsession with Bruno, I generally listened to indie music, classic rock, and rarely turned on the radio. Of course I loved Bruno’s hits from Doo-Wops and Hooligans, but I was just a passive listener. When I heard Locked Out of Heaven in October, I was so shocked to learn that this was a song taking the radio/“mainstream” music by storm; it’s so unlike anything any other pop artist would do. I flat out got hooked after learning what Bruno was all about through tumblr and interviews, and before I knew it I was a full fledged Hooligan (if you don’t believe me, just ask my friends). Bruno Mars is the real deal, everyone. He may be a Top 40 artist, but he is of a different caliber and type of showman than anyone else out there today. Last night only reaffirmed that belief of mine…

So, onto the show, which was my first Bruno Mars concert. I got to the venue around 4:30 to do some scoping around the tour buses and whatnot. Unfortunately, they were parked down below from the main level, so you could only see what was going on from above. I saw Dre and Ryan right as I got to the fence and there were a few people there screaming at them, but then a guy came along to tell us to move away. So I went to get some merch (two posters and a gorilla, $50 ugh-but so worth it) and then headed to a bar/food area to wait until 6:30 when the doors opened. While I was sitting around, Ryan just walks by me with a camera… And then did it again 10 minutes later. I said hi and he waved and smiled, but I didn’t want to bother him to take a picture.

I had decent seats, pretty dead center but 5 rows up from the floor in the lower bowl. Unfortunately, my camera sucks so I wasn’t able to get too many good pictures and I didn’t take any videos (thank god for tumblr/youtube which take care of both!). After Fitz & the Tantrums performed (they weren’t half bad- the audience wasn’t really into it though, poor guys), that golden-palm tree curtain just falls down over the stage and my heart dropped. About 30 minutes later the lights went down…

Let me tell you that the opening to the show builds so much anticipation. There’s monkey howls, heavy drum/congo pounding, bright lights flashing behind the awesome curtain, and that “Welcome to the Moonshine-shine-shine-shine” bit which finished with “JUNGLE” and the curtain falling to reveal Bruno and the Hooligans. It was incredibly exciting.

Moonshine opens the show. It has some awesome bird visuals on the screen in the background but Bruno’s energy takes full attention. Natalie is up next, which also has some cool video stuff to go along with it (a girl swallowing fire) and of course the Hooligans all do the awesome dance/choreography thing. When the song finished, Bruno talked to the crowd a bit, of course doing his usual reminder to put down our cameras/phones and to dance and have an awesome time. I love that.

And dance we did, because Treasure was up in the set. Treasure is exactly what we’ve seen Bruno doing during the promo runs, but it’s even more amazing to experience it for yourself in person because it’s such a fun song. This time the screen was split in 3 old TV looking shapes and the video quality was filtered to look like it does in the music video: old and grainy. 

Money/Billionaire/I Need a Dollar was super fun. The whole crowd was singing along and I absolutely love the guitar solo Bruno does before he feeds into Billionaire. Seeing the whole crowd doing the arm-bob move was also awesome.

Show Me/Our First Time come next. This was one of my favorite parts of the show, for obvious reasons of course. Show Me is super reggae with the new beginning Bruno came up with for the tour and the red, yellow, and green visuals complete that vibe. But when Bruno started getting into Our First Time, sex just seeped through the crowd. I’ve watched live videos of OFT, but seeing it with my own eyes and being there was so amazing because of the atmosphere. The thrusting and moves were on point and it drove me insane. I heard the woman behind me say how it’s incredible how Bruno can keep himself composed while doing all that up on stage. When he covered Pony I was so happy since that’s one of my favorite Bruno covers. Oh, and since I was far away I watched Bruno the entire time through binoculars… yeah…

Marry You is an awesome, energetic song. I love Bruno’s/Phred’s guitar solo/duet in this one too and of course the side-to-side arm waving of the crowd. There were also these cool zig-zag drop down lights that came out at this part of the show.

Bruno prefaced If I Knew/It Will Rain mashup with how he has a doo-wop background. I love his vocals in this song live and I love the incorporation of IWR. 

At the end of If I Knew and before Runaway Baby, Bruno and the Hooligans did their pick-up line bit with a girl named Melanie (Bruno asking her “Whassup baby squirrel?”). It was hilarious. Bruno called himself “the dude on the ticket” and pointed at himself on all the screens and I love the guys and the stuff they came up with.

Runaway Baby live is as amazing and perfect as it was on the 2012 Grammys (minus the split of course). I love his James Brown dance and the way he uses the megaphone.

For Young Girls, Bruno brings out his acoustic guitar and the disco ball gets lowered down to set the mood. The screens turn to black and white and I also love how he adds the line or two from Girls Just Want to Have Fun-just a nice little detail.

When I Was Your Man was so emotional and breathtaking. Bruno was his usual sappy self and was perfect with every note. The most amazing part was hearing the audience sing every word with him. I feel the most rewarding and grounding thing about being an artist is hearing an arena full of people (and not just one arena-every one you perform at) sing back every lyric to the songs you write, and WIWYM is one of the songs you can hear that the clearest. It was so cool to be a part of.

Grenade is prefaced by an amazing piano solo by John (or as they refer to him “Judge”) Fossit; he’s super talented (well, all of the Hooligans are of course). Everybody loves Grenade, it’s just an awesome and unique song that shouts Bruno Mars with every note and it’s an obvious favorite. He had some visuals from the music video on the screen which was cool too. 

Just the Way You Are finished out the set prior to the encore and this was also a song that I’ve seen so many youtube videos of, but to be there in person is something else. Before starting, Bruno said his goodbyes and introduced everyone in the band, complete with their old-school nicknames (except for Phil-what a loser). This song obviously holds a special place in Bruno’s and everyone’s hearts and the audience is so into it and excited by it. I love the sing along part and Bruno’s beautiful, big fat smile during the whole thing.

After Bruno and the Hooligans left the stage, the crowd was just roaring for the encore. It was deafening and incredible at the same time. Everybody wanted more.

Then the lights started going crazy and the Locked Out of Heaven “dep-dep-dep-dep-dep…” comes on and Bruno shows up on a drum set raised up at center stage in his palm tree shirt. Now I know Bruno is an amazing drummer but I was not expecting this at all and I was so incredibly excited to see this. His drum solo was amazing and it shocked the entire audience. Locked Out of Heaven was flat out electric and everybody was dancing and singing. There were confetti cannons that shot out gold confetti which made the arena look awesome. I just love this song and the performance of it so much.

And then Gorilla happened. This was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced with live music and it will stick with me for my entire life. Gorilla was by far my favorite song off Unorthodox Jukebox from the first listen and I’ve been dying to see what Bruno would do with it live. Everything was perfect (minus the stupid technical difficulties, but it didn’t even matter). My expectations were beyond exceeded. Bruno truly took his time planning out every minute detail of the live production of this song (and every other song too, but Gorilla is just something else). The beginning is awesome with the first few seconds of the song playing to Darwinian evolution images then repeating over and over after being stopped by Gorilla shrieks. Then Bruno just sings the everliving shit out of this song and it’s so plain to see it’s his favorite. He hits every note perfectly while images of flying over a jungle play behind him to set the mood right. And when he hits the chorus, the pyrotechnics just wow everyone in the building. He hits every falsetto when the time comes and my mouth is just on the floor because of what’s happening in front of me. Then the song breaks down, which is super sexy, as Bruno is up on the raised platform. As the song comes to a close, Bruno slowly goes down under the stage and the show comes to a close. I was blown away by the whole thing, really. Fucking. Epic.

The Moonshine Jungle Tour is a live performance on a whole different level. It was the most amazing experience from start to finish. Everything was perfect: the vocals, the band, the lights, the visuals, the crowd. Let me just applaud the crowd really quickly, because this is not the same stoic, not-necessarily-Bruno fans we’ve seen during promo and private gigs leading up to the tour. Everyone was loud and into it, even though I did see a sea of camera/phone lights recording in front of me-sorry Bruno, you’ll never get that wish. Bruno has perfected his craft and poured his heart and soul into everything he does and you see it plain and simple on this tour. With this show Bruno has put together, fan or not, hell you can even hate Bruno Mars, I don’t see how you wouldn’t be amazed. Everything about it is breathtaking, shocking, and everything you could ever want from live music. This is truly a tour for the history books.

After the show, I couldn’t just go home so I went back to the fence by the buses. One by one, the band trickled out. Phred was first and he came out strumming an acoustic guitar; I screamed out “I love you Phred” as he got on the bus and he waved. Kameron, James, and John came out next and waved at everyone. Kameron talked to us a little bit. Jamareo had his huge smile plastered on his face as usual and waved as I screamed out his name. Dwayne and Eric didn’t do anything too exciting, but it was still awesome to see them. Then Phil came out. He just seems like an awesome guy and he crouched down and did a lasso spinning thing and returned everyone’s “I love yous.” Of course Bruno Mars himself came out last with Dre and Jessica walking in front of them. I got the worst pictures possible but it was worth waiting to see him come out, wave at us to thank us, and leave on to the next city to be taken to the Moonshine Jungle.

This was such a memorable night and I will forever want to relive the Moonshine Jungle. It was an amazing experience and I love Bruno Mars and respect him so much. I shouldn’t get too sappy though, I get to do it all over again next week in Newark… 

  • Luhan :Minseokie, do u know what day is it?
  • Xiumin :Umm...Tuesday?
  • Luhan :No no no, it's our special day!
  • Xiumin :Huh, what do you- oh, that!
  • Xiumin :*sigh* The fans made it for fun, Luhan, and we don't need to care...
  • Luhan :We should care, Minseokie!
  • Xiumin :Luhan, listen.
  • Xiumin :You're just Luhan and you're just my friend-
  • Luhan :But you said something at concert about me ;)
  • Xiumin :*blush* That...That's just for fanservice...
  • Luhan :Really? (@゜▽゜@)
  • Xiumin :Yah! Don't think weird ideas! That's just for fanservice!
  • Luhan :How about staring at a LuMin banner? *smirk*
  • Xiumin :I...Just...F..Find it *whisper* cute..
  • Luhan :What?
  • Xiumin :What?
  • Luhan :Did you say cute?
  • Xiumin :*blush* N-N..No! Sigh, Luhan...Just end it.
  • Luhan :I hope you're not miss me, Minseokie~
  • Xiumin :Shut up
  • Luhan :Don't worry, I'll call you again, bye!
  • Xiumin :Bye
  • Luhan :I love you~
  • Xiumin :*whisper* Love you, too
  • Luhan :What's that Minseokie~
  • Xiumin :BYE! *hung up*
Warrior King Cid’s downfall

Note: So yes I hinted on Alma’s origins of our favourite little shit Yves on King Cid being blinded and things,so hey another folklore stuff (I am actually enjoying this as hell along with Mayor Drago’s adventures)

After the fall of the golden boy Icarcus,the world is thrown into the deeper darkness thanks to the drifts that Yves opened. For  Cid of the light,a legendary king,scribed by the scholars and mortal men-took up the mantle of defeating the darkness with his bravery and charisma. For he raised the lights,with armies legendary,to be safe amidst the deserts and forests. His strength to tackle the beasts that are let out by the drifts

However Yves is not happy on how the drifts are slowly closing in,as he brought in the lights,He saw his body fading by the lights. The hounds came back and winced,for they are unable to find a weakness-always battered by Cid’s glorious light. 

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Attention students and staff

Earlier today, Superintendent Harris came into my office. We talked about Nationals and us winning. After talking for some time about how various things including how others schools have been cutting things due to budget cuts and how I never gave up on the arts, he offered me the position of principal of Mckinley.

I feel very honoured to accept the position and i’ve been in shock most of the day to be honest.

Now as you may or may not be aware because of what’s on the news, Mckinley is to transform into an arts school from the start of Fall semester. Because of this things such as the sports curriculum will be disbanded. I know a lot of you are in Cheerios or The Titans and feel anxious about what is to happen. But don’t worry, we’ll try and help you out.

Please be aware this was not my decision, it was the school board, so I don’t have the final say. If you wish to make a complaint, you may and i’ll pass on the details for you to do so. I know a few people may lose their jobs over this, however i’ll do my best to help you find another role and give you a good reference.

Do remember though, that because of arts school status, we will have increased funding to Glee Club, theatre, music and so forth. Mrs Schuester will also have much more information about drama and arts colleges that people may wish to apply for in the future.

Now I have got lots of meetings this week so I won’t be around, but i’ll try to answer as many questions till I leave.

Principal Will Schuester.

oh my gosh, i just lay in bed, put my headphones in, shut my eyes and listened to the HTTYD 2 soundtrack.

john powell has managed to maintain and mature some of the major motifs from the first film, (e.g. test drive, this is berk) along with a new motif i think identifies toothless.

also, there are the extra songs by jónsi collaborating with powell and ‘into a fantasy’ by alexander rybak. as said before, 'where no one goes’ is just perfect in capturing the adventure and friendship between hiccup and toothless, with the familiar 'test drive’ melody, along with the thumping beat and unmistakable, ethereal and beautiful voice of jónsi. 'into a fantasy’ is a delight, where i assume it will play in the credits of the film, with a highly positive and upbeat tone, which makes you want to dance and rejoice, despite the darker and more mature aspects of this film i am still yet to and dying to see.

overall, the soundtrack for how to train your dragon 2 did not disappoint my high expectations, i already can detect the depth and strong emotion of this film that will pack a punch with me. i am now more excited than ever to see it, and i eagerly await to see what visuals will accompany the awesome and terrific music i have just heard fully for the first time.

“A chance to do it again, knowing what you know now, what you’ve learned. A chance to do it completely differently. A chance to right our wrongs, to try and correct our mistakes.”

you know this quote from 11x07 really stuck with me and made me appreciate the fact that calzona broke up, sure, it’s sad and horrible and it broke my heart, but it’s a good thing and it took me some time to realize that and seeing bot Arizona and Callie be separated and doing their own thing and dealing with the break up made me love them as a couple so much more

everything that’s happening now is so real and so pure and it’s so incredible to watch it, and a chance to do it completely differently is what they truly need right now, not just another ban-aid

so i’d like to imagine that that’s what’s gonna happen, i hope that by the end of the season we’re gonna have them craving each other so much that they will realize that the only thing that makes them both truly happy is being by each other’s side and a picture perfect scenario would be them giving their relationship a second chance, with new first dates, first hands holding, kisses, on-call room sex and much much more adorable moments that we all miss so freaking much

A Crowded Hunt || Closed Starter

    The morning air was crisp with a cold that was almost harsh. It was autumn and the leaves of the slender silver birches were bright with their dying colors. A wintery breeze moved through them. The rolling foothills of Himlad always bore such a chill and here, at the neck of the river Aros it was dispersed through the beginnings of the open forest that were spread along the eastern bank. From the opposite side of the river there was the dark, strange warmth of Doriath that was pushed back and dampened by the clean cut of the river. Across the vast plains there was the shadows of the crag of Himring. It was clear day and the newly risen sun set its golden light through the fiery leaves.

    In this little glen at the edge of the wide plains, they had made their camp. As he came up from the river Celegorm admired the little outpost. They were a small party, not even half a dozen immortal souls were there, and they had set out only a single open canopy tent whose taupey color blended with the tall grasses around them. A single fire ring still smoldered– the last remnants of the nights revelries. Two riders had already gone out to scout nearer to Himling for the goats and great cats that could be found amongst its crags. Left behind were only Celegorm and his brother, who stood brooding quietly over a map that was spread out at a table just outside the tent.

    “What do you find there, brother? Is our prey marked unmoving on your map?” Celegorm teased as he approached. He tugged his loose white shirt back over his head and dried the water from his neck with the edge of his cloak, which was draped over one strong arm.

    Curufin glanced up at him and snorted a little. He otherwise ignored the question. He was already dressed for the hunt in black leggings and a simple shirt tucked neatly at his waist. His tall riding boots were tightly laced. The younger Noldo’s long raven hair was tied in a single thick plait that fell down the small of his back, stray strands kept back from his eyes by a plain but lovely silver circlet. Leaning on a white Birch beside him was his tall spear– carved intricately from White Ash, its deadly tip and steel bands forged by Curufin’s own hands.

    “There are a game of Pronghorn just over the third hill northeast of here. That map will not tell you how to get them, little brother. I will do that for you.” Celegorm’s gray eyes danced with mirth as he tugged at the end of his brother’s long braid. “It is a good day for our sport. Let’s not waste it in the preparation.”

“Ai, at least you have bathed finally so we need not mind the wind so much…” Curufin snapped as he folded the map and gathered up his belt from which hung several small knives and other necessary implements He was used to his brother’s insufferable premonitions… and they were always correct so he did not feel the urge to argue.  “You are right though– we should head out before some other party intercepts us.”

    The two moved about the camp and readied their mounts. They had not seen or heard any indication that they were not alone in their sport. The wide plains into which they meant to go they knew to be empty, and across the river behind them the darkness of Doriath smothered any coming warning.

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Kuroko Tetsuya!

Why is it that every single one of you always give a KuroBas character every time I post an ask meme?



Why I Like Them?

Can you really not like him?

LOL, I mean okay, I’ll be honest here…

The first time I saw Kuroko was from the anime and I was almost squealing at the first episode coz this little ghost it so heeeeelllllaaaaa cuuuuuuuuttttteeee!!!!

As I followed the series, both anime and manga, my fondness of him grew because while basically he is the typical main character of sports who values friendship and teamwork above all else, I find his character development very interesting.

At first he looked like someone who’s really calm and composed. He thinks clearly whenever there are troubles, and this is especially shown in the early stage of the story whenever he successfully dealt with Kagami’s outbursts. A very good example is how he managed to calm Kagami down during their first match with Shuutoku.

However, we saw how he also has a weak side, just like how he breaks down after realizing that he couldn’t find any other way to beat Aomine and bring him back to his normal self.

I love how there are actually a lot of feelings behind that expressionless face of his. And when he actually shows his feelings on his face, you know shit just got real.

Plus, he’s good at observing people and understanding what they feel, so you can always trust him for acting accordingly depending on the situation.

Why I Don’t?

To be honest I can’t find any reason not to like Kuroko, at least in my personal opinion. However, I do believe that Akashi’s words during the Teikou Arc was true.

During the final in their third year where the GoM made the score ended with 111-11 when facing Ogiwara’s team, Kuroko questioned them as to why they did such a thing and that it was not fair for their opponent. However, at that time Akashi asked him back why he only said that now. The GoM have been doing the same thing towards other team, but Kuroko only spoke out when the opponent that was crushed was Kuroko’s friend.

Of course, it might be because that final had such a great impact that Kuroko eventually decided to speak out, but in the GoM’s eyes, if he really felt what they did was wrong, he should’ve said it sooner.

Favorite Episode (Scene If Movie):

This scene means the world to me and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Favorite Season/Movie: Season 2 of Kuroko no Basuke, because I get to see a lot of development from Kuroko. :)

Favorite Line: “Even if the score was 100 points apart, we never know if an asteroid won’t hit the opponent’s bench at the last second of the game.”

Favorite Outfit:

LOL, jk. I mean this:

I mean, isn’t he super cute? I wanna have a teruterubozu like this. <3


(Art by: ドリナ)


Headcanon: Usually, we often see Kuroko being the “brake” to all of Kagami’s silliness and stupid acts and everything else. Being expressionless as he is, most people never realized what he was actually feeling and he also never show it to others, except Kagami.

When it’s just the two of them, usually in Kagami’s apartment, Kuroko could act all spoiled and cuddly because Kagami is the only one he could really be honest to. And when Kuroko is actually in trouble, depression, or frustration, he would come to Kagami and quietly curled in his arms, in which Kagami (who is already used to it and understand him well) would simply pat his back and kiss his hair to make him feel better.

(should i write a fanfic out of this?)

Unpopular Opinion: I saw some people expressing that they did not like Kuroko (and Seirin) during the final match with Akashi because basically how the fuck did you raise against Rakuzan? In terms of abilities, Rakuzan is definitely stronger with Akashi and 3 Uncrowned Kings. The moment where Kuroko refused to lose and raise once again, bringing the entire team up with him is often considered as something like “Meh, okay you can do anything you like coz you’re the main character”.

While I totally understand and respect their opinions, I think it is also important to remember that Kuroko has experienced a lot more desperate and painful situations compared to other talented/skillful players in the entire series. He knew how it felt to be powerless and couldn’t do a thing about it, therefore when he finally found a team which he could completely devote himself to, of course he would not want to let his team lose.

If I might quote Kise in the Tip-Off OVA and during the final match against Rakuzan, Kuroko has sacrificed himself times and again to completely become a shadow that supports his team behind the curtain. All of his playing-style is never dedicated to bring himself out in the light and become famous, but they are simply to bring victory to his team using the only strength he has.

A Wish: Right now, I couldn’t wish for anything else than for Kuroko to bring Seirin to victory (of course, this should be done in a logical plot, not simply forcing the main character to quickly win).

An Oh-God-Please-Don’t-Ever-Happen: An accident or something terrible struck him and he once again has to experience how it feels to be totally powerless beyond help. :’(

5 Best Words to Describe Them: Invisible, Cutie-pie, Respectable, Understanding, Observant

My Nickname for Them: El Ghosto


Thanks for asking, Sagta. xD

“I’m balz and one fact you didn’t know about me is that I own a store called the strange and unusual” wow balz that’s one big secret there woah surprised you kept that under wraps for so long

oh god here we go

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 (good luck with that!) people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

tagged by teddys-patronus thanks a bunch pal

●What was your:
Last beverage: winnneeeee
Last phone call: dad
Last text message: “yoooooooooo”
Last song you listened to: ‘my way’ - Frank Sinatra
Last time you cried: hahahahahaha last night i was experiencing a lot of existential stress

●Have you ever:
Dated someone twice: yeeess
Been cheated on: yep
Kissed someone and regretted it:  definitely 
Lost someone special: unfortunately
Been depressed: always
Been drunk and threw up: nah

●List 3 favorite colors: orange, blue, dark red

●Last year, have you:
Made a new friend: yah
Fallen out of love: nah
Laughed until you cried: i think so
Found out who your true friends are: yes
Found out someone was talking about you: yes
Anyone on your fb friends list?: yeah

How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life? most of them

First surgery: had my thumb reconstructed lmao
First piercing: ears
First best friend: uh, this loser -> chloe i believe
First sport you joined: swimming
First vacation: germany
First pair of trainers: lol i can’t remember yesterday how am i supposed to know

●Right now:
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nout
I’m about to: go run a bath
Waiting for: the motivation to get up at 6 tomorrow to go to college

●Your future:
Want kids: yep
Get married: yeess
Career: some form of art, hopefully

●Which is better:
Lips or eyes: eyes
Hugs or kisses: hugs
Shorter or taller: taller bc i’m a hobbit
Older or younger: older 
Romantic or spontaneous: both, i guess?? 
Nice stomach or nice arms: arms
Sensitive or loud: both again
Hook-up or relationship:  relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant: aha, i think i’ll say both again, bc it depends what mood i’m in

●Have you ever
Kissed a stranger: nope
Drank hard liquor: yep
Lost glasses/contacts: no thank god but it’s probably gonna happen at some point
Sex on first date: nooppee
Broke someone’s heart: i’m not sure tbh
Arrested: kinda lmao
Turned someone down: yes
Cried when someone died: yes
Fallen for a friend: nooooo

●Do you believe in:
Yourself: i’m trying to lol
Miracles: no
Love at first sight: infatuation, yes, but not love
Heaven: no
Santa Claus: no
Kiss on the first date: can do, it’s fine by me
Angels: nope

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A Click And A Bang

A Click and a Bang: My muse accidentally killing yours. ((why must you hurt me in this way.)) 

Blinking once, Chipotle stared blankly at the body of his dead alternate. Oh god… He didn’t mean to kill him… Tears began to drip slowly down his cheek, his eye wide with fear and shock as he studied the dead boy before him... How could he have…? This had to be a nightmare…. But the screams of a passerby convinced him otherwise. How could this have happened…? So suddenly…?
Well, earlier on, the two Chipotles had decided to try to work together to rob the museum of a new and potentially deadly weapon. They both saw the possibilities of such a powerful weapon, and since they had been getting along a lot better, the two of them decided, ‘Why not!’
Quickly, quietly, the two boys crept stealthily into the exhibit, grinning at the HUGE LASER. So many buttons… Which meant hours of entertainment and anarchy, right? They snickered in unison and easily disabled the alarms, quickly grabbing the heavy duty weapon. With both of them working to support the weight of the gun, one struggling to support the back end and the other in front, we’ll just point out that their grips were not the best right then… And if you’ll recall, the damned thing was covered in TONS of buttons..
Well, the two boys made it outside and began to book it… But… The one scientist holding up the backside… His scrawny human arm slid up the side of the gun and pressed at least five different buttons as he accidentally lost his grip. Barely having enough time to react, the Chipotle in front frowned at his alternate, the gun pointed directly against his small chest.
He began… But all too suddenly, the first Chipotle’s blunder took effect, the laser blasting directly through his doppelganger’s chest. The second boy’s eyes widened in shock, hardly having any time to react at all. He fell to the ground, a gaping hole through his chest.
You idiot…
He gurgled before sputtering. The light left his eye, and the red light on his cybernetic eye died out. A small stream of blood dribbled out of the corner of his mouth. He was dead.
The first Chipotle stared blankly, dropping the weapon and slowly moving to his alternate’s side. First came shock, then denial, then crippling sadness. He gaped at the blood pooling at his feet.
¿Acabo de … Mátalo ….?”
He whispered, absently reaching down and holding the other boy’s body close to his own, the blood staining his lab coat.
He whispered, shaking him a little.
This time his voice was a bit louder.
He wailed that time, realization striking him. He began to tremble, letting out broken sobs as he held the other boy’s dead body close to his chest. His dead friend’s skin was already growing pale and ashen….
And he had killed him. It was an accident… But he still killed him. Too preoccupied with shock and sadness, he hadn’t noticed the crowd of people gathering around them. Someone screamed, half-jolting the 10 year old out of his daze. In the distance he could hear sirens… But there was no point to come to help now… He had blasted directly through the other boy’s heart… Oh how STUPID OF HIM… STUPID STUPID…
With no choice but to flee the scene to avoid being caught and questioned, he whimpered, gently kissing his alternate’s forehead before placing his body onto the asphalt. They would find him and take care of him… Or at least he told himself that. Whimpering, Chipotle stood and bolted as fast as he could, leaving the dead body behind. He sobbed as he broke through the crowd, wailing over his
He cried, only sticking around long enough to see an ambulance pulling up as he fled. He was really going to miss him…. His best friend… Maybe even going as far as to call him his twin brother. But he was gone forever now… And there was nothing anybody could do… And it was all his fault…

Cereal For Dinner

Cereal For Dinner

Summary: Dan suffers from a chronic illness and has an episode one evening. Phil makes sure Dan is okay and takes care of him, as always.

(Phan oneshot)

A/N: woah long time since the last illness oneshot (or story at all) lmao i’m so sorry D: to know what illness please click the link in the summary or here

Contains: Hurt/comfort, Phil being awesome.
Phan status: Together.
Words: 3197
POV: Third

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mysticaltopaz asked:

For the ask meme, Kuroko no Basuke if you've watched it :3 If not, Tokyo Ghoul?


Kuroko no Basuke:

❤ Fav Male: Probs Midorima or Kise bECAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN THESE DORKS

❤ Fav Female: HMM LEMME THINK probs Rize cause she’s amazing


❤ Least Fav Character: HAIZAKI THAT DICKFACE

❤ Who’s Most Like Me: tbh I’m in between Kuroko and Kagami since I’m pretty really aggressive and lose my temper a lot but like I’m liTERALLY A NINJA NO ONE KNOWS WHEN I’M GONNA POP UP LIKE NIN-NIN MOTHERFUCKERS

❤ Most Attractive: KISE THAT SASSY MODEL

❤ Three More Characters I like: tbh I like all of the GoM

Tokyo Ghoul


❤ Fav Female: TOUKA MOST DEFINITELY but then again I really liked Irimi and Hinami

❤ Fav Pair: KANEKI AND TOUKA AKA TOUKEN AKA THE BAES or possible Ayato and Hinami

❤ Least Fav Character: JASON THAT SON OF A BITCH

❤ Who’s Most Like Me: Kaneki totes


❤ Three More Characters I like: lets see I like aLL OF MY PRECIOUS BBIES