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Hey Christine! Not that I'm getting married anytime soon lol, but has anything been unexpected when planning your wedding? What are some of the best and worst parts of planning?

Rachael, you ask me the coolest questions.

Honestly the most unexpected thing is how not horrible it was.  People complain constantly about the planning, about the stress, about the disappointments, about how it’s not what they want…For me, I went in with really open expectations.  I didn’t have a single vision in my head that I had to match.  I like to think that I was pretty flexible going in, on pretty much every front except food.  So for the wedding dress, I had some vague ideas that helped focus my search, but I wasn’t looking for a specific dress and if it didn’t have the exact lace detailing, I would be crushed…For the venue, I had the idea of being outside, but I wasn’t sold on any specific type of outdoor venue.  For the bridesmaids dress, I just wanted it to look fabulous on my ladies and fit the style of the wedding dress.  I had some inspirations across the board, but I was really open to other people’s ideas, which led me to be inspired and not disappointed when I went into meetings with the venue and the vendors.  

The reason food was such a tough subject is that I’m a vegetarian, and I swear that every single wedding caterer has like…Two vegetarian options.  It’s always grilled portabello mushroom caps, and I think it’s because they’re trying to wrap up the vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo dish all in one.  And shocking, someone on a paleo diet eats vastly different things than a vegetarian.  So I was pretty passionate about getting something I actually wanted to eat, and unfortunately a lot of venues don’t allow outside caterers, so you’re stuck with their menu.  Thankfully, the venue I found does have a DELICIOUS pesto pasta dish that is just divine, so I am a happy camper.  :D  (And I’ve been told the meat option is delicious too!)

My favorite part of planning was picking out my dress.  Because I had some of my favorite women in my life with me–my mom, my sister, my mentor/best friend/surrogate mother/officiant, and my future mother-in-law.   So to have them all there, and just getting to put on pretty dresses…Not to mention that the place I got it was super chill, I didn’t feel pressured, and they just made it so pleasant all the way through. Looking at venues was fun, but there is also a level of apprehension because there’s compromises with each one, obviously.  So you’re walking around and loving what you’re seeing, but balancing the pros and cons in your head of each place at the same time.  

The other favorite thing was just making it ours.  We don’t care about wedding traditions, we don’t care what anyone else does.  This is our night and we can do whatever we want with it.  It’s a party and we can make it something fun for us.  It’s a little confusing to the venue why we won’t have a dance floor and why we won’t have a first dance (”But…you’re getting married..You need to dance…”  No, we don’t.  We are musicians, we’re singing.  That’s us.  Shhhhh…)  but that’s just who we are.  We are having a night that we will love, and I really don’t care what anyone else thinks of it!

Worst part?  I’m not sure there’s been any part I’ve hated.  Obviously it’s not all fun, but the worst stuff is just tedious more than anything else.  Perhaps like…Finding out that Harrison’s brother (who is in the military and stationed in the UK) invited someone to the wedding without asking us…  And we found out because this guy posted on Facebook about seeing him at his brother’s wedding…And I was like…  What?  And then he asked if this guy could have a plus one, and I’m like…Preston…  You can’t invite people to the wedding without asking us…  He won’t have food…Or a seat….  And we pay a lot for every person coming to our tiny, 70 person wedding…  So… Could you not?  So stuff like that is just stressful, because you want to make everyone happy but you just never can.

I guess the other tough thing is that Harrison and I are not religious at all, but Harrison’s parents are, so balancing a wedding that matches our beliefs but doesn’t make them uncomfortable was a tough subject.  There won’t be any hymns or readings, the officiant is a devout Christian but is by no means a pastor or affiliated with the church at all and we chose her because we love her, not because of her religion…  The wedding is not in a church, there is no church involved at all in fact…Which is true to us.  But not to his parents, so that’s just tough.  

But overall, I’m having a blast.  I can’t wait to have all my favorite people in one room together for one night.  All my theatre colleagues and friends and family from all over the world coming together in one room for one night only.  That’s just so exciting.  I can’t wait for it to come, but I also don’t want it to be over because I’m looking forward to it so much!!

  • Erik: Honey!
  • Charles: What?
  • Erik: Where is my helmet?
  • Charles: What?
  • Charles: I, uh, put it away.
  • Erik: Where?
  • Charles: Why do you need to know?
  • Erik: I need it!
  • Charles: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off and doing no derring-do. We've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Erik: The Brotherhood is in danger!
  • Charles: My evening's in danger!
  • Erik: You tell me where my helmet is, Charles! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Charles: Greater good? I'm your husband! I'm the greatest good you're ever gonna get!
Guess Who Saw Les Mis and wrote down all the crazy shit to share with you?

Boy oh boy was that An Experience. I can’t even right now (never thought I would say that unironically). Ok so all the longer shit I’ll bullet here and then other little things will be under the cut. Please keep in mind that this was my first live Les Mis and I do not know what is normal and what is unique to what I saw. Here goes:

  • Gav shows up about ½ through A Little Fall of Rain. She doesn’t see him. Grantaire eventually follow, and puts a hand on his shoulder. When she finally dies Gav whips around and wraps himself around R. Eventually, after they take her body away, only her hat and- a few feet away- Marius remain. Gav picks up her hat and hands it to Marius.
  • In Drink With Me, R starts out like your usual drunkard, absurdly. He smiles a bit, joking grabs some woman’s ass (keep in mind Enj is staring intensely from the top of the barricade). Then he riles up the crowd in a different way. His tone turns bitter. You can see he is visibly shaking up the people. By this point, Enj has climbed down the barricade. He reaches for R (I thought at first he was going in for a hug, but he was more likely reaching to touch his shoulder) and R steps away. He then wanders to the sewer/door/exit to stage left (drinking all the way) and makes as if to leave but Gav stops him. They spend almost the whole song hugging, then take a nap together.
  • [If you read below the cut before reading this- boy oh boy] When Gav goes to get the ammunition, you can’t see him. I had a feeling that that is normal, but it was unsettling all the while. Especially in the silence after the first shot. Then he starts singing again. Eventually you see him climbing over the top of the barricade. Even I thought he was gonna pull through. Then he stops for half a second- then he falls limply into Enjolras’ arms. Enj turns, cradling him to his chest, and steps slowly down the barricade, til he gets to the 2nd lowest point. R stands on the ground. There is a long pause- perhaps the 2nd longest in the show. They stare at each other. Eventually, almost reluctantly, Enj hands Gav over to R. R makes it to center stage and holds Gav and just… looks at him. I thought he was going to scream in agony. Perhaps that would have been kinder than the silence we were left with. Then they move to the direct right of center stage. Things go on, but R grieves for a long time.
  • Once another person dies (by falling off the barricade next to Gav and R) Enj finally comes down. R moves from Gav to this dead man. They straighten him out together. There is a subtle pause as they look at each other. Something happens. Maybe they touched each others faces. Maybe they touched foreheads. Maybe they kissed. I couldn’t tell, and will forever regret that. Enj goes back up the barricade. The story goes on.

You know how Enjolras is iconically the last Barricade Boy to die whilst holding the flag? How he usually falls and hangs backward off the barricade? Not this time. I know for sure that this is A Way to do this scene. 

  • Once the bullets really start flying, things happen fast. First, there he is with the flag. But he is shot, and the flag falls off the barricade. He tries to straighten up, fist held aloft in the air. He falls limply face first off the barricade. He is perhaps the second or third of the men remaining to die. After that it is chaos, but one thing is clear in my mind. As the fall of the barricade winds down, two men attempt to climb from the ground to the top, to their deaths. One barely makes it halfway. The other reaches where Enj stood, but can’t even pull himself to his feet before he is killed. He raises his hand high. Instead of the blood red flag, or simply darkness, the last image of the rebellion is a green glass wine bottle, illuminated by two spotlights. Everything else fades to black. For a half a heartbeat, the bottle is burned into your mind. 
  • The longest pause of the show happens just before Javert’s Suicide. He climbs out and over the barricade and sees all the dead students. He then goes to the stage left sewer entrance as if he knows Valjean is down there. The barricade goes away and it is just Javert and Gav’s dead body, the only body he hasn’t seen (kind of). You think he is going over there, but no. No, at that moment two men come on with a giant cart. They whip it around and there, finally in that iconic pose, flag clutched in one hand other hanging limp, is Enjolras. There is something startling about seeing him like that without the grandeur of the barricade or the power of the window. He seems smaller, realer. Javert raise his torch above him but you could hardly tell because at that moment the two most brilliant of spotlights hits him and he glows. He is bathed in the purest light. You can barely see anyone else on stage except for perhaps, Gav. Everything is frozen like that for a long time. You are hardly aware of time at all. It’s how Hugo would have wanted it.
  • Turning was a funeral. There was a little girl. The women leave candles out and Marius joins them. They leave. He is alone, surrounded by candle light for most of Empty Chairs. Then, as he sings “the very words that they-” and out come the boys. They each stand behind a candle. He doesn’t notice them until “Phantom faces at the window!” That line has never seemed so loud. The boys hold their candles up as if toasting him, and by the time their candles return to their hearts they are out. Eventually, all but Enj leave. Marius sings the rest of his song facing away from us- to Enj. When E leaves and Marius turns, his lit candle is all you can really see.
  • When Gav says Larmarque is dead he is standing on the table. Before he sings Enj gently picks him up and puts him back on the ground. It feels v parent like.
  • When Ep enters a man grabs her from behind Lovely Ladies style. She like, elbows him in the dick and pulls his knife out of his pocket, threatens him with it, and then graciously hand it back to him. This is only the first time in the show this happens.
  • When Ep screams and is punched to the ground by Thenadier as he leaves, Cosette is the first to help her up and comfort her. Marius basically drags Ep away and honestly seemed like an asshole
  • Mdme. Thenadier was psychotic??? When she sang “but there’s not much there” she rips off the tip of a baguette and spends the rest of her part hacking it violently with a knife??? 
  • The Thenadiers grind up some blind guys canary lmao
  • Mdme T trying to seduce Valjean is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • When Valjean gives Cosette the doll and then swings her around in the air I actually felt my heart melting
  • When Enj says “Marius you’re no longer a child” he doesn’t even sing it its so motherly he’s like scolding him its iconic
  • Almost all of Patron-Minette was there and they made sure we knew by having Thenadier do role call every single fucking time they showed up thank god it was only like twice
  • There were women holding guns on the barricade but left before they got to shoot them.
  • When Javert is singing “And I am Javert! Do not forget my name.. do not forget me..” another guard is holding Valjean’s face, forcing him to look Javert in the eyes. Its so clear that this moment will define these two men’s lives and Valjean literally cannot look away. it was a v nice touch
  • the part where the Bishop tells VJ that his soul is God’s now actually made me shiver?? I usually find it so unremarkable
  • I have heard a LOT of Bring Him Homes. That was the best.
  • Enj was Enj. Tall, higher voice than you would think. Not to mention his hair. The most luscious golden locks.
  • During the end of Red and Black and the beginning of Do You Hear Enj is standing on a large pile of boxes (mini barricade?) in the Musain. The others are crowded around him, except for Grantaire who clearly stands apart. He is paying just as much attention as the rest, but you can tell for different reasons. He pulls Gav away from the throng of people and holds him to his cheast. 
  • During Red and Black when R sings his Don Juan line, he holds his ever present wine bottle to his crotch and violently mimes jacking off

WOAH this is long! Sorry! Tagging @r-we-taire-yet cause you mentioned you hadn’t seen it and I felt you might appreciate a thought dump.

im just so thankful for Connor Kenway. I’m so thankful for the character we got and the character we didn’t get. I’m thankful he wasn’t a smooth talking ladies man. I’m thankful he wasn’t a racist stereotype. I’m thankful he wasn’t an angsty anti-hero. I’m thankful that there was inner turmoil over where he belonged because of his white father and native mother, but that it never turned into a pity party or took all the focus of the story. I’m thankful that he’s very unlike any male action hero I’ve ever come across. I thankful for his costume. I’m thankful for his desire to help, sometimes almost stumbling into situations because he just wanted to lend a hand. I’m grateful he never let people push him around. I’m thankful for his hair. I’m grateful for how deeply he loved his mother and that we got to see that her death wasn’t just glanced over - even though he was so young, we see it still affecting him well into his adult life. I’m grateful for his relationship with his father and how, despite Connor being such a selfless character, he messed up big time because of his selfish want to sway his father to the good cause. Im grateful for how well he fit into the community he created at Davenport. I’m thankful for his real name - Ratonhnhaké:ton, what a beautiful, musical word with such foreboding meaning. I’m thankful for the rocky an yet devoted teacher-student-father-son relationship he had with Achilles. I’m thankful that we got to see him as a kid. As a rebellious teenager. I’m thankful for his snark that was always there but never overdone or used unnecessarily or with cruel intention. I’m thankful that he was so humble and yet sometimes beyond cocky. I’m grateful that he took no shit from anyone. I’m thankful for his slightly awkward english because it wasn’t his first language. I’m thankful for the fact that he has extremely neat handwriting despite his big, warrior hands. I’m thankful for the fact that when he fights, it’s with such power and anger it’s almost ruthless. I’m thankful that, despite being a huge mountain of a man, he never seems threatening unless he knows you’re an enemy. I’m thankful that he was always respectful towards the women he knew, and treated them as equals.

I know Ubisoft has done next to nothing good for this character since his game was released, but I still want to say that I’m thankful that they created him to begin with. We aren’t getting a sequel, but we got a long, heartbreaking, beautiful game to being with. And I’m grateful.

Imagine Yondu getting back at you for playing a mean prank on him (smut)

(WOAH LONG ASS SMUT 😏VERY NSFW Sorry guys I just need to get this one out of my system…I just love him so much that inspiration hit me so hard it all came out…Idk if this is a mess or not but most likely it is XD Hope you guys can somehow appreciate it :) Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You screwed up. Big time. But at least it was worth it.


You were having a blast laughing with your friends among the Guardians at the bar when suddenly it all came to a stop the instant Yondu found his way to you.

He didn’t say anything, simply grabbing you over back to the ship, away from the others. You tried to stop him, laughing in his face about it and wanting to reveal the truth but he wouldn’t have any of it.

In the end, he had you thrown into his room and pushed you to sit on the bed. As he stood back, his gaze told you to sit up straight or else, at least you that’s what you thought.

Strangely, it was quiet. You could hear the sound of your breathing and his filling the room slightly.

The tension was too obvious yet at the same time, you wondered as to why he’d stay this silent. He did went through the trouble to make a scene and pull you away mid drink and laughter, in front of Peter his “son” and the others around.

So why was he wasn’t freaking out like he should be by now. Your eyes stared vaguely to the ground, trying your best to make light of the situation.

Dryness was suddenly being felt at your throat and instinctively you tried to clear it. To Yondu, he thought you were about to talk back at him first, and instantly he put his finger to your lips.


He wasn’t going to let you have your way just as you had been for the last few years you’ve been together since he found you. He couldn’t afford to have another “Peter Quill” situation and let the other crew members think he had that much of a soft spot for Terrans, especially for the young ones.

He had to tighten his rules with you and now the opportunity was perfect. You screwed up and worse, you worried him. You made him look and sound like a weak old man, screaming and flipping out at his subordinates with slightly watery eyes.

All that show, after finding a neatly tucked piece of paper by his control console that wrote “I’m sorry…” and the audacity you had to add a little doodle of a sad face. Thousands of things ran through his mind when he saw that, you being taken, you selling yourself, and worse, you growing tired of him and walking out of his life.

“You…” That’s all he muttered. His eyes stared at you in anger and you knew you were in trouble. He stood back and taking a piece of paper out, he read it and only seemed to get angrier.

“Are you out of your goddamn mind, girl!” He spat at you, throwing the note over and his thick accent ringing through the room.

Pointing it at, he exclaimed, “You care to explain this?! What the hell were you thinking?!”

You sighed. You should’ve known you took this one too far. Looking at it subtly, you turned your gaze back towards his boots and let out a faint and nervous chuckle.

He knew it was coming, your nervous and cute explanation that would surely change the situation but not today. He wasn’t going to let that happen.

“Well…You see that was actually just a pra-”

“A prank!? You think that’s funny!? Playing with my damn feelings and making me look like an idiot in front of everyone for you?!”

You yelped as he suddenly made a move to grab a hold of you. His grip was rather tight and from his growl, you knew you weren’t going to be let off easy.

You were at lost for words. He just admitted probably the most embarrassing thing he could ever admit to you and to the others as well, you thought. You couldn’t say anything, his gaze was burning and making you sit still.

Shying away slightly from him, you ended up lowering your gaze and tensing within his tight grip.

Why did you had to be the way you were, he thought. He wanted to yell at you more but at this point he wanted to comfort you, and that turned him on.

Seeing you so still and wide eyed, his breathing ended up mixing with yours, somehow calming himself down from all of it. Thinking about it, he realized he had you in the palm of his hands now, whatever he wanted from you, he knew he would get it.

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Diversity is actually very important to me, and while I have honestly been working hard to include as much of it as I can, I do also realize that it’s something I can always improve upon. But it does get a little tricky when it comes to “culture.” I’m not writing about human characters. In fact, I’m writing about characters who find humans… kind of unworthy. So elements of “human” culture don’t fit in the world. (If you’ll notice, the elves don’t follow any human traditions or holidays. They eat different foods. Have their own clothes and style of architecture. Even their own language).

As I said, I have been working harder to be clearer with my descriptions of the characters to make sure readers understand the cast is definitely not all white–and never has been. But I won’t be including any elements of human cultures in the elvin world because it simply isn’t consistent with the world of the story (with the exception of the culture Sophie experienced while she lived with humans, and even then, only in brief mentions. Or perhaps if they visit a human “forbidden city”, there would be mentions of the setting and their reactions to it and observations).

I would also recommend checking out http://weneeddiversebooks.tumblr.com. The team there does an AMAZING job of helping readers discover new books they might not have realized existed.

Again, diversity is something I am always striving to be better about. But again, I do also want to remind you guys that I am VERY intentionally avoiding attaching my elves to any human “culture.” There is no such thing as an American elf, or an European elf, or a Chinese elf or an Indian elf or Vietnamese or Korean or any of those things. Those are human cultural terms that do not apply to the world of the Lost Cities, and things like names and last names are chosen–NOT to connect the elves to any particular culture–but because the meaning or feel fits the character. The name Sencen is not meant to attach Keefe to any form of white culture. It’s a name I invented because it felt appropriate for a family with a heritage of Empaths (given that it has the word “sense” in it). I chose the name Song for the same reason. It has a connection to their family. Additionally, I picked it because–in my research (which admittedly was limited to the internet) it was a name that was attached to several Asian cultures, including Korean, Chinese, and actually Vietnamese. And I chose it to make it clear that Tam and Linh do not belong to any particular human culture. They are simply *elves*.

I’m not explaining that to try to argue I’ve handled diversity perfectly. Obviously I’m a work in progress on the issue (it’s also an issue where it’s impossible to make everyone happy). That being said, I really really hope that my readers understand that my characters are NOT human, and are intentionally separate from human categories of culture and race. They have ONE race. Elf. And they all have blue eyes (except Sophie). But that does not mean they all look like caucasians.

And that’s intentional because one of the themes I wanted to explore in the books is the idea that it’s never right to separate people. The elves only have one race: elf. So skin color or appearance does not make a difference to them. They also only have one culture and one socio-economic class. They all start with the same amount of money. But they DO still discriminate. They discriminate based on talent–something they feel is fair, because someone with more abilities (in their opinion) should naturally have more power and responsibility. But it’s still unjust. And their world is slowly crumbling because of it.

So again, while I definitely consider myself a work in progress when it comes to diversity and always appreciate feedback and guidance to help me do better, please please please also understand that there are no human cultures being represented in these books very specifically because I am not writing about human characters.

Oh, also, as I said–my research on the last names came from Google, so I do realize it’s possible some of it was inaccurate. I do strive to find at least five websites verifying something before I decide to trust it, but still, I *am* aware that the internet can be wrong. But I also was specifically trying NOT to pick a name that was limited to only one culture, so all I was truly Googling was surnames attached to multiple asian cultures so that no one could claim Tam and Linh belonged to any particular one (just as I strive to never have elvin last names belong to any specific European cultures or American cultures).
I also love when I can find a name where all or part of it is a word that means something to the characters. I haven’t told you much about Tam and Linh’s family yet, but we will learn more as the story goes and perhaps then you might see why the name especially appealed to me.

Just wanted to shed some further insights on the naming process. Honestly, I spent an entire WEEK reading websites and baby name books and trying to find names for Tam and Linh that fit with both the elvin world and their characters. For instance, I chose the name “Tam” because it has multiple meanings. According to the websites I found, In Hebrew and Scottish, it means “Twin.” In Vietnamese, it means “heart”. So it had meanings that matched his character in multiple cultures and therefore felt properly disconnected from all of them, matched the pattern of the elvin names I use, and fit his personality.

—  Shannon Messenger, about diversity in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, November 8, 2016
11 Random facts about me

i was tagged by @lost-stars-shine, thank youu~

1- I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina

2- I’m taking a degree in translation (eng-span) at University

3- Appart from Spanish and English i would love to learn as many languages as i can in the future. I’m currently starting with Korean

4-  I haven’t been into the kpop world for long (about 6 months maybe) but i already love so many bands omg

5- I’ve never been anywhere outside Argentina but i would love to travel a lot in the future, there are just too many things i want to see out there

6- I love pizza. Like i could just eat pizza for the rest of my life and i would be very happy

7- Whenever i’m feeling a bit down i tend to listen to The Beatles songs or watch some weird videos of them on youtube and they always cheer me up (there’s a video of Paul making mashed potatoes that i love for some reason)

8- I’m usually really shy and quiet around new people but if i’m comfortable with someone i get super clingy and hype

9- I really want to learn how to play the guitar

10- I hate bugs. Nothing personal tho just stay away from me and be happy somewhere else, buddy. Also spiders scare the sh*t out of me

11- I have a dog called Nino and two cats called Bichito de Luz (firefly in spanish) and Ron Weasley

I tag @likeaninjaoutofthedark​, @princehoseok-ah​ and @peciochan​ 💜

u know i see with alot of kpop groups like…. “woah this idol did a long high note LIVE this one time!!! thats so amazing!” and like yeah it is sure but go listen to everybody by shinee all the way thru and u can count four out of five of them doing long high belting kinda notes perfectly like basically every time. while dancing. stan shinee 

Barricades - Official Lyrics (SnK Season 2 OST)

NOTE: This is taken directly from the lyrics booklet that is included with the CD. However, there is a written mistake in the booklet itself, namely in the second chorus where it says “It’s my dirty hands, It never fades”, however it is in fact wrong as there is no difference between the three choruses apart from the vocalists. What I’ll be posting below are the correct lyrics.

Song Title: Barricades

Lyricist: Benjamin & mpi

Vocalist: yosh, Gemie, mpi

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a walk on 

some pure white sand,

gaze at the horizon, 

without living in fear? 

Wouldn’t it be sweet to watch 

the sun curve down meet the waves? 

And taste the ocean spray

and realize we’d been living as slaves

We’ve got to learn to Get back, 

Get back!

But is it worth the price of our soul? 

You know you had to Kill her,  

Kill her! 

Oh my dirty hands, It never fades

And if we get out, 

Get out! 

I’ll think about the price of our soul

We’ve got to learn to Live free,

Live free! 

We’ll live a life without Barricades!


How long I haven’t seen the light shine 

through in my life.

Lost everything, family, 

confusion on the way. 

Someone tries to talk to me 

and signpost the righteous road, 

My animal inside 

can now be tamed to go over the wall


We’ve got to learn to Get back, 

Get back!

But is it worth the price of our soul?

You know you had to Kill her,  

Kill her!

Oh my dirty hands, It never fades

And if we get out,

Get out!

I’ll think about the price of our soul

We’ve got to learn to Live free,

Live free!

We’ll live a life without Barricades!