Woah, How did I get 100+ Followers?! Seriously, I’m actually very surprise dI made it this far. Seriously, I’m Surprised I made it over 50, Just-Wow! SO thank you for the support, and I’m surprised you all RP With me! So thank you! Really! So there are some people I’d like to thank for all this!

mildpartymaru-THIS PERSON! They are so good with their character! Their very hopeful and kind to others, and I personally was able to chat on skype! So I look up to them in more than one way. They were one of the first friends I met when I got on this blog, and we are still friends! Go follow them!

hxnata-kun-I’ve definitely Rp with them before, and somehow go their skype! I look up to them for their style of writing, and being able to twist things with their muse better than anyone! The effort I see them put into their writing is awesome, and I would definitely Roleplay with them Anytime. 

motionpersxnifiedalpha-I’ve Rp wither their Souda, and I think their view on them is spectacular! Their Muse’s Reactions are absolutely perfect! I seriously recommend checking out their blog at least once.

Now for the actual List.

{ People Who I look up too! } ( Secretly from afar and from Near )

islandmodefuyuhiko| ultimatehopewannabe| speroexdespero| luckyxoniichan| despairbagels| rules-and-tears| akaneallupinyogrill| airheaded-donuts| heart-xf-steel| code-an-gamed| box–kun| sanity-among-despair| amxzement| secondcomingofdespair| desbearer| blueberryjpop| godstorehouse| taisoobu| fenrir-queen| breedersgirlfriend|

And again! Thank you! For your support!

shortyfactor asked:

So if it's thought that warlocks can't have kids, Tessa probably didn't have her period. But then again she was raised human and thought she could have kids so it would be strange if she's didn't have her period. Anyways…have you heard about people with violet eyes? They don't grow and body hair and don't get their periods but they still can have children. Maybe she developed into something like that over time or she was like that…?

Woah I did not know that! That’s actually really interesting and is definitely an interesting way to look at Tessa’s situation!

Yeah I mean it is weird, and maybe Tessa is like people with violet eyes, but what I always thought was that Tessa did get her period: you could get your period but have other problems that prevent you from getting pregnant, like (might be a bad example, but I do love that show) in the show Friends Monica had her period but had to adopt because her uterus was “hostile” and she could not have children. So what I thought was Tessa probably did get her period before she knew she was a warlock, thinking she could most likely have kids, but once she realized that she was a warlock and heard that warlocks can’t have kids she just assumed she couldn’t either. She probably assumed something else was wrong. I mean who knows maybe she wasn’t even thinking about it this way, but just thought warlocks have different rules that apply to them in these matters in general! I don’t know, that’s just what I think but obviously there’s more than one idea that works, and the people with violet eyes idea is really interesting :)

cassbuttavenger asked:

How are you so beautiful and have such a great blog? (:

Woah did I read that right? 😮😃😄😇 bless
As for the actual questions I have no clue tbh, like this is news to me. I just sit around and reblog sooo really my blog is just a mix of the people whom i follow’s blogs so idkr but more people are saying my blog is good… my question y? Also bless

anonymous asked:

Woah okay, I did read all of the post actually, I did not accuse you of anything either. English is my third language so I apologise if I wrote in the way that seemed aggressive or accusational, what my mistake was is that to me "inter community" meant between communities, eg cis and trans etc... Because to me inter meant between things, I didn't realise it meant within one community, so that one word confused me, but of course that doesn't matter, you go ahead and shout me down for 1 mistake :)

Inter community as in between members of the community, as in those topics that should only be addressed within the community. I’m sorry I wasnt clearer or that the defintion may not perfectly align with how others understand but I literally can’t tell that an anons first language isn’t mine and since you made no motion of “oh by the way I’m confused on this one word could Ya please explain it” I’m supposed to mind read that?? I may be a witch but I’m not freakin’ phychic. You came into my inbox still, commentating on stuff that I still covered, not even in relation to the inter community, and you wanna send me a passive aggressive smiley face? Nuh uh. Even if the inter community part was confusing, which, apologies on that I was quickly ranting and should have taken the time to make myself clear, you still accused me of other points that I clearly covered and clearly made note of such as my feelings of info spreads, not all cis people being bad, and recognizing of privelege. If all I’m given from an anon is that, that on at least 90% of what i said they accuse me of not saying? Of course I’m gonna be coarse in my reply. Now go use that passive aggressive smarmy smile at someone else.

orecros asked:

hi! when you get this ask, list five things that make you happy and then pass it on to the last 10 people that have reblogged from you!

oh oh oh hi! woah did you know i actually think your blog is super cool? yeah, fun fact.

okay let’s do this.

1. harley. i love them so much.

2. the squad. i can’t even imagine life without them.

3. pasta. my second love.

4. micayla just-another-basketcase and michelle lilbrowngrrl


i suck at passing these on, so if you’ve reblogged from me, do this!

sickdali asked:

casually drops url,, sickdali,,

Send a url and I will answer the following…

  • Do I Follow Them?: yes
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: Woah actually on this, it just happened.
  • Do We Role Play?: nooo. sad face.
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: yes of course but we never got to plotting, loud crying in the distance.
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: AU where Jack teaches Jane how to paint!!
  • A Song For Our Muses: [i’m so brain dead so nothing at the moment] (this also applies…hnnng i’m horrible.)
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: something could happen, this applies to anymuse but again, nah.
  • What I Think About The Mun: they’re so nice waah.
  • Overall Opinion: I wish we interacted more, ic or ooc honestly.
  • Blog Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Tbh I’m stoked I finally have an apartment with friends whose company I enjoy. I always used to picture this time and now that it’s here I just realized like woah I actually did something I said I would do