woah is it just me, or am i shocked that i actually have 2 more hours to do stuff, considering that the streamers are going to E3, and the server’s getting work done.

like when its 2 pm (the time jordan streams for me), i’m like oh time to watch the stream.. then i realize he’s not streaming, and go to sonja’s channel and see that she’s not streaming. and then i realize E3 is going on.

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Woah did you figure out sophie's curse? Because I could never figure out why she gets younger at certain times but not others. Or why her hair stays white forever

Sorry that it’s taken me FOREVER to answer this (I’m always on mobile). fair warning, I’m gonna be analyzing the shit outta this just so you know.

In a sense, I feel as if the only way that Sophie could break the curse, was to do it herself, and no one could help her. I find that the curse and how she overcomes it in the movie is thoroughly based on her self-confidence and her emotions.

 That being said, you can see at the very beginning of the movie that Sophie doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence. Especially when she’s talking to her sister after the whole “walking on air” ordeal. When Lettie asks her if Howl could have possibly stolen her heart, her reply is, “Don’t worry. Howl’s only after beauties.”

 “Only after beauties”

 Let that line sink in for a minute.

 “Howl is only after beauties”

 This line right here makes it extremely obvious to the audience that Sophie is severely lacking in the self-confidence department.

 It’s not until after she is cursed that she begins to gain some confidence, not just in herself, but in the others around her as well.

 The most notable scene that comes to mind, is when Markl asks Sophie if she’s working for the Witch of the Waste, and she’s “HELL NO THAT WITCH…” (obviously she can’t say who cursed her because that also another spell on her). And then she gets in angry cleaning mode (which I find highly hilarious), and at the end of the whole ordeal she claims that “seems my little outburst gave me my strength back.”

 If you watch very closely, from the beginning of the time she got cursed, up until she goes to Kingsbury to talk to Madame Sulliman, she has an easier time walking.

 While she is walking through the wastes trying to find the castle, she is very hunched back and has to walk with a cane, but after her little outburst at breakfast, she doesn’t use her cane as much anymore, unless she is going long distances. The seaside market for instance, and the walk to Kingsbury when she is going to talk to Madame Sulliman for Howl. She’s even walking straight up, with her shoulders back and her head held high, she is literally oozing confidence (at least that’s what it seemed like to me).

 At the beginning of the movie Sophie was very meek and timid (best seen when she comes across the soldiers, she’s all stutter and soft-spoken). But when she comes across the Witch of the Waste again she talks back to her, something she wouldn’t have done at the beginning of the movie (okay…that’s a lie. She did talk back, but to be fair, she had been insulted).

 I just want to say this, Sophie is seriously sassy when she’s very confident, and it is freaking awesome.

 “What? Did you suddenly remember how to break my curse.”

“Well good luck to you then, still I’m not nice enough to help you out”

 Seriously. I love sassy Sophie.

 But back to the topic at hand.

 I feel as if the Kingsbury arc is where we really see Sophie shine, and where the curse on her really begins to fade. When she confronts Madame Sulliman on the reason why she now knows why Howl didn’t want to report to castle. In that speech, she is assertive, she is confident in what she believes in, mainly Howl, and that’s when we see her turn back to her former, younger self. It’s not until after Madame Sulliman calls her out on being in love with Howl, and when she reverts to her older self.

 This scene here has me firmly believing that her emotions have as much effect on her curse as her confidence.

 After the Kingsbury arc, you can definitely begin to see the changes in Sophie, physically and emotionally.

 I see this especially in the meadow sceneas well. When Howl presents the meadow to her as a gift, she begins to feel young and youthful again, which ends up actually turning her young once again. It’s not until Howl shows her the cottage he spent his childhood in that she begins doubting again. She asks him why he’s doing this and if he is going to leave again is when the doubt comes back in full force. She’s not just doubting her self-worth, but also her emotions as well.

 “I know I’m not very beautiful, and I’m only really good at cleaning…”

“Sophie, Sophie, you are beautiful!”

 At this point she’s turned back into an older woman right in front of Howl. So now he obviously knows about the curse.

 That’s another thing. It’s my own personal belief that Howl knew exactly who she was the entire time, or that she was at least cursed to look the way she did.

 It’s not until Granny tells her outright that she’s in love she really begins to believe it.

 You can especially see it the next day when she has become considerably younger (at least compared to the day before).

 When Markl asks her not to leave because he loves her so much. That’s when I believe that Sophie has really opened her heart up to the concept of love. Telling Markl that she loves him too, and that she had no plans of ever leaving them is when the idea of them being a family really solidifies in her brain. This even more solidifies her feelings for Howl as well, seeing as she loves Markl, and he loves her as well, that perhaps maybe her feelings could be reciprocated.

 It’s actually later that night when Sophie breaks her curse. When she realizes that Calcifer is out for the count because of the peeping bug, and Howl is out trying to stop the war, she comes to the conclusion that it’s up to her to protect Granny and Markl. These feeling and thoughts of protectiveness are what really break the curse. But what I think really does it, is when Sophie confronts the “blob men” telling them that they should be using their energy to control/put out the fires from the bombs, instead of going after them.

 It’s her confidence in herself, and her protective instincts that lead her to making the rest of her decisions that night.

 To me, it became obvious that she finally broke her curse because she finally had two bows in her braid, instead of just one (I know, it’s weird, but just go with it). But when you really think about it, even in the meadow scene she still only had one bow in her braid.

 As for her still having silver hair, well, don’t all curses leave some sort of mark on a person? Her hair just happens to be the after effect. But let’s be real. She totally rocks it.

Friendly reminder that Wyatt’s power brought the Source of All Evil BACK TO LIFE when he was TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD. THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL. The supposed most threatening and powerful demon ever. WYATT DID THAT.

And that episode (desperate housewitches) shows exactly how easy it is for Wyatt to be manipulated. because really, he thinks his family is dead (or well is super confused bc his mommy is now his cousin or whatever, same with his dad) so he’s just super confused and really, the idea of having a mom and dad and a less confusing life where he doesn’t have to hold back on his powers or get old what to do, is SO tempting to him. 

Wyatt hates being held back. he hates how he’s always having to keep himself in check and that idea of just ‘letting go’ and doing what he wants is so badly appealing EVEN WHEN HE WAS TWO. 

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I think "Don't Mess With Me" from Temposhark really fits you, Wyatt (unchanged future)

        ❝You’re not wrong about that. It just needs a
            little more power behind it, more strength.
            Then It’d be perfect.❞

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That face/hair post on the scanner was actually really cool

woah ty i was super bored when i did it!! (also sorry everyone for posting a lot today)

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Did you ever end up transferring schools?

Woah I actually forgot about that! No I did not. I ended up staying at my school and I fell in love with it. I made it on the deans list both semesters and I’ll be my major’s Student Gov Rep next year. So I guess you could say once I changed my mindset my entire life changed.