Mama Wolf AU: Scott never gets bitten. Peter Hale takes a special interest in a nurse he would catch glimpses of in the hospital he was stuck in for years. Trying to form a new pack, he forces the bite on her. Wanting nothing to do with him, she pushes him out of her life and tries to struggle with full moons on her own. Full moons and a persistent Peter aren’t her only problems, she has to juggle making Derek Hale back off from trying to become bffs with her son, keeping her secret from her family, dodging deadly hunters, and controlling her new strengths to help save lives at the hospital. When Peter starts killing again, things get even more out of control and - well, the outcome is a dead Peter Hale, and a lot of power she never thought she’d have to handle, but has no choice either way.


Art summary for 2013

January- Baby Names
February- Raven (gif)
March- Day 2:Starfire
April- TTG!Fan intro (gif)
May- Robin’s Though Process
June- Book 2 (gif)
July- Lok
August- You should fear me more.
September- Is it new?
October- Titans Assemble
November- Comes Marching Home
December- Second Christmas (redraw)


When a member of your band is sick and has to pull off a really difficult solo and really has no time to entertain your bullshit, you do just that - bullshit behind his back. In this case, bullshit was given by Max, Jay and Seev. Things Nathan Sykes endured for 4 years. 

"Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine, but eventually everyone runs out of time."

I like this one too much I don’t know if I want to fuck it up by finishing the arms haha orz I just kinda took a few aspects i liked in all his human designs and mish-moshed them, but i added a little bit of my own ideas too!!


No but the last episode ruined me.

never going to forget that time I was talking to a couple guys about how male/male relationships in Ancient Greece and Rome—specifically whether their culture of male/male relationships was motivated in part by this lack of regard for women as equals.

but the second I actually used the word misogyny they jerked back like I had slapped them and got increasingly hostile and dismissive until I had to shut down the conversation.


BECAUSE WHY NOT? I’ll have a smash at it!

                               [blizzard. i  started writing as elsa somewhere around
                               december   26th   of    last year — & now, it’s  june. i’ve
                               remade     this    blog 3 times      for   different  reasons
                               whether it be    continuous  anonymous hate, or  just a
                               general desire for a fresh start. & even after recreating
                               this blog, i’ve     strayed from     this wonderful muse to
                               experiment with others. but for those who’ve   decided
                               to stick   around   to see to the end of elsa’s journey —
                               thank you. for    being     here; for     being   supportive;
                               sticking    through   my ooc-ness, arching your brow at
                               my silliness,      & most     of      all: for writing with me.]

of the the snow country ( i love you dorks. )

                                     lipsoftheredrose ; icesalis ; effugios ; regaliis ;
                                          hedonistique ; fatamoirai ; canis-fidelis 

of the summer country ( adorable sweetlings. )

                           desabusae ; silkssongsandchivalry ; baratheaon ; corauro ;
                 corruptionofheart ; widowx ; vehament ; scarfedmouse ; callmeselina ;
                          largeshadow ; empathd ; sanguisuuga ; jasutisu ; hiistrio ;
                 giiingersnap ; techniciian ; metaphoriic ; spxndle ; reissed ; calisvol ;
             rosannean ; viewtokill ; materxnatura ; masochisticsadist ; southronflower ;
                         aprofoundduplicity ; pxntmercy ; dream-shade ; drakedomitor ;
                       ortusvir ; xrisen ; femaletitantype ; constantquibbling ; bnehlacc ;
               ikebukuros ; incredible-zim ; maimedlion ; feiistypants ; vivyre ; ferociter ;
                 black-bladed ; powerofra ; ryuuazure ; fetchinglyfeisty ; stoicriverspirit ;
                     damnmarimo ; iimpius ; banishedking ; singlasses ; agaetliga

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To smildon and or proboscar what is the name of the werewolf like creature in Prexxor chasm?

“…A werewolf? A were…Nevermind.”

“You’re referring to Karrani. We still have bouts, if you can call them that. Fighting for survival is life, but it seems everything has simmered down a little.”

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Woah where did this come from haha!

Um i actually have been working on a fic for a while now , but i wont be able to keep writing it and start posting it and stuff for a couple of months, because i have play rehearsals and my opening night is in a months and im the lead and i have so many lines and im just very stressed with that and with glee ending this week and with graduating in two months!

But i promise in a couple months that i will start writing again and i will start posting! Because i can’t wait to introduce to my story and i cant wait to share the first chapter! :)

(A little summary for my fic)

"Openly gay high school student Blaine Anderson, who is the quaterback and football star for Dalton academy , falls for the gorgeous angel across the football field, his name is Kurt Hummel also known as McKinley High’s punching bag" (coming soon)

it’s starting to look really good so far.. im looking forward to showing peopleeee…

Stay tuned my friends!