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Name: Harris

Nickname: Harry, Moe, Paki

Birthday: July 15

Star sign: Cancer

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Favorite color: Blue

Time and date at the current moment:
6:30 PM April 13

Average hrs of sleep: 4-5

Lucky number: 2

The last thing I googled: Kermit meme

First word that comes to mind: Ice-cream

Places that make me happy: My room, my friends house, our hangout spots, or Anywhere there is a FRC competition
How many blankets do I sleep under: depends on my room temp. Usually two I’d say. But in the winter I steal my siblings blankets because deal with it.

Favorite fictional character: Tony Stark, Jack Sparrow, or Harry Potter. I can’t choose.

Favorite famous person: Steve Jobs/Bill Gates/Dean Kamen/Johnny Depp/R.D.J shhhh I can’t choose.

Celebrity crush: Nina Dobrev

Favorite books: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Harry Potter, Odd Thomas and The Hobbit series

Favorite animes: Not a big anime guy but Tokyo Ghoul probably

Shows: CHUCK, Psych, White Collar, Arrow, The Flash, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Prison Break

Favorite musician/band: I like all kinds of music. I’ll listen to anything tbh. But Coldplay, Fallout Boy, The Beatles, AC/DC. Some other bands idk

Favorite games: COD & BO 1-2 that’s it. The rest were shit. #sorrynotsorry Far Cry series, Mine-craft sometimes, Mortal Kombat. Sometimes simple board games like Monopoly, Uno (If we play, we won’t talk for months), and Battleships.

Last movie I’d seen in the cinema: FAST 7. I caught some feels at the end.

Dream Holiday: Idk. I just want to travel. Australia, Europe, anywhere.

Dream job: I want to go somewhere in the field of Engineering. Going for something I love so I don’t have to work a day in my life.
Wearing right now: Freshman year FRC shirt, black pjs.
Last book I read: The Hobbit

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Alright people. It’s your turn now.

anonymous asked:

tbh i have delusions and sometimes im convinced people i see arent real and im just hallucinating them, same with everyday objects and sometimes i see stuff out of the corner of my eye and i get convinced its a hallucination. not sure tho, just food for thought

i actually did not expect this
i’m not the only one!!!
anon i’d like you to know that i was feeling extremely Fake and like i was making it all up today
and this actually made me feel valid and real again

but on the topic: thanks! that’s basically exactly how it is for me, yeah, especially the things in the corner of your eye thing… it’s really comforting to know other people experience this too and I’m not just making things up

So this just happened

* my brother accidental elbows me in the face*
Him: sorry
Me: woah. Did you actually say sorry?
Him: no I said die.

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Woah, really? I'm glad I actually did then. Yeah I guess so😏

Yeah really you did. And honestly you can do a lot more than you know.

Woah so I actually did things today, like things that I haven’t done before or in ages. I went for a walk to and then along the beach, got extremely sunburnt for the first time in forever, seen two of my best friends that I haven’t seen in months both on the same day, got in trouble and kicked out of a caravan park for trespassing, wanted to brawl the old lady that got up me, got to pat so many dogs, went for a long drive and I got to be the passenger for a change, saw 2 wild kangaroos up really close, and then had an anime marathon with one of those said friends. It was quite the change from my usual day, which just consists of crying and waiting for the day to end.