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More domestic Gency pls

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-Really Overwatch is so demanding that a lot of their time within their apartment is condensed to “Sleeping+Boning+Cooking+Cleaning” and they don’t get a lot of time to be romantic in their own home, but they take what they can get. Sometimes Genji has to wake up earlier than Mercy, or sometimes Genji gets called on a mission in the wee hours of the morning and he can’t bring himself to wake her up so he kisses her on the temple and leaves a note, sometimes with a flower or one of his sparrowhawk feathers on it saying where he’s going. Those are some of the hardest mornings for Mercy to wake up to, that pit of dread in her stomach waking up to an empty spot next to her in bed, that fear that he’s disappeared again replaced by that quiet anxiety that comes when he’s on a mission without her.

-Mercy likes keeping one of those windowsill herb gardens for cooking, but her work is so demanding that Genji is the one who’s really keeping the plants alive there. He happens to be very proud of how far along the basil and rosemary plants have come along, so much so that even though they weren’t really in his palate before, he likes cooking with them. Sometimes you can even kind of faintly smell rosemary in between the joints of his hand’s prosthetic.

-They have a very old, cheap console that they can run old games on. Their favorite is Vivi’s Adventure. Genji has filled in most of the top slots on the “High Scores” listings but Mercy’s in fourth place and one of these days she’s going to overtake him! Just you wait!

-Their apartment doesn’t offer them too much of a view of Gibraltar…. but for better or worse their bedroom window always catches the sunrise, and they seem to get a good sight of the moon at night. Sometimes they sit up on the roof together at night.

-Genji doesn’t really wear the faceplate+visor when he’s home. Like, there was just this one time where he came to the apartment and and he just announced “Tadaima!” and he caught himself because like, he hadn’t really said that and meant it in years. He didn’t really have anyone to announce it to when he was in Nepal so he didn’t bother, and he was more or less sneaking in late at night when he was in the Shimada clan so like he unconsciously said “Tadaima” when arriving at the apartment one evening and it like… it was a surreal experience because it’s like “Oh, this is home now.”

-They have a whole wall devoted to cheesy postcards from places they’ve been and dumb photos they’ve taken together in the hallway of their home. Genji seems to really like that one photo of Mercy in the witch costume at the Halloween party. I wonder why…


8.26.17 || Grapes of Wrath is actually a lot better than I thought it would be? Prob not smth i would’ve picked up if it hadn’t been an assignment, but it has a very powerful message

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Hey I liked the post you did for parents of children with autism. I'm talking about the one where you say that there's always a reason for something they do. I have a question for you. What are your thoughts on ABA therapy? And how do you feel about Behaviorism in general? I'm just wondering. I have some opinions myself but wonder what your thoughts are. have a wonderful Saturday


I think the reason ABA exists is because people who practice it and support it simply don’t see autistic individuals as human beings with their own thoughts, consciousness and personality.

So ABA or applied behavioral analyses is a technique that uses rewards and punishments to encourage desirable behavior and eliminate unwanted behavior. Typically it requires the child (or teenager, or adult) to pay close attention to what the practitioner is doing and do it for several hours at the time, but obviously there are exceptions.

The basic premise is that if the child does something you don’t want them to do, you punish them (by taking away stickers or reducing their playtime or in bad cases by hitting their hands or spraying water on them). And if they do something you want them to do, you reward them (with stickers, or toys, or more playtime, or in bad cases just with breaks or food).

Does this remind you of anything? Yeah, exactly, it’s dog training. You attract the dogs attention, you reward it for doing what you want it to do and punish it for doing what you don’t want it to do. And I mean, it’s pretty effective, right? I don’t think it’s not effective. Basic neurobiology says it is effective, it forms new reflexes and achieves the goal of reducing “bad” behaviors and inducing “good” behaviors. And research shows that parents see a positive difference because on the outside it looks like their child is improving.

And I’m not saying we don’t use reward/punishment techniques on allistic children. We do, and I’m not saying we should eliminate behavioral therapy entirely. I just think we should remember about the underlying reasons we use it. We train dogs because dogs don’t have a consciousness or episodic memory and it’s impossible to just explain to a dog that it shouldn’t eat things off the ground or run across the road when it’s red light.

Sometimes children are too young to understand why they shouldn’t have a diet entirely made out of candies or why they should go to bed now, so we use punishments and rewards to achieve the goal. However we should remember that human children from the age of 18-24 months already have a consciousness, some episodic memory and ability to decide for themselves. So that kind of training gets less and less effective as they age, and we need to reason with them and explain why eating candies only is bad for them and why they need to do this thing.

We recognize that (allistic) children are humans with all these qualities and we don’t expect them to obey like dogs because children also have feelings and thoughts and they might have a more complex reason to do a bad thing. Maybe they don’t want to go to bed because they think there’s a monster under their bed. Maybe they don’t want to eat their meal because it makes their tummy hurt. In that case parents usually communicate with their child, discover the underlying cause and modify their response to it. Now instead of saying “if you won’t go to bed now, no cartoons for you tomorrow!” the parent might say “let’s put special monster traps under your bed to catch all the monsters!” and that’s what wonderful about humans. We think, we feel, we are self-aware.

ABA comes from a premise that autistic children aren’t fully human. And before you go “not all ABA therapists!”, let me remind you that Ivar Lovaas, the inventor of ABA, said that exact thing in his book. He thought that autistic children don’t have a personality or a conscious mind and therefore you can’t reason with them. So you just need to sort of “carve” a real human out of them by suppressing their autistic behavior and training them into doing allistic things, like hugging or making eye contact. He associated those things with humanity and in his opinion if you don’t do them, you simply aren’t human.

ABA does exactly that. It assumes that autistic behaviors are inherently bad and harmful, and in order to make the child whole you need to train them into doing allistic behaviors. An ABA therapist won’t look into why a child bites their fingers, they will simply train it out of them with punishments. An ABA therapist won’t figure out why the child doesn’t like hugs, they will train them into doing it with rewards. They just don’t consider a possibility of reasoning or communicating with the child like they are a real human being. They do their job, they train the child into pretending to be allistic, which from the outside looks almost like the child has been “cured”.

Does it work? Well yeah, sorta. After hours and weeks and months of ABA, your child will learn to suppress stimming, look people in the eyes, sit still when you tell them to, and hug you and say “I love you” on request. Will it “cure” them of their autism? Nope. Autism is still there, it’s a fundamental part of their brain and you can’t train it out of them. The reason why they used to stim or avoid hugs is still there, it didn’t go anywhere, it’s just now the child won’t ever show it. They will go to bed despite being afraid of that monster, every night, and cry, clutching their pillow. They will eat that meal and try to show that they aren’t in pain by biting their lip and saying “thank you for the yummy meal” because that’s what they were trained to do.

ABA comes from the belief that autistic people don’t have thoughts, feelings and consciousness. ABA thinks that those autistic behaviors like stimming serve no purpose and need to be eliminated. ABA thinks that the only way to stop a child from screaming or banging their head on the wall (which they most definitely do for a reason, probably because they feel bad) is to take away their reward stickers for doing that. It just doesn’t occur to them that perhaps the child bangs their head on the wall because they are constantly overwhelmed and stressed and need to let out their frustration. It doesn’t occur to them that perhaps the child doesn’t like hugs because it’s too much touching and feels awful, and that they’d rather flap their hands when seeing their parent to show affection. They think that the *only* way to get desirable behaviors out of the child is good old basic reward-punishment training.

I won’t even tell you about the effects of ABA on children, about the rates of PTSD in those children, about the self-hate, depression and complete lack of self-esteem they acquire, about the rates of abuse and molestation for those children (because they are trained to always obey adults and do what they are told). I think you can guess it’s Not Good.

So yeah, these are my thought on ABA. I’m sorry it got long, but I had a lot to say.

Sleeping Positions 101

Pairing: Destiel

Prompt: Based on this fanart drawn by @sketchydean , Thank you for letting me write something based off your beautiful work!

Summary: With Cas newly human, he’s still adjusting to even the simplest human tasks; even sleeping. Dean quickly learns of Cas’ sleeping habits.

Word Count: 1974

Warnings: FLUFF!!! (me writing a Destiel fic that’s not heart wrenching??? woah) Nothing really, broken glass but no injuries, mention of nightmares.

A/N: So I’ve had killer writers block lately, and this has helped me get out of it. I know I’ve posted a lot of Destiel fics lately, but I got some Dean ones in the making (and who’s complaining am I right) As always, FEEDBACK IS ADORED!!! seriously I really appreciate it, even if it’s just a like, the higher the notes the more inspired I feel.

“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more." — Angelita Lim

Dean walked into his room yawning and rubbing his eyes, ready to settle in for the night, maybe blast some music in his headphones until he was finally able to mute his thoughts enough to drift off. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Cas sitting on his bed, wearing the plaid pajamas he had bought himself, holding tightly onto one of Dean’s pillows. Cas was nodding off, his head falling ever so slowly forward. Dean smiled, just standing and watching. He appreciated those moments, just looking at Cas like he was the love of his life. He was, Dean’s one true love that is, but being able to show it unabashedly was a rarity. Finally, his slow progression forward made his head fall into the pillow he grasped tightly, making him jolt up in surprise. Dean smiled.

“Hey buddy,” Dean murmured, taking the pillow from out of his hands and placing it behind him. Dean began pulling the blankets back prompting Cas to lift up so he could. He obeyed, looking at Dean with sleepy, lovey eyes. He looked like a little kitten; Dean was afraid to make eye contact or he might’ve kissed him right then and there.

“Hello Dean,” Cas smiled, his voice hoarse with sleep. “Are you ready for bed?”

Dean laughed. “Well it looks like you’re stealing my bed, so I still have to set up the couch.”

“Oh, no, Dean,” Cas denied, appalled, as he began to get up. “That was not my intention. I’d like you to be comfortable, too.”

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aaaaaaaallrighty guys! I’m super tired :3 

Of course I haven’t done anything productive this week.. I should have read a book for uni, do lots of other stuff buuuuut..nope! I read fics instead.. ehem..enough blabla! I know you only want me for my weekly destiel fic rec list ;)

Title:  Just Gonna Sit there?

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,200
Summary:When his brother abandons him at a college sex party, Castiel tries to find somewhere to sit quietly and wait for his ride to return. Feeling more than a little out of place, he wants nothing more than to leave, until a gorgeous and almost naked man falls into his lap. Maybe he can stay for a little while.

Note:  Woah..just..woah. Wonderful PWP. Absolutely hot! Dean has a thing for exhibitionism. holy frick, this fic. wow this rhymed. I’m a poet! (not..) this fic is A+ and there’s even a happy ending yay! GO READ IT

Title:  Professor Novak

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3,200
Summary:The one where Dean needs to pass his college class and Cas is his handsome professor willing to take a bribe.

Note:  PWP. Yes, I’m a kinky fucker and I read lots of porn. this is good porn. very good porn. Also cas as a prof is always super hot. Title:  Sex 101, or: That Time Castiel Asked Dean to Teach Him How to Have SexRating: Explicit Word Count: 50,000 Summary:“‘I want to have sex,’ Castiel announces suddenly.

Dean chokes on his gulp of Baha Blast.”


Wherein Dean teaches Cas how to have sex, and Cas teaches Dean why to have sex.

This fic is filled with music, literature, fluff, angst, smut, feels, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

Note:  Oh god. this fic blew me away. I don’t know what it is with Destiel/others lately?? Why am I reading this stuff? I mean, I never liked it?? BUT NOW I DO. The first chapter was SO GODDAMN HOT I HAD TO  PUT MY TABLET DOWN AND DO STUFF IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  But it’s not just hot, it’s also funny and there’s plot. Suddenly things are happening. Stripper!Dean things O_o Also there a fabulous drag!queens who save the day I mean how can you NOT love this fic? GO NOW. *throws glitter at you* WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE THIS FIC IS PURE AWESOMESAUCE *throws more glitter and some pink dildos*

Title:  Bunny Tail

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,800
Summary:Dean is sitting in his last class of the day, a boring three hour Sociology course, when he gets a message from his roommate.

Note: I really have no idea WHY but I think those tail thingies are the hottest shit. (This is obviously also a pwp) And goddamnit I mean I love top!Cas but I also love bottom!Cas when he’s written like that in AUs. *can’t decide and runs in circles* BOTH. BOTH IS FAB

Title:  Everything

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:It’s a warm, lazy morning, and Cas’ apartment is bathed in hazy sunlight. Dean reckons it’s times like these that he loves Cas the most, and he wants to enjoy every last moment here together - he’s ready to give Cas everything, and show just how far his love and trust can reach.

Note: ASDFGHJK!!!! These two assbutts will be the death of me. THis is so cute and just..wow! I love reading about their established relationship and how they live their lives together..it makes me unbelieavbly happy! This is kind of porn with a little plot :)

Title:  Show Amongst Us Secret Wisdom

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,3000
Summary:When Dean wakes up female, he and Sam struggle to find a cause. To find a solution, Dean has to expand his horizons: new ride, new bodily functions, and a whole new awareness of angels.

Note:  I love genderbent fics :3 THIS IS MY JAM. Especially love fem!Dean. (Probably because of my love for bottom!dean) This fic is different than other fics in this genre. I mean yeah, it’s a spell and blah but here it’s not just dean whining. And omg the cramp situation with Sam..holy crap I was laughing so hard..poor sammy!

Title:  Thunderstruck

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 64,000
Summary:Dean Winchester, a half-blood Gryffindor joins Dumbledore’s Army in his 6th Year and finally meets Castiel Novak, a Muggle-born Hufflepuff. After Castiel manages to produce Patronus on his first try, Dean is immediately curious about the quiet Prefect and ends up forming an unlikely friendship that doesn’t go as smoothly as they wish.

Note:  I should read crossovers more often. I didn’t know how much I missed Harry Potter until I’ve read this but omg I miss it a helluva lot :/ I simply love this fic. It’s not just about destiel, it’s about Dean and his life at Hogwarts. It’s amazing! He’s a Gryffindor and knows Harry, they experience everything a student would have experienced there - just wow! The only negative thing was..yeah you will see. Love that it has a happy ending. Even tho I would have wished the author had solved it differently.. Anyway, fabulous read!

Title:  Bars Are Not Usually Quite this Filthy

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:  Cas is an overworked college student working as a bartender to get through college. Dean is a jackass tease, dabbling in the idea of flirting with men but having never actually been with a man. This summary literally has more plot than the shameless smut inside. Oh, and Cas just really wanted to feed his goddamn cat.

Note:  What do you want me to say? I love me some porn. God I want more of this. (Especially if Cas’s assumption about Dean is right..oh dear chuck)

Title:  Willowsbend

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 51,000
Summary:In the town of Willowsbend, the Supernatural police unit went by the name of Dean Winchester. Unfortunately for Dean, the Supernatural population of Willowsbend was zero. So Dean spent the majority of his time calming paranoid housewives when their pipes rattled and chasing off wildlife that over-zealous citizens were sure must be shifters. It’s a tiring job, full of false-starts and hysterical old ladies. It’s a rare day that Dean has to deal with anything truly Supernatural. That’s about to change, and it all begins with the arrival of one Castiel Novak.

Note: Witch!Cas might be the best thing ever? I love that the supernatural was a part of everyone’s life -  even if it is different to what we are used to. Slow built relationships are something that I enjoy immensely (even tho I DO like my pwps) This fic is so cuuuuuuute. Like a coffee shop AU bit with witches and cop!dean and just asdjsdfk. I’m sorry I’m really tired. I have sent this fic to all of my friends tho..so I (and they) can guarantee you its awesomeness :3

Title:  You Can Stretch Right Up and Touch the Sky

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 58,000
Summary:The thing about summers, is that they seem like they last forever, then suddenly it’s slipping through your fingers, and you’re scrambling to enjoy the end. Dean learns that this is true for other things as well, as he works as a counselor at Camp Kripke, the summer after high school. In an enclosed environment like Kripke, rumors fly faster than the zip line, and suddenly everyone’s talking about him and the attractive head chef.

Note: I wish I had taken some time to read this..but, as always, I read it in one go. Now I’m super sad it’s over :’( I want more of Dean and camp shenanigans? I generally love Dean with kids and this is just super precious aaah! I think I need to reread it???!! *cough* I’ve just finished this haha. God I want more. I hope she uploads timestamps? PRETTY PLEASE? The only thing I don’t get is the rating coz - yes -  they do have sex but it’s like 2 scenes and the main thing is over in like 5 paragraphs? so there could be more porn. Other than that it’s absolutely perfect. I loved this verse so much AAAH. 
Okay I think I need sleep now..ermm yes I’m gonna go take a shower and then go to bed! I hope you enjoy this week’s fics :) Love you guys

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