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Going through my likes, finding interesting looking people and using their looks as angel design inspirations.  These characters may or may not even be used in the comic but I like coming up with them anyways. 

So this one is Azza, a fallen angel of strength.  He was punished for doing the nasty with a human woman and suspended upside down between heaven and earth.  (And he’s not the only one, Semyaza has a thing for women too, although got away with it.  How do these genderless angels have such active sex lives anyways?)  finger game be strong

When you suddenly realize

Clary and Tessa were only fifteen when all this …. Really started happening to them. And then, less than two years later they have saved the world. Possibly more than once.

And THEN you realize. They are all practically children. They should be figuring out the best way to not tell mom they failed the math test or what weekend is best for a movie date. but the weight of the world actually rests on the shoulders of a small squad of teenagers. Woah.

What kind of boyfriend would Jaemin be?

- You and Jaemin both attend the same high school, but you have zero knowledge that the other exists
- He’s in the year above you, and he’s also impossible to get to
- Due to his idol status, his attendance is more than a little spotty, and even when he does show up to school, he’s constantly being harassed by rabid fangirls
- You’re not a loner or anything, but you are a free spirit who definitely prefers having her own space and doing her own thing
- While all your friends eat lunch together in the nosiy and overcrowded cafeteria, you like to go to the rooftop and indulge in some alone time
- Your day had started out well enough, but it quickly turned into the stuff of nightmares, you flunked an exam, got hit in the head repeatedly with a volleyball in gym, and you’re suffering from the worst cramps ever
- Jaemin’s day just so happens to be equally crappy, he also failed an exam, he can’t seem to learn the new choreography, and the fangirls won’t leave him alone  
- While trying to evade his stalkers, Jaemin stumbles upon the staircase leading up to the roof, where the two of you meet for the first time
- It’s pretty much love at first sight for both of you, you’re the only girl in school who actually treats him like a normal human being and he isn’t a jackass like every other guy you know
- He’s a total sweetheart who will do anything and everything for you, within reason of course
- Between school and his career, you would assume he has no time for you, but that’s where you’d be wrong, he makes time
- You guys always sneak off to the rooftop to spend your lunch periods together, he calls you between practice sessions, and constantly snapchats you whenever he goes on tour or out of the country
- I feel like he can be a little clingy every now and then, but it’s only because he really, really loves you, and attention
- When you two first started talking he was so beyond awkward, but it’s kind of charming when he does it
- He takes such good care of you, regardless of your age, he is going to baby you
- He always makes sure you’re dressed warmly in the winter, that you’re wearing sunscreen in the summer, that you’re eating enough without overdoing it because he doesn’t want you ending up with a stomachache
- Jaemin loves it when you shower him with affection, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in public, but he’s someone who wants you to constantly affirm and reaffirm your love for him
- You two have super embarrassing nicknames for each other, which you only use in private because the one time you used them in front of his members they made fun of you for six straight months
- He wants to do everything with you as a couple: couples cooking, couples outfits, couples yoga, couples cleaning, you guys even got couples detention once
- He’d honestly be happy doing anything as long as he gets to do whatever it is with you
- Don’t ever give him the silent treatment because it’ll most likely lead to waterworks and an even clingier Jaemin
- Every time he has a new comeback he consults you on what he should do with his hair
- He’s very open with you about everything, like when you first met he was almost too shy to talk to you and now you’re like woah, Jaemin TMI
- I feel like he might come off as a little flirty when he’s speaking to other girls, but that’s only because he’s such a friendly guy, you’ll quickly realize you have nothing to worry about because all of his love is for you
- You two are literally so in love that from an outsiders perspective it’s a little disgusting

anonymous asked:

Vaxus, if you weren't with Dorian, who are some of the OCs you would bang.

Now, the thing with Vaxus and banging is that he would expect something more. He tried banging once, he was drunk, it was his first time, he came too fast, got too emotional and started crying on top of some girl whose name he didn’t even remember. It was awful. 

As for OCs he would be attracted to: the list is long. For starters @andrasstaie Ashley Hawke. Hawke is a huge hero to Vaxus and he already has a crush on her just from Varric’s book. He would gladly sleep with her is he wasn’t so unsure of his skills. Also he’s not sure if Hawke would be interested in more solid relationship (so far he has no idea that she’s Sebastian’s wife). 

There are many great Trevelyans out there too. For example he would very much like to put a smile on Luther’s face (@elidoo) and Raymond’s (@weresquirrel) jokes and innuendos are making him sexualy frustrated. Let’s not forget Gabriel (@farewellibra) and his amazing cheekbones. Plus things he can do with his magic? He would blow Vax’s mind. 

@thereluctantinquisitor Varlen Lavellan is the most handsome elf Vaxus ever seen. What he woudn’t do to just put his fingers into elf’s hair. Reif Lavellan (@black-rose4) once said she would climb Vax like a tree …that got his attention. Also don’t tell L’Houis (@sanzosin) but Vax wonders how his lips would taste like quite often.

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