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currently trying to figure out how to sell my soul to Kings in Couture by @forovnix?? any thoughts??


“How do you get your information, Mister Brekker?”
“You might say I’m a lockpick.”
“You must be a very gifted one.”
“I am indeed.” Kaz leaned back slightly. “You see, every man is a safe, a vault of secrets and longings. Now, there are those who take the brute’s way, but I prefer a gentler approach - the right pressure applied at the right moment, in the right place. It’s a delicate thing.”
“Do you always speak in metaphors, Mister Brekker?”
Kaz smiled. “It’s not a metaphor.”
He was out of his chair before his chains hit the ground.

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woah thank u for changing the post, that is rlly considerate of u. it's a very pretty post btw

You’re welcome! I wasn’t even thinking of it being taken the wrong way the first time! So I’m happy you can enjoy it. The last thing I want to do is make people feel bad on their own positivity post. I love you very much!
I’m actually questioning my sexuality right now, I thought I was straight my whole life. (Until like 3 months ago) The more I think about it, I just want someone who I form a deep emotional connection with. I haven’t had much luck with guys, and I’m not very sexually driven. So I’m trying to figure out what’s best for me and what I’m looking for. Sorry if that’s tmi

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I wish to shower you in love because you are amazing and your art is out of this world. And any anon hate you get are people who need to get a life cause you have done nothing wrong to deserve such treatment. Love ya, Sini 💙

woah there thank u but it was just 1 anon

I just want to let y'all know that when you start shipping ships that aren’t NozoEli, NicoMaki, RinPana, or KotoUmi, I’m here for you. I am here as your minor ship hotline.

Everyone laughs at you cos you think NicoPana is cute? It’s okay, I know that feel.

People want to smack you upside the face cos you ship Maki with anyone other than Nico? It’s okay, I know this feel wholeheartedly.

Nobody knows where the fuck you got RinYukiho or AnjuMaki from but you still ship it anyway? That’s okay, you’re not alone because I ship it too.

I am here.

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I love your mix tapes! How do you discover so much good music? Also, I love your YouTube channel. I'm taking World History AP next year and your vids have just been so great so far. Any extra advice? :)

ahh woah thank u! i love compliments on my music taste! i usually surf songza, 8tracks, soundcloud, and random indie music blogs :] 

i can help ya out beb !

good luck!