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“How do you get your information, Mister Brekker?”
“You might say I’m a lockpick.”
“You must be a very gifted one.”
“I am indeed.” Kaz leaned back slightly. “You see, every man is a safe, a vault of secrets and longings. Now, there are those who take the brute’s way, but I prefer a gentler approach - the right pressure applied at the right moment, in the right place. It’s a delicate thing.”
“Do you always speak in metaphors, Mister Brekker?”
Kaz smiled. “It’s not a metaphor.”
He was out of his chair before his chains hit the ground.

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I just want to let y'all know that when you start shipping ships that aren’t NozoEli, NicoMaki, RinPana, or KotoUmi, I’m here for you. I am here as your minor ship hotline.

Everyone laughs at you cos you think NicoPana is cute? It’s okay, I know that feel.

People want to smack you upside the face cos you ship Maki with anyone other than Nico? It’s okay, I know this feel wholeheartedly.

Nobody knows where the fuck you got RinYukiho or AnjuMaki from but you still ship it anyway? That’s okay, you’re not alone because I ship it too.

I am here.


Please note that my translation might not be 100% accurate. >< This is 31~60 answers of UNIQ. Please take credits when taking out~ ^v^ 

31. Song you want fans to listen to and why?
Sungjoo: Kim Jinho - Family photo (lyrics are really touching)
Seungyoun: Run Away (Kanye West), I (Kendrick Lamar)
Yixuan: Not afraid
Wenhan: The song we are (currently) preparing ^^
Yibo: We dem boyz (It has really nice melody and beat is addicting)

32. If you weren’t UNIQ, what will you be doing?
Sungjoo: Busking with friends
Seungyoun: Soccer player
Yixuan: Director, choreographer
Wenhan: Doing business or doing basketball.
Yibo: I will be dancing

33. If it’ll be end of the world next week, what’s the thing that you’d definitely do?
Sungjoo: To be with my family
Seungyoun: Won’t think of anything and just have fun
Yixuan: Go back to my home
Wenhan: Will go on a driving with my loved ones
Yibo: I will spend time with my family

34. Something that you definitely want to try/do this year?
Sungjoo: Duet with Bruno Mars.
Seungyoun: Make fans listen to my own compostition
Yixuan: Travel while writing lyrics
Wenhan: Write lyrics
Yibo: Write lyrics and produce

35. Meeting fans, you will?
Sungjoo: (I will say) I love you~ (ddua-rang-hab-ni-da~!)
Seungyoun: Will sing for them
Yixuan: Smile for them and praise them
Wenhan: I will play guitar
Yibo: I will say thank you for supporting us

36. Secret part of your body that other people doesn’t know?
Sungjoo: Nothing
Seungyoun: My shoulders are quite broad
Yixuan: Nothing
Wenhan: In my 21 years, I still don’t know where my knee jerk reaction
Yibo: Nothing

37. UNIQ after 10 years?
Sungjoo: I’ll be doing the music that I want!
Seungyoun: Artist
Yixuan: 10th year anniversary concert of UNIQ
Wenhan: After 10 years, or even 20 years, we will be together
Yibo: We will be performing a stage that we composed

38. Words you want to hear the most from someone?
Sungjoo: You’re like Bruno Mars!!
Seungyoun: I recognize you
Yixuan: You’re not only an idol, but also an artist
Wenhan: I was touched with Wenhan’s voice!
Yibo: Your dance is really cool~ (shocked!)

39. Animal that you think you look a like?
Sungjoo: Siberian Husky
Seungyoun: Fox, weasel, etc.
Yixuan: Cow or horse
Wenhan: Wolf or puppy
Yibo: Leopard and wolf

40. Something you want to try besides being a singer?
Sungjoo: Modeling
Seungyoun: Fashion business
Yixuan: Acting, book writing, poem writing
Wenhan: Acting
Yibo: Choreographer

41. Place you want to go to if you have a girlfriend?
Sungjoo: Day trip to Maldives
Seungyoun: Anywhere is good
Yixuan: Beach
Wenhan: A place where my girlfriend wants to go to. To go to Boston and watch NBA
Yibo: Ireland, France

42. Favorite clothing style?
Sungjoo: Dandy, long clothing, hiphop,
Seungyoun: … I like everything
Yixuan: knit clothing, suits, hiphop style
Wenhan: knit, hoodies, casual suits
Yibo: Hiphop style, casual suits

43. Favorite place in Seoul?
Sungjoo: Samcheongdong
Seungyoun: My home~ (heh!)
Yixuan: Garusogil
Wenhan: Itaewon
Yibo: Hongdae

44. Member that was hard for you to get along with?
Sungjoo: None
Seungyoun: None
Yixuan: None
Wenhan: Myself
Yibo: None

45. If there’s a time machine, in what time you would want to travel?
Sungjoo: 2011
Seungyoun: 2000
Yixuan: 2055, I want to talk to my future self
Wenhan: 1994, 7, 22 (his birthday)
Yibo: 1997, 8, 5 (his birthday)

46. What are you doing on your rest-day?
Sungjoo: I sleep a lot
Seungyoun: Just really rest
Yixuan: Watch movie, shopping, sports, read books
Wenhan: Watch movies, shopping, fitness, sleep
Yibo: Shopping, game, watch movies

47. If you’re going to describe yourself as a title?
Sungjoo: Moonshine
Seungyoun: Crazy
Yixuan: Not afraid
Wenhan: With my voice (?)
Yibo: Turn up the music

48. Movie or book that became as a turning point in your life?
Sungjoo: The Bible
Seungyoun: 8 miles
Yixuan: The secret
Wenhan: Before I go to sleep
Yibo: None

49. If you would be another member for a day, who will you want to be and why?
Sungjoo: Yibo, who’s a good dancer.
Seungyoun: I’m good with myself
Yixuan: Yibo, I want to have Yibo’s cold image haha
Wenhan: Wenhan, Wenhan is really good-looking
Yibo: Sungjoo, who has a nice voice

50. If you go to a cafe, what will you drink?
Sungjoo: Ice Americano
Seungyoun: Green tea frappuccino
Yixuan: Americano or Latte
Wenhan: Green tea latte
Yibo: Tea latte

51. Something necessary when you’re going out?
Sungjoo: Bruno Mars’ music, wallet
Seungyoun: Wallet, watch
Yixuan: Pens, lyrics notes, iPod, perfume
Wenhan: Earphones, PSV
Yibo: Laptop, cap

52. You would want to be remembered in public as?
Sungjoo: People with touching songs, influential group in the world
Seungyoun: Artist
Yixuan: Inspiring group to all ages
Wenhan: An all around artist that you can always anticipate to
Yibo: An alla round artist with skills and good-looks

53. If you would get an opportunity to compose a song, what style would it be?
Sungjoo: Bruno Mars-like style
Seungyoun: If I can, I want to try everything
Yixuan: Song that has an atmosphere and a song that gives a good mood
Wenhan: Rhytimic ballad song. Lyrics and melody that will symphatize with people
Yibo: Song that you’d get addicted from the first time you hear it, song with strong rhythm

54. Favorite fruit?
Sungjoo: Tangerine, orange
Seungyoun: Orange, grape, tangerine, apple, mango, Açaí palm, banana melon, water melon, etc (I like every fruits)
Yixuan: Plums, watermelon, orange, grapes
Wenhan: Watermelon, Kiwi
Yibo: Watermelon, peaches, Lychee

55. (Are you) A bad guy? a good guy? what kind of guy?
Sungjoo: Nice guy
Seungyoun: Good-bad guy?
Yixuan: If fans would think of me, what kind of man i am?
Wenhan: Real Man
Yibo: A man among men. A cool guy

56. Unicorns; to you are?
Sungjoo: Swag
Seungyoun: A friend (*Someone who’s always on my side)
Yixuan: Cutest people
Wenhan: Girlfiend
Yibo: Noona (older sister)

57. Snow or rain?
Sungjoo: Snow
Seungyoun: Rain is good when I’m at home. When I’m outside, snow is nice
Yixuan: If it’s only a little rain, I like it. I like it when it’s snowing so hard
Wenhan: I don’t like both
Yibo: Snow

58. 3 songs that you like to listen to recently?
Sungjoo: Kim Jinho - Family picute. Bruno Mars - Uptownfunk. Kim Bumsoo - Last love
Seungyoun: Beenzino - If I die tomorrow. Kendrick Lamar - I. Kyuhyun - At Gwanghwamun
Yixuan: B.O.B - Not fo long. Pitbull - Time of our lives. And the song I’m writing
Wenhan: August Alsina - Downtown. Adam Lambet - Autlaws of love. Maroon 5 - Animals
Yibo: Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz. August Alsina - Down town. Justin Timberlake - TKO (Black Friday Remix)

59. When you save up a lot of money, what do you do?
Sungjoo: Buy clothes
Seungyoun: Buy a house
Yixuan: Travel
Wenhan: Invest
Yibo: Buy clothes

60. When practicing until late and gets hungry, what food or snack do you guys always eat?
ALL: Hamburger, Snacks, Energy drink, Chicken, Pizza.