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Submit Anon: “Baka, this is all your fault for ignoring me when I love you!”
This is kind of a long story, but it’s based on true events that actually happened in my life. A trigger warning for sexual harassment as well. H = Me, M = Weeb, L = Friend.

It all started off on the first day of high school, I was always the type to be nervous on the first day of school but I never thought I would encounter someone like I did with M. M wasn’t your typical girl, she was an insane weeaboo. From her broken Japanese, her unhealthy obsession with Japan, and putting others down solely because of the country being better than all the other ones.

We were good friends at first, I thought she was nice, I thought it’d be enjoyable to had make some new friends that year, but boy was I wrong. When she figured out I was Japanese, she went from overly-friendly to bat shit crazy, she went overboard. She would start saying things like, “H-kun, sugoi, ne?” or “Woah, that’s so kawaii!” and it began to really piss me off.

I tried distancing myself away from her, regretting the decision of even coming close to her, but it’s like she knew I was going to break off with her, because that’s when everything went terribly wrong.

Normally friends would exchange phone numbers, right? Well I did that with her beforehand and I got texted by her non-stop, about how I should pack her in a suitcase if I went to Japan or taking pictures with this horrid makeup asking if she looked relatively close to Japanese, I had enough by then.

I called my phone service and blocked her number as soon as it got too much for me to handle, I thought that was the end. But you know, I was wrong again. That’s when I started talking to L about her, telling him how crazy she was, and we joked about how she acted and thought nothing of it.

A few weeks of me ignoring her, she happened to come up again. A classmate of mine, who must’ve been at least an acquaintance of hers, told me that M wanted to apologize to me. L told me that it wouldn’t be a good idea, but I insisted that she maybe wanted to try and apologize for the way she was acting. I walked right into that trap when I met her after school.

I thought it was suspicious that she wanted to meet me after school, but at the time, I thought nothing of it. Until I felt a pair of hands come from behind me and literally slip into my pants. Frightened, I jumped away and turned around and it was her. I had no idea what was going on because nothing like that had ever happened to me before.

“It’s okay, H-kun, you look so cute when you’re scared.. aren’t you the cutest like uke?” After she said that, I bolted for it, but she was faster than me. She caught up to me and tackled me onto the ground, holding me from behind, and I can tell you I’ve never felt so violated in my damn life.

Her hands started fondling my crotch while I was struggling to push her off of me, unfortunately, I really have no muscle. I’m a really skinny guy with no strength to push a girl like her off of me.

She covered my mouth with one of her hands and after a while, she got my pants unbuckled, cue me biting her hand as hard as I could, that’s when I screamed on the top of my lungs. She attempted to cover my mouth again but I kept thrashing my head so she couldn’t so someone could hear me.

I was scared for my life, but another student heard me and came to my help, pulling the girl off of me. She snapped as the guy held her back and she screamed at me, “Baka, this is all your fault for ignoring me when I love you!”

I won’t go into further details, but she got the punishment she deserved and I never seen her after that day but the face when she lost her temper all the way is forever embodied in my mind.