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Mafia au sentence starters

“So you got the money?”

“Are you really gonna try to go after me?”

“Listen,kid,you’re talking to the biggest name in organized crime right now,don’t piss me off…”

“Okay,but I ain’t gonna find a horse head in my bed like in godfather,right?”

“One more fucking thing out of you and you’re done for.”

“Woah,woah,easy now,huh? Kid’s just starting out.”

“How are you suppose to replace me if you can’t go one second without tryin’ beat the shit out of someone?”

“Listen,it’s not all about intimidation,alright? You gotta know how to lead to…”

“So you’re the leader of which gang now?”

“Did someone disrespect you?”

“Listen,alright just hear me out,I’ll have your money just not right now.”

“Is it too cliche if I say I’m Italian?”

“Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

“So you want a favor,huh?”

“Okay,maybe I was a little harsh,but do it again and I’ll cut your eyes out.”

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Hello! Sweet dear Mod Kay, our sweet lawfully good reader got lost in one of those dangerous downtown neighborhoods and stumbled upon a weird looking dude. She tried to reach Ben - her boyfriend - but his phone was off. Clutching to the strap of her bag, she ran into an alley. He followed her, but before she could scream, his face collided with the wall and the fist of a much bigger, masked man, visibly enraged.

(PART 2) As the man was done with the mugger, he approached the terrified, trembling reader and pinched her chin with his, lifting her face so she looked him. “Don’t leave your boyfriend’s side. Ever.” He spat, his voice distorted by the vocoder of the helmet.

Hello, everyone, I am back. Again. Finals are done. I’m moved back home. I’m settling in. I’m hoping to get back to a regular writing schedule but I will be also taking some time for myself to write for my other fics, too. Gotta keep the balance. 

Your fingers trembled around your phone as you rushed down the dark street, eyes wide and searching the dark behind you as one of the shady looking individuals leaning on the building corner extinguished his cigarette against the wall of the building, his head turned towards your retreating form. 

Once you turned the corner of the building, your shaking hands finally unlocked your phone and going to your contacts, you hit Ben’s number immediately. With the receiver at your ear, you listen to the low buzz as it rings, your head swiveling back to look behind you. 

Just at the last second, when you turned another corner of another building, you see the silhouetted figure of the man as he followed behind you. 

“Come on, Ben. Come on. Please…” You whispered under your breath, pacing picking up to a very fast walk as you loop around another building corner. Again, though, you can hear the footsteps behind you and your breathing speeds up. 


“Ben! Oh, thank God! I’m—“

“—uh, Ben can’t come to the phone right now. If you want, leave your name and number, that would be cool, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.” Your heart sunk in your chest as the recording played.

“Fuck,” you whispered under your breath before you were pulling the phone from your ear. Glancing back, you found that the guy was behind you and was walking just as quickly as you were, trying to catch up

Heart pounding in your chest, you hurried along, fingers frantically typing out the emergency contact for the police. You didn’t press call, though. Not yet.

You were sure you were about to emerge out onto another public road and things would be okay. It didn’t hurt to be safe, though. 

Still, watching the man behind you, you faced forward once more as you rounded another corner and ran into something, causing you to yelp in surprise. 

Hands gripped your upper arms and your eyes were so wide as you looked up into the face of a towering individual clad head to toe in black. He wore an intimidating helmet that seemingly covered the entirety of his head, the man’s shoulders hunching forward slightly to make him seem predatory. 

The footsteps behind you came closer and then stopped entirely. 

“Hey, bud. Why don’t you fuck off? Let go of my girl and we won’t have any problems.” 

Your… girl?” The voice rumbling through the strange vocoder is so deep and sent a shudder down your spine. The masked face turns slowly back to you from where he held you tightly. 

Your eyes went wide, “No! No, please! He’s not my boyfriend, he’s chasing me! Please, sir!” 

“Dude, seriously. Let go of her,” there was suddenly a hand on your shoulder, trying to pull you out of the black shadow’s grasp and yet the helmeted man stood firm. 

Suddenly, however, you were being pushed to the side, stumbling and catching yourself on the rough brick wall. There was a thud and a cry of pain as a half moment before you turned back, the looming black figure grabbing hold of the man from where he was doubled over, your follower being slammed into the wall a few feet from you. 

You think you’re so scary? Going after defenseless women just for the fuck of it? You sick fuck,” the vocoder growled out as the helmeted man slammed the other back into the wall, hard. “Listen here you little punk bitch. There are far scarier things out on the streets than you. Things and people who would eat you up and spit you out. I would sleep with your fucking eyes open if I were you…” 

Helmet was then pulling the man of the wall and throwing him down onto the ground, your stalker tumbling along the ground, scraping up his hands and knees as he fell to the rough ground of the alley. For good measure, helmet kicked him hard in the side, sending him to the ground once more as he tried to get up. 

Helmet knelt down close to the man, squatting deeply so that he could be at ear-level with the other man as he struggled to clamor to his feet. 

Run…” he growled lowly into the man’s ear, “Run for your pathetic little life.” 

With that, your pseudo savior let the man up, your follower disappearing into the night, hobbling away as quickly as he could manage with the internal bruising he’d just received. 

You couldn’t help but feel mildly relieved now that he was gone, only for the masked man to turn slowly back to you. It was almost eerie how slowly he turned his head towards you, the sightless void of his visor burning into you from where he stood a few feet away. 

And suddenly your heart was pounding hard in your chest again as the looming man stalked towards you slowly, his shoulders still hunched slightly almost as if to intimidate you. 

You wanted to run—bolt—out of there and yet you were seemingly frozen in place, your mind just then realizing how dangerous the man in front of you was. How effortlessly he had manhandled your follower and beat the ever loving shit out of him. 

You swallowed thickly, keen on running, only instead to turn your head to see six other black glad figures at the end of the alley, no doubt having watched the scene unfold. Every single one of them had on some sort of mask or helmet on, their faces disguised and their clothes varying in shades from black as night to graphite gray. 

A massive shadow fell over your form and your wide eyes snapped back to the man, your terrified gaze fixated on his covered face. 

You jerked slightly when a leather clad hand was touching your jaw, his index finger and thumb pinching around your chin to lift your face further so that he could look at you. 

“Don’t leave your boyfriend’s side. Ever.” He growled lowly, the vocoder of the helmet rumbling in the silent alley. “Now, go home. Before someone else decides they want to try for a piece of you. Understand?” You nod frantically in his grasp, your eyes still wide while your fingers were a vice around your phone at your side. “Good. Go.” 

He released you then and just as he said, you made a beeline for it, opting to head towards the mass of people in black at the other end of the alley. They parted for you wordlessly, all of them just shadows in the night as they all watched you hurry on by without so much as a glance back out onto the busier street. 

You don’t know when you started to but when your legs burned from running, you slowed down a bit, your chest heaving. You don’t know how far you’d gone but the alley was clear down the end of the long street behind you. 

You wanted to bend over and catch your breath when suddenly, the phone in your hand was vibrating. You didn’t even take time to look at the name before you answered it, your eyes still frantically searching the dark street for any other threats. You were still quite shaken. 

“Hey, angel. You tried to call me earlier and I didn’t answer. Sorry about that. Was busy at the shop. What’s up?” 

You nearly cried when you comprehended it was your boyfriend’s voice coming through the phone, “Oh, my God! Ben—I-I… Holy fucking shit, Ben.” You sobbed, tears springing to your eyes. “I-I can’t even talk right now. I’m-I’m scared and someone was chasing me—”

“Woah, woah, baby. Breathe. What’s wrong?” 

“I-I told you. Someone was chasing me and then there was this like… like this fucking gang that came and beat the shit out of him and I-I’m just… I’m still shaking, Ben. I’m so scared.” 

“Holy… fuck. Okay. Are you okay?” 

“Yeah. I’m really scared, though.” 

“Where are you? Do I need to come get you?” 

You looked down the street, “I’m not too far from home. Just a few streets over from the subway.” 

“Okay… Jesus,” he swore under his breath, “Go home and I promise I’ll be right over, okay? I’ll be there in a bit. Stay along the well-lit roads until you see more people.”


“Be safe, baby. I love you.”

“Love you, too, Benny.” 

Sighing, Ben handed the phone to one of the knights, the helmet held under his arm suddenly heavy in his grasp. 

“She okay?” 

“Yeah,” he answered, handing his helmet off to one of the others. “Pretty scared and shaken but she’ll be okay. Won’t be going out at night alone for awhile.” He shrugged out of his heavy moto jacket and handed it to the same knight. “I’m gonna go be with her. You guys shouldn’t need me anymore tonight regardless.” 

“Sounds like a plan, boss,” the first knight said, handing back the phone. 

The infamous Kylo Ren pulled his tight black long-sleeved shirt over his head, revealing his bright red Jurassic Park tee underneath. He looked down at his legs and the black skinny jeans and converse would have to do. 

“Get work done tonight, guys,” he murmured, stalking down the dark alley with his phone in his hand in case you needed to call him again, seeking more comfort before he could catch up with you. 

Losin Control- Michael Clifford Part 4

Last and final part!! Hope you guys have been liking this series!! Tell me what you think!!!

The next few weeks were nothing short of amazing….Michael was now your everything, and he constantly reminded you that you were his everything. You both seemed to spend every second together, and since the concert you had actually really gotten into his music. His band was really good, and you loved it when he’d sing to you, or play the guitar, or piano, or whatever instrument for you. You hadn’t met the rest of his band yet, but you seemed to constantly meet one of his fans.

It seemed like the more you both went out, the more people you would meet. So many girls coming up to you guys, asking for pictures and autographs from Michael. Some going as far as making conversation with you, trying to stay with you both as long as possible. You didn’t blame them, and actually enjoyed it most of the time. The times you didn’t enjoy though really upset you. Those times involved so called ‘fans’ approaching you both with one goal in mind. It was never hard to guess that goal with the way they threw themselves as Michael. Making sure to touch him as much as possible, and that their collars were pulled low and their skirts high. Michael smiled at the girls like this, agreed to take a picture like he always did, but he kept his distance and made sure to grab your hand or put his arm around you, making it clear to them he wasn’t interested.

This gave you some comfort, but not much. You hated how easily accessible girls were to him, all because he was Michael Clifford. You wished you could have him all to yourself, so he would never be tempted to hurt you like Jack did. Most of all you wished you quit thinking like that. You hated this black cloud that seemed to consume you at every moment, even in moments when you should feel nothing but pure happiness. Like the time Michael fist said those three words that made your heart wanna burst. I love you. Even though you smiled, and told him I love you too, there was a voice in the back of your mind that said liar.  

You were currently waiting for Michael to get back. He said he was going to a recording session and that it would be awhile. You didn’t expect it to be this long though, it was already past 10pm. You were at his place, somewhere you found yourself a lot lately because you felt bad staying with your sister. Slowly you were moving in, but for now it was like you unofficially lived at Michael’s apartment. You heard your phone ringing on the table. Assuming it was Michael you answered it without looking at the caller id.

“Hey Mikey when are you-”


You froze at that voice. No, no, no, no…

“Y/n is that you baby?”


“Babe…it’s so nice to hear you voice. I missed you so much. You never came back, and I just wanna say sorry baby. Come home, I need you…”


“Did you get the picture I just sent?”

You heard a beep from your phone, you opened the message to find a picture of you and Jack from a long time ago. Back when you truly loved him, and he loved you. A time when you thought you’d be together forever…

“What the fuck Jack?”


“No! You can’t do this shit!!” You screamed.

“Baby…calm down…I miss you…”

“You? Miss me? Funny. Why don’t you go call one of the many girls you were with while you were with me”

“Y/n…you know that was a mistake. I love you”

“Fuck you”

“What the fuck is your problem Y/n? You fucking someone else?”

“That’s none of your business Jack”

“Is that who the 'Mikey’ is? Some new guy you’re fucking? You think you can replace me?” There was a slight slur to his voice, so you knew he’d been drinking. No surprise there.

“You can’t-”

“I’m the best you’ll ever get Y/n, can’t you see that? You think anyone else will put up with you? Why do you think I cheated on you anyway? Why do you think I need to have a drink in order to even look at you? Just you wait…this new guy will be gone soon, then you’ll have to come crawling back to me…” He laughed. His words were like knives straight to your heart.

“Fuck you”


By the time Michael finally got home, you were in a very dark place.

“Hey babe. Sorry it took so long! Was stuck on this one verse but I think I finally figured it out…are you ok?” Michael asked, seeing you sitting on the couch, tears in your eyes and mascara running down your face.

“Y/n…what happened?” He asked, going to pull you into a hug. As soon as he reached out for you though, you screamed.

“Don’t touch me!!”

“Y/n??!! What???”

“Don’t touch me! Don’t even come near me! You lying piece of shit!”

“Y/n? What happened? Did I do something?”

“I don’t know Michael, tell me who you did. Coming back here at nearly midnight…”

“Woah where is this coming from?”

“So there is someone else isn’t there? I cant believe Jack was right. It’s always the same thing isn’t it? I knew it couldn’t be true…”

“Woah, back up. Jack? When did you talk to him?!”

“He called me earlier…told me its all my fault…maybe it is…so I guess I cant blame you…” You started crying again, and couldn’t stop. You were sobbing so hard you didn’t even notice Michael walking up to you again, pulling you into his lap, and wrapping his arms around you. You cried in his chest, tears soaking his shirt, as he rubbed your back.

“Shhhh…Y/n….it’s ok…”

“No it’s not….”

“Yes it is…”


“You wanna tell me what happened?”

“Jack called me…”

“Yes. I know. Now what did he say?”

“He misses me, and that he’s the only guy that would put up with me. He said….He said it was my fault. All of it…that you’ll leave me too…and it was only a matter of time before you found someone else”

“Hey…look at me”

You glanced up at him, his face full of hurt and anger, but also so much love.

“Do you really think I’d do that to you Y/n?”

“I-” you said looking down.

“Y/n. Look at me. Answer the question.”

“I don’t know”

“You don’t know….Have I ever given you any doubts? Have I ever done anything to make it seem like I don’t love you?”


“Do you think I don’t love you?”

You looked into his eyes…and you knew the answer.

“I know you do”

“Than why..???”

You started crying again…not able to explain what you were feeling. You were so confused, and it felt like all the emotions inside you were going to make you explode…

“Y/n….shhhh….it’s alright. Don’t listen to that asshole. He’s a pathetic loser, you know this.”

“I-I know…”

“And hey…” He said, cupping your chin and lifting it up so you were looking at him again. “I love you. Truly and honestly. There is no other girl that can make me feel the way you do. I look into your eyes, and I know you’re the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m NOT Jack, and I would NEVER hurt you like that. You are my world Y/n…”

“I-I love you too Mikey…I’m sorry…”

“Don’t apologize… I know where you’re coming from, that asshole hurt you, but I’m not going to do that. I just wish you would understand that, and that you won’t forget it every time you go into this dark frame of mind…”

“I know…I’m sorry…I just-”

He cut you off by kissing your lips gently. Such a tender kiss, filled with so much love…the kind of kiss that let you know exactly what he was feeling…the kind of kiss you could get lost in….the kind of kiss that sent all your worries and insecurities away…

“I love you Y/n”

“I know…and I love you…”

“Good…now come on…it’s been a long day for both of us…let’s get some sleep” He said, picking you up from the couch and carrying you to his room.

Devious - Devil!AU

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Baekhyun Devil!AU // Halloween

a/n: Just something really short that I had in mind, I’m kind of a sucker for mysterious daredevils.

Don’t take those small roads where there’s nobody when you’re alone at night, especially if you’re a girl. Such a simple tip but because you chose convenience over safety you completely ignored it. Oh, how you wish you didn’t..

With a knife pressed right below your ribs the man in front of you threatened to stab you if you didn’t hand over your belongings. “Give me everything!” He yelled.

“I don’t have any more!” You cried out with shaky legs and sweat dripping from your forehead. He already had your purse and there was nothing in your pockets. What more could he want? You smelled something sour mixed with a heavy scent of alcohol, so you could guess why the robber is being like this.

He groaned in annoyance, “You dumb wrench! I said everything!” The knife was pressed even further onto your skin and you feel the pain, looking down you could see yourself actually bleeding from the cut.

“That’s not really a nice thing to call a lady.” 

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Request: Hello! Can you do one where EXO overhears a group of people talking false shit about you?

admin k: i didn’t have many gifs to choose from so sorry that they’re basically all the same hahaha but this was pretty fun lol



The “I’m going to fucking glare at you from a distance until you shut up” guy who avoids direct conflict

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The “what the fuck did you just say about [Name] you asshole” guy who immediately drops what he’s doing to give the shit talkers his best Satansoo glare

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The “woah, woah, woah, hold up bitches, let me get something straight” guy who just jumps into the conversation to add his twenty cents and makes things even worse

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The “are you really fucking kidding me right now. Really.” guy who watches unamused from afar because he’s tired of dealing with this shit

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The “I can’t wait to fuck someone up” guy who has murder written across his face as he approaches the shit talkers

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The “are these bitches talking shit about [Name] right now? For real? What am I hearing?” guy who continues to watch the shit talkers to see if they say anything about him

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The “hold my shit so I can set these bitches straight” guy who takes off his hat for no reason whatsoever

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The “silently preparing to roast the shit talkers in the evillest way possible” guy who probably roasts them in his next mixtape

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The “aw naw these bitches just went there, these bitches wanna fight” guy who’s refraining from knocking someone out because he’s the hyung and has to set a good example for his dongsaengs

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The “oh, you guys misunderstand! Please let me explain!” guy who tries to set the shit talkers straight in a civilised manner then offers them weed afterwards

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The “did you just hear what those bitches said about [Name]?! I’m gonna wushu their- don’t hold me back!!!” guy who tries to start a fight but gets held back

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The guy who starts a fight

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Hey 😱

Send me a ”hey” and i’ll do this:

1. First impression: WOAH she’s so cool, cute and funny! Her selfies give me life! ;-; bless her!!! Her personal posts are relatable too. She favors keith!!!! Finally someone that understands!!! And won’t butcher Keith ;-; and especially not sheith! She has so many friends! What a lovely person! Ayeeee she’s from Mexico and speaks Spanish!!! *slides into her Ask*- ME LLAMO DEY!!!

2. Truth is: Your snapchat selfies make me a little gayer

3. How old do you look: 10,000 years old Or 18

4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes!!! (When we have our talk shit moments I am wheezing)

5. Have you ever made me mad: Curl almost 😂but I was just a bit annoyed so it’s cool!

6. Best feature: physically your face!! Personality your really genuine and don’t take bs (^:

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: at a time I did. It was more of my fascination of you XD

8. You’re my: voltron news reporter lmfao

9. Name in my phone: I don’t have you in my phone.

10. Should you post this too? !Sííí!

BTS React: “Can you do a reaction for all of them when their gf punches someone for chatting shit about them”

Rap Monster: after watching what just happened he’d say “omg woah! Remind me to never mess with you” but after seeing how serious you were he’d help calm you down by rubbing your back telling you “listen sweetheart, i know you only did this because the heat of the moment but you shouldn’t let ignorant people get to you that way”

Jimin: after giving a the silent treatment all the way home, he’d help you ice your knuckles and talk to you softly about how violence is never the answer “baby, I know you’d do anything to protect me but violence and fighting is never the answer, there will always be people like that. I never want to see you do that, even if you think they deserves it” and kiss your forehead telling you he forgives you after you apologize

Suga: he’d be shocked and slightly impressed seeing what you did. After the incident he would say “wow babe, you got guts! You were like a whole other person, but next time you should just walk away from people as ridiculous as her” giving you a pat on the head while smiling at you.  

Jin: he’d be extremely bothered witnessing that you just hit someone, saying “Jagiya! How could you result to violence!? This isn’t the way to handle things your a lady you should know better!” after giving you a bit of the the silent treatment he’d hug you and say “just promise you won’t do it again”

V: he’d be in disbelief with his mouth hanging open trying to comprehend and process how you could do such a thing, he’d say “but how?? Your so cute and sweet, how could you even be capable????? I don’t like you fighting jagi!” while pouting at you

Jhope: after seeing you lose your cool the mood would turn silent and  awkward until he says “wow that was cool but scary at the same time I never expected that out of you” after apologizing a thousand times he would reassure you he wasn’t mad but he’d tell you not to pay attention to people like that

Jungkook: After seeing you punch someone in the face he’d be kinda of mad. When you apologize he’d say something like “you’re not supposed to do things like that, are you crazy? what if they had a knife or a gun?? You know i don’t like confrontation!” after he takes some time to cool down Jungkook would make sure your hand is okay and tend to you.

-Ellie and Kitty 

Secret Relationship- A Sammy Wilk Imagine (Requested)


“Sammy I hear voices stopppp they can’t see us.” I whined as my boyfriend Sammy currently had me pressed up against a wall backstage at the venue.

Rather than listening to me he kept kissing my neck. My fingers were tangled in his hair, I didn’t want him to stop but it was necessary. Sammy and I had been dating for a few months now, we didn’t tell anyone, not even our friends. Since Sammy’s career had taken off we didn’t want the fans to find out and freak out, so the less people we told the less of a chance we had at the news breaking.

As the voices grew louder I pushed Sammy off of me and fixed my clothes and hair. Sammy winked at me. “You know, it’s still so hot being all secretive with you.”

“Hey we’ve been looking for you guys everywhere! Sam you go on in ten!” Johnson said accompanied by Nate.

“Awesome!” Sam said as we headed towards the stage.

“Y/N are you hanging backstage or you going to VIP in the crowd?” Nate asked me.

“I’ll be watching backstage, like usual!” I said to Nate.

“Good we can hang out and talk and stuff.” Nate said as I noticed Sammy eyeing Nate, clearly pissed off. This was the downside to secretly dating, being hit on and watching your boyfriend get jealous but not be able to do anything about it.

“Since when did you wanna start hanging out with Y/N? Haven’t you been talking to that other girl.” Sammy questioned.

I couldn’t help but laugh at Sammy’s determination to keep his friends away from me.

“Come on man, don’t ruin my game.” Nate said shaking his head.


Sammy’s set was amazing as usual. The fans screamed at every body roll and as soon as he took his shirt off.

As I cheered on from the side of the stage, I was joined by the other guys: JackG, Jack J and Nate. As usual Nate was trying his best to talk to me and get me to go with him to a private room. I felt bad because he was trying so hard.

Nate even wrapped his arm around me, before I could even move away Sammy had glanced over and saw the whole thing.

“Woah can we stop the music for a sec, I need to do something.” Sammy said into the mic as the music stopped.

“Shit.” I muttered under my breath.

“What the fuck is he doing?” Jack G questioned looking as clueless as everyone else.

“I wanna bring someone on stage, I gotta come clean about something!” Sammy continued.

I stood there, feeling nervous as ever. I knew what he was about to do.

“I want you all to meet my girlfriend, Y/N! Come on out babe!” Sammy said.

“What the hell, since when have you guys been dating?!” Nate questioned as I walked onto the stage, to my surprise the audience erupted into applause.

“Please respect our relationship, I’m so crazy about this girl. She’s honestly so amazing and such a great person she doesn’t deserve any hate or backlash!” Sammy said as he kissed me on the forehead, causing the fans to scream even louder.

I walked off stage back to the guys who were very stunned.

“How did you keep that a secret for so long?” Jack J asked.

“We’re just really good secret keepers I guess.” I said with a laugh.

“I’m so sorry for trying to get with you Y/N. I promise I won’t do it again.” Nate said smiling.

“Damn, I just wish I got my chance with you Y/N.” Jack G joked.

After Sammy’s set he came over to us extremely sweaty and tired. For the first time in our relationship he kissed me with other people present.

When we broke apart he smiled down at me. “I’m so happy we can do this now, and none of you better ever hit on my girl again.” Sammy warned the guys.

“You have nothing to worry about! I’m sorry about earlier.” Nate apologized again.

“Who knew you guys would be so cute.” Johnson said smiling at the two of us.

“So happy this is all out in the open now, except I’m gonna miss our secret hookups.” I said with a wink.

  • Friend: ok so umm I don't ship Phan instead I ship Dan and Louise.
  • Me: alrighty :)
  • Friend: where's the knife?
  • Me: knife?
  • Friend: aren't you going to like kill me because I'm not into Phan. If you don't want to be my friend because I don't ship it then-
  • Me: WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH...dude, please give me some credit at least. Whether you like Phan or ship someone else with Dan or Phil don't think it means I hate you or don't want to be your friend. It doesn't alter anything for me, hell you could hate Dan and Phil and I'd still talk to you.
  • Friend: ? Really
  • Me: yes really because everyone has different opinions and likes
Hope You're Happy Now - Part 2

word count: 1,969

part one

“Y/N…..Y/N…. wake up!” I groaned in response and turned over. “God damnit get up now or I will pour water on your head so help me God!” I let out an annoyed whine and finally opened my eyes. Lauren was standing over me with a mad look on her face.

“What?” I squeaked out. My voice raw from last night’s events.

“It’s noon and Siena and I want food” She moved to slide under the covers with me. “I know you’re probably hungry and we didn’t want to leave without you”

“Thanks for the consideration but I would rather not leave my bed all day or ever for that matter” I buried my face into my pillow, annoyed with the stingy feeling in my eyes.

“Y/N please get up, I know you’re upset but Calum is a dick and doesn’t deserve you being so upset over him” Lauren sighed and moved to spoon my body. “I hate seeing you like this”

I turned over to look at her and saw a concerned expression lace her face. I sighed and rubbed my eyes, smudging my eyeliner and mascara even more. “It just sucks ya know? Loving someone who will never love you back” I didn’t even realize I was crying until Lauren moved to wipe away my tears. “I shouldn’t be this upset and I have no idea why I am”

“You have every right to be upset sweetie, He broke your heart last night” She hugged me to her chest and sighed “I wish I could punch him straight in the dick but I have no muscle at all” I couldn’t help but let out a laugh at her words and we soon turned into laughing messes as we imagined her actually getting into a fight. Siena came to join us soon after and I was starting to feel better. “So will you please come get breakfast with us?”

“Does it even count as breakfast anymore? It’s almost 1 in the afternoon” I chuckled.

“Hell yeah it does! Now get up and get dressed!” Siena exclaimed and helped me get out of my warm bed. I quickly removed my left over makeup and changed into some leggings before hopping in Siena’s car and heading to the nearest café. We downed some pancakes and coffee and I was actually starting to forget about what happened last night, so what if Calum never loves me back. I’ll find someone better than him and show him what he missed. But just as I was taking the last bite of my blueberry pancakes my phone started vibrating on the table. I stared at the screen for a few seconds, Luke was calling me and I was scared to answer. Eventually Lauren tossed it into my hands and forced me to answer.

“Hey Luke” I answered

“Y/N! Hey!” He answered back, cheery.

“What’s up?”

“Well, Calum has been bugging me for the past hour” My heart started racing at his words.

“What about?” I questioned and widened my eyes at Lauren and Siena. They quickly scooted closer to me and listened in our a conversation.

“He’s quite upset that you stormed out last night and he thinks he knows why you did. He’s too nervous to call you so he made me do it” I looked over at Lauren, hoping she would help me out and all she did was shrug and leaned in to listen again.

“Well, um, I don’t really know what to say Luke. I was quite tipsy last night so my emotions were kinda everywhere.” I explained with a nervous giggle.

“He wants to talk to you. Do you want to talk to him?”

“Not really” I answered back quickly.

“He’s worried about you” Luke sighed into the phone.

“Let him be” I was suddenly getting upset again, Not at Luke but at Calum. He couldn’t even call me himself. He made poor Luke do his dirty work.


“No! I don’t want to talk to him and I’m even more upset that he made you call me to tell me this. Calum is a man whore and I hate that I’m so fucking in love with him!” My mouth was moving faster than my brain and I didn’t even realize what I was saying until a few seconds after. “Shit” I whispered and looked at my two best friends who were currently wide eyed at my outburst.

“Woah” Luke said and the line grew silent. I heard some rustling in the background and Luke yelling at someone before he quickly said goodbye and hung up.

“Jesus Y/N” Siena muttered. I rubbed my temples in frustration and moved to get out of my seat.

“Let’s just go back to my place so I can die in peace” I groaned and we all piled back into the car.

Later that day Lauren and I were sat on my couch with chocolate and popcorn, Watching Gossip Girl when the door bell rang. Lauren moved to go answer the door, me being in no state to interact with the outside world. Siena went to work a while ago so we thought it might’ve been her.

“Calum” She gasped and my eye widened in fear.

“Hey Lauren. Where’s Y/N?” He asked while looking beyond her into my tiny apartment. I coward in fear and pulled the white fleece blanket over my head. My heart was pounding and my eyes were starting to water again.

“I don’t think she really wants to talk to you right now” She replied back and crossed her arms over her chest in anger. “You really hurt her, Calum”

He sighed in frustration. “I know Lauren. Just let me in so I can talk to her. Please.”

“Fine, but if you make her even more upset than she is. I’m chopping your balls off.” Laruen explained through gritted teeth and moved to let him in.

“Duly noted” Calum rolled his eyes and made his way into the living room. I felt two hands pull down the blanket that was covering my body and was met with Calum’s worried eyes. I looked away quickly and sat motionless in my spot. “Can you give us a minute alone?” Calum asked Lauren who was leaning against the wall across from us.

“Whatever. I’ll be in your room If you need me Y/N” She explained and moved up my stairs. The couch shifted next to me as Calum sat down. My vision was beginning to blur as I stared at a spot on my rug. Calum stayed silent next to me and ran his fingers through his already disheveled hair.

“Y/N” He finally croaked out and I closed my eyes in fear of what he was going to say. “Can you please look at me? I need to talk to you”

I let out a deep breath and turned my gaze toward him. “There’s nothing to talk about” I whispered and shrugged.

“Bullshit” He answered back. “I heard you on the phone with Luke earlier”

“Oh you mean the phone call that he made because you were too scared to call me yourself?” I spat back and crossed my arms.

He looked down at his hands and sighed. “I’m sorry about that”

“You fucking should be Calum” I replied, suddenly feeling a burst of anger surge through me. “You fucking should be Calum, I hate you. I hate you so much.” I quickly got up and started heading for the kitchen, my throat was suddenly dry and I needed hydration. Calum got up to follow me. I chugged down a glass of water and turned my back to him. It was quiet and tears were now freely flowing down my face.

“You don’t mean that” Calum said quietly, his voice cracking at the end. “Y/N please. Just let me talk.”

“I don’t want to hear what you have to say. You don’t understand the shit I put up with when it comes to you and I don’t know if I can do it anymore.” I gained enough courage to turn to him and saw his own eyes filling with tears.

“I heard what you said Y/N, you don’t hate me. Please, you can’t hate me.” He let out a deep breath and rubbed his eyes. “I-I need you”

“You don’t need me Calum. Don’t say you need me.” I wiped at my own eyes and continued. “Do you even understand how hurt I was when I saw you coming out of that bathroom last night? It fucking killed me. I don’t hate you Calum, I could never hate you Calum. I love you too fucking much. Is that what you want to hear? That I’m in love with you? I’m pathetically in love with you and I can’t even look at you anymore without my stomach filling with butterflies and it sucks because I am so mad at you right now but I could never hate you Calum. Never.” The room was silent again, only filled with my heavy breathing. Calum’s jaw was clenched and his eyes were red, like he was about to cry and it was breaking my heart seeing him this way.

“Say it again” Calum muttered and moved closer to me.

“What?” I questioned.

“Say that you love me again and I swear to God I will never touch another fucking girl, I won’t even look at another girl. Just say you love me again.” He was now towering over me and I coward in fear. His hand moved to my chin to tilt my head up to look at him. “Tell me you love me and I am all yours because fuck Y/N, I’m in love with you too and I am so sorry that it took me so long to realize that.” He moved his thumb to wipe a tear from my face. “Please” He whispered and rested his forehead against mine.

I let out a shaky breath and looked into his brown eyes. I loved him, I really did love him.  I let out another shaky breath and cupped his cheek, he immediately leaned into my touch and I allowed a small smile to grace my face. “I love you” I whispered and shut my eyes. He let out a shaky breath of his own and smiled. “I love you so much” I said a little louder and moved closer to him.

“Good. Can I kiss you now?” He questioned even though his lips were basically already on mine.

“Please” I breathed out and our lips met in a soft and romantic kiss.

“Say it again” He murmured against my lips and I smiled against his plump ones.

“I love you” I breathed out and he moved his hands to cup the back of my thighs, I jumped and he caught me, my legs wrapping around his waist as we kissed again, with more fire and passion. We moved to walk up the stairs. I broke the our lip lock for a second and Calum moved his lips down my jaw and neck. “Lauren, you might want to get out of my room now” I called out in a moan and I heard her groan in disgust. She opened the door with her eyes shielded.

“Okay, okay please wait until I’m out of here before you start going at it like rabbits please” She screamed while running out of my apartment. When the door shut behind her, I let out a giggle.

Calum looked up at me and smiled. “God I love you so much” He whispered and kissed me again. “And I have a lot of making up to do” He whispered seductively against my lips before throwing me down on my bed. I let out squeal and laughed.

“You sure do Hood, you sure do”

Just finished the Mailbag duo video and FUCK.

Like, you guys. I don’t think you understand. You don’t JUST play video games. I think I speak for all the fans when I saw it’s not JUST that. They do somethin’ specially. Really. And… Ya help people who just… sometimes shit sucks and the only reason I can smile is listening to these fuckin’ assholes talkin’ about shit. I’d say putting a smile on the face of someone who couldn’t smile otherwise is worth more than “just playing video games”

The box sets, yeah, they may have been a bit much. I mean, WOAH. I hope the people that sent those are rich as hell. And I’m glad Liam senpai got it. 

But see, there’s something they were talking about that got me really excited. About the communal box set, about having it at “the office”

I want the Super Best Friends to like, become something. I’m always super nervous when I think about where they’re going and that sort of thing and I always wonder what they would be doing otherwise, what they’ve always wanted to do, they’re “dreams” I guess. I just think, maybe, perhaps, the TBFP can become something more. Like, with an “office” and stuff. Workin’ on games and havin’ the websites and such. I honestly can’t say because I don’t know what they want out of their lives but the fans would support them all the way in their endevours and I hope the community they’ve made grows and that they grow. 

Also, they’re all the most adorable shits ever and again, today was a hard day for me but this stupid mailbag made me smile like a dork. Congrats, kids.