woah look at all them birds

At this point if Supergirl does cross over with flarrow, the reactions will be priceless. 

“Oh Aliens. Sure. That’s what we were missing from this insanity. Metahumans, people from other Earths, Immorals, reincarnated human bird hybrids and now a blonde indestructible alien with laser eyes.”

Oliver’s just like: #wtf is life/#send me back to the island it was more normal than this circus.

Barry’s just like: Woah, wait is she faster than me? Is she faster than zoom? Does she wanna race Zoom with me?

Cisco’s too busy fangirling to comment:

And then Kara’s like: I know I’m awesome right? Look at my cape. You want me to take down all your villians Oliver? ‘Cause I could crush them with my hand, I wouldn’t even break a sweat. Try me.

She wouldn’t actually say that but I would pay Berlanti anything for it to happen ‘cause the oppertunity for witty banter between Kara and Oliver is  P R I C E L E S S.