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Sick Bros Forever

Anon asked: can you do a full boyf riends fic based on that headcanon that they would always get sick at the same time?

The funny thing is, they’d always been like this. Even as kids. Jeremy would walk into their elementary school with a case of the sniffles, constantly wiping his nose on his sleeve, and he’d find Michael in the same condition. At first it was funny, cute even, but then they noticed a pattern. They got colds together, flus together, stomach viruses, and even the chicken pox all at the same time. It got to the point where the Heere’s and Mell’s thought they were just passing it onto each other, so they separated their sons if they were sick. They still got sick at the same time.

Jeremy still remembers being in sixth grade when he got an awful cough, one that burned and boiled his throat. He walked into school with his head low, certain his throat was being physcially torn with each ripping cough. Every swallow felt like it had to go around a small rock, his face felt hot and flushed. And as he brought himself to his homeroom he wondered why he didn’t tell his parents he felt so shitty. Jeremy instantly trotted over to his desk, feeling the weight of gravity pulling him down to the ground, and laid his cheek against the cool sticky surface. He fell asleep without even thinking he was tired, it just swept him away with his exhaustion. Before the bell could wake him up though a hand shook his shoulder.

Jeremy grunted, peering up past his elbow, “mmuh?”

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