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“What is fair in men does not last. Nothing is more fleeting than the years of a man’s life. But this is not true of art. The joy of understanding. That is the most noble of pleasures. Feathers will lift men as they do birds up to heaven.

I must stop now, my soup’s getting cold.”

– Leonardo da Vinci, disciple of experience.


I am the butler of the Phantomhive family. It goes without saying that I can manage something like this.”
Sebastian Michaelis

Exercise of Hell! ♡

A/N: WOAH sudden inspiration burst, and boomm hi trashy fic. I don’t know why but I suddenly had this crazy headcanon that since it is said Yuuri gains weight easily, he definitely gets chubby again during holidays from snacking and eating too many Katsudons. 

I also read an article about laughter being healthy and laughing enough can count as work out and OH- then what about….. tickling? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Summary: When Yuuri has gained weight again, demon coach and boyfriend Victor Nikiforov comes with a brilliant exercise to make him lose his pounds again: tickling- and will not hold back from using it daily. 

Word Count: 1810

Yuuri was running for his life, first thing in the morning. On a Sunday. Why? Well, the fact that he had gained a lot of weight during the holidays from eating so much and not enough practice had officially been the death of him. 

He had been so nervous for Victor to come back from his short trip back to Russia, and hell, he had all reason to be nervous. Yuuri knew his coach and lover didn’t mind him being chubby from boyfriend-perspective. In fact, Victor was actually very fascinated by how fast Yuuri could gain weight, and he thought it was adorable. But when it came to coach-perspective…. 

“Yuuuuri~” Victor’s voice already called after him as he stepped out of the house while Yuuri was already far ahead, on his way towards the ice rink. 

“Are you ready for your exerciiiise?” Victor’s voice sounded in the distance. Yuuri made the most high pitched squeaky ‘eep!!’-sound and increased his running speed. 

Truth was, Victor had known for a long time he was ticklish. He had always liked to tickle Yuuri and make him a giggly mess, playful and cuddly. And after he found out Yuuri had gotten chubby again, he had also used tickling as a playful punishment-method.

“Yuuuuri look at your chubby belly, bad bad baaad Yuuri, coochie coo!” Or so it went. Probably secretly having missed his squishy tummy and having missed Yuuri himself and his beautiful laughter while he was back in Russia, Victor had tickled him all night long - legit. 

And when they both found out Yuuri had lost a little bit of weight from laughing and thrashing so much from the unusually long tickle attack and all the body-exercise it brought along, evil demon coach Victor had made it an official routine to make Yuuri lose weight real fast before the competition. 

Sometimes in the evenings before going to bed, one time even in the onsen, and often before going to practice. Which brought Yuuri to where he was right now: running for his dear life because he knew he was in for some crazy tickle attack again. He was sooo not ready for this and oh God- judging from Victor’s teasy voice he knew his evil lover was too excited for today’s routine. 

The sprint towards the ice rink only added to his exercise, and even though it could delay him from getting the torture, Yuuri knew it was going to be his doom too. Since by the time he got to the ice rink, he was already panting and sweating, and his exercise of hell had yet to begin.

“Yuuuuri,” Victor called out again. Yuuri had gotten enough time to catch his breath (- and suffer in anticipation) with Victor taking his precious time walking, and the poor ice skater gulped and turned to see his coach make his entrance.

“Nohoho not today Victor!” Yuuri was sitting on his knees beside the ice and hadn’t had the energy yet to put on his ice skates, but he immediately ran around the skating rink when Victor caught up.

“No escaping Yuuri, it’s time for your exercise. Only a few more pounds left,” Victor sang, and he made grabby hands towards Yuuri while slowly walking towards him. 

“Victor no plehease!” Yuuri was already laughing in anticipation, and he gasped when Victor started to run. Screaming like a pig, Yuuri ran for his life again, this time not with a walking but a running Victor chasing after him. And damn he was fast! Yuuri didn’t even last a whole lap around the skating rink before Victor caught him. 

“EYAahha noooo!” Yuuri squealed. With his body wrapped in Victor’s arms, Yuuri’s legs immediately lost their strength and his helpless body allowed his taller boyfriend to drag him down towards the floor. 

“Nonono Victor - it’s Sunday, just give me a breeeaaa-haha noooo!” Yuuri shrieked when Victor’s cold hands pushed up his training jacket and shirt, immediately grabbing the bare flesh of his sides. 

“No can do baby, see how it works? You lost so much weight this week, the super-exercise is working!” Victor sang, just loud enough to exceed Yuuri’s hysterical laughter, and he squeezed Yuuri’s sides repeatedly and felt around to indicate his weight loss. Yuuri thrashed about and kicked his legs, rolling onto his side and banging the floor with one fist.

“OHnoooho please noho!” he begged. He had no idea it was even possible, but Victor seemed to be even more determined to absolutely wreck him today than he was previous days.

But like Victor said, it was indeed working. Adding the daily tickle torture to his skating practices, Yuuri’s weight loss was going twice as fast than normally. Still, it was also both exhausting and embarrassing as hell!

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