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Looking Past


“I love you Angela Ziegler. Do you love me?”

The two simply stared at one another, and though her gaze was filled with warmth, she said nothing. A few seconds passed. And then a minute. Still she remained silent. Genji didn’t have her ability to read expressions through metal, but even he could tell that she was pained, struggling.

Mercy was, in fact, fighting against feelings she had buried deep inside. It was wrong. The feelings she had were wrong, immoral even. Angela had always believed in peace, in saving others regardless of who they were or what they did. Send her the weak, broken and dying and she would do her best to heal their wounds and restore them to life.

When they had found Genji all those years ago, it was clear that he wasn’t in the right state of mind. He was frightened, full of rage and dying. And while he was in that state, Overwatch offered him a second chance, knowing full well what that process would entail. They couldn’t bring him back, at least not as he was before. He wouldn’t be the same, but it was okay, because he would be better. He would be stronger. He would be able to take down all the people who had wronged him, and exact his vengeance upon them. But what would happen once his mission was done? What would happen when the anger had all but dissipated, and his thirst for blood quenched. What would he do then? What would he think of what he had become? Overwatch brushed these questions aside. The man himself, of course, didn’t bother to think that far ahead. But she did. She knew.

What she was doing was not saving, it was condemning. She was creating a prison that would forever bind him. A prison that would strip him of his humanity. She was going to make him into a weapon. She knew all this, and she still did it. Ever since then, she had secretly struggled with these thoughts, never speaking them aloud. But it’s not like there was any other choice. She did the right thing. He was dying. It was the only way to save him. He wished for it to happen. However, even taking into account all of that, the guilt did not go away. It stayed.

While Mercy was struggling with these thoughts, Genji grew more and more apprehensive. He began to feel regret and said, “I realize I may be burdening you. It is alright if you say nothing. I just wanted you to know-”

Genji’s words bore into Mercy’s mind and blasted away all other thoughts. She realized that the man she had fallen for was confessing his feelings before her. The guilt she felt wouldn’t go away, but turning him away would do neither of them any good.

The two’s lips collided with one another. A sensation she had not felt for a long time entered her body. Angela had never been one for romance. Over the years, she had been with a number of men, but none ever felt more important to her than her work. But the man before her now, whose lips exuded an attractive force on her own, was different. He wasn’t more important than her work, nothing ever will, but he was someone who could be a part of her work. Someone who she could turn to for help. Someone who could ease her pain and worry.

Though she was slightly unwilling, she separated herself from him.

“I love you too, Genij.”

Genji stared in disbelief. “Oh. That- That is good.” The two then turned away from each other, not knowing what to say. After a while, Genji spoke. “May I ask why? Or rather how you came to love… whatever it is that I am?” Mercy looked at him with a quizzical look. “Oh, only if you are fine with saying it, that is!”

“No, no, it’s fine. I just never really thought about it. I suppose it just, happened.” Mercy eyed the floor thinking of a response. A playful smile then appeared on her face and she said, “It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say it was your looks, would it?”

“Well, my face has seen better days, but my body is in top form. Having robot parts help.” The two laughed. “Looks however, certainly played a role for you.”

Mercy smiled coyly. “How sweet of you. It seems your skills as a playboy are resurfacing.”

Genji’s eyes widened. “That-, how did you-” It then occurred to Genji, why he had gained the courage to come here in the first place. “What else did that damn brother of mine say?”

“Mmm, not much. I have to say though, I never would have imagined that Genji Shimada was a rambunctious youth.”

“Yes, well, dying changes a person.”

Mercy let that line sink in for a bit before asking, “How many women have you slept with?”

“I am sorry?”

“We did just confess our love for each other, did we not? Surely you can answer this question.”

The look on her face told Genji that she was playing, but a part of him felt she had the right to know. “Um, well, if I had to estimate-”

“Genji, if you have to estimate then the number is already too high.”

“I- I apologize.” Genji lowered his head in shame.

Mercy just laughed.

After a bit of time passed, Mercy’s smile faded. The dark thoughts began to creep in again. “Are you truly okay with me, Genji?”

Genji was surprised by the question. “I do not understand.”

“I am responsible for what you have become. Surely, that has occurred to you.” It was then that all her apprehensions became clear to him. Genji laughed. “Don’t laugh! I’m serious, Genji!” The smile on his face did not go away. Instead, he placed a hand on her arm and pulled her in close.

Although Mercy was separated from Genji’s body by a layer of metal, she couldn’t help but feel warm in his embrace.

“Doctor Ziegler, even when I was at my lowest point, not once did I ever blame you for what had become of me.”


“What you did was save the life of a man. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you truly feel guilty for your actions, then all the more reason that we should be together, no?”

Mercy said nothing. She pulled away from him a little and looked at his face. It was horribly scarred, and yet she couldn’t help but feel attracted to it.

Genji watched as both her hands slowly made their way toward his face. He had to fight back the urge to move away.

Her hands made contact with his skin. She had touched him directly before during various check-ups, but this time was different. This time she thoroughly felt the cool, uneven skin. Others would call it disgusting, but to her he was no different than any other. Besides, even if the skin was no good, his eyes were powerful. They conveyed a sense of warmth, strength, and determination. There was also his lips which looked soft and, and attractive? Tantalizing?

The doctor felt her face heat up. “Say, how many women did you say you were with?”

“I- I did not say, doctor.”

“Right. Well, you must have plenty of experience then.” Genji didn’t know what to say. “Show me.”

As soon as he heard those words, sparks flowed through his whole body.

Next thing he knew, their lips were together once more, this time their tongues had joined as well. They held each other close as the sounds of their act echoed throughout the room. Minutes passed before their lips finally parted. Both of them were panting.

“How was the taste? Maybe you should add some of the formula?” Mercy giggled.

“Not necessary. It is fine just how it is.”

The two’s faces were filled with lust now, expressing their desire to take one another. Genji pushed her down onto the bed to consummate their love. A long night was ahead of them.

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Secrets - Pack Imagine

-Okay anon, I enjoyed writing this one, I’m really sorry it’s so late and so short (it looked so longer on my computer)…

Request: Could I maybe request a pack imagine where you are super cute and shy and the really innocent one in the group, but you’ve got like a hidden talent (singer I guess) and one night the pack go out and u say ur sick and can’t go or something but you really have a gig and then they end up watching you and yeah just ur really different and confident and a lil bit sexy on stage and everyone is just like woah. Sorry this was so long xxx thank you

Warning: none whatsoever, full of fluff and encouragement and positivity :)

If you’re having a bad day, I’d look over here and read this, I hope this is good and will help you :)


“Wait a minute, Lydia, you actually want to go to someone else’s party?” Stiles asked as you sat in his living room.

“Why not? Gotta know the enemy, right?” Lydia asked with her usual smile.

“Hey, Y/n, you wanna come?” Scott looked over at you, but you shook your head.

“Tonight, I’m not going anywhere,” you told them as they all shot you questioning glances.

“What do you mean?” everyone else asked, since you were always up for spending your Saturday nights with them. It was kind of a pack tradition.

“Guys, I just - I feel sick enough as it is, I’m really not up for mingling with sweaty teenagers and underage drinking,” you shrugged, picking up the tea Lydia had made for you, telling you to just get better, though there was really nothing wrong with you. They just didn’t need to know that.

“I’d rather you got better,” Kira told you with an understanding smile. You nodded to her in thanks before the others just made plans, and you told them to have fun.

Lydia dropped you off at home, and you waved to her as she left, before going to change from your more lazy attire into something more appropriate for an acoustic gig. It didn’t take long, and you were just finishing your hair when the doorbell rang, and you went to open the door to see your friend - outside of the pack - as they held their guitar in hand. You greeted them and then let your hair fall, finished. You said bye to whoever was home, picked up your keys and the two of you left for the local cafe, where you were going to perform some songs you wrote together.

Okay, so maybe you weren’t sick at all. Not even a little bit. Maybe you had to say no because you had the performance, which you would never tell them about. Not because you thought they’d laugh at you - okay maybe there was that as well. It was mostly because you were always shy in front of them. You were the human who didn’t even do research, though you tried to help, but instead, you were always the one covering for them, caught up in the supernatural totally by accident. Your little hobby came later, an it helped you come out of your shell. It was a hidden life, which was how you were intending to keep it. You didn’t want any attention because of something you liked doing.

“Hello everybody!” your friend greeted the audience who turned up as you put the microphone stand up to your height.

“Good evening guys,” you smiled, finally speaking into the mic. The two of you were greeted by some cheers, and you quickly thanked the drummer who joined you for the night, before you started to play some covers of songs, you singing, your friend playing the guitar and the drummer doing her thing.

You were through your fourth songs out of six when you saw the door open, and a few very familiar faces walked in, and you wanted to freeze, but your solo was coming up, so you couldn’t. You ignored their presence the best you could and sung loudly, confidently and happily. It felt better to have your friends there, who seemed to be having fun, since the song was upbeat and it was really about having fun and just generally the time of your life. You smiled as you sung the last note, the song finishing and your group of friends, the pack, cheering the loudest in the whole cafe.

You finished the last two songs and quickly packed up before telling your friend you’d join them for something to drink after you talked to your other friends.

You rushed over to them before apologising fifty times and then being shut up by Lydia.

“You were so great!” she told you with a wide grin and pulling you into a hug, which Kira joined and then the rest of them did also. You couldn’t help but grin all night as they kept asking you questions about it all.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Scott asked as you sat with them and your friend, all of you with your own drinks in front of you.

You shrugged, lifting your cup to your mouth, “I didn’t want you guys to think I’d been lying this whole time,” you told them before taking a sip from the hot drink.

“Are you kissing? You killed it up there!” Kira laughed. All of your friends were really supportive of you and your passion, which only made your life easier.

You only received compliments about your voice and your performance, you could not keep thanking your friends over and over.

It’s safe to say that that cafe wasn’t the last place they saw you singing at.