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In Trouble (DenNor) T+

AN: Because, boys and girls, this story is about sex without any of it actually being in the story. 

In other news: Look what I found in my WIPs folder! Something I haven’t shared with y’all yet. Whoops?

Sindre should have known he was in for a world of trouble when the ass he was admiring turned around and he recognized the face that went along with it.

“Holy shit, Sindre? Sindre Hansen?” Sindre couldn’t bring himself to raise his voice above the din of club music and only tilted his head in response to the familiar face. Those wide eyes bluer than the sky, twinkling with equal parts humour and mischief, and that face-splitting grin were hard to forget; his cheeks were tinted pink by alcohol. “Do you remember me?” He sidled up too close to be considered merely past acquaintances. “Matthias Andersen,” he continued, “we went to the same high school - man, that was years ago. What on earth are you doing in a place like this?”

“Same as you, I presume.” Sindre had no shame having a stiff drink in a gay bar, waiting to meet someone to pick up or be picked up. Matthias laughed, his cheeks darkening and he looked away for a minute, surveying their surroundings until his blush subsided.

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