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Happy Birthday Eric

Dylan helped you string up the last twinkling light. You knew how much Eric loved the stars. So you decide to try and bring the stars down to him. It was still pretty early, the cool and crispy late afternoon air hit your skin but you couldn’t help but adore the tall, now glowing trees.

You had either made or bought glow in the dark everything, still trying to make it seem like he was finally out of this world. You felt a firm hand on you shoulder. It was a sharp contrast to the soft sunset glow.

“Don’t stress it y/n. He is going to love this shit.”

Dylan gave you a comforting smile which you returned with a soft one as well.

“We need to get some snacks. Drive me?”

“Sure thing.”

You both headed to Dylan’s car. You looked up into the pink clouds, reminiscent of pink cotton candy. You looked up into the blend of oranges and yellows, almost like brush strokes. It reminded you of a childhood story. Anytime an artist died, god let them paint the sky. You always sorta hoped one day, you would get to paint the sky.

You reached a mini market and proceeded to go to the snack aisle. You reached three bags at a time and threw them into the cold, steel cart. Dylan went off and brought 3 bottles of soda and placed them carefully into the cart. You almost reached the check out line when you saw something in the side of your eye. You smiled goofy a grin towards Dylan and grabbed the jumbo slim jim.

When you finally did reach the check out someone came up behind you and grabbed your sides. You let out an embarrassing shriek.

“Who the fuck ar-ERIC!”

He could stop laughing at your childlike scream. When he did calm down you turned to leave the store as fast as you could.

“What’s in the bag? Woah that’s a shit ton of chips. Are those for me?”

You tried to hide the big bags behind you and out of Eric’s sight but it was no use.

“No they aren’t for you. I gotta go Eric.”

“But it’s my birthday. Both you fuckers aren’t going to hang out with me today?”

As much as you knew this was gonna hurt him, you didn’t want him to know about the people who probably just arriving to the house. You wished his parents would have sent him out to another store if that was the case.

“Can’t Eric I’m busy tonight. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Yeah not today Reb. I’ll play Doom with you later on today though.”

“Yeah. Whatever man, it’s cool. Turning 18 isn’t a big deal anyways.”

He turned around and walked with his hands in his pockets. He entered the first aisle he saw and both you and Dylan left the store without him. It stinged how much the twinkle in his eyes changed. You hoped this party would be enough.

You came back to the just starting party with the extra snacks. A few people were already there. Kathy soon ran up to you saying that Eric was there. You looked up and saw the once orange and yellow sky be replaced with a dim navy and violet sea. There weren’t any stars yet. Just a sea of blues and purples, you thought back to the paint in the sky and how you probably stole all the white to make the stars.

Your thoughts were interrupted with Eric yelling for his parents. You could almost hear the distant footsteps walking up and down the house. It was like that for a few minutes when the door slowly opened to a smiling Eric holding a random can of tuna. Which in turn made you laugh because that was probably the first thought that popped in Kathy’s mind.


Eric immediately walked to you and Dylan after a short talk with his parents.

“You fucking sons of a bitches.”

“Actually Reb, don’t want to alarm you but y/n can’t be a son.”

“Can you shut the fuck up”

Eric and Dylan hugged a bit, with Eric saying a mix of thank you’s and few randomly place “fucks.” Eric then came up to you and just pulled you into him. You stayed like this for a bit. His hold was firm but far from harsh. It was more of a stay with me hug rather than the thank you hug Dylan received just a few seconds prior.

“You’re a fucking asshole y/n”

You giggled still in his warm embraced.

“I learned from the best.”

He let out a deep sigh mixed with a soft chuckle and finally let you go. He put his hand on your cheek.

“I’ll let that one past.”

After maybe an hour of chip eating and dancing about. Eric’s parents brought out the birthday cake as their way out of the parents. Everyone sang happy birthday as you adored the shifting lights dancing across Eric’s face. Everyone grabbed their piece of cake and either returned to their prior conversation or just sat down and eat.

Eric was on of the few who decided to sit down and eat his cake. You slowly approached the eating boy when he looked up at you.

“Hey y/n. What’s u-”

You put the still cold icing on his soft cheeks and tried to run away. You felt his hand pull your wrist, making you drop your cake. You fell back onto his lap.

“My cakeee”

“My facee. You can get some more later.”

It took you a moment to realized you were sitting on Eric’s lap. By then, Eric had already adjusted to your weight and got comfortable. You went to get up but failed when he put his arms around you. You felt the nerves through your body. Eric must have noticed because he loosened his hold on you, allowing you to get up if you wanted too.

You looked into his soft eyes and saw the twinkle in them once again. You didn’t realized but both of you started to lean into eachother. His lips began to brush over yours. The felt soft and gentle, still innocent. He kissed you, barely pressing against yours. Probably just to test the waters because he kissed you again with a little more force into it. You kissed him back and deepened the kiss a bit more. Eric placed a hand on your hip. Not moving it up or down. Just on your hip. His kissing changed from gentle pecks to deep and needy kisses. You let your hand rest on the side of his neck and almost pulled him into you more. You didn’t even realize the quite footsteps behind you.


Eric fell back in the ground with you still on top of him. You felt your cheeks rush into a shade of red. Eric pushed you off of him and got up from the ground. He help you up and turned back to the laughing group of teens, which included Dylan.

“I hate you fuckers”

Dylan and Brooks then in turn faced eachother and spoke dramatically.

“Eric hunny, my love burns brighter for you then all the stars in the sky”

“Y/n babe, my love is greater for you than they are for all the slim jims in the world.”

They hugged eachother tightly while the group of friends began to cheer for them. Eric still laughing from the Dylan and Brooks show, brought you away from the party. He stood in front of you, still holding your hand from when he helped you up. His forehead was against your, while your back was up against the tree. He kissed your cheek, then your nose, then your forehead and finally your lips. You laughed at the sweet yet silly gesture and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Happy birthday Eric.”

“Thank you.”