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How is Ana already a grandmother? I remember when she was born!!

I know!! I was literally just looking at old photos of her when she was a teen and was like woah, where did the time go! I wish she would stay a teen forever but then I wouldn’t make any progress lol

I’m playing the April Fools update for MM and I don’t remember how long the chats were in the xmas dlc but god damn they’re long here!! my mouth is gonna start hurting from smiling so much!! 

also *spoiler* at the beginning of the first chat Zen was happy I remembered it was his birthday and was like ‘Seven must have sent the perfect package’ or something like that and I was like !! woah!! nice 4th wall break!! he did!! that’s really the only reason I knew his birthday! from the VIP package!!

nightsilver christmas headcanon

ok so i finally decided to share my headcanon with the world aka tumblr i apologise for it being super long (orz) didn’t mean to write so much but anyways, here it is i hope you enjoy it

OK IMAGINE peter having a crush on kurt and he’s super shy about it like whenever someone asks him who’s the person he likes he’s all like “pffft liking someone is too much effort and I’m lazy” but when kurt passes by him and says hi and he’s blushing and thinking stuff like “im SO gAY” and then christmas is about to come and he’s like damn i want to give something to kurt but idk what, so he remembers that his mom knows how to knit and uses his super speed to go back home and asks his mom to teach him how to knit and his mom is like “oh my god peter did you got expelled from the school?” And peter is like woah calm down woman I’m here for u to teach me stuff, chill

And his mom is so surprised like ??? What’s happening to my son??? Why is he showing interest in these kind of things??? And then she asks peter about it and he’s just like “yeah u know i think it’ll be a good idea to give something to this blue guy who’s always friendly with me at school plus i get to learn how to do these things and if the mutant stuff doesn’t go well i can just open my own store and sell knitted clothes” and his mom is like “oh well i guess that’s true” but she thinks “who is this person and what did he do to my son wtf he used to be such an introvert and now he’s even talking about making his own business!? I’m so proud I’m gonna thank the professor as soon as i can” and peter learns how to knit and he’s actually pretty good at it and then he makes some warm and comfy gloves for kurt because the winter is super cold at the school 

so he returns at the school just in time because kurt was searching for him and he’s freaking out and trying to hide the gloves because those were supposed to be a surprise for christmas and kurt says “peter! I was searching for you! What are you gonna do on christmas?” And peter is like “idk maybe play some pacman??? I bet you’re gonna go to church that day” and kurt is like “yeah but u know i wanted to ask you if you wanted to come and pray with me at church and then we could spend some time together… if u want, ofc” and peter is like “wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf he’s so cute when he talks about church… wAIT did i really think that ohgod something is wrong with me” and he finally says “oh.. okay… i guess it’s fine i’ll make some room for you since my agenda is almost full this christmas but i’ll see what i can do” and then kurt gets super worried and says “no, it’s fine!! really!! you don’t need to come with me if you don’t want to!! or if you’re already busy on christmas it’s ok i understand” and then peter notices that kurt has this sad look on his face and just sighs and says “it was a joke you silly, ofc im free on christmas and i have all the time in the world just for you" 

and then both of them realised what peter just said and blush a little and kurt is so happy because he really wanted to be with peter on christmas and then peter just gives up and gives the gloves to kurt and says “these were gonna be a surprise, christmas gift for you actually but i kinda fucked up because I’m not good when it comes to hide something or keep secrets so i’ll just give them to you instead, hope you like them” and kurt is sooo confused??? and happy??? and wants to cry a little?? (basically a mess of emotions) because no one ever has give him something and it was hand made like how cool is that and then peter is like WAIT WHY ARE YOU CRYING DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG OH GOD ARE YOU HURT??? WAIT HERE I’LL GO CALL THE PROF and he runs but kurt bamfs to where peter is and teleports them to the library (bc no one was there ok shhh also I like libraries so yeah..) and tells peter that he was so happy because it was such a gentle and cute act from his part and peter is like nah it’s nothing but kurt is really touched and ends up kissing peter’s cheek and they blush and peter is like IM SO GAY and kurt just melts because the kiss was out of impulse but peter catches him before he hits the floor and says “don’t you die on me, we still have a date at the church!”

And ofc kurt melted even more and peter is like “shit he’s so cute his cuteness is gonna give me a heart attack” and they end up praying together at the church on chirstmas and since peter didn’t know how to pray kurt helped him and they prayed together and when they finished praying they were talking a walk and peter ended up holding kurt’s hand and kurt almost melted again and said “i didn’t thank you for the gloves so i’m gonna do that now. thank you so much peter, the gloves are perfect and i love them!” And peter is like “holy shit he liked them holy shit SHIT” and then there was an awkward silence between them for a couple of mins but then peter kissed kurt out of nowhere and said “i’m taking this as your chirstmas gift for me okay? you don’t have to give me anything else” and they both blush again and kurt just smiles and doesn’t let go from peter’s hand and they keep walking until they finally come back to the school and then both of them say good night to each other and return to their room and blush and when they’re inside and start to freak out because that was their first kiss and both of them thought “WHAT IF I SUCKED AT KISSING OH GOD HELP ME”

and now they realise that they have a thing for each other, congrats they are gay the end.

BONUS, thanks to @96aiko who complemented my headcanon with cute stuff

  • learning how to knit didn’t take Peter long at all but that was because of his super speed that he’s actually pretty clumsy and needed to knit at least 5 pairs of gloves until he was fully satisfied that they were good enough to give them to kurt
  • after kurt and peter become a thing, peter gains confidence and flirts with kurt every chance he gets because he loves to see kurt flustered but when it comes to kissing peter is really shy himself and doesn’t like to do it around other people. kurt loves to give him a lot of tiny kisses though, to get back at him for the (super cute) flirting

Title: Relax

Paring: Dean x Reader

Warning: Post finals smut

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Hope you like it!!!

Slamming your laptop closed you ran your hands over your face, starting to pace around the library. Dean came in with a beer for each of you. “Still no word?”

“No. God I knew I should have studied harder.” Taking the beer you took a swing before setting it down and pacing again with your hands resting on the top of your head. “Why didn’t make me study harder? Huh? You knew these finals were important!”

Deans hands flew up. “Woah, Y/N, I did try to make you study. Remember how well that went? You nearly bit my head off just like you’re doing now.”

Slumping into a chair, you let your head fall back as you groaned. “Ugh, sorry. I know you tried. I just, ugh, I fucking hate finals! Why the hell do they do this to us! Don’t they know we’re stressed enough! We bust our assess all semester long for what? A stupid test to tell us how much we suck?”

Dean laughed as he came over to you, massaging your shoulders as he kissed the top of your head. “Babe, you’re smart, you know this shit. You’ll do fine. You just have to try not to think about it.”

“Yeah, easy for you to say, you didn’t go to college.”

“True, but I do know a thing or two about a particular subject.” Looking at him you saw this eyes sparkling in that dazzling smile of his.

“Which subject?” you cocked an eyebrow at him.

“Massage,” Dean’s smile widened as he wiggled his eyebrows.

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how my mind works:

Me: Yep, I definitely remember this thing, and from what i can tell it was probably a normal thing that happened in my childhood.

Other people: Woah that was probably some sort of abuse

Me: Well, now that I think about it a bit, I probably made all of that up in my head and it most definitely did not happen to me so wow that’s convenient :)

Thoughts During Teen Wolf Season Premiere

•They can’t die because that would mean it is the last season of Teen wolf

• If it is an abandoned place I wouldn’t go in to see what the “noise complaint” is, this is how people die

• How do you know it is someone asking for help like it probably isn’t

• Okay so you have glow up claws and….

•Or probably something is out there but hey what do I know

•But did you expect a a few of you to lift up that tree anyway

•I am so like Liam to just get to the point


•You on top of a car in the a possibly lightning storm just for cell service… tsk tsk tsk

•Woah I do not remember your dad being a doctor

•Stiles is pretty smart about these relationship things

•You said it isn’t yours and then say your dead it probably means it was yours considering your thinking of killing him

•What the FREAK is going… this no earthquake

•That was escalating pretty quickly… must be having imaging many things

•The Deputy is technically immortal, like it isn’t fair


•Liam you so nosy

•This isn’t the moment for a cute gf\bf moment

•Dont think that you guys have an awesome friendship



•Such a sad moment going to make me cry

•Wait omg did not see that coming at all, no sarcasm intended

•Those fake claws though all the wolf friends laugh at him *bahhhaahahaha😂😂😂

•*Scott’s mind: what you think he is thinking* Now you going to make think over this whole alpha thing

•*Scott’s mind: What he is actually thinking* Well yeah I already knew I was a true alpha

• He does not need more reassurance that he is great

•What happened with you being in the eichen’s house… huh????

•*Stile’s Mind* Y'all are all doing it wrong, that side

•Rip Allison, why you gotta do that Scott😭

•At first I thought it was like Pretty Little Liars and Scott trying to be incognito

Imagine staying up all night to decorate the bunker for Christmas

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“Y/N?” You spin around excitedly. “Y/N, why does it smell like…. woah.”

“Doesn’t it look amazing?!” you exclaim, grinning at Dean. 

“Yeah, it’s awesome.” Dean nods. “Babe, when did you do this?”

“Oh, I stayed up all last night to get this done.” you reply, bouncing on the balls of your feet. “I wanted it to be a suprise!”

“How many cups of coffee did you have?” he asks.

You stop, thinking. “I don’t remember….” you reply. “I lost count after the fourth batch, and that was around 3, so yeah!”

“You’re insane.” Dean chuckles. “Come here.” You run over, and jump into your boyfriend’s arms. 

“Love you Dean.” you say with a yawn.

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Since WOY is going to be ending soon, I wanted to talk about how I discovered this show and how it changed my life forever.

I remember when WOY was first announced back in 2013, and when I saw the ‘Woah’ Trailer at the Gravity Falls Panel, I was SO EXCITED for this show. I even did some research for the show and I was so happy that Craig McCracken was making this show. And when the very FIRST commercials for WOY premiered on Disney Channel, I fell in love with Wander at first sight. And that’s when I knew I’d love this show.

God, I even remember when the fandom was SO TINY and I was in a WOY Skype Group where I met many of my friends that I’m STILL friends with. That’s one of my main reasons I’m grateful to WOY because I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people on Tumblr. Before WOY, I was just a random person looking for fandoms and friends to make and once WOY came along, I found a place where everyone was super nice and all loved such a wonderful show.

And I became very dedicated to the WOY Fandom by roleplaying certain characters, making a podcast, screenshoting, etc. But, as the Fandom started growing and Season 2 continued, I became less close to the show and fandom. I still loved the show from a far, but I was also getting into other shows and fandoms. Yet, Wander continued to have a place in my heart.

But here’s the most important part for me. Before WOY premiered, I was a very negative person and I didn’t want to make friends. But once I saw this precious fluffball going around the galaxy, making friends, and spreading positive vibes wherever he went, it changed my life. Wander was my inspiration to became a positive person and keep believing in myself. And even when he leaves, I’ll still remember that Wander would want me to keep going and looking on the bright side of things.

I’m upset that I won’t be able to see Wander’s adventures around the galaxy anymore, but I know that he and Sylvia are still out there spreading those happy vibes wherever they go. And I wish everyone good luck that’s participating w/ #SaveWOY.

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