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Could you write something about Maggie watching Alex work in the lab, if you're taking prompts? Your fics are freaking amazing, I enjoy reading everything you write!

First prompt - yay! Thanks anon, hope I did OK : )

In between getting her stitches done and signing her discharge forms, there’s not a whole lot to do but wait.

She remembers being shot how an ocean remembers a tempest – complete upheaval in the moment, but now everything’s stilling, quieting, in a way that’s almost as dizzying as the original chaos, and the floor tilts when she tries to rise to meet it, and her elbow buckles against the bed, and every light in the room is suddenly too much to bear.

“Woah, easy…” she hears Alex murmur, gently pushing her down by her uninjured shoulder. “Those painkillers can knock you around a bit.”

“No kidding,” Maggie groans, wincing a little. She glances down at her shoulder, the place where moments earlier Alex had done tender violence to her skin, sewing together ripped flesh with the precision of a scientist, the care of an friend.

It seems, with work and with women, Alex Danvers is nothing if not exact.

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Ong Seongwoo College!AU Scenario

-basically it’s really hard for you to open up to new people
-you usually sit in the front of the class so you can take notes better
-but Seongwoo sits on the back with his friends
-you two meet in the student activity unit
-your friend introduces you two
-“Hello, I’m Seongwoo”
-and you think you have seen him a few times in the class “I’m (y/n), uh.. arent you from art major ?”
-“yes, how did you know ?”
-“I think we go to the same class”
-he’d be a little bit surprised
-and your friends starts making fun of him “woah what a rude person you dont even remember her”
-“i’m sorry I only hang with cool kids” just ong being himself already
-you only laughed because you know he was joking, but later on you start thinking “am I really not cool ?”
-and even after that you never really talks to him in the class
-but he does sometimes would come to your seat and peek at your assignment
-“wow more A+”
-you smiled
-“no wonder you have no social life”
-you’d think how dare this guy but you can’t really deny it either so you dont say anything, but your face does.
-and he laughs at your response

-and then one day he’s just openly flirting with you in front of everyone
-he sits in front of you and ask “do you want to watch a movie together ?”
-you gave him puzzled look “with whom ?”
-“of course with me”
-you’re more puzzled now “uh, and the guys ?”
-“no, only me, it’s a date”
-once again he made you speechless
-but you’re very still doubtful “..wouldn’t it better if we watch it together with the others?”
-you try to be as polite as possible because you’re the type to take things very slowly
-he’d asks you to go on a date a few more times
-but you keep insisting the more the merrier
-he finally gives in, “okay then lets ask our friends to watch it too”
-“…well, i dont actually have that much friends”
-“*cough* i’ll ask the guys”

-you enjoy hanging with them eventho you’re very shy
-and you overheard their convo when you went to the toilet
-“so should we leave you two alone now ?” Jisung mischieviously asks
-“oh no, lets not do that”
-the boys would try to persuade him too
-“lets respect her choice for inviting you guys too”
-they will burst in laugh and start making fun of him
-“look at this lover boy, he’s really head over heels for her”
-and from then you starts growing affection on him too

-when he asks you for a date again you finally agrees
-he would be kinda different without his friends
-takes care of you and keeps you on the safe side
-actually his hand has been very itching to hold your hand
-but he knows you take things very slowly
-he’d take you home because its ‘late’
-when it’s actually only 5pm
-you thank him for the date
-and he wish you’d invite him in
-but you wave and get inside
-“be patient Seongwoo, be patient” he wishpered to himself

-after a few dates, you two are just casually talking
-but he spaces out a lot of times
-“..and the lecturer told me… uh, Seongwoo is something wrong?”
-he has been staring at your lips the whole time
-his face slowly gets closer as he caresses your cheek
-you closed your eyes because you don’t know what to do
-he kissed your cheek
-you’d slowly open your eyes “..Thankyou”
-“did you thank me because I kissed you, or because i didn’t kiss your lips ?”
-“i guess both?”
-“you’re lucky I’m very patient” he sighs

A Whole New World

Supernatural x Reader x Supernatural Cast

Prompt: You’re dating Dean Winchester and go on the hunt with the guys, things go south and you wake up in a whole new world.

Requested by: No One

Written By: mrs.stankfa - Anna

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Language

A/N: Kinda long…..

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“I really don’t think that this is a good idea.” You comment while raising your gun higher in front of your chest, Dean scoffs while rolling his eyes.

“Y/N, we’re going to be fine,” Dean replies. “It’s just a simple salt and burn.”

“Then why are you forcing me behind you and raising your gun everywhere as if we’re about to get attacked?” You demand.

“Precautions.” Dean comments.

“Lordy Dean! Then listen to my precautions!” You whine, only to be shushed by Dean.

“Do you want to give us away?” He hisses.

“It’s just a simple salt and burn.”  You mimic before shutting your mouth, after receiving one of the biggest bitch faces from Dean.


“Y/N! Duck!” Dean screams, fear lacing his tone, at the top of his lungs, you barely roll out of the way of the oncoming spell from the witch in the middle of the room.

“Yeah!! Just a god damned simple salt and burn!” You scream back, anger filling your own voice.

“I said I was sorry like…..four times!” Dean yells.

“Not good enough!” You scream. “Where the fuck is Sam?!”

“I don’t know!” Dean screeches, your whole conversation seems to be cut off as a spell hits you right in the middle of your chest. Dean shouts in anger, along with you letting out a strangled cry of pain. “Y/N!”

“D-dean.” You stutter as your limbs give way, quickly Dean shoots the bitch in the forehead and rushes to your side; catching you right before your head hit the concrete wall.

Everything suddenly started turning black, swirling around and around because everything just seemed dizzy. The last thing you see is Dean’s worried apple-green eyes staring into your E/C ones.


You were confused, that was for sure. You woke up in a hospital bed that you knew neither Sam nor Dean would even consider you to have let alone if you were dying. There were balloons, teddy bears, cards, and everything littering the room; wishing for someone to ‘Get Well Soon.’

There were not enough people that you, Sam, Dean, and Cass knew combined to give enough stuff to even make twenty percent of the stuff that sat around the room. You squeeze your eyes shut while pressing your palm to your forehead because of the pain that came as you sat up.

“Woah woah, Honey!” A red head woman shouts while rushing into the room, dropping her clipboard on the floor. 

“What’s going on?” You demand.

“You just need to lay down and rest okay, hon?” The woman orders. “I’m Terri and I’m your nurse.” 

“My nurse?” You scoff. “Why the fucking hell would I need a nurse? I hit my head on the wall…..scratch that my boyfriend caught me before I hit the damn wall!” 

“You’re not here because of a wall.” The Terri girl worriedly replies. “You were in a car accident, you’ve been in a coma for years.”

“Years?” You question as your breathing increases. “Years?!?!”

“Y/N?” A voice questions, Cass coming into the room with a worried expression. Wearing a sweater that he wouldn’t normally wear with his trench coat.

“Cass?” You question while raising your eyebrows.

“Cass? Y/N I’m your father, Misha? Well, yeah I’m Cass in the show I film but you never liked it anyways.” ‘Misha’ rambles.

“You’re joking right?” You question, your voice going up an octave as your breathing started to increase. “Did Dean put you up to this? Because I swear to god I’m going to shoot him!”

“Y/N?” The man questions as his face falls, the nurse quickly places a hand on your shoulder while giving this ‘Misha’ dude a look to silence him. 

“Y/N, I’ll be right back alright sweetheart? You just sit here and relax.” She orders, you don’t reply as she and ‘Misha’ walk out of the room. You wait till you hear the door close before quickly turning to each of the machines, turning them off as quickly as you could.

You take a deep breath before pushing yourself up and off the bed, there was a boot/cast thing on a chair across the room. You hop on your right leg over to the thing before quickly pulling it on, your eyes scan the room looking for something besides the hospital gear you were in to change into.

Finding nothing, you curse yourself for taking so long and quickly walk out of the room, avoiding the Misha dude and the nurse who were discussing whatever down the hall a little ways away from your room.

You quickly limp down the hall, continuing to curse yourself for taking so long and not being able to walk in the correct way with the god damned stupid boot on your left foot. 

Sadly you were so distracted that you didn’t notice when you bumped into a rock hard chest, you mumble apologies under your breath before quickly walking past the person but they grab your elbow to stop you.

“Y/N? We’ve been worried sick about you! How are you moving so fast? Did Misha not tell us you were awake?” The guy demands, quickly you turn around with one of your best bitch faces.

“I don’t know Dean.” You scoff while ripping your arm out of his grasp. “Put an end to this damn fucking joke and maybe we can talk about it!”

“Woah woah, what joke?” Dean questions.

“I get that I wronged you when we went out even though you wouldn’t listen to me when I was obviously right but you don’t have to go and do this, don’t you remember Oregon? What you did to Bobby?! You almost killed the poor man!” You angrily explain.

“Y/N? Are you feeling alright?” Dean demands.

“I’m going to shoot you!” You seethe before turning around to try and get away from him.

“There she is! Stop her!” A voice screams from behind you as you try to go faster through the hospital, you make it to the front door before everything suddenly goes black and you collapse to the ground.

“Misha? What’s wrong with her? She called me Dean!” Jensen questions.

“The doctors explained it.” Misha sighs as nurses lift you onto a stretcher. “She has amnesia, her brain is trying to fill in the cracks because it can’t handle it.”

“So, you’re saying that it’s taking the show?” Jensen demands. “I thought that….I thought she hated that thing.”

“So did I.”

Dating Vernon would be like:

-boys having to literally push him so he bumps into you since he still refuses to ask you out saying that he’s not mentally prepared

-laughing awkwardly when you smile at him and acting like he has a complete control over the situation…and no, the boys didn’t just push him in your direction…and hell no, they’re didn’t hide behind that door trying to listen to your conversation

-really shy, awkward skinship at first

-later getting more comfortable with it but still not doing anything more than holding hands in front of the boys…i mean really, they wouldn’t let him live

-playing with his hair constantly, like combing it with your fingers, even braiding it  him silently judging you because of the braids but still letting you do your work

-randomly giving him back hugs and kiss on the cheek and then just running away leaving him standing with a completely red face and a big confused grin

-him playing guitar for you and even trying to sing something but it all somehow ends with you two having random rap battle

-which you obviously lose- ‘’But you know how to lose with a style, jagi!’’-’’ How can that even apply to this situation, Hansol?’’

-boys teasing him because he literally can’t stop smiling whenever he’s near you

-entertaining the boys by imitating the face he made when the girl slapped him in Mansae

-going to his family house a lot because you kind of get along with his mom pretty well and she shows you his baby photos which is a plus

-playing with Sofia also and she willingly tells you all the embarrassing stories from when they were younger  you making sure to remember it all so you can make use of it later

-late night talks about how many puppies and kittens you’re going to have in the future…AND YES YOU EVEN HAVE NAME FOR THEM ALREADY 

-chasing him around the house trying to tickle him

-yes, that usually ends up with big serious tickle fights that leave you both panting and red in the faces from laughing 

-and boys entering the room and being like: ‘’Woah, did we interrupt something?’’

-showing each other new songs you found

-whispered ‘’I love you’s’’ when he thinks you won’t hear him

-trying to make a chocolate cake together and he somehow manages to eat the whole chocolate you prepared before you even have the chance to use it

-having movie night every week and going from rom coms to horror movies

-and you’re not even sure who’s more scared after watching horror and you’re seriously thinking about leaving the lights on while you’re sleeping

-catching him admiring your legs while he thinks you’re busy doing something else- ‘’You like what you see?’’-’’-No! I mean YES but…you’re doing this purpose, aren’t you?’’

-acting like drama characters and having super dramatic dialogues because you’re bored…and yeah, you’re both lowkey obsessed with that new drama you watched together

-you kind of getting jealous when he acts cute around girl groups-’’So, aegyo only in front of you! Got it!’’

-talking on Konglish constanly and confusing other boys like that  hell confusing even yourselfs

-giving you his hats to wear and than fanboying on the inside over how cute you look

-standing in the middle of the room with his mouth open when he sees you coming out of bedroom wearing only his shirt and shorts and he’s like…it’s just a simple shirt but why does she look so good in it?!

-slipping chocolates and short encouraging notes in his practice bag and him calling you in the middle of the practice to thank you for making his day and you know he’s smiling from ear to ear

-he really likes nose kisses 

-being really confident and smooth sometimes but most of the time he’s a fluff ball

-telling each other really lame jokes and laughing hysterically while other members are discussing whether they should be worried or not

-him talking to Seungkwan about you and Seungkwan calling you later to tell you everything in detail

-him constantly worrying if you will enjoy the date he planned

-trying to be romantic at most random times and then later trying to figure out why it went wrong  but he has to admit it’s still worth it since you ended up kissing him 

-he’s still young and he’ll probably need time to figure out how to show you his feelings but he’s so precious so it would definitely be worth waiting

Saudade: Ch3

There was a queasy, sick, miserable feeling in the pit of your stomach. You fluttered open your eyelids, groggily waking up only to realize that you weren’t in your own house. Your eyes widened, taking a moment to recheck that this wasn’t just a dream, looking around. Nothing looked familiar. You began to roll off the mattress when you realized you were completely naked. You instantly were embarrassed and confused, slipping out of the bed and looking around. It was morning, judging by the sunlight shining through the window. You swallowed uncomfortably, trying to ignore the aching pain in your head and attempting to remember something, anything, of how the hell you got here. You closed your eyes tight and then decided to venture out of the bedroom, realizing there was a hallway with an open door leading to the bathroom. You looked around to check if anyone was there before rushing towards it, locking the door, trying to process everything that had happened. You felt your stomach doing flips before you ducked your head into the toilet, puking into the porcelain bowl, feeling absolutely horrible. What the fuck had happened last night?

Steadying yourself on the toilet seat, you staggered up, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand, closing the lid and flushing the contents down. You walked towards the sink, starting to wash your face. This was absolutely crazy. That’s when there was a knock on the door and you froze, the only sound between you and the stranger outside being the rushing water flowing into the sink. Well, that was, until your heard your name. There was another knock. “Y/n? Is that you?” How did they know your name? Where were you? You frantically looked around, then grabbed a towel from a shelf, wrapping it around you before opening up the door. When you did, you came face to face with the hottest man you had ever seen in your entire life.

“Woah,” you couldn’t control the amazement that fell from your mouth. “W-who are you?”

“You okay?” he raised an eyebrow. “You look a little sick.”

“I feel miserable,” you admitted. “And I uh, I don’t really remember that much.”

“Wait…” his voice trailed off. “You don’t remember anything?”

“Not at all,” you shook your head. “I don’t know where I am or where my clothes are or how I got here or who you are. All I know is that I feel absolutely miserable.”

“Okay,” he took a deep breath. “Well um, let me go grab you one of my shirts and some shorts. Your underwear too. Just take a seat, I was making breakfast.” He led you towards his living room, setting you down on the couch and handing you a cup of coffee and some painkiller meds. “I’ll explain everything. Hold on.”

“Thanks,” you mumbled. He came back with the clothes and you stared at him confused before he explained that you could change in the bathroom, then come back out and he’d give you the run down. You nodded, changing and staring at yourself in the mirror, wondering what kind of crazy mess you had gotten yourself into, before going back outside and sitting on the couch.

“Well, first off, I’m Brendon,” he laughed. “I’m guessing you’re not a big drinker, huh?”

“I don’t drink,” you narrowed your eyes.

“Well apparently you do,” he insisted. “At least, you did last night.”

“No way,” you shook your head. That’s when it dawned on you. You must have. It would explain why you didn’t remember anything, and why you had a miserable headache, which you now identified as a hangover. “Good lord.”

“Believe me. You drank,” he continued. “So um, we met at this bar last night. We had a bunch of drinks, talked for hours, then came back to my place, and yeah.”

“And yeah?” you inquired.

“We had a little fun,” he explained.

“Fun?” you were still confused.

“We fucked,” he stated rather blatantly. Your face turned completely red.

“H-how many drinks did I have?” you stammered.

“I don’t remember,” he shrugged. “A lot. And you seemed already tipsy by the time I found you, so there’s a likely chance I couldn’t even tell you if you wanted to know.”

“This is bad,” you ran a hand through your hair. “Fuck.”

“Hey, look, I didn’t mean any harm by it,” he insisted.

“No, it’s not your fault,” you reassured. “I just uh, I’ve never done this before. The whole bar, one night stand, disappear in the morning thing. I should probably go.”

“You don’t have to,” he protested. “I mean, I don’t want you to, if you don’t want to. You can stay. I made breakfast and stuff.”

“Oh,” you murmured. “Um, okay.”

“Plus you look really sick, I don’t want you going home like that,” he added. “Especially now that you don’t have anyone to take care of you anymore.”

“Anymore?” you raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Your boyfriend,” he recalled. “The one that broke up with you like a month ago or something?”

“He didn’t break up with me,” you stated.

“You said he left you,” he remembered.

“He left for tour,” you clarified. “He never broke up with me.”

“Oh,” Brendon looked shocked. “Well shit.”

“Speaking of,” you took an exasperated breath. “Uh, do you know where my phone is?”

“No idea,” he sighed.

“That’s great,” you closed your eyes tight. “You know, I don’t want to infringe or anything, but I’m probably still in no shape to go home. Mind if I stay here for the day?”

“No, not at all, absolutely,” he answered quickly. “Stay as long as you’d like.”

“I’m sorry, I just feel super shitty,” you groaned.

“Don’t sweat it,” Brendon insisted. “Let’s go get you something to eat and then you can take a nice shower and just rest for the day. Got it?”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly. “Thanks so much. Honest. You’re really sweet.”

“It’s my pleasure,” he gave a small smile. “I hope I didn’t um, I didn’t freak you out too much this morning. I know sometimes we do stuff we might regret when we get wasted, and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or guilty or anything. I’m sorry, I should’ve-”

“Don’t say that,” you laughed nervously. “I just uh, I can’t actually believe that we, uh…”

“We what?” he raised an eyebrow, wondering what the next part was.

“We had sex,” you swallowed uncomfortably.

“Why? Are you a virgin or something?” he inquired.

“No, no,” you shook your head. “I just uh, you’re like really, really, um, super hot.”

“Me?” he chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Nah, I’m just a doofus.”

“You look like a movie star or something. Way out of my league,” you argued. “I normally look like trash, so I can’t even imagine what I looked like drunk, much less now sick.”

“Don’t say that,” Brendon frowned. “You’re beautiful.”

“No I’m not,” you insisted. “I don’t even make it into the same category as you.”

“Whatever,” he just giggled. “You’re fucking gorgeous, babe.”

“Shut up and feed me that breakfast you keep yapping about,” you teased.

“Of course, my lady,” he joked with a smirk, taking your hand and leading you up off the couch towards the kitchen.

Needless to say, you and Brendon got along as if you had been friends your entire life. He had witty comebacks and silly remarks, flirtatious pickup lines and the funniest jokes, as well as sweet compliments and genuine concerns. You had to keep yourself from staring at him sometimes. You would find yourself glancing at those hands, the tattoo ink engraved in his arm, the way his eyes lit up when he laughed, how his lips curled into a smirk, moments when his forehead wrinkled when he thought hard about something, or how he ran his fingers through his hair. After you had both downed a cup of coffee, some eggs, bacon, toast, and a doughnut, he showed you to the shower. “How do you work it?” you wondered, setting the clothes he had picked out for you on a stool and walking over to him.

“Well uh…” he slid the shower door open and stared for a moment. “I don’t want to get my shirt soaked, hold on.” He quickly slipped the fabric from off his body and then tossed the shirt to the side, leaning into the shower and turning on the faucet. You couldn’t help but stare this time. His chest was gorgeous, his stomach just as amazing, and you felt yourself start to blush just at the thought of it. “How about you give it a feel and tell me if it’s warm enough for you or not?”

“What?” you instantly snapped back into reality, realizing you hadn’t been listening to a word he had been saying.

“The water,” he explained. “I can adjust the temperature if you need it.”

“Oh,” you still couldn’t manage to pry your eyes away from his body. “Uh, yeah sure.”

“Here,” Brendon stepped aside, letting you lean into the shower and reach a hand out to touch the water. “How’s the water?”

“Hmm?” you glanced at him, biting on your lower lip as you watched him run a hand through his hair.

“Too hot?” he asked.

“I don’t know about the water,” you gave a soft laugh. “But you on the other hand…”

“What?” he smirked. “See something you like?”

“Maybe,” you admitted shyly, turning around. You took your shirt off, reaching for your bra strap and beginning to undress yourself, ready to get in the shower when you head Brendon clear his throat rather loudly behind you.

“Ahem?” he announced his presence.

“You’re still here,” you raised your eyebrows, turning around to face him.

“You never answered my question,” he reminded, eyes flickering down to your breasts before pressing his lips together, returning eye contact with you. “How’s the water?”

“I don’t know,” you sighed, dipping a finger into the waistband of your pants, inching it down just below the waist. “Maybe you can help me find out if it’s good enough.”

“What do you mean?” he dared to ask.

“I think you know,” you whispered, taking one step closer to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and pulling him closer. “It’s definitely going to be too hot for me.”

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow, sly smile on his lips, gripping your ass tight and making you gasp. “You think you need a little help in the shower, baby?”

“I think I do,” you hummed, closing your eyes for a fraction of a second before opening them back up, staring at Brendon. “I think you know how to make me feel just right.”

“Do I now?” he chuckled, pressing your body closer to him and making it obvious that he had a hard on. “You want me to fuck you in the shower, sweetheart? Make you scream my name? Try to help you remember all the things you forgot last night?”

“Yes,” you whispered, nodding slightly. “I want you to show me.”

That’s all it took before his lips were on yours and you were kissing each other, your hands trailing down his chest, his hands on your back pressing your closer to him, your tongue slipping in his mouth and his fingers toying with the clasp of your bra. You fumbled with the zipper of his jeans and before you knew it, both of you were naked, his mouth on your neck and your fingernails digging into his back, moaning out his name, your legs wrapped around his waist as he carried you into the shower. The warm water cascaded down both of your bodies, and he lined his cock up with your entrance, thrusting into you several times, making you moan out his name. You were so close when he pulled out, forcing you to your knees, instructing you to suck him off. “Goddammit that feels so fucking good, y/n,” he gasped, grabbing fistfuls of your hair and rocking his hips up to your face, the water spraying on his back steadying himself against the wall as your hands gripped his hips, your tongue swirling around his length. “I’m going to cum, and you’re going to be a good girl and swallow it all, understand?”

You bobbed your head up and down, staring at him as he bit down on his lower lip, starting to shake. You slowly began to pull away, sliding your lips all the way to the head, sucking softly before taking him all into your mouth quickly again, hollowing your cheeks, just enough to make him orgasm. He was moaning out your name along with a handful of curses, tugging on your hair, the warm liquid sliding down your throat as he pumped in and out of your mouth. You began swallowing it all, listening to his whispers and mumbles of praises, his fingers tangled in your hair, fucking your face until he was exhausted. When he was done he pulled you up to your feet, then kissed you on the mouth. “You like that?” you murmured. “You like how you taste on my tongue?”

“Mmm but I’d sure love to get a taste of you,” he suggested. He trailed a hands down your chest, giving both of your tits a squeeze before sliding down your stomach, then towards your thighs, meeting in the middle and using one hand to grip your waist, the other to brush past your folds. “So fucking wet for me, babygirl.”

“Please,” you begged. He inserted a finger and you began to moan, grabbing handfuls of his hair as he started to pump it in and out of you, then adding another, sliding them in and out, causing you to gasp. The shower was filled with steam at this point, Brendon’s lips hot on your shoulder, most likely leaving hickeys by the intensity he was using as he sucked on your skin, and when his thumb found your clit, you moaned out his name loudly, cumming around his fingers.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” he hummed, curling his fingers as you buried your face in the crook of his neck, feeling the water rush down your hair, his hand slowly withdrawn from your center, catching your breath, watching in a daze as he licked your juices off his fingers, savoring the taste.

“You feel so good,” you mumbled, kissing him again.

“Productive shower,” he joked, and you narrowed your eyes at him playfully, both of you chuckling. “Come on, sweetheart. Let me get you all nice and clean.”

The following moments were filled with Brendon whispering sweet nothings into your ear, or other dirty things about how beautiful you sounded when you moaned his name or how lovely you looked with his cock in your mouth, massaging your body with soap and lathering shampoo and conditioner in your hair, leaving kisses down your back and stomach. It felt like hours, him talking to you, you both kissing, the water flowing down both of your bodies, until finally he suggested maybe you should get out, take a couple more meds, and then rest. You agreed, and he helped guide you out of the shower, snatching a towel and drying you off, then wrapping one around his waist, taking you hand in hand to his bedroom. He flung open the blankets, then curled up beside you, wrapping you in his arms and telling you to get some sleep, fuck the clothes and the meds, covering you both with the warm blanket, reassuring that you’d figure it all out tomorrow.

Boyfriend! Baekhyun

I hope you like it!! So so so sorry about the long wait!!

When He First Sees You

  • Baekhyun would most likely see you waiting in line at an amusement park  eating some of that “good good” (themed snacks are the best ok ok)
  • Yeah so anyway the sun would be reflecting itself on your skin making you look like you had the best highlight the world has ever witnessed
  • Lemme tell you..Baek liked it. A lot.
  • You know how he smiles when he’s admiring someone and kinda sticks out his tongue a little bit?
  • Just imagine him doing that, but to a point that he forgets where he’s at and people are kinda stepping on the back of his shoe (I HATE THAT OMFG) to get him to move up
  • But he literally can’t because is anyone else seeing this mystical creature of Aphrodite?? Is this Aphrodite??
  • It’d be about 10 minutes into his staring match with the unknowing opponent when Sehun pulls him away like “hyung wyd it’s our turn”
  • Luckily enough, the both of you enter into your separate rides at the same exact time so there would be an almost perfect chance for him to approach you

How He Asks You Out

  • So the ride’s ended and Baekhyun LEAPS out of his seat like “gotta blast!”
  • And the rest of exo is like “???” except for Yixing
  • He was too busy giggling at the fact that Byun said “gotta blast” because it reminded him of a meme
  • And then Jongdae’s like “We’ve known each other for almost 5 years and you’re just now figuring out that child is a meme?? Gotta keep up.”
  • And then Junmyeon jumps in like “yeah, stop laying low…Get it? Because your name is Lay? Get it now?”
  • ANYWAYS, Baekhyun is running like crazy to find you..and he does..with a strategy
  • “Excuse me, I’m one of the survey conductors at this park, and I’d like to know if you’re willing to answer some quick questions?”
  • “I don’t know if I’m mentally able to right now..”
  • “Well, what ride were you just on that made you mentally unstable?”
  • “um..the Goliath..yeah that’s it.”
  • “So on a scale of 1-10, how much did you enjoy it?”
  • “I’m not gonna lie; it was pretty epic so I’d say an 11.”
  • “WOAH OKAY WE GOT A WINNER OVER HERE EVERYONE! Hahaha so would you be interested in viewing the light show that this park projects tonight at 8pm?”
  • “Yeah, I don’t see why not.”
  • “Good good good..so thanks for helping me with this survey, but I bet you noticed that I don’t have a pen or paper?”
  • “AH YOU GOT ME! Honestly, I kinda thought about it, but I thought that maybe you had dictophonic memory (when you remember everything you hear) or something..?”
  • “Nah, I just wanted to start a random conversation so that I could confront you.”
  • You’re just like, “..on?..”
  • Baekhyun, being completely extra, sighs and goes “Listen, I was in that line over there and your beauty was blinding me for about 15 minutes. I have a career to uphold, and I don’t need cataracts.”
  • So you’re playing it off cockily, “And? How am I supposed to fix that?”
  • “Let me take you out tonight. We can go to that light show and have a great time together!! Do I need to go to that fortune teller to ask her about the ever present future we have together?”
  • “Okay. We can, and I’m sure we’ll get “lit” (lol.). No, you don’t have to because I see our future, too.”

Your Relationship

  • As predicted, your ever present future came closer than you thought it would.
  • Baekhyun wasn’t only your boyfriend, but he was your best friend.
  • No one could ever replace him, and he knew that, but there were times that he’d get jealous and kind of go off on the waiter that just complimented you on your food choice.
  • Everyone all we see beagle Baek, but the boyfriend aspect of Baekhyun is never absent when the two of you are together.
  • Whether it was from barely being able to breathe from his cuddles and hugs to his playful, lingering kisses, he was a l w a y s passionate.
  • For the outcome, only expect positivity from him. He was always supportive of your activities and studies, of himself and others, and of your relationship. Even though he would overreact most of the time, he’d never leave your side because the both of you were irreplaceable. 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


#stiles texting scott about derek probably (tag via raisesomehale; original post)

I saw this and I couldn’t help myself. The pick up line Derek uses is from this installment of the Stiles Pick Up Lines series by teamsciles. Bc it’s been stuck in my head as a go-to bad pick up line for at least a month now lol. Don’t ask why I have a go-to bad pick up line.

(Read on AO3) 

“Dude, no.”

“You haven’t seen him Scott,” Stiles tells his friend over the phone. He’s attempting to use his menu as a partition and peering around the edges conspicuously to make sure Unfairly Attractive Waiter isn’t lurking nearby. He looks as though he could be a lurker. But like…in a good way.

“I don’t have to see him to know that you’re about to get overly attached, completely bomb, and spend the next week on my couch with one of those extra-large pizzas from Antonio’s.”

“That seems like a hasty assumption,” he mutters under his breath.

“Allison is coming home tomorrow, Stiles. I can’t babysit you.”

“You should probably tone on the judginess right now. Allison has literally only been gone for three days, and you’ve been talking like you’re in the Sahara and she’s the last glass of water on the planet.” Stiles pushes the menu down flat onto the table and splays his hand across the center fold. “Also. I resent the implication that I am in need of a nanny when in distress.”

“You’re in need of a nanny on a good day,” Scott tells him flatly. “In distress, you need an entire daycare center.”

“Shit!” Stiles whispers harshly. “He’s coming back, bro. I gotta jet.”

“Stiles! Make sure you don’t say ‘gotta jet’ at any point in the conversation! Stil—”

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Me and You

Gif not mine

Hello my friends, I told you Natasha was next and so Natasha is here. This probably sucks and Natasha is probably written out of character but oh well what are ya going to do. This was inspired by some of my own experiences through understanding my own sexuality so I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 2160

“Code Red!”  You frantically text your roommate, Natasha. The phone rested on your thigh under the table occupying one hand as you rest your chin in the other. Putting on a happy smile, you listen as your date Lane rambles on about his ‘fantastic’ job as a Podiatrist, glancing down occasionally. This was the fifth date in the last three months that had gone horribly wrong, and you were quickly losing hope in finding love. Lane was a nice guy, he was handsome and smart and as Natasha like to put in “was so fucking rich that nothing else mattered” However there was no spark, no butterflies, nothing, just an awkward one-sided chat about feet.

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Originally posted by gotjimin

“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 //

Part 7 is here~ 

More Parts:

Part 8 


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Undisclosed Desires (part 5)

Words: 2.1k

Summary: TFW discuss learning about your past as you catch up with Lucifer.

A/N: More canon divergence. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my mater tag list.


“Cas, you’ve been pretty quiet back there. You ok?” Dean asked from the drivers seat of the Impala.

Castiel remained silent and stared out the window. Part of him understood why you didn’t tell him and he wished he didn’t care; but how could he not care. Not only were you nephilim, but you were the spawn of the devil himself.

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Only Been Dead For Fifteen Years ~ Sam Drake (UNCHARTED)

Pairings: Samuel Drake x reader 

Words: 1,203

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Language

Originally posted by jaheesvorson

The first thing you noticed when you pulled into the parking lot of Nate’s office was the unfamiliar car in which some asshole decided to park right where you usually parked. The fact that it should be clear on the door that the office was closed yet there was someone here that you didn’t know and they took your spot really just made that hammer in your head start pounding against your temple.

You frustratedly turn the ignition off and fiddle with the keys, trying to pull them out without breaking anything. The night wasn’t on your side and it just seemed to be getting worse, but you had news for Nate that he surely wasn’t going to like to hear and you wanted to get it over with.

Trudging over to the main door, you glanced up at the ‘HOURS’ sign just to make sure you had something to prove if anyone started a fight. “Goddamn right, we closed an hour ago…” You mutter under your breath as you go to open the door only to realize that Nathan must have locked it AFTER letting some unwelcomed guest in.

“Jesus fucking - NATHAN OPEN THIS DOOR!” You shout, banging on the entrance. You would have used the spare set of keys you owned, if only you hadn’t mistakingly left them at the house.

You could hear laughing from the other side of the door, something of which sent an odd dejá vû feeling crawling down your spine.

“Sorry ma'am, we’re closed!” The voice talks in a deep, mocking tone. “Read the sign!”

You were about ready to respond with an insult when you could hear the sound of the door unlocking from the other side. Whichever one of them were about to open the door, you didn’t give them the chance to before pushing it open and purposely hitting whoever was behind it.

“Nathan why are there people here when we are closed?!” You grab a hold of his arm, harshly whispering without even looking at the guest.

“Holy hell, fifteen years can do a lot to a person.”

The sound of the voice emitting from not too far behind caused your skin to run cold. It sounded all too familiar, but that was impossible? How many years has it been? No, there’s no way that it could be -

Your lips parted and your eyes went slightly wide, you were still looking at Nathan but your grip on him loosened and you ultimately let go of his arm.


It was just a voice, you couldn’t always put a face to a simple voice you hear, right? He was shot years ago, many many years ago… how many again? It couldn’t have been fifteen although fifteen sounded about right, but it has to be some kind of a coincidence because Samuel Drake was deemed a dead man.

“S-Sam?” You turn your head to the side, not wanting to look at him just yet.

“I didn’t think she would remember who I - woah, woah, woah hold up there sweetheart!”

You didn’t allow him to finish his sentence before quickly grabbing the gun you kept in your back pocket and turning around, pointing it at him.

It was him alright…

The man you fell in love with almost twenty years ago.

The man you spent nights crying over after he broke your heart, the one you forgave.

The man you watched get shot fifteen years ago and die in front of you.

“Y/n, hey put the gun down -

"How did - why are you - where in the hell did, -” you pinch the bridge of your nose with the opposite hand and take a deep breath, trying to steady your pounding heart.

He looks older which is expected but was still attractive to your eye. His hair had grown out a little longer than you could last remember, again a lot could be forgotten in fifteen years. He had some facial hair, but you couldn’t remember if he had the same amount of it fifteen years ago as he does now.

You could see part of his bird tattoo on his neck.

“Look I was shot once, and I don’t wanna go through that mess again.” He puts his hands up in defense but doesn’t seem too worried.

The tears sprung your eyes, the emotions you were feeling right now were too much of a mess to explain but one sentiment stuck out the most: anger.

“Fifteen years, fifteen goddamn years and you show up out of fucking nowhere and expect - oh my god.” You drop the gun and run a shaking hand through your hair, trying preventing yourself from pulling any strands out. “How do you expect me to…” You started mumbling to yourself as you pushed past Nathan and walked into the office, your tears were desperately threatening to fall, and a couple started to slip before you had the chance to stop them.

“Y/n, listen I know it’s -

"Where is it, no no they said you were a dead! I swear to god I spent months upon months trying to figure out what happened to your - no… no, I can’t.” Your words were coming out faster than either of them could understand but by the sound of your voice cracking it was clear you were pretty upset.

You were opening filing cabinets and rummaging through files, trying to search for the one you knew confirmed Sam’s death. It was here, you knew it was because you kept it… you wouldn’t throw away something like that.

A pair of strong arms grabbed you from behind and you fought a little, trying to get him to let go.


“I know baby, I know…” He pulled you to him as you began to sob, your arms threw themselves around him and you hugged him with all the strength you had. “And don’t think in those fifteen years I spent a night without thinking about you.”

You pulled away from him just so you could place both hands on his face and get a good look at him. “Y-You’re here?” You laughed, running your thumb across his scruff.

“And you didn’t shoot me, so that’s also a good thing.” He chuckles.

Kissing a man you haven’t seen for fifteen years wouldn’t exactly be on the top of your list, but since within those fifteen years you still loved him - you felt it was pretty damn justified. You lean in and press your lips against his, weaving your fingers through his hair as you felt that familiar sensation of his lips, you tasted the sweet hint of mint.

He kissed you back but pulled away shortly after. “I was hoping you’d still wanna do something like that.”

“W-Why are you here…?” You ask, touching his clothed chest, still trying to process that he’s this close to you.

“I’m in a whole lot of trouble, Y/n…”

Nathan groans and you look up at him, leaning against the doorframe. “You’ve only been dead for fifteen years big brother, what kind of mess could you have gotten into?”

Soulmate Au! Hansol Vernon Chwe Part Two

Originally posted by v-hansolchoi

Anything you write on yourself also appears on your soulmate.

Part One

  • You guys are in highschool now
  • Hansol tells you that he is now a trainee for something called seventeen project
  • He wants you to watch him, but you feel like it’s not fair because he doesn’t get to see what you look like
  • So Hansol’s just like why can’t we just FaceTime or Skype or KaoKao or something
  • To which you’re like I want the first time we see each other to be face to face

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Never Again

One Shot!
Characters: Dean and Sam, vamps, and Reader (Deans Girlfriend) so a Dean x reader
Summary: On a hunt that goes wrong, Deans Girlfriend, Reader, gets kidnapped.
Prompt: From the Impossible Prompt Challenge, number 13, “Stop touching my face, or I might bite.” I had so much fun writing this! Thanks for making this challenge!
Warnings: Abuse, blood/injury, language

Readers POV

Originally posted by jordanwinchesterimagines

“Dean! Dear lord turn the music down! They are going to hear you!” I laugh while turning the music down, ‘We are supposed to be trying to a sneak attack, and you blaring that while we are close to the hideout of the vamps, is going to blow our cover!” You playfully swatted at his arm and he smiled. Your heart skipped a beat as you watched him. How did you, of all people get stuck with him? You are the luckiest girl alive to be able to call Dean Winchester your boyfriend.

“Sorry sweetheart, just thought the vamps would want to listen to my music!” He said sarcastically and smiling at me, he then parked the car outside of the forest entry. Dean, Sam, and I got out of the car and Dean walked over to me and kissed me, and I of course kissed him back.

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Pacify Her -Liam Dunbar Imagine feat.Hayden

Originally posted by emwatsxn

Request: Can you do a Liam imagine based on the song Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez ft Hayden??

Pairing: Reader x Liam Dunbar

Word Count: 1,041

Warnings: Cheating, bad words, bullying!

This imagine is based on the song “Pacify her” by Melanie Martinez.

A/N: Please don’t cheat on your partner and please don’t bully people! 

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anonymous asked:

can you do one where Betty gets drunk and confesses her feelings for jughead somewhat to Ronnie??

hey nonnie! of course, thank you for my first prompt!! :) 

The music was blaring and the house was filled with people she hardly recognized. Betty pushed through the crowds of people trying not to bump into to many of the reckless drunks that scattered the halls. Her eyes landed on Veronica who was standing across the room by the makeshift bar, flirting with a tall handsome boy. Betty approached the two of them and looked between them awkwardly.

“B! Hey girl, um, this is Adrian. Adrian this is my best friend Betty.” Veronica introduced them and Betty gave him a small smile before turning her back to him to talk to Veronica with a little bit of privacy.

“Honestly V, I don’t think I’m going to stay, I’ll see you tomorrow?” Veronica’s eyebrows shoot up at Betty’s statement and she shakes her head vigorously. If it were up to Betty, she would be locked up in her house reading a book or watching a movie - most likely in the company of Jughead. Going out wasn’t really her scene. Tonight was all Veronica’s doing. She stopped by Betty’s house all glammed up and ready to go and basically dragged Betty out of the house with her.

“No!” Veronica shouted with a smile forming on her face. Veronica held up a hand and suddenly disappeared. She soon returned a couple seconds later with a red solo cup and presented it to Betty. “Honestly B, you just need to relax and let loose!”

Betty looked from the cup to Veronica and raised an eyebrow. She squinted at the cup and honestly debated running out of the house and back to her own. As tempting as escaping to the comforts of her home and Jughead’s company, she knew she wouldn’t make it very far until Veronica caught up to her and guilted her into coming back inside.

“Fine. Just one.” Betty sighed taking the cup from Veronica and taking a swig.

Betty stopped counting how many drinks she had after the fifth drink, and right now she really didn’t care. Betty and Veronica were standing on top of a table in the middle of a large living room and were dancing wildly to a very fast paced song that neither of them knew. Veronica was laughing and pointing into the crowd where she received hoots and hollers from many of the male audience, while Betty just twirled in circles, her smile never leaving her face. She felt free and weightless. She couldn’t remember a time she felt so good.

When the song came to an end, Betty stopped her twirling and grabbed onto Veronica who pulled them both down from the table with help from a couple of her male fans. Betty stumbled and almost fell, but Veronica caught her just in time before she hit the floor. “Woah there drunky. C'mon,” Veronica giggled, pulling Betty along with her out of the crowd of people to a quieter area, “let’s get you some water and something to munch on.”

Plopping herself down on one of the free couches Betty sunk into the soft fabric and smiled at Veronica who handed her a bottle of water. “Thank V! I love you so much y'know?”
Veronica laughed and nodded her head. “Love you too B. Best friends forever!” Betty smiled widely and took another swig of her water.

“This is so much fun V, but I miss Jug-”

“Jughead?” Veronica asked, cutting Betty off abruptly.

Betty smiled and blushed a deep red. “Jughead.” Betty sunk deeper into the couch as the name left her mouth and Veronica raised her eyebrows.

“I see!” Veronica said wiggling her eyebrows at her best friend. “Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones? I can get behind that.”

Betty’s blush, though seemingly impossible, depended further to a bright crimson. “I don’t know V. I like him a lot, I’ve just been too afraid to admit it to myself. I don’t think he feels the same though,” Betty’s blush starts to fade and her smile shrinks a little before turning her head to face Veronica, but Veronica wasn’t looking back at her. Her eyes were focussed on something behind Betty.

Betty’s eyebrows furrowed and she turned around to find Jughead standing at the end of the couch, hands in his pockets and nose red from the weather outside. Betty was shocked at first and then suddenly felt embarrassed. She had just poured out her feelings about Jughead and there he stood.

“Jug,” Betty said and made a move to stand but lost her balance as her head went fuzzy and she fell backwards back onto the couch as Jughead moved to catch her.

“Well, I’m just gunna-” Veronica started before hopping off the couch and running away, leaving the two of them there by themselves. Jughead raised an eyebrow at Veronica for a split second before his focus went back to the blonde sitting on the couch where he himself took a seat beside her.

“When did you get here? How did you get here? Why are you here?” Betty rushed out in one breath and Jughead raised both eyebrows.

“Woah slow down there.” He chuckled moving closer to her and pulling his phone out. “So I take it you don’t remember texting me?” Betty’s eyes widen and she rips his phone out of his hand. Squinting her eyes so she can focus a little bit more clearly she read the multiple messages she had sent.

Hey there stranger I miss you
Remembr to nevr let m try tqulilia again
Lol got it
You there? Heyyyyyy thereeeeee
I miss u come hang outttt
I have somtin u need to kno
Hahaha love u
gdnigt lol

Betty dropped the phone to her lap and shyly looked up at him. Jughead was smirking and before she knew it, Jughead has placed a soft, quick kiss on her lips. “I’ll give you another when you don’t smell like alcohol and you can remember everything that happens.” He tells her, giving her a small smile which she returns full heartedly.

Short Captain Underpants fanfic

This fanfic is inspired by a drawing by @partyhat01.


Just a normal Captain Underpants adventure. Captain Underpants, George and Harold were stopping two crooks from stealing toilet paper from a big warehouse. While Captain Underpants stopped the two crooks quite easily, a van pulled into an alleyway behind the warehouse. Then 4 more crooks came out of the van and ambushed Captain Underpants. They beat him up and threw him against the alleyway wall. George and Harold were very scared as they huddled in the corner of the alleyway.

“So, Captain Underpants ain’t so tough after all!” One of the crooks mocked as all his comrades laughed with him.

“Boys load up the toilet paper into the van.” Another larger crook commanded. Three crooks loaded the van with toilet paper while the rest were still kicking Captain Underpants. One hard kick to the face caused Harold whimper very loudly.

One of the crooks looked over at George and Harold who were still against the wall holding on to each other. The crook smirked and got a sinister idea.

“Yo, Boys! How bout we take the bozo’s two bratty sidekicks for a little ransom.”

They all agreed, got up and walked towards the boys smiling evilly.

Captain underpants was still crouching on the ground with a bloody eye and nose.

“N-No Stop! Sidekicks!” He called out trying to stand up.

“Captain Underpants…” George said softly as he held on to Harold a little tighter.

The crooks started laughing as they grabbed the two boys and pulled them apart from one another.

“No, NO! HAROLD!” George screamed struggling and reaching for his best friend. “CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! HELP!”

“GEORGE!” Harold screamed squirming desperately. “CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS! HELP US PLEASE!”

“NO! STOP IT! Let them go, you villains!” Captain underpants screamed as he tried to stand up once again but fell to the ground due to his injuries.

Both boys were screaming for Captain Underpants to help them. Harold bit the arm that was holding him causing the crook to drop him and tried to run towards Captain Underpants. But the enraged crook grabbed Harold by his hair and yanked him back. Poor Harold screamed in pain. George heard this and tried to fight back even more.

“YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!” George screamed.

The larger crook getting tried of dealing with the two boys smacked George across the face. All the crooks started being much more rough with the boys. George and Harold once again cried for help from Captain Underpants.

Then something in Captain Underpants snapped. He was infuriated. Hurting him was one thing but hurting his SIDEKICKS?! Captain Underpants suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs.


Everyone stopped and looked over at the bald half naked man.

Captain underpants looked up and saw the tears streaming down George and Harold’s faces. Then he spoke slowly and quietly each word clothed with rage.


Then full adrenaline Captain Underpants stood up and charged at the crooks. He knocked out the first one with a punch and the second one with a kick and the third and the forth ones came to attack him he fought back amazingly.

While all this was going on the two remaining crooks who were still holding George and Harold were slowly inching to their van. The boys immediately tried to call out to Captain Underpants but the two men covered their mouths. Luckily Captain Underpants saw and quickly made short work of the two crooks he was currently fighting then raced after the foes who had his sidekicks.

The crooks threw George and Harold in the back of the van, the larger one jumped in with them and locked the door. The other ran to drive the van but didn’t get to far when Captain Underpants showed up in front of him.

“Going somewhere?” Captain Underpants asked before punching the man across the face.

The last crook was trying to tie George and Harold up but the two boys struggling didn’t help.

“STOP SQUIRMING YA BRATS!” the crook yelled as he pulled a knife out of his back pocket.

Both George and Harold froze at the sight of the weapon, scared about what this man could do to them. The man grinned at their fear, put the knife in his mouth and continued to tie them up. After the crook finished tying them up he grabbed some tape and put tape across both boys mouths.

The big crook took the knife out of his mouth and put it in his back pocket. As the crook stood up he noticed something.

“Wait. Why aren’t we moving?” He questioned. He thought for sure they’d be on the highway by now.

The large crook went to unlock the door to see what’s going on before looking back at George and Harold who had gotten over the fact that he had a knife and were struggling on the floor.

“Ok,” the strongest crook whispered to the boys. “I’m going to go see where we are, so be good little boys and be nice and quiet. Or else!” He said pulling his knife out.

George and Harold shrunk down a little, scared, the two of them nodded slowly.

The biggest crook slowly opened the door and saw his five comrades lying on the ground in front of him. He gasped and jumped out towards them.

“What the-? Didn’t any of you at least beat that half naked freak!”

Then someone threw a toilet paper roll at the back of his head

The biggest and strongest crook turned around and saw Captain Underpants standing on top of the van. But he wasn’t smiling his usually goofy grin. He was glaring intensely at the man. Then he jumped forth and slammed the man into the wall.

“Ok listen closely. You’re a real bub.” Captain underpants said slowly and angrily. “You can do your stupid life of crime of stealing toilet paper or fabric softener. You can even beat me up. But you cannot, I repeat you cannot hurt my SIDEKICKS!”

And with that Captain Underpants punched him square in the nose and threw him on top of his fallen comrades.

He wrote a note for the police and pulled George and Harold out of the van and ran away with them. Once they were far enough from the crime scene Captain Underpants untied George and Harold.

“Wow, Captain Underpants that was amazing.” Harold said as George said “ Captain Underpants that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen you do!”

Captain Underpants looked down at them with deep sorrow before kneeling down to their level.

“…Sidekicks..D-did they h-hurt you badly?” He asked voice breaking.

“Oh w-well not too badly.” Harold said actually just noticing how much his body actually hurt.

“Y-yeah you got it much worse.” George said rubbing his sore cheek.

Captain Underpants looked at them before hugging them both tightly. Both boys winced in pain but didn’t pull away.

“I am so sorry Boys. I’m so sorry that I let it get that far.” Captain underpants said his voice breaking slightly.

“Woah Hey it’s not your fault.” George said.

“Yeah you saved us remember? If it weren’t for you, we would have been kidnapped.” Harold said.

“ I know, I know. It was just scary that I couldn’t protect either of you.” Captain Underpants admitted.

“But Captain Underpants you DID protect us!” George insisted as he hugged Captain Underpants tighter.

“Yeah that’s why we never get too hurt because you’re always there to protect us.” Harold said hugging Captain Underpants more.

Tears leaked out of Captain Underpants eyes. Then he smiled and said: “And I will always be there to protect you boys.”



Sorry if this is bad, it’s my first fanfiction.

Dancing w/ Jisung
  • omg omg omg
  • this is my first masterpost of my son, i’m-
  • he was the only one without requests what a loser am i right haha
  • lmao, no, i’m sorry 
  • but real talk i’m really excited about this
  • i’ll do this super fluffy i promise
  • so let’s start okayy
  • sooooo
  • both of you were besties
  • but the ‘i’m actually deeply in love with you” kind of besties
  • both of you had a crush for each other for months now
  • how cute am i right
  • ah~~ young love
  • i’m only like three months older that him what am i saying dfgshjklajhgdj
  • but you actually haven’t been bffs for that long tbh
  • it was a some months but y'all were inseparable
  • all the members are already use to see you almost everyday in the dorms and sometimes even in the practice room
  • and if we go to the story
  • that’s where both of you were right now
  • the dreamies practice finished like an hour ago but he didn’t want to go back to the dorms yet bc he wanted to to have some time alone with you
  • because everytime you’re with the other members they always steal you from him and he’s like >:^(((( the whole time
  • lmao
  • “you’re such a jealous smol child, park jisung”
  • “bUt iTs TrUUUuUUuUuuUuUeE, they always steal you :(”
  • give me a second
  • i just realized how much i actually love him
  • but anyways, y’all never did something like this before
  • but he knew that you loved dancing because you literally know every kpop coreography that exists, lmao
  • sometimes you make dance battles with donghyuck to see who’s better, lol
  • so this time he remembered that and super suddenly would ask you
  • “do you want me to teach you how to dance?”
  • woah okay someone’s feEling ramdOom todAy
  • but it was really weird because you were talking about idk bees and he comes with that out of nowhere
  • “what?”
  • “i have seen you dance before and you’re actually not as terrible as i though you would be”
  • oh thanks jisung that’s so nice of you
  • but you say yes because why not am i right
  • “you laugh at me and i’ll hurt you”
  • “i would never laugh at you!”
  • he did laugh at you though
  • he was teaching you a song of one of the other groups of the sm
  • i’ll say tvxq because they’re the kings of kpop ok
  • and it wasn’t that bad for being a first time
  • you only had a few problems in the beggining
  • like not remembering what comes next or forget to move your arm while doing a specific dance move
  • “y/n move your arm, no, the other one”
  • “no, you fish, start again”
  • istg i would slap him if he wasn’t so adorable
  • but after a few hours both of you get really into it
  • you would dance while facing the mirror and only being focused in your moves
  • and you learned it pretty fast actually
  • baby jisung was very proud
  • “i think that was perfect, let’s rest a little now y/n”
  • and he was really tired
  • i mean he had the dreamies dance practice + your dance practice in the same day
  • so you sat on the floor and he lied down, using your lap as his pillow
  • and you whiped off the sweat of his face with a towel like a mom
  • can you imagine being lucky enough to have this angels face so close
  • “you look really pretty from this angle y/n”
  • and you got rlly shy so you throwed the towel in his face lmao
  • he would laugh and sit by your side as he look at you in silence
  • and you looked at him too and really suddenly
  • “i like you so much”
  • you whispered it but without even realizing, like it just happened what
  • it was a whisper but judging by the way the opened his mouth and raised his eyebrows i’ll say that he heared you lol
  • “n-no! i- i mean i- uhm”
  • he was so excited now, like suddenly all his energy came back
  • he hugged you and confesed to you back
  • “i-i like you too, y/n”
  • omg you babies were blushing so much and couldn’t look at each other in the eyes for the rest of the day
  • you only did when both of you arrived to your house
  • “this was fun, y/n, do you want to go to the dorms tomorrow? maybe we can watch a movie or something"
  • “fore sure, jisung!”
  • and the end, lmao
  • this is low-key bad i’m sorry lmao

anonymous asked:

Woah! Is Ladino basically just Spanish but spelled differently? I'm a Jewish Latina too!

Hola! It took me a while to answer, since whenever someone asks me this I don’t know from where to start. Personally, I’ve learned djudeo-espanyol at home, my grandparents would always speak to me in this language since I can remember but I don’t know well how to explain it since it was acquired like I did with the spanish.

To be more specific, Ladino has its basis in the Castilian spoken in Spain during Medieval times so the lexicon, the syntax, the expressions that Ladino has does not longer exist in modern Spanish. Also Ladino has in its construct Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek, as a testimony of the countries jews were living in.

There are some difference for example in the pronunciation between Spanish and Djudeo-Espanyol. The “J” in spanish is pronounced as “H” while in ladino is “ZH” for example: in the word dejar , which in djudeo-espanyol is pronounced deshar instead of dehar.

Some of the words are completely different between the two languages, for example  Ehshuma / vergüenza (embarasment), Yakishikli (ya)/ guapo (a) (handsome-pretty), Abashamentádo (resfriado) having a cold.

An important difference between Ladino and Spanish is in the word for G-d. In spanish we say Di-s, derived from the Latin, De-s. But to the Spanish Jews this was unacceptable because Di-s ends in the letter “s” and that implies that Di-s is plural. The foundation of the Jewish faith is that G-d is singular. This concept is reinforced every time we recite the Shemah: “…the lord is One.“  So in djudeo-espanyol we always referred to G-d as: El D-o, always including the article El.

This is a very basic explanation, I hope it helps and thank you for asking, anon. My ask is always open if you have any more questions, have a good day! Ke siempre estemos bien ansina komo agora :) 

This is a continuation of this fic inspired by @harritudur and @queenbessofyork’s wonderful flatmates au.

You all know the drill, enjoy it and have fun!
(I certainly did writing this)

“I’m going to kill you.” Henry muttered under his breath. His hand reached into his pocket to answer his buzzing phone. A new text from Rodrigo reminded Henry of the last two he left unanswered since the day of the Sunday roast at his new place.

Wtf Tudor? 
Since when Maud is your gf? 

Henry unlocked his screen to read the new text. 

Well are you going to fix this mess? 

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