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I’m pretty sure Newt’s a dangermancer, or at the very least a troublemancer.


But do you even understand what this means

It means that Newt uses danger in his spells

Can you just see what this would cause though? What chaos? Mayhem? He’s struggling to learn the banishing charm in the normal course of affairs but whoopsidaisy he’s just tripped and fallen off the astronomy tower and suddenly BAM that’s the strongest banishing charm anyone’s ever seen and he’s banished the ground so hard he’s now in the stratosphere

Or or or he’s trying to unlock a captive kirin’s chains but the damn thing won’t budge so he just shrugs and sends up a firecracker to wake the poachers up and woah hello spells flying people shouting is that a fucking bazooka and the kirin’s chains don’t just unlock, they transfigure themselves into a pair of basilisks that set upon the poachers while Newt and the newly christened Jeremy leg it for freedom.


Newt noticing there’s something odd about Credence but he can’t quite tell what, needs to give his divination a bit of a boost to get this one sorted out so bring on the dangermancy, let’s just unclasp this and swap this and oh deary me a muggle’s got my case of magical creatures and let them loose in a city where they’re all banned however did that happen but hey ho ERUMPETS IN HEAT and DEATH SENTENCES and EVADING CAPTURE and after all that Newt’s got enough juice in his truth-seeking spell that he not only works out what was bugging him about Credence but Grindelgraves is basically highlighted neon pink to his sight as suspicious and basically, if Grindelwald hadn’t tried to sentence Newt to death Newt wouldn’t have had enough dangermancy to unmask him and if you don’t think that’s poetic then I don’t know what is