woah hang on

Fake Chats #207
  • Yoongi: can you do that somewhere else?
  • Jungkook: woah, woah, woah, hang on. Are you snapping at Hopi-hyung?
  • Taehyung: yeah, you can't do that!
  • Jimin: I'm very surprised.
  • Jungkook: he's an angel, how could you?
  • Yoongi: um, I'm not snapping? And are you snapping at me?
  • Jungkook: if you're going to snap at an angel, I'm going to snap at you.
  • Yoongi: I'm not snapping!
  • Jungkook: if you're going to yell at someone, yell at me.
  • Taehyung: what? Really?
  • Yoongi: I am yelling at you!
  • Jungkook: good!
  • Jimin: what.
  • Hoseok: what.
  • Jungkook: it's okay, Hopi-hyung, I got your back.
  • Hoseok: um, thanks?
  • Taehyung: that was weird.
  • Jimin: that's for sure.
  • Yoongi: was I snapping?
  • Jungkook: yes.
  • Hoseok: not really.
  • Taehyung: please, that was nowhere near snapping.
  • Jimin: it was a bit snappy.
  • Yoongi: not helpful.
  • Jungkook: say sorry.
  • Yoongi:
  • Hoseok: Kookie, it's okay. I can stand up for myself. Also, he wasn't snapping.
  • Jungkook: fine. I'll let you off the hook just this once. Just this once!
  • Taehyung: I can't figure that kid.
  • Jimin: I can.
  • Taehyung: shut up.
  • Hoseok: don't worry, hyung, we're good.
  • Yoongi: that's great to hear. Now can you go be noisy somewhere else?
  • Hoseok: okay!
  • Taehyung: Jimin, grab Kookie's other arm, I can't hold him back by myself!
Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Pairing: Cop!Sam x Nurse!Reader

Word Count: 1,900

Warning: Mentions of shooting and stabbing, not graphic though. INCREDIBLY fluffy otherwise.

A/N: The nurse in me dreamed about this and the writer in me wanted to share. The personality of the nurse is also me basically all the time. Enjoy!!

“Y/N! Room 11, you have a new admit. Just check in on him before your relief gets here in a few. Ten out of ten chest pain, 48 year-old male, say’s he’s having a heart attack. Pretty sure the only heart attack he’ll have is the one you’ll give him if you try and take those chips from him.”

“Oh, awesome, can’t wait.” Flashing your signature ‘kill me now’ grin at your co-worker you close out of your computer and head over towards the room.

Saturday nights in the downtown ER. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always been more a can of Redbull to you anyways. The hustle, the bustle, the insanity that never ceases to amaze; who would ever want to leave that?

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Series: Apocalyptic

Title: Porn Star


I sighed, snapping the book closed seeing as it wasn’t keeping me entertained.

Sometimes it was a bore being cooped up in the main house. That was just part of being one of Negan’s wives.

Standing, I went to the bookshelf to find a diffrent novel.

“What the shit Y/N!?” Negan’s voice boomed as he slammed the door open.

I jumped, spinning around with a hand over my heart, “Jesus, Negan!”

He stalked into the room, flinging the door shut, “You wanna tell me what the fuck this shit is!?”

“What fucking shit is what!?” I snapped back.

“This!” Negan held up a dvd.

Squinting, my eyes widened when I saw the nude photo of myself wearing just a swashbucklers hat on the cover.

Plundered Treasure staring Ruby Galore!

I folded my arms over my chest, “And?”

“An- and!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Fat Joey was jerkin’ his shit to this, Y/N!” Negan sputtered.

“Do you want me to say that I feel ashamed!?”

“Wha- no goddamnit!” Negan threw the dvd onto the couch and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Then what is it!?” I flailed my arms into the air, letting them smack against my thighs.

“They’ve seen what’s mine damnit; that’s what!” He yelled.

I sighed, going up to Negan and framing his stubbled cheeks in my hands, “You took what is hopefully the last existing dvd away, so don’t sweat it, baby.”

Negan pouted, “He fuckin’ looks at you and I’ll kill him,”

I smiled, “I know you will Negan,”

Moving away from him, I grabbed the dvd and went to throw it in the fire place.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hang on a goddamn minute!” He said, taking it from me to read the case.

I laughed, knowing that he was curious.

“So, uh… any girl on girl?”

His bulge was becoming more prominent as he waited for my answer.

“Yes,” I smiled.


I put an arm on his shoulder, letting my other hand slide down his chest to the front of his trousers where I cupped him.

“Do you wanna watch it?” I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Holy hell…. you don’t care?” He panted.

I kissed his neck, “Nope. Told you I’m not ashamed.”

I’d never seen Negan move so fast before. He popped the dvd in the player, then sprawled out on the couch.

I sat next to him, letting him play with my hair as he watched.

When the scene started of me kissing another female, Negan grunted, shifting his hips.

Deciding to help relax him, I leaned over and undid his britches. His breathing became heavy as his eyes moved back and forth from the screen, then to me.

I pulled his swollen member from his pants, pumping it a few times as I got to my knees next to him on the couch.

He groaned as I swirled my tounge around the seeping head of his shaft, “Goddamn, baby,”

I hummed as I slowly took him deeper into my wet mouth.

The mewling moans of myself and the chick I was eating out on the dvd were getting louder.

Negan slid a hand under me, slipping it into my panties and immediately dipping his long, skilled fingers into me as I sucked him off.

I had to admit that this was hot as hell and could already feel myself near the edge.

He lifted his hips just a tad, the head of him just barely tapping the back of throat.

“Ohhh shit,” he groaned.

Using his middle finger, he spread the juices from my entrance to my clit, where he gently circled it.

Just as quick, he pumped two fingers into me.

I lifted my head from him, using my hand to pump him as Iicked the head of him lick a lollipop.

I rolled my hips on his fingers, nearly coming when he pressed the heel of his hand against my sensitive clit.

Licking my lips, I took him back into my mouth, swallowing him, then slowly raising my head.

“Fuck, baby. Keep suckin’,” Negan moaned, slouching more.

Grabbing the base of him, I slowly pulled my mouth up to just the tip, where I gave a firm suck.

“Uhhh!” He was so close.

Standing, I pulled off my panties and got down on all fours facing the tv.

Negan’s pants hit the floor, the belts clinking.

I felt him kneel behind me, where he pumped his shaft a few times, then sank deep into me.

Negan pulled my torso up, putting an arm around my chest to keep me upright.

The dvd showed a male costar screwing me from behind as I made out and fingered my female costar.

Negan’s mouth was at my ear, panting as he moved in and out of me, “Who fucks you better, baby?”

I held his head to me, as we both watched the tv.

“Mmmm, you do Negan,” I moaned.

Negan’s hand found my mound, rubbing my clit in tight circles.

His breathing became heavier and hotter against my neck while he focused on snapping his hips against me.

“Come, baby,”

I cried out, falling to my hands. Negan gripped my hips, pounding into me until he thrusted deeply one last time, coming deep inside of me.

“Jesus… fuck…!” He panted, resting his head on my back.

My arms shook as I tried to hold myself up.

Negan pulled out, falling to the floor where he pulled me down next to him.

“We’re keeping the dvd,” he gasped.

I giggled, kissing his chest.


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ok so imagine: taako coming back from wonderland, all the effects from the sacrifices permanent forever. whenever hes around other people he burns through spell slots casting disguise self to make him look like he used to; sometimes even when hes alone, just because. one day hes with krav and maybe he runs out of spell slots or just doesnt notice the spell running out and kravitz gets this look on his face of like, slight shock, then a mixture of confusion and concern and taako is like “oh shit. uh i gotta go actually im late for… hair..cut? i left my oven on… im. bleeding internally anywaygoodtoseeyoubye!”

and kravitz is like “woah hang on a sec” and he kinda pieces together what happened because taako is reluctant to tell the whole story and also hes pulled his hat over his head and face and is saying “everythings fine. this is totally normal ive always worn my hat like this, havent you noticed? its kinda my trademark look.”

kravitz tells him that he didnt fall in love with taako because of his beauty, he fell in love with him because he was charming and funny, because theres no one else like him anywhere. and he tells him that his worth isnt determined by his looks, and “taako, youre beautiful because youre you, and that will never change” and he reminds him that half the time hes an undead skeleton man with no facial features and that hes lucky to be with taako. they hug and taako lifts his hat back up so he can kiss that wonderful undead skeleton man

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh last headcanons were so sad! *cries a million tears* (still beautiful though) I think we all need a feel-good headcanons now! Like, what would happen if Candy met the boys again years after school has ended? They're single and some lingering feelings are still there for both parts? :)

(in reference to this)

Sorry it took so long for this to be up but I hope you like it, i feel like something is missing from it but idk what to add… But thanks! And sorry that Kentin and Armins are really short i didnt intend for that to happen


  • I feel like Nate would just kind of freeze up and stare at you for a while, like “wait is that actually her??”
  • Depending on whether or not you guys ever got back on god terms after the break up, his approach would be different. If you were on god terms he’d probably just walk up to you like “Is that you y/n??” but if you were on bad terms he might wait until you approach him first. He asks what you’re doing lately, if you’re in college then what you’re currently studying. Small talk.
  • He didn’t really think much of you after high school had ended but after seeing you again he gets this feeling in his chest that he just can’t get to go away.
  • Doesn’t realize he still has feelings for you until maybe a little while later. Maybe a week after seeing you.
  • Let’s hope you two exchanged numbers when you ran into each other because he would definitely work up the courage to call you and invite you out for some coffee to “catch up.” He really is just testing the waters to see if his feelings are real or if it was just the shock of seeing you.
  • He’s totally realizing the feelings are real when he meets up with you. He still gets that spark that he felt when he dated you in high school.
  • He honestly would take forever to admit to you that he still has feelings for you, you might be better off confessing first tbh. But he wouldn’t just rush into the relationship though. He’d want to take time to get to know you again because you’re bound to change after a few years. I’m sure he would change too, so he wants to make sure you clash well together.
  • After a while he questions why you decided to end things with him so suddenly. He just wants to know if it was something he did or not.


  • I could actually see Castiel dating a bit here and there but never getting too serious with anyone. Just some flings. When he sees you he automatically feels that same surge of affection he felt back in high school. Not like “I love her” but like “wow she’s still so beautiful”
  • He hesitantly will approach you. If you were on good terms throughout school he’ll just go p to you like “Wow, after all these years you’re still an ironing board.” He’s acting casual but he’s actually really hot and feels like his chest is about to burst.
  • I could see him changing his appearance a bit after high school. He might dye his hair back to its natural color and wear it in a cute half up half down ponytail, he would keep the dark clothes but he’d just dress a bit more like an adult. He would compare how much you’ve both changed since then.
  • After seeing you he catches himself thinking about it a lot, and even when he tries to think of something else he thinks of something else he finds himself thinking of you once again
  • He only calls you after he actually can’t take it anymore. He’d be trying to convince himself that there was no point in trying to rekindle old fires, blah blah blah but then he sees your number and he’s like “fuck it.”
  • He would be very cautious about the whole thing, trying to feel you out, see how things go. He doesn’t want to get into something that he knows won’t work.
  • After a while, if he feels like it’s worth it to try again he’s probably going to just confess to you whether he wants to or not. He doesn’t want to think about what could have been, so he’s just going to take the chance.
  • After a long time, when he’s secure enough to know you won’t leave him again or anytime soon he’ll demand an explanation as to what the hell was going through your head years ago when you broke it off with him. He’s not mad, but he was really hurt at the time so yeah…


  • Lysander would be in a momentary state of surprise when he sees you. His eyes would go a little wide when he sees you and he would slowly walk over to you. “Hello y/n.”
  • He would talk to you for a while but he’d probably keep the conversation a bit short because he doesn’t want to take up too much of your time. But if you keep it going he’s happy to stay there.
  • He’ll find himself randomly seeing something and then thinking “That reminds me of y/n…” and he’ll just keep thinking about you without realizing it. He’ll even start to mention you indirectly in conversation while talking to Leigh or Rosa, but it just slips out.
  • He probably wouldn’t even pursue his feelings if he realized they were still there. “It’s been years, they probably have another partner.” Or “They broke up with me for a reason back then so why bother now?”
  • He honestly won’t even confess to you so if you want to get back together that bad then you better just confess to him yourself or else you’ll never get him. He knows he still has feelings for you but he just doesn’t want to impose on your life or ruin your friendship.
  • He takes the relationship slower than any of the other guys. You did break up with him very suddenly and he never got a good explanation, so he’s just being careful in order not to hurt himself again.
  • He falls for you once again but even more deeply than before and he makes sure to cherish every moment he has with you this time. He’ll always wonder why you ended it so many years ago but he won’t ask you until waaaaay later in the relationship. He doesn’t see the point in talking about something irrelevant now, but he’s also curious.


  • I could honestly see him keeping in touch with you over social media through the years. And even if you don’t talk he’ll occasionally pop up in your notifications with a funny comment, or you see him liking your pictures.
  • He’ll see a really attractive photo of you and its then that he decides to message you, probably on facebook or something. He always still found you attractive but he never acted on it until then.

  • If he was too shy to approach you then Alexy more than likely messages you without telling Armin, and asks you to meet with him somewhere. He brings Armin along who has no clue you’re going to be there and now he’s shook asf cause he wasn’t prepared.

  • You guys talked online for a few months before he began to take a real interest in you, and that’s when he decides to invite you out somewhere. You guys basically just start off as really close friends and it progresses from there.

  • Once he realizes he has feelings for you still he just confesses straight up, as long as he’s gotten some signs that you might feel the same way. If not then he’s cool with it, he’ll just like you from afar.

  • He doesn’t really intend for the relationship to go that far in the first place but after a bit he finds himself falling more and more in love with you.


  • I feel like you and Kentin would still talk here and there once school was over. He’ll text you every once in a while, and you’ll occasionally get a random phone call from him, just wanting to catch up. He’d probably be the only one of the guys to keep in close contact with you after the break up and such.
  • He probably already knew he still had a slight crush on you but he just never realized it until one day you decided to invite him out for breakfast or lunch, and when you walked in he way just like “….Woah.”
  • He starts to hang out with you more and more after that. I feel like with time he would have gained a bit more confidence so he wouldn’t be as nervous around you but he’d definitely be a little shy once he realizes his emotions towards you. You start t notice he’s always red-faced when he’s around you.
  • He tells himself not t mess this up and just stay friends. It would take a lot of obvious signs form you for him to realize that you just might return the feelings as well but he’s pretty oblivious so yeah.
  • He kind of just blurts it out after he just cannot take it anymore. Like maybe you’re hanging out again and you just look so beautiful that he can’t help himself. He takes the relationship slow but he’s very sweet and clingy even in the beginning but will back off if you ask.
  • He always wonders why you broke up with him but I could see he just deciding not to ask for fear of what your answer may be.
A Monster & A Thief

The fox wasn’t like anything Clawsimodo had ever seen (though to be fair he hadn’t seen much of anything ever). The cheetah had mistaken him as a vixen for first, accidentally tumbling into a tent to find him in a dress. Clawsimodo had felt guilty and embarrassed and hiding his face as he mumbled several apologies.
And then the fox had smiled, emerald eyes warm with friendliness. “Try to be a little more careful, hm.” And he had sent Clawsimodo on his way, leaving the cheetah absolutely star struck.
But the feeling that was both warm and fluttering had quickly been ripped away from him when he was named the King of Fools publicly humiliated after.
In the chaos of mocking laughter, the pain from being pelted with miscellaneous items, he begged for his Master Bellwether to set him free.
The sheep did nothing.
But still the laughter suddenly died, Clawsimodo looked up to see the fox standing above him and looking at the cheetah as if he had never seen him before. Clawsimodo tried to hide his face, shameful tears escaping his closed eyes.
“I’m sorry,” the fox breathed. He knelt before the cheetah, using a handkerchief to wipe the rotten fruit and vegetables off the cheetah’s face. He did so with no hesitation, no sense of disgust. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”
Bellwether had been furious with the fox but he wasn’t fazed in the slightest, instead escaping the soldiers that were told to sic ‘em. But Clawsimodo’s relief over his escape was overshadowed by Bellwether’s anger and the disgust of the people as he quietly vowed to never go outside again.
But not even an hour later, as he walked through the towers of Notre Dame, he heard a familiar voice. He followed it in an almost desperate manner, reaching the church floor where he quickly hid behind a column.
And there he was.
The red fox was lying on the stone floor, eyes up at the towering ceiling. Beside him was a much smaller sandy colored fox pacing back and forth with an angry expression. He was wearing a strange outfit that reminded Clawsimodo of a goat.
“What a fine mess you got us in this time, Wilde,” the small fox growled. “A real fu-”
“Ah, ah,” the red fox waggled his finger in a disapproving matter. “Remember what Cottontail said: we’re in a church, watch your language.”
The small fox snarled, “We’re trapped in here, Nick. That crazy sheep wants our heads.”
The red vulpine, Nick, sat up. His expression was one of thought with an edge of wary. “I think she wants something else.”
Clawsimodo swallowed, he knew first hand how terrifying Bellwether was. He guessed her pursuit was more relentless than he had originally thought if she had forced the two foxes to claim sanctuary.
By the big-warred one’s expression that hunch was right on the money, the poor thing looked ready to tear his fur out. By Nick’s bristling tail he was just as bothered by his friend, he was just hiding it better.
“Finnick,” Nick breathed, “Lets-” His words cut off as his eyes suddenly spotted Clawsimodo besides the pillar. The cheetah let out a soft yelp.
Nick’s ears twitched, his head tilted to the side, “Hey.”
But Clawsimodo had already whirled around and ran back up stairs.
“Wait, I wanna talk to you!”
“Wilde, where are you going!”
To the cheetah’s horror the two fox’s were chasing after him, and they were much faster than him. Still he reached the top of the bell tower before he felt something grab his tail. “Woah, hang on, hang on,” Nick insisted, releasing Clawsimodo’s tail when he stopped.
“S-sorry,” Clawsimodo took a few steps back, hugging his arms around himself.
“Why are you apologizing?” Nick’s brow furrowed. “That’s what I’m here to do.”
Clawsimodo’s eyes widened at the fox whose smile was apologetic and sincere. “I didn’t mean to drag you onto the stage like that. I mean, if I had known…” Nick’s paw started to indicate to Clawsimodo before quickly pulling his paw back. “I’m sorry.”
The feline smiled awkwardly, “It’s okay.”
“My name is Nick,” he introduce and nodded to the fox behind him. “This is my partner in crime, Finnick.”
“Hi,” Clawsimodo greeted softly, expecting the foxes to leave.
Instead they looked around the room he called his own. “Do you live here?” Nick asked.
Clawsimodo nodded shyly, feeling embarrassed by the state of the room and wishing he had tidied it up. Finnick had walked over to a table to study the figurines, “What are these?”
“O-oh, these are nothing!” Clawsimodo hurried over, his skin blushing under his fur. “Just a hobby.”
Nick had walked over to see the small statues of the townsfolk, his eyes glittered at the sight. “You made all of these?”
Clawsimodo tried for a nonchalant shrug, “I dabble.”
“These are amazing,” Nick smiled, picking up and observing the statue of a baker. “Oh boy if I could do this…you wouldn’t see me dancing on the street for coins.”
The words made Clawsimodo frown, “But you’re so good at dancing.”
Nick smiled coyly at him, “It keeps bread on the table.”
Finnick snorted and rolled his eyes at the pair before turning his attention to the tavern the cheetah had built.
“So what’s your name, Spots?” Nick asked, smoothly waving his tail back and forth.
His answer was a barely comprehensible murmur, “Clawsimodo.”
“Creative,” Nick purred. He leaned up and looked around, “So besides crafts what else do you do for fun?”
“Not much,” Clawsimodo cringed, “I mainly just ring the bells. I’m the bell ringer.”
Nick’s ears perked, “Bells?”
His interest made Clawsimodo brighten, “Yeah! Do you want to see them?”
“Sure we would, right Finnick?”
The smaller fox wore an artificial smile, “Nothing would bring me more pleasure.”
With Finnick clinging to Nick’s back like a baby Clawsimodo led them throughout the bell tower, introducing them to all of the bells.
“This is Angel…and Sweet-Sweet…and Little Junior…and Big Junior.”
They stopped before the largest bell, Clawsimodo’s secret favorite. “This is Summer, she’s the oldest.” He smiled when Nick slipped into the inner side of the bell and howled a hello, his voice echoing through the gold chamber. Finnick hissed in anger and tried to cover his too big ears.
Clawsimodo peeked out from under the rim of the bell, “She liked you.”
Nick chuckled, fangs showing as he grinned. “Got anything else?”
Clawsimodo led them away from the bells and up to the roof of Notre Dame, the sky a pleasant plum as afternoon turned to night. “My room may be small but you can’t deny the view,” Clawsimodo smiled.
Nick and Finnick had gone silent, eyes wide and in awe as they sat down and looked at the vast setting with starving expressions.
“This is beautiful,” Nick breathed while Clawsimodo sat down next to him. “I could stare at this forever.”
“Whatever, it’s okay,” Finnick muttered though was obviously very impressed.
“You could,” Clawsimodo said softly. “Stay here, I mean.”
Nick quickly shook his head, “No, no, there’s no way.”
“But you could,” Clawsimodo reminded. “You have sanctuary.”
Finnick threw out a rude laugh that rewarded him with a rude glare from Nick. “Go sit over there,” he pointed to a spot a few feet away. “Go sit and mind your own business.”
Finnick walked off with a snarky smirk.
Nick sighed and turned back to Clawsimodo, “We didn’t want to claim sanctuary, honestly it feels more like we’re trapped.” Clawsimodo pouted and Nick explained, “We’re used to the open air, to traveling. We don’t work well with a closed door and four walls.”
“You mean like the other mammals at the Festival of Fools?” Clawsimodo asked. “But they’re not anything like you. They’re evil.”
To the cheetah’s dismay Nick’s hackles rise. “What makes you say that?”
“I’m sorry-I’m sorry! It’s just… I was always told they were cutthroats and thieves.”
Nick relaxed but still didn’t look overly pleased. “I was chased out of my home town because of all the things I stole.”
Clawsimodo’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “But you’re so nice.
Nick’s smile was pained, "There are mammals much nicer than me. So, whose been telling you all this evil animal talk?”
“My master…” Clawsimodo hugged himself. “Master Bellwether. She raised me.”
Nick’s snout curled in distaste, “How could that wool-wearing donkey raise someone as nice as you?”
“Oh she’s very kind,” Clawsimodo quickly assured. “She took me in when I was abandoned as a baby.”
“Abandoned?” Nick echoed.
“My parents didn’t want me because I’m a monster.”
“Did Bellwether tell you that?”
“Look at me.”
There was a long moment of silence. Clawsimodo guessed Nick was looking at him and finally realized how ugly Clawsimodo was. He and Finnick would leave and never look back and he’d be alone again. But that was nothing new.
“Give me your paw.”
Clawsimodo didn’t hesitate, offering his paw which Nick took with both of his, turning the cheetah’s paw palm up.
“Hmm…” the fox hummed thoughtfully, running his claw across the pad of Clawsimodo’s palm. “Interesting.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Well, I’m reading your palm and I see the usual things like you’ll have a long life but…apparently something’s missing.”
“What is it?” he panicked.
Nick released his paw and shrugged, “I’m sorry Spots, I don’t see any monster lines. And the paw doesn’t lie.”
He looked at his paw, feeling like he had never truly seen it until now. No monster lines…
Nick showed his paw to Clawsimodo. “Now check me, do I have any evil lines?”
The cheetah balked, “No of course not! You’re the nicest mammal I’ve ever met!”
“I’m also a fox, one that used to make a living by stealing. And I think Bellwether’s wrong about the both of us.”
The words made Clawsimodo smile softly, he couldn’t necessarily agree with Nick opinion of Bellwether but…he was pretty sure he had just made his first friend.
“Niiick,” Finnick’s groan interrupted the quiet. The small fox was lying on his back and glaring at the stars. “Can we leave yet?”
Clawsimodo looked between the two. “I can get you out of here.”
Nick and Finnick stared at him. “What?” Nick breathed. “How, the doors are all guarded.”
Clawsimodo stood up, “I know every inch of this place. I can carry you two down the wall, they won’t see you.”
Finnick’s jaw dropped, “You’re insane.”
Nick jumped to his feet, “Let’s try it.”
Judy had slipped back into the church when Bellwether had left only to see the dancing fox no where in sight. She should’ve just left right then, why was it any of her business? So what if this fox was strange, and interesting, and handsome…why did she care?
Still she found herself slipping upstairs to keep looking. She had forced those two foxes to claim sanctuary. She felt responsible for what happened to them here.
Judy’s excellent heading picked up voices from above her head and somehow found herself on the roof. Taking a moment to still her shaking legs (curtesy of the great heights), and walked as close as she dared to the edge.
Just in time to see the two foxes reach the bottom of Notre Dame. Her eyes widened as she watched the two talk to the hunchback from the festival, and then they ran off into the dark of the streets, vanishing from sight.
The deformed cheetah nearly had a heart attack when he climbed back onto the roof and saw Judy standing there.
“You saved them,” she breathed, surprised.
The cheetah than growled and moved toward her in a threatening stance. “Go away!”
Judy jumped back, several feet, “Wait, wait hold on!”
“You can’t be here! It’s sanctuary! No soldiers are allowed!”
“I just wanted to check on them,” Judy reassured him. “I don’t mean them any harm!”
He snorted but didn’t step any closer, “Go away.”
“I promise I will, but I need you to do me a favor. Please, if he comes back tell him I’m sorry. Can you do that?”
The cheetah’s eyes narrowed and he was silent for a moment.
“If you go, now.”
Judy sighed in relief and turned to walk back down into the building. She stopped at the last second and turned around, “Also tell him he’s lucky.”
The cheetah’s confusion could almost be described as adorable. “Why?”
“I have good instincts when it comes to mammals,” Judy explained. “So I can tell he’s lucky to have a friend like you.”

I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way

Here lies my first entry for @sterek-bingo 2017! I’m super excited for this whole event, I’ve been writing like a madwoman ever since I signed up.

This story was written for the Harry Potter AU square on my BINGO card. (AO3 link here).

I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way

“Okay,” Derek says, looking between the silvery lake to their left and the enormous, imposing forest to their right. “Stiles, where the fuck are we?”

“Um,” Stiles says guiltily. “I’m not sure you want to know.”


It’s a spell. It’s always a fucking spell, because witches, man.


“Hogwarts,” Derek repeats flatly. He’s looking somewhat constipated. His mouth opens and shuts a couple of times. Then he says again: “Hogwarts.”

“It was a spell,” Stiles says weakly.

“I hate you,” Derek says.


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Habits of My Heart: Chapter 7

This chapter was kinda difficult for me to write. I find it hard to believe that the awful comments Sharna received all season didn’t affect her at all. I’m sure she probably talked to others, but for this story’s purposes she talked to James of course :) Rest of the chapters are found in the tags!

It finally happened. The elimination several people on her social media accounts had been waiting for. On one hand, the competitor in her was disappointed, but on the other hand, she couldn’t help but embrace the relief she felt now that it was over. It was clear from the beginning of the week that her and her partner were never meant to click. She had a hard time wrapping her head around it; usually, the further she and her celebrity got in the competition, the closer they became. In this case, however, it was the opposite. She didn’t want to place any of the blame on him, especially with how they were treated on their last night, but then she’d seen how he talked about her and the show in an interview just a few days later. That, coupled with the way people were talking about her on social media as if it was her fault they got sent home, or that they agreed that this elimination was way overdue, infuriated her to say the least.

She debated texting him to ask if he was busy before she requested to video chat, but decided she would try calling him first and then send a message asking him to call her back if he didn’t answer.

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Sass Don't Get You Anywhere,Mister. (Shield Foursome)

Imagine: You and The Shield are fuck buddies and you usually bottom but one day, Dean gets sassy (usually he runs the show) so you say that he needs to be a bottom for a day just for punishment. So, you top with the help of Roman and Seth.

“See, I told you guys she was going to bitch at us.” Dean grumbled at he ran a hand through his curls. You glared at him then snapped,“I’m not fucking bitching,I’m chewing your asses out for losing to those newbies.” Roman shot a glance to Seth who then transferred the look to Dean but you were too busy with your rant to notice what the Hounds were up to.

A hand wrapped itself through your hair before tugging, causing you to yelp and go silent, as Dean warned,“Listen, kitten, we don’t need your ass lecturing us on what we did wrong. If you hadn’t shook your ass at Tyler, we wouldn’t have lost. But since you wanted to act like a little slut, you’re gonna get treated like one.”

Your mouth went dry and you gulped in hopes to wet your mouth, only to see the looks in the boys’ faces. They weren’t fucking around today. Your (e/c) eyes blinked up at Dean in false innocence then you whimpered, “Can we take this back to the hotel, please, Sir?”

He chuckled at your pet name then nodded, releasing his grip on your hair. You all sat in silence as Roman drove you to the hotel before you hurried in the suite, knowing the consequences if you weren’t undressed by the time the boys arrived in the bedroom.

“You look very sexy tonight, Princess. Were you looking for a punishment, huh? Is that why you stated mouthing off to Dean?” Seth asked, his gloves still on his hands. Dean entered behind him with Roman following, but you never answered the two toned man’s question.

“Answer him, baby girl, before your night goes from bad to worse.” Roman warned, his deep voice playing as a soft caress against your skin. You nodded eagerly then replied, “Yes, Sir, I wanted to get punished tonight.” Dean let out a chuckle as he approached you then spat, “Whore. You just love the way we treat you. Our own little sex toy.”

Your temper flared and before you could stop, your hand smacked a print against his cheek. His head whipped to the side and he gave a wicked chuckle then asked, “You like that, kitten? Huh? You like smacking me around in front of my brothers? Does it makes you wet?”

You left your eyes fall to the ground because you knew it was true but didn’t want to admit it. Dean’s mouth always got him in trouble but it was sometimes a blessing in the bedroom. Roman murmured something to Seth and you felt the bed shift which signaled that Dean had gotten off and you felt ashamed at your kink.

“Kitten?” Dean’s voice broke your silence and you raised your head slightly to see The Shield naked and oh so turned on. Your mouth watered at the sight but it quickly stopped when The Lunatic Fringe continued speaking, “It’s okay if it gets you off, darling. I’ve talked to the boys. Do you want to be in charge of…”

His voice died off but with a jab to the ribs thanks to Seth, he finished his sentence, “Do you want to be in charge of me for a night?” Your eyes widened and you shot a glance to Roman and Seth who nodded in encouragement then you stated, “I would love to make you my personal sex bitch for a night, Dean.”

“Woah, hang on. There’s still rules though. You may be in charge of Dean here for a night. But that don’t mean you’re charge of Rome and I.” Seth informed you. You grinned then stated, “It’s a deal.”

You motioned for Dean to lay on the bed as you dug through your suitcase in search of handcuffs and a blindfold. Once you got the items, you cuffed him to the bedframe and tied the fold over his eyes, causing you to smirk at the sight.

“God, you’re gorgeous, baby boy. Just… Fuckin’ gorgeous, ya know that?” you cooed, pulling off your panties.

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m more gorgeous than you are, kitten.” he protested but shut up as you smacked him again.

“Shut it, Ambrose. I didn’t ask for your mouth and flattery won’t get you anywhere in this situation.” you warned. You glanced down at the baby blue lace that you had balled up in your hand then grinned and said,“In fact,I’ve got a great idea to keep that pretty mouth busy.” You waved the panties over his nose and nearly melted as he sighed with relief and bucked against his restraints.

“You wanna taste me,Dean? I’m fucking soaked for your hard cock.” you cooed in his ear. He snapped his teeth in your direction, causing you to laugh and throw your panties back towards Seth and Roman.

“Here, big boy. I’ll give you a taste. But only, if Seth gets a taste of your cock.” Dean groaned at the stipulation then nodded and stated,“Deal, Mistress, please, I just want a taste of your sweet cunt.” You smacked him again then warned, “Watch your filthy mouth, Dean,or you won’t get anything tonight. The only thing you’ll see is Roman and Seth fucking me senseless.”

Seth gripped your hair then warned, “You slap him again and your ass will be redder than rubies by the time we’re done with you.”

“Yes,Sir.” He released you then patted your ass and stated, “Get up there and let Deanie have a taste of you.” You crawled up the Cincinnati man’s body, laving him in kisses and love bites, before Seth nodded at you, signaling in was time for you to sit on Dean’s face.

You sat down just as Seth enveloped Dean’s dick with his mouth, causing you all three to groan. Dean’s tongue immediately went seeking for the source of your sweetness and his scruff roughed cheeks heightened the experience as you grinded down his face like a bitch in heat. Roman stood from his chair then walked over to your little circle, watching with you three with burning eyes.

“Get over here.” you ordered, motioning him forward. He frowned at your demand then declared, “I don’t take orders from little girls who’s sitting on my best friend’s face. “

“Please, Sir!” you cried out, rocking your hips against Dean’s clever mouth. He chuckled and crawled onto the bed where he met your lips with a teeth crashing kiss. It was very sloppy but so very primal and Dean let out a groan of warning. He was going to come. You pulled away from Roman then barked, “You don’t come until you have my permission, Dean.”

“Please, Mistress! I’ll be a good boy, I promise.“he whimpered as Seth pulled away from his cock.

“No!” you barked. He groaned with denial and you jumped slightly at the feeling as someone shoved a finger inside you,causing you to cry out.

“That’s a good girl. You’re so wet, Princess. Who got you this wet?” Seth asked in your ear, his fingers moving cleverly over your slit.

“Dean did. Oh God, so did you and Roman. All three of you did. Please let me come,Sir!” He chuckled and suddenly, another mouth joined in down at your cunt and teeth skimmed your clit, causing you to scream with delight.

“Come now.” Roman ordered, watching as your hips bucked for release.

“No! She doesn’t get to come!” Dean cried out, pulling away with your cream across his lips. You fisted his hair and forced him against you as you snapped, “You don’t get a say in this. Make me come and I’ll make sure that Seth will suck your cock enough to make you come for me.” He eagerly returned to eating you out,suckling on your nub as his scruff roughened cheeks shredded against your inner thighs and it delivered a delicious burn that had sent you over the edge.

You yelped as Seth drug you away from the pleasure but moaned as he forced his dick inside you, burying it to the hilt.

“So gorgeous, my Princess. Such a pretty pussy, all for my brothers and I. Can you handle a second cock, Princess?” He gave a short laugh, not giving you the chance to answer because he was already shooting into his next sentence,“ ‘Course you can take a second dick, you’re a whore that begs for three on a daily basis. Poor Ambrose. He can also sit back and watch. How cruel of you,Sweetheart.”

“The bastard deserves it.” you snarled only to scream in slight pain as Roman’s big hand cracked across your bottom.

“Don’t make me gag you with Dean’s cock, baby girl. Just remember, you may be in control of him but we can always punish you for what you’re doing to him.” Roman reminded you, soothing a hand down your back.

“I’m sorry,Sir. But Dean has always denied me orgasms so its only fair-”

“Its only fair if it does done between just you two. Otherwise,there will be no punishment for Dean served by you unless we give you permission.” Roman declared, glancing over at his best friend who stared fervently at the area where Seth and you was joined.

“Please.” Dean whispered,tugging in his restraints. You glanced up at him just as Seth twisted his hips and shoved his cock deeper, causing you to scream out Seth’s name with a broken voice.

“What do you want, Dean? Tell your Mistress what you want.” you panted, gripping Seth’s shoulder, causing him to hiss and bit your’s in return.

“Let me join you. Uncuff me, darling, please, let me take that sweet ass of yours.” he begged, blue eyes wide with hope and desire.

“Then where does that leave Roman? Hmm, Deanie? Are you going to let Roman take your precious ass, baby boy?” Roman grabbed you by your hips and pulled you off of Seth’s dick before shoving three thick fingers inside of you.

“Yes,Mistress,anything you want. Please,anything you want.” he insisted, eyes glued to Roman’s pumping fingers. You gave a small laugh then glanced over at Roman who nodded in approval. You slid off his fingers and whimpered in denial before sinking down on Seth’s cock, who groaned in reply.

“Goddamn,Princess, give a man some warning before you do that. He’ll have a heart attack if you don’t warn him about that tight pussy.” Seth cursed, gripping your hips. You let out a small chuckle then realized that you forgot to uncuff Dean. You turned to Roman then ordered,“Uncuff him.“

Thankfully, Roman listened to you without a protest or punishment, which you were slightly upset about it. You loved when Roman spanked you. But when Seth did it.. Whew, you could get off on just that. In fact, you’ve done it before.

Seth slipped his cock from your heat then allowed Dean to sink right in,causing you to moan and push backwards and he groaned in return. The familiar click of a bottle of lube being opened filled the empty space and suddenly, Dean tensed and you knew why. He was never very good with someone taking him from behind, given his past.

You pulled away from Dean then reached for the bottle, kissing Roman in process, before you whispered to the ginger,"Relax,baby boy, I’ll start you out. But Roman will take you and this exquisite ass of yours.” He whimpered and mumbled, “Understood, Mistress.”

Instead of using the lube, you did a last minute decision and used your wetness for lubrication. You whined at the empty feeling before sneaking a finger into his tight hole, causing him to groan and push back into your hand, silently asking for more.

You pushed in another finger then yanked them back after pumping a bit and stated,“Time for Roman to take over, baby.”

Seth pulled you back to him then shoved you onto his cock and hissed, “You think that shit is funny, Princess? News flash, it’ll get your ass spanked cherry red. But right now, I’ll settle for fucking you senseless.”

He thrusted forward,pushing you back onto Dean’s dick, then the ginger wrapped a hand around your throat as he pushed inside and growled,“ You’re going to regret this in the morning,doll face.”

“W-worth it.” you choked on, digging into Seth’s abs as you grinded downwards. The boys shared a laugh then Dean froze against you, which was a dead given away that Roman had joined you.

"Are you lubed up?” you panted, turning your head the best you could. Roman’s silver eyes swung to you and nodded before he pushed unto Dean, who in turn,rocked you further down onto Seth. You reached behind you and grabbed onto Dean’s hip before you whispered,“Trust him, baby boy. You’re safe.”

“Are you sure?” he whimpered. You nodded as best you could then pressed against his hand and encouraged,”Let Rome do his job,baby boy,and you won’t regret it. Please? It’ll make us all feel good,Sir. P-plea-” Your voice broke away as Dean gave in to what you wanted, causing you to scream out,”God yes, please,more!” The three begun a rhythm that only the Shield could keep going without fucking it up,causing you to tumble into your second orgasm of the night. 

“C’mon,Princess,you know that sweet little pussy ain’t done just yet.”Seth declared, tugging you back for more. You cried out for more which is exactly what they gave you. Seth came right after your third time before Roman let out a roar,signaling that he came as well. Which meant that there was only one more person to come. 

“I can’t.” Dean stuttered out, releasing his hold on your throat as Seth and Roman rolled away from your group. You slipped off his cock and met his eyes as you sunk right back down to the hilt. He groaned and arched his back before you demanded,”Look me in the eyes,Dean, and don’t look away. I’m going to make you come.”

“Promise?” he stuttered,gripping your hands as he pushed you harder against his pelvix. Your lips twitched with a small smile then replied,”Anything you want,baby boy, I trust you.” He thrusted into you with a growl then his beautiful mouth started running,”Fuck,kitten,you look gorgeous riding my cock. Mouth wide,practically begging for one of my brothers to choke you with their dick. Looks like a fucking goddess on me.” 

“Gimme more,Dean,I can take it, I know I can. So give it to your slut.” you encouraged, grinding down harder against his cock and thighs. He gave a quick chuckle then snarled,”That’s not who you have right now, so call me by the right name and I’ll make you come so hard you’ll forget your name while you scream mine.”

You cried out as you came again, with his name on the tail end,”Mox,God yes, Mox, please!” He chuckled and through the ringing in my ears,I could hear Seth say an old warning to his partner in crime and sex,”Go easy on her,Mox. We don’t want her running away screaming.” 

Another laugh bubbled out of Dean’s mouth then he replied,”She’ll be screamin’ a’right,but I know for damn sure she won’t be runnin’ away. She’ll be runnin’ back to our cocks.” His old demeanor begun slipping through the cracks that the Lunatic Fringe had sealed long ago with no intentions of opening it back up. But apparently, you roughing him up had brought Jon Moxley out to play. 

“One more,Mox, one more please. You gotta come with me,please,you gotta.” you sobbed, twisting down for more. He gave the cockiest smirk ever known to man then said,”Ya got it,doll. Come one more time, come for yer Mox,whore, and I’ll be right behind you.” He stayed true to his word because the moment that you started to come for the whatever many number that you were on, he was right behind you,cursing so loud with vulgar statements thrown in the mix. 

You fell onto of his chest and he gently pushed you off his cock, earning a tired moan from your mouth before Seth and Roman joined your cuddle after sex time then you begun to his giner looking curls and murmured,”Thanks for letting me make you my sex bitch,Dean.” He hummed in response as he curled into you then mumbled back,”Anytime,cutie. Any-fucking-time.” The boys shared a laugh then you said softly,”Oh and Dean?” 


Sass don’t get you nowhere,mister.” They shared a laugh again then Roman stated in his bass tone,”Shit, if that’s nowhere then I will gladly give you sass.” 

Thirsty Thursday - Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,519

Summary: The reader wants Dean to go out for Thirsty Thursday, even though he needs to study for an important test.

Part 1

“You’re sooo pretty.” You mumble as you run your hand through Dean’s dirty blonde hair.

“Do you think you’re pretty, Dean?” You say draping yourself on him.

“Not as pretty as you, sweetheart.” He chuckles.

“Awww…” You grab his face and start pinching it.

“I’m trying to drive, Y/N!”

“I’m not even touching you!” You fib as you hold on to him even tighter than before.

“Liar.” He says turning to look at you.

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Lex Luthor Imagine

A lot of you wanted a Lex Luthor smut imagine so here you go. Hope you like it.


-In this imagine Lex and [the reader] are married and already have kids. They just moved in to a new house.


-Contains SMUT

“Look at this, Lex. My underwear looks sad I really need to go shopping for new underwear.” You comment staring at your reflection in the mirror.

“Well, yours is sad and mine seems to be very, thanks to you.” He giggles.

“Dork.” You say to him and throw yourself on the mattress.

“Dork?! I’m the dork? Excuse me ma'am but you’re the one with the “sad underwear” problem.“ He complains playfully, resting his body on top of yours.

“Shut up and take those pants off already.” You laugh at him.

He kisses your neck and starts pulling off his pants when suddenly the door bursts open, revealing your 6 year old son, Alex.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hang in there, son.” Lex says, rapidly putting his pants back on and you sit up.

“What is it, sweetheart?” You ask Alex.

“There’s a monster in my closet, mommy.”

“Stay right here, babe. I’ll be right back.” Lex says and leaves the room.

Once they’re inside your son’s room, Lex checks underneath his bed and his closet, letting him know there was nothing in there.

“There’s nothing to worry about, buddy.” Lex shakes the little one’s hair.

“But daddy I can’t sleep alone. Can you stay with me?” He asks his father.

“Of course, big boy.” Lex says, picking him up and placing him on his bed before drifting into sleep.

-The Next Day-

“Hey, I’m sorry about yesterday.” Lex tells you.

“Why, baby?” You ask him, confused.

“I told you I was coming back but I fell asleep.” He admits covering his face with his hands, embarrassed.

“It’s okay sweetie you were tired and you did it for Alex.” You smile, placing your hand on his cheek.

“Do you like it here?” He asks you.

“Yeah, I’m very happy here. What about you?”

“You know if you’re happy I’m happy.” He answers pecking your lips.

“I’m kinda worried about Alex, though.” He adds.

“Yeah, I don’t think he likes it here, but he’ll get used to it. You know changes can be difficult for kids.”

After a couple of seconds, he finally breaks the silence.

“Well, the kid’s at school now and there’s a couple of things we could do…”

“Like, what?” You ask, biting your lip.

“Oh, you know lik–”

“Like, this?”

You cut him off by pushing him gently onto the bed and climbing on top of him. You take off your bra and kiss him slowly, savoring each other’s mouth while grinding on him as he caresses your breasts. Lex lets out a groan and you smirk.

He flips you over forcefully, instantly attaching his lips to your neck. You let out soft moans as he bites and sucks down your collarbone to your breasts. He sucks one of your nipples while massaging the other with the tip of his fingers. He takes off your panties with his teeth and you help him take off his boxers. Lex reaches into the drawer to grab a condom. He tears the package open with his mouth and slides the prophylactive down his erection. Lex spreads your legs and runs his finger up and down you slit a few times before ramming his dick inside you.

“Fuck” You cuss, grasping his long hair as he goes deeper.

“Ugh, you feel so baby girl” He kisses you hungrily. And after a while his thrusts become faster.

“Oh Lex, I’m gonna-” You yell, digging your nails in his back while Lex grabs your hips as the overwhelming feeling of pleasure takes over both of your bodies. He lays down next to you on his back and you snuggle your face in his chest. He kisses your forehead and starts playing with your hair.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He tells you lovingly.

“I love you more.” You answer and kiss his chest.

anonymous asked:

My brother has a lot of serial killer placements, cancer stellium (moon, mercury and sun) in the 8th all harshly aspecting outer planets, pluto in the 12th, saggitarius rising and he is actually out of control a lot but nobody listens to me....

Woah, hang on a minute; there’s no such thing as “serial killer placements” dfkjsadfksadf CHILL there’s nothing in the natal chart that would DIRECTLY GUARANTEE that an individual will become a serial killer. Is he okay? Have your parents tried getting help or having him evaluated by a psychiatrist of some sort? Watch out for the tell-tale signs of your brother heading down the wrong direction though, be careful.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Title: Age Doesn’t Matter

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 958

Warning: touch of angst (I think) and fluff

Request by the awesome @iamthemaskhewears  “Could you please write an imagine where the reader is in her mid20s and Dean has a midlife crisis cause his gf is much younger? (Can you add her being very short, can’t reach the pedals of the impala, but she’s dying to drive it?) I love your work!!”

A/N: Enjoy!! Shout out to us shorties!!

“But Deeeaaaannn!” God you hated it when she whined like that. Yes, she was adorable with her little puppy eyes but she sounded like a child. Which compared to you she definitely was.

“I’m not letting you drive her Y/N, you know that’s not gonna change.”

Circling your arms around Dean’s waist your lips found that sweet spot on his neck that never failed to make him let out that sexy low moan of his. “I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.”

“Mmm sweetheart, you can try all you want but, I-um”

You smiled against his warm skin, “you what baby?”

Dean cleared his throat and pushed you back. “I can’t, I-I just can’t anymore.” You felt like you’d been slapped in the face and punched in the gut all at once as you watched him walk away.

I know I was a little pushy and whiney but what the fuck? What’s gotten into him?

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To the Extreme

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Young!James Potter x Reader

Words: 1229

Prompt from: http://writers-are-writers.tumblr.com/post/150142709446/prompt-589

“I don’t feel good…”

“That’s probably the guilt, you’ll be fine.”

Why? Why did you have to agree to this? You knew it was going to be bad! Why did you do it? Oh yeah, ‘cause you have a crush on James Freaking Potter, that’s why!

James came up with the brilliant idea of starting a prank war with Sirius whilst you two were working on your potions essay. He asked you if you wanted to help him out and for some reason, that reason being his dreamy eyes and mischievous smirk, you agreed.

You two were currently looming over Sirius’ sleeping form in the boys’ dormitory. James had the idea of using a spell to turn Sirius’ hair into different colors depending on his mood. At first, you thought it was going to be fun, but now that you were standing over Sirius, you weren’t feeling right.

“I don’t feel good, James.” You whispered to him as he readied himself for the spell.

“That’s probably the guilt, you’ll be fine.” He whispered back. You held your breath as he muttered the spell. Your eyes widened as a rainbow mist flowed from the tip of his wand and landed onto Sirius’ hair. You watched as his hair changed from black to yellow. You chuckled at the sight.

“See,” James nudged you, “Nothing bad. He just looks bloody ridiculous.”

“Okay, but why did I have to help you in the first place?” You looked at him curiously.

“So I’m not the only one taking the blame.” He smiled and winked at you making your heart flutter.

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