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Writing tips #2
  • Take a moment before each writing session, feel your universe. Become your main character(s). Taste the fruit you have described, feel the breeze in their air. Don’t just get into their shoes. Lace those bad boys up, and start doing their everyday life. Have no mercy; tell us what you feel. 
  • Let me guess, you’re midway through the depth of night. Your creative juices are surging out at the screen (or paper.) You’re in the zone, but your eyes just can’t stay open. They’re dry and weary. Don’t worry. Do this exercise. 
    • Blink a twice for every second. 
    • Have a glass or two of water. 
    • Shut your eyes for about 10-30 seconds. 
    • Put in eye drops. (Woah, you’re hardcore. You write that novel!)
  • I find that I never write dialogue when I’m writing a piece of work. I feel if I force a character to say something, I have to erase it and let it come. We aren’t writers, we are channels to the worlds we’ve created. I’m not thinking these conversations, they’re happening, they’re breathing; they’re real.  
  • “Have the courage to write badly.” I think this only scratches the surface. Don’t just write badly. Write reckless, full of emotion, stuttering over your own words on the page. Every great chapter I’ve ever written in my LIFE is never clean to start out with. I heavily edit it, vigorously, but there is something so primal about the scenes. I only clean it up enough for other people to see. I know I captured emotions that I can never channel again. That’s what writing is, it’s creating history for worlds that didn’t exist until our fingers typed it in.

I hope you guys are enjoying these writing tips tid bits. I truly love making them, I know what it means to be stuck and aimlessly scrolling through your news feed on all social media platforms. Every writer has an issue with writing; trust me. 
Much love guys, Peace Soup. 

This was so rushed holy shizzle
I’m so edgy bro. So wow much cool

Idea from @tacoanxietyflavor

I want a letterman jacket so bad you don’t even know they’re so cool 💙

Also I’ve got no jewelry on the right hand because I was too lazy to draw another hand and for more edge effect my hair covers one eye woAH

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Requested by @tearsoflovedones

Request: Can you make an imagine where the reader is super shy and likes Barry and Cisco and Oliver keep flirting with her making Barry jealous

Word Count: 1,061

Warning: Jealous Barry is very jealous

This request reminded me of ‘Jealous’ by Nick Jonas


I don’t like the way he’s looking at you
I’m starting to think you want him too

I stood by the bar with Oliver and Cisco, waiting for (Y/N) to arrive at the party. To me, their conversations were nothing but mindless chatter. I’m certain it had something to do with Cisco wanting to give Oliver a better superhero name. Oliver put his hand on my shoulder, knocking me out of my trance. “Dude, calm down. (Y/N) will be here. She’s just a little- woah!” Cisco’s eyes averted to the other side of the room. I look in the same direction as Cisco. My jaw drops at the sight of (Y/N). She’s wearing a tight red dress and black heels. (Y/N) makes her way over to us and greets us. She hugged Cisco and I. Oliver leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“You looking stunning, (Y/N),” Oliver said, “I mean, are you sure you don’t have boyfriend? Any guy would be idiotic to not want to have you.” Oliver looked at me as he said that. Cisco and Oliver both are aware of my feelings for (Y/N). A blush rose to (Y/N)’s cheeks from Oliver’s compliment. “Oliver’s right,” Cisco said, “you are smokin’.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes but let out a small giggle. I stiffened up as Cisco and Oliver continued to eye (Y/N) up and down. Others guys at the party were staring as well. Lots of them licking their lips, others mouthing damn or fuck.

“You-you look wonderful, (Y/N).” My cheeks were starting to hurt from how much I was smiling, but I couldn’t help it- she was just so beautiful. “Thank you Barry,” (Y/N) replied smiling at the ground. Cisco engaged in conversation with someone else at the bar, but Oliver was still eying (Y/N) like a piece of meat. My fists started to clench by my side.

Oliver reached for (Y/N)’s hand and led her out to the dance floor. He was falling back into his playboy flirting habits and it needed to be stopped.

I turn my chin music up and I’m puffing my chest
I’m getting red in the face
You can call me obsessed

The music continued to blast throughout the room as the night went on. I couldn’t seem to focus because I was watching (Y/N) on the dance floor. At first, it was just Oliver dancing with her, but soon guys started to crowd around her, trying to get the next dance. It wasn’t long until I saw Cisco approach her. My jaw clenched as he put his arm around (Y/N)’s waist. I watched as Cisco and (Y/N) danced in the center of the dance floor. The redness in my cheeks only intensified when I saw a drunk man take (Y/N) from Cisco’s arms and starts kissing her neck.

Cisco walks over to me at the bar, slightly chuckling. “Man, I have never seen (Y/N) have this much fun in her life. I think she’s really enjoying all of the attention she’s getting. Barry, you should go out and dance with her.”

My fist clenched along with my jaw and I hit Cisco on the back of his head. Oliver walked over and I punched him in the jaw. “Dude. You and Oliver are supposed to be my wing men. That doesn’t mean take my potential girlfriend away from me.” Oliver and Cisco laughed in unison. “Barry, don’t be so obsessed over (Y/N). Maybe if you would have asked her out sooner or she wouldn’t have wasted guys grinding on her right now.

‘Cause you’re too sexy, beautiful
And everybody wants to taste
That’s why (that’s why)
I still get jealous

The drinks continued to flow as the night got longer. Even though I couldn’t get drunk, I still tried. Drunk girls came up to me and tried to flirt and pull me out to the dance floor, I politely declined every girl because the only one I cared about was (Y/N). She continued to dance with men throughout the night, the men getting more touchy and drunk. (Y/N) was starting to think of the male attention as unwanted. As each man came, my jealousy grew stronger and (Y/N)’s discomfort grew. I snapped when some creep made his way over to (Y/N) and tried sliding her dress off while kissing her forcefully. I’m not sure if I ran to her at normal speed or at Flash speed but before I knew it I was at (Y/N)’s side slamming my fist into the creep’s nose. Her small hand pulled mine away from the creep who now held his nose. I could feel the blood pumping in my ears, my eyes turned to her as i saw her face with worry and fright.

“Don’t fucking touch MY girlfriend!”

Oliver pulled (Y/N) and I away before I could make anymore hasty decisions. “Barry, can we talk?” I heard (Y/N)’s tiny voice say from behind me. I nodded my head and (Y/N) grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. (Y/N) wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. I took my jacket off and wrapped it around her. (Y/N) smiled at me before sighing.

“Barry, what did you mean when you said "my girlfriend”? Do-do you have feelings for me?“ I sucked in air and a blush rose to my cheeks. "I-I mean you’re wonderful and intelligent and-”

(Y/N) cut my rambling off with a kiss. My jaw dropped as we pulled away. “That was fantastic. But what was it for?”

“Barry, I’ve always had feelings for you but I wanted to make sure it felt right while I’m still on this confidence high. It had to happen before I return to my shy, awkward self tomorrow,” (Y/N) said, “I also don’t think a guy who didn’t have feelings for me would break a creep’s nose.”

“I can’t help that you’re so beautiful. I think it was my right to get jealous.”

(Y/N) stood on her toes and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss; I was grateful that this was finally happening.

“You know Mr. Allen, jealousy isn’t a good look on you.”