woah easy tiger

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Characters: Sam, Little sister!reader, Dean, Jess, John [mentioned]

Words: 2600+

A/N: So I started writing this today, without any idea in mind at all, because I completely forgot it was May 2nd today (yes it’s been a lot lately haha. In my head it’s like a month left to May, but apparently not). I just finished writing this and it’s getting kinda late, so I apologize if there’s any errors and stuff. Also, the first two parts are flashbacks, kind of. Hopefully it’ll make sense.

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You love birthdays. Always had, ever since you were a kid. And although it was fun to have your own birthday, you mostly meant other people’s birthdays. You just loved seeing smiles on their faces as you tried your best to make their special day, just that, special. It surely was something magical about that.

”(Y/N)?” Dean whispered, as his hands gently shook your narrow shoulders to awake you.

You tiredly rubbed your eyes with your fists, blinking hard to regain your vision, wanting to return to the dreamland with blue skies, funny-shaped cotton candy-like clouds and all kinds of pretty, colorful animals including unicorns with rainbow mane and tails.

”Come on,” Dean whispered again, helping you sit up in the bed. ”We gotta surprise Sammy!”

You remembered, and instantly you were wide awake and alert. Sammy’s birthday.

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You felt so small in the big new city of Birmingham. While it was nothing close to New York, it was new and exciting, and the haze that had fallen over it was homely all the same. You couldn’t believe that you were on your own; that your parents had agreed to let you go half way across the world to go to one of the best universities. Your veins were buzzing as you walked down the street, trying to find the house where your uncle lived (that really being the reason they let you go so far, because you had family there to watch you).

You weren’t really paying attention to the men and women, some finely dressed and others not, walking around the street, chatting and going about their normal day as you your letter close, trying to follow the directions scratched on the paper. You were walking down the road and reading at the same time (something your mother frequently warned you about doing) when you bumped into a man, his cigarette flying onto your favorite dress.

“Oh shoot.” You say, your hands flying to get it off before it burns a whole through the lace. The boys friend snickers but you don’t really notice.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there, it was my fault.”

“No worries, I probably should of been paying more attention.” You say, finally looking up into the cold eyes of the man.

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“Man up.” Reader X Reggie Mantle

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Reggie Mantle imagine where the reader is Archie’s twin sister and she’s a feminist, she’s feisty and everything and like maybe he always tries to ask her out as he’s like in love with her but she always turns him down until they make a deal where if he leaves Jughead alone, she will go on a date with him? Thanks.

A/N: I am finally posting this after years of not posting💕-Lilia

“Its absolutely disgusting!” I say angered at The Blue and Gold paper in my hands.

“I knew nothing about it.” My brother assures me as we walk towards the lunch table that we sit at normally.

“Why wouldn’t they tell you?” I question while putting my lunch tray on the table to sit down in between Kevin and Veronica.

“Probably because of you and your yelling about this. Everyone knows how passionate you are about this stuff. And me being your brother, I would probably tell you and risk them getting caught.” He explains as he sits next to Betty and Jughead.

“So you read the paper?” Asks Betty happy at how passionate I am about it.

“Yes and Elizabeth Cooper you are extremely talented. Not only in writing but for getting justice for those girls! Absolutely beautiful.” I say smiling and she just smiles back.

“You really care about this stuff huh?” Asks Veronica.

“Feminism? Yes. I believe all men and all woman and everyone in between should be equal.” I smile brightly with proud while she just nods impressed.

“Well I think its amazing. Your head strong and ready to fight the fight of inequality, I hope in the future there is more woman as willing as you.” Betty says and I chuckle at the flattery.

“Andrews.” A voice yells from behind us from the jocks table. Naturally me and Archie look. But I am guessing they are calling for Archie since he is apart of the team.

“Keep it cool y/n.” Archie says patting my back trying to keep me from screaming at Reggie for taking part in the playbook.

“I’m always cool.” I say smiling at him tightly. Trying to bite my tongue.

“Now that Clayton is off the team only one of us can be captain. The question on everyones mind is, will you finally man up and try and take it.” He says chucking. He is joking but I still can’t help being mad at him. Hold it in Y/N, hold it in.

“Are you gonna man up Andrews? Gonna respond or will your little sister have to for you?”. The rooms silent. Everyone stares.

At me.

Waiting to see my response.

So I respond.

I stand up and Archie grabs my arm while he is still sitting. I yank him off the chair while trying to get him off my arm.

“Man up? I think the real person who has to "man up” is you! You stood by while stuff like this-“ I grab the Blue and Gold off the table and throw it at him. ”-is happening. Did that make you feel like a man Reggie? Because if thats what a man is to you, I am happy my brother isnt manning up! You’re not a man Mantle, you are trash" I grab my lunch tray and dump it on his head. “Trash for the trashcan.” I say before walking away.

I see the girls locker room and walk in. Not long before someone walks in too.

“What? Hoping to take a couple pictures to sell?” I scoff.


“Then what do you want Reggie!” I yell at him finally facing him.

“You stood up for yourself and that was so hot.” He chuckles.

I see the sport equipment.

I grab a bunch of baseballs and throw them at him. He puts his hands up yelling stop and calm down. I finally run out and he just smiles at me.

I grab the baseball bat.

And before I can use it he yells. “Woah woah woah easy tiger.”

“I don’t say stuff to be hot! I take this stuff so passionately and you just say I’m hot? Do you even understand how demeaning that is?! I want to be taken seriously Reggie.” I say gripping on the baseball bat tightly.

“I know and I am sorry.” He says smiling. And for once it look genuine.

“Why didnt you stop that book.”

“I was scared okay! I have pressure to be this jock! I couldnt say no or no one would respect me. I couldnt speak up. I was weak.” He says sighing. Tears form in my eyes.

“Woah why are you crying?” He asks looking concerned. “Something I said?”

“I was in that book. Thats why I hate it. Thats why I am who I am. I know what it was like to be an object to them. To be simply a point to their overall score.” I whipe my tears.

He makes his way towards me and I raise the bat slowly.

“I am so sorry. I am so sorry y/n.”

He puts his hand on the bat and slowly pushed it away. He hugs me and I just stay there stiff as a board until he lets go.

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“You have to make it up to all those girls.”

“I will. I promise I will.” He says smiling.


I move back and grab a basket ball and throw it at his stomach. He bends over in pain but from the smile on his face I could see it didn’t hurt that much.

“That’s for telling my brother to "man up”.“ I smile at him and walk out the locker room.

Thats the day I befriended my brothers shallow friend. Not ever thinking he could be my soul mate. Until one day…

"So y/nnnnnnn.”

“Yes Reginald.” I say walking to class as he follows me.

“I was wondering if you, would like to-”

“What makes you think you even have a slimmer of a chance of going on a date with me.”

He stands there shocked. I smirk at him while I keep walking.

“Y/n, I changed! I made it up to those girls! And I have been such a good guy lately! Just one date y/n.” He says giving me the cutest puppy eyes ever. But I don’t give into temptation.

“Nope Reg.”

“One night?”

“Alone with you? No thanks.”

He sighs and begins to walk backwards infront of me to face me.

“Come on.”

“Even if I did say yes, what makes you think Archie would let me?” I say chuckling at the unlikely chances.

“Since when do you care about what he thinks? He’s your older brother SURE, but that has never affected you before!”

“Older by AN HOUR!” I say with a smirk.

“Even more of a reason he doesnt matter!”

I stop walking and sigh. My eyes search the room for my bestfriend. Jughead Jones. I make eye contact with him and he waves.

“You’re friends with the weirdo but wont date me?” Reggie whines.

An idea forms in my head. While a smirk forms on my face.


“Okay what?”

“I’ll go on a date with you.”

He smiles.


His smile fades away.

“You have to be nice to Jughead.”

“What? Why!”

“Deal or no deal?” I ask and he tries to negotiate.

“Deal or no deal?” I repeat.

“Deal. Be ready by 8:00.” He says smiling and I watch him as he walks away. He bumps into Jughead and has an insult ready, I know the look. He sighs and looks back at me and keeps walking.

My two most important boys are getting along. I smile.

“Who said you could date Reggie!” I hear my twins voice from behind me.

Well…two out of three of the most important boys are getting along.

Betray the Captain, Love the Friend. (Part 6)

Title: Betray the Captain, Love the Friend.

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Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader
Synposis: Uma and Y/N come to blows but Y/N and Harry grow a little closer together.
A/N: I’m so sorry this is late guys. But Part 6 here we go. YAY. I got distracted and i’m so sorry about that, but we’re almost done with this series… Nooo lol Perhaps 2 more chapters are left? not quite sure yet will know more after i’ve written part 7 (which has been started you’ll be glad to know)

Part One/ Part Two/ Part Three/ Part Four/ Part Five/

“Place still stinks” Mal turned her nose up in disgust.

Uma ready to fire back was cut off by Y/N piping up first.

“woah easy their tiger” Y/N raised an eyebrow at Mal,

Uma chuckled “Sorry were down a butler today… Princess” Uma scoffed, Y/N turned to face Uma giving her the look.

Uma shivered, that look was one scary look. Made all the pirates shiver right down to their toes. Suppose that’s why no one messed with Y/N.

“Where is he?” Mal asked flatly trying not to let Uma see how nervous she was about a missing Ben.

“You know… I’ve dreamed of this. You wanting something from me, and me just watching you squirm like a worm on a hook.” Uma chanted smugly

It was Mal’s turn to smirk “I’m so flattered that you dream of me, I haven’t given you a thought since I left.”

Uma choked that was not what she had meant. Y/N smirked, ear to ear as she reached to grab Uma’s hand “You know I don’t judge on who you like”


Y/N let out a bellowing laugh, Mal giggled quietly, pirates around the chip shop turned to see the commotion… “Obviously but I do love to see you squirm Uma”

Uma gritted her teeth “You’s have your perfect little lives don’t you’s? Whilst we sit here 20 years into a garbage strike”

Y/n stopped smiling after Uma’s confession. “Uma”

“NO” Uma bellowed “Don’t you Uma me, you took her side” Uma pointed at Mal

Mal raised her hands in defeat “Listen you got some kinda score to settle with me, fine Game on but I see no reason to bring Y/N or even Ben into it.”

Uma sneered “Might not be necessary but it is so much fun. And Y/n was in the middle before she even knew it began”

“Here’s the deal..”

Y/N threw her chair back in disgust “Everything’s always a fucking game with you Uma. I’m done” Y/N stormed out of the chip shop.

Harry slunk out of the chip shop after watching the commotion between Uma, Mal and Y/N.

“Y/N/N. Y/N/N wait up” Harry called out running after Y/n.

Y/N slowed down to a stop waiting for Harry to catch up

“What Harry? What do you want?” Y/N snapped, eyes cast adrift at the ocean crashing against the rocks and bay.

“Wha happened in there?” he asked

“Uma being Uma, implying I have to pick a side.”

Harry nodded solemnly “and you picked Mal’s?” he asked curiously

Y/N whipped her eyes to meet Harry’s “No harry I didn’t. I didn’t pick a side because I can’t”

Y/N huffed “I mean why the hell should I?”

Harry rubbed Y/Ns back gently in a comforting manner “ssh it’s okay I wouldn’t blame ya if did. You’d get away from this hell hole for starters”

Y/N sniffed trying to keep the tears at bay, somehow this boy was being so completely understanding and comforting and it was hurting Y/N the most.

“Stop, Harry don’t do that”

Harry looked back confused, “Do wha?”

“Be so nice, I don’t deserve it after the way I treated everyone”

Harry chuckled to himself “Don’t tell anyone but I’ve a soft spot for ye”

Y/N scoffed “Yea right”

“I do but ye’ll ruin ma bad boy rep if ye tell ma secret kay?”

Y/n grinned, nodding her head “Pinky promise?” she held out her pinky for Harry to grasp.

Harry laughed gripping her pinky with his own. A comfortable quietness settled over them as they sat watching the waves against the rocks.


“Yea Harry?”

“I never got ta tell ye this before but now tha you’re here…” Harry was cut off as Uma called his name.


Harry sighed head dropping in defeat. “I gotta go Y/N/N” Harry squeezed her hand tightly before walking off into the night heading back to Ursulas.

“Harry” Y/n called after him chasing him down the board walk

Harry turned in one fluid movement catching Y/N as she stumbled into him

“Don’t go. Don’t help her…” Y/N wheezed out gripping Harrys jacket tightly in her hands.

Harry looked horrified “Y/N I can’t… I can’t disobey my captain’s orders. Not even for you”

Harry unhooked her hands from his jacket holding them tightly before bending slightly to place a soft gently kiss on her knuckles, with one final look at Y/N, Harry turned and walked away.

“She’ll make you fight me” Y/N called out in one last final attempt.

Harry turned and started walking backwards grinning from ear to ear “Then I’ll know it’ll be an even match… I did train you after all” he waved and turned around nearly at the chip shop.

“What if you came with me… back to Auradon?” Y/n yelled

Harry stopped in his tracks, ‘Could he actually go to Auradon with Y/N and without Uma? His captain?’

Y/N was shocked he stopped but hoped he’d change his mind.

“We can ask Ben, He’ll have no problem with letting you come? As long as Uma doesn’t get the wand..”

Harry turned around and ran back to Y/N “what wand?”

Y/N sighed “Fairy godmothers wand. I overheard Uma making a bet with Mal about whoever wins gets either the wand or ben and obviously Uma won. You and I both know she’ll unleash hell when she gets free from here.”

“You would too if you’d been stuck here for your whole life” Harry shouted angrily

“I was stuck here for my whole life remember or did you forget we grew up together? But then I got this opportunity to go to Auradon and did you see me raise hell out there when I was free? No because believe it or not they aren’t so bad and I know you’d actually enjoy it away from Uma, Harry?” Y/N said wishfully

Harry sighed shaking his head “She’s my captain, I can’t Y/N”

Harry let go of Y/N’s hands a final time heading back to his Captains chip shop, ready to join her in the fight VK against VK.

“You still have a choice tomorrow Harry, 12noon the battle begins you can always change your mind. I Love you.” Y/N called out to a retreating Harry.

Harry stilled as the words rang loud in his ears… ‘Did she just..Say I love You?’ Harry turned to meet the vast emptiness and darkness, he let out a shaky breath ‘She loved him, and he never said earlier’

“HARRY” Uma’s voice shouted out from the chip shop.

Harry reached the doors of the chip shop pausing slightly to look at the place where Y/n once stood, he smiled knowingly making his decision before he went inside.

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Taking Care of You

Rating: T

Genre: Action - Angst - Hurt/Comfort

Requested by: @diving-down-to-wonderland

“Bucky, King Kong would definitely kick Harambe’s ass.” You chuckled into the receiver. 

“No listen Haramabe is powerful!” Bucky argued back. You rolled your eyes and snorted.

You were about to retort when something caught your eyes in the rearview mirror. You squinted your eyes to get a better look but all you could see was a black jeep driving fast and looked like it was…driving straight to you.

“Bucky,” Your voice sounded shaky.

Said man quickly straightened up, sensing something wrong. 

“What is it, Y/N.”

“I…I think I’m in danger.” You breathed out.

“Y/N listen to me. You need to -” But Bucky was cut off by the sound of gun shots and your car screeching until it eventually crashed.

“Y/N? Y/N! Y/N ARE YOU THERE? ARE YOU OK? Y/N!!” But the line was dead. 

Like a rocket, Bucky quickly shot out of his to put on his outfit and take his guns with him. 

“Bucky, hey!” Steve greeted into the phone.

“Steve. Get the others. Something happened to Y/N.” Bucky commanded and then immediately shutting his phone.

Using his motor-cycle, Bucky reached the scene of the car crash in a short time. Thankfully, you were almost home so you weren’t that far. Just as he was arriving, he saw a couple of Hydra agents ripping your car door open and about to take you out.

Bucky quickly jumped out of his car and ran towards them. He would shoot at them but half of your body was exposed to him and, despite him being a good shooter, there’s still a possibility that he could hurt you. As he was running, he was joined with Natasha. They both began fight the Hydra agents while Steve and Tony tried to get you out the car but your seatbelt is stuck.

“Steve!” Bucky shouting.

The blond understood that Bucky was urging to hurry up and get you to the nearest hospital.

He gripped the seatbelt and began to pull. The leather protection snapped in half. 

“Tony, take Y/N to the nearest hospital while help them.”

“Already on it, Steve.” and with that, Tony flew the both of you away.

“How is she? Is she ok? Let me see here!” Bucky bombarded as he stormed into the hospital.

“Woah! Easy there tiger!” Tony raised his hands to stop Bucky.

“Don’t test me.” Bucky seethed.

“James.” Steve rests his hand on his best and childhood best friend, “The doctors are with her now. There’s nothing we can do but wait.” he continued. 

Bucky nods his head and slumps on the chair.

An hour later, one of the doctors steps out from the emergency room.

“How is she?” Bucky jumps, worry and concern in his eyes.

The doctor has a look of regret, “I’m sorry to inform you but miss L/N is a coma.”

Bucky lets out a shaky breath, Steve rests his hand on Bucky’s shoulder once more.

“Can I,” He gulps, “Can I see her?”

The doctor nods, “Follow me please.”

Bucky felt his heart stop at the sight of you. IVs were hooked into you arms while it looked like you slept. Your face and arms were covered up in bruises and scratches.

“Thankfully, she only sustained minor injuries. However, the shock of the crash led her into a coma.” The doctor explains, “We…we’re also not sure when she’ll wake up.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Bucky heard Steve whisper.

It’s been days since you’ve been admitted to the hospital but Bucky never left your sight. Steve begged him to go home and rests but he refused. He would hold your hand and talk to you, hoping that that would wake you up. But he didn’t give up hope. He would hum to your favorite song and read a book he found in the room.

At night, he would kiss your forehead before laying his hand on your clasped hand and fall asleep.

On the sixth day of your admission, Bucky looked miserable. There were bags under his eyes and a stubble started to grow.

“You gotta get some rest, Bucky.” Steve says in concern.

He shook his head, “No.” his eyes never left your figure as he says, “I need to stay here. Make sure she’s safe.”

“I understand that, Buck. But you’re tired and you haven’t eaten in three days. Please, Bucky.”

Bucky contemplated his best friend’s words. He was right. He hadn’t drank or eaten anything in days. His neck felt stiff from never sitting up from the chair and he couldn’t feel his thighs from all the siting. He was about to get up when he felt one of your fingers twitching.

“Y/N,” He breathes out.

“Bucky -” 


Your fingers continue to twitch and your eyes clench tightly before slowly opening up. It took you a while to adjust to the bright light but you eventually opened your eyes all the way through.

“Why am I in the hospital?” Was the first thing you said.

“Oh, Y/N thank god!” Bucky says, eyes welling up with tears.

“Y/N. Do you remember what happened?” Steve asks with sternness yet with slight concern.

You wiped a tear drop from from Bucky’s eye before turning your head to face Steve, “I was driving home. I was on the phone with Bucky when I noticed a black Jeep heeding straight at me. After that…I don’t remember anything.”

“They were Hydra agents.” Bucky informed you, “They were after you.” His expressions turned into one of anger, jaw clenched tightly.

“I’ll go tell the others.” Steve quietly excuses himself from the room.

You pat the empty spot next to you and hold onto Bucky. Both of you fell asleep to the sound of the monitor.

“Y/N. Glad to see you awake!” Natasha greeted you hours later.

“Good to be awake.” You joked.

“That’s it. No more driving for you kid.” Tony says as he walks into the room.

“Hey!” You yell playfully.

“I’m sure metal arm here agrees with me.” he continues.

You turn to Bucky with big and round puppy eyes.

“We’ll…We’ll see about that.” Bucky mumbles as he tries to hide his blush away as the room is filled with laughter.


You were hiding behind a trash can in the hallway, trying to make sure HE wasn’t in sight.

Just as you had declared the coast clear someone grabbed your shoulder.

‘Ah!’ you shouted turning around with your fists ready.

‘Woah, easy tiger.’ Scott said as he backed up a bit.

'Jesus, don’t do that Scott! Not all of us have super hearing!’ you scolded as you calmed your racing heart.

'Noted, why are hugging garbage?’ the alpha asked.

You stood up and dust yourself off.

'No reason.’ you lied.

’(Y/N), what’s going on?’ Scott asked seriously.

You sighed as you realize you might as well tell him niw. He’d just puppy eye the hell out of you til you do anyway.

'My ex, Paul.’ you said.

'What about him?’

'I don’t know how he got my new number but he started texting me. At first it was normal stuff, you know, wanting to be friends again.’ you started.

Scott nodded and motioned for you to continue.

'Then he started sending really long messages, and you know I dont read those so I just respond “K”.’

You took a deep breath and look around again to make sure your ex wasn’t around.

'Last night I was bored to hell and decided to read the paragraphs he had sent. He was saying really scary stuff.’ you whispered.

'What did he say?’ Scott asked worriedly, you were like a little sister to him so he didn’t like you being in dangerous situations.

'He said that it was so cute how small I am. That he could just pick me up and do whatever he wanted with me. Then I said “K” so he said that he was going to do it then.“

Scott bit his lip and had to calm his heart rate to keep from shifting.

'He sent a message last night saying that today he’d pick me up and take me somewhere.’ you finished.

'OK here is what we are going to do.’ Scott said.


You had sent Paul a text saying you were waiting for him in the boys locker room.

Your ex showed up not even five minutes later.

Just as tall and lean as always, only now it wasn’t appealing, it was frightening.

'Hey.’ he smiled down at you.

'Hey.’ Scott said as he came out from behind the lockers.


Stiles came in from behind Paul and stood beside you.

'Hi.’ Derek said as he came from behind a different locker, Isaac right behind him.

'How you doing.’ Isaac said with a small wave.

'What the hell is going here?’ Paul glared.

'You said you could pick her up and do whatever you wanted with her, which is theoretically true.’ Stiles said.

'Problem is you have to get through all of us before you can even touch her.’ Scott glared.

Paul looked around at all the guys and sees how he was outnumbered he was.

He sent a final glare and turned to leave but Stiles caught him by the arm.

'Hi ya, just so we don’t have to go through this again take a look at the guys you got to go through to get (Y/N).’ Stiles said as he turned Paul to face the rest of the boys.

Paul’s eyes widen in fear as he sees every guy’s eyes change color.

Scott walks up to Paul, eyes burning red.

'Don’t text (Y/N), don’t call her, don’t talk to her. If she tells me you even looked at her funny you’ll have us to deal with.’ Scott threatened.

Paul nodded in fear, too scared to speak before he hurried away.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

'Hey you’re okay.’ Scott said as he turned to you.

'I’m fine, I just…you know, cant believe I dated that guy.’ you sighed.

'Trust me you could have done worse.’ Derek said as he placed a hand on your shoulder.

'Thank you guys so much for this, I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.’ you said as you pulled them all into a group.


Warnings: None

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader.

Summary: Dean and his sister go look for Sam at Stanford

Word Count: 759

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname


You woke up to the sounds of footsteps, immediately you tensed up and calmly grabbed the small pocketknife you hid under your pillow while you slept. You sat up and turned on the light as you raised your small knife and relaxed the second you realized it was Dean.

“Dean what are you doing?” you whispered even though there wasn’t anyone else in the room that you could wake up.

“Nothing, go back to sleep.” He answered back as he looked in the rooms drawers for something.

“Yeah, right. What are you doing?” You knew your brother was up to something, you knew him like the back of your hand.

“Look, I’m going to find Sam. Now go to sleep I’ll be back in the morning.” he said hesitantly and got up from where he was looking. “Hey do you know where my phone is?”

“If I tell you will you let me come with you?”


“Then I don’t know where your phone is either.” You said crossing your arms a smirk making its way to your face.

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A Purrfect Evening

I’m partaking in Marichat May again! Hurrah!! I have some kind of commitment to my work <33

The prompt was Sin II, except I haven’t done a Sin I… like, ever… so uMM

This was inspired a bit by my own comic if you want to see my bad doodles

A Purrfect Evening - a Marichat sin fic feat. puns (1748 words)

Warnings: descriptive kissing scene and implicit sexual content

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The Date (ft. V and HellSans)

*HellSans takes V to an amusement park for their first date. They start off with some rides, V likes the thrill and HellSans was screaming and clinging on to V for every ride. After some rides they play some carnival games and eat some cotton candy. Throughout the date V is slowly loosening up to HellSans, becoming a bit more relaxed. But what is in store for the next thrill of the night?*
H: Hey, wanna go check out the hall of mirrors?
V: Sounds interesting, why not.
H: *walks V into the hall of mirrors* Check it out! Try and not to get lost.
V: *chuckles* whatever. You can’t get lost in here.
H: Oh yeah? Let’s split up then, see who can make it to the other side first. *smirks*
V: Like a race?
H: yeah! *walks ahead of V* your on your own now! Meet you at the end!
V: we’ll see about that!
*a few minutes later*
H: Oh boy, I think I may have screwed up on this one… *shouts* Hey V! You still in here?!
V: *screams*
H: *eye begins to glow* V?!! *runs frantically to the sounds of her screams*
V: *curled up on her knees holding her head*
H: V?!?! Is everything okay? What’s wrong?!
V: *body is shaking * GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!
H: *Grabs V by the shoulders* V what happened? What’s going on?!
V: *eyes begin to glow a blue and yellow*
H: V? What is wrong?! Answer me! *shakes her a bit then hugs her tightly* It’s gonna be alright, I promise it will be alright. *looks around* It’ll be okay V, I don’t know what happened but your safe now. Your safe. No one will hurt you while I’m with you.
V: *grips head tighter* He’s here. He’s. HERE! He’s going to-!
H: Who? Who’s here?
V: HIM! It’s HIM. He’s going to make me KILL. I CAN’T. I WON’T- *screams*
H: Nothing like that will happen, I’ll make sure of it. I won’t let you get hurt. *picks V up* come on, lets get out of this place. *teleports out and puts V down* We’re okay now, see?
V: Get. Out. Of. My. HEAD! *fangs and claws begin to emerge on V as she grips her head*
H: What the- V what’s going on?!
V: *unable to hear him as tears begin to stream down her face*
H: *holds V tightly* Its okay V. Everything’s fine now, I promise. Just calm down.
V: AAAAAAUUUUGH! *spikes rip out of her back from her spine*
H: What the HECK is going on?!?!?
V: *realizes what is happening* Oh no… No. No. No.
H: V?!
V: *begins to panic as her breathing rapidly increases*
V: HellSans I- AUGH! You-you have to get me away from these people. I d-don’t have time to explain. *cries out in pain* Please. PLEASE!
H: *grabs V and teleports them to the woods*
V: *slumps to the ground with more screams of pain as a tail and horns begin to push their way out*
H: V, I can help! Jut tell me what to do!
V: H-HellSans, you can’t I’m too f-far gone- AUGH!
H: V! I can still- *tries to help her*
V: DON’T TOUCH ME!!! If you touch me I-I might h-hurt y-you AUGH NNGGHH! *her bones begin to expand, her hands and feet sharpening into claws*
H: W-what can I do?! What do you need me to do?!
V: I-I’m s-sorry. *screams of pain as her face shifts into a Blaster. Grits her teeth* I-if you really c-care… promise me one thing… HNG…
V: No matter what, y-you’ve got to- AUGH! Y-you’ve got to keep everyone safe. You have to s-stop me no matter what. Even if it means hurting me.
H: V.. *stares concerned at her* okay. I will. I promise.
V: I.. I’m so sor- AUUUUUUGGGGHH!!!! *her eyes glow brighter as the rest of her body changes and stretches, shredding parts of her clothes*
H: V!!!!!
V: *growls with yellow slit eyes*
H: Wha-what is this…?
H: *looks shocked then his eye begins to glow* alright V… this is for you.
V: *charges at him*
H: *dodges then pulls V back by her soul*
V: *whips around and swipes at him with her claws*
H: WOAH! *dodges then traps V in a bone cage*
V: *slashes and bangs around trying to break the cage, growling and hissing the whole time*
H: What is this magic…. I’ve never encountered anything like this before… *stares at V* I don’t know how long this transformation will last but one things for sure. I am NOT letting that thing out.
V: *Hisses then growls as a blast charges up in her chest. She blasts the cage*
H: *the cage explodes sending him flying into a tree* AUGH! *stands up slowly and grips his side* ouch… dang it.
V: *tail twitches angrily as she paces back and forth never taking her eyes off of him*
H: Your just as dangerous in this form as you are in your normal form V… that’s what scares me the most…
V: *low growling*
H: You’re a dangerous one, but I WONT lose. Not when I’m so close to understanding you.
V: *roars loudly and races towards him*
H: *takes off his jacket and throws it to the side* OH NO YOU DON’T! *Uses his extra arms to grab V while his other arms hold back her jaws* I’m not gonna be your chew toy!!!
V: *gnashes her teeth trying to bite him*
H: *pants heavily* dang, why can’t I hold you for a longer period of time… your really strong.
V: *grabs him with her tail and throws him across into another tree*
H: OH SHOOT! *slams into the tree seriously injuring his back. He tries to get up but slips back down to the ground* Gosh dang it…
V: *walks over and grabs him by the shirt, lifting him up against the tree to her eye level and growls*
H: Oh nuts… *closes his eyes*
V: *roars as she raises her claws up for a final blow but stops just inches away from his neck*
H: *opens his eyes as sweat drips down his forehead* V???
V: *low moaning sounds as she drops him and backs up gripping her head. She shakes her head and blinks as her eyes change from a yellow glow to white and her pupil change back to circles*
H: *slowly gets up* I’m gonna guess since you didn’t kill me that you have second thoughts…
V: *looks around panicked then her eyes stop on HellSans*
H: Hey, hey… calm down, I’m not going to hurt you. Just relax. *puts his hands up in a calming position and slowly inches towards V*
V: *sad groans and whines come out as she starts backing up*
H: Shh, its okay. Its okay. *continues inching forward slowly* your just a little scared, that’s all. Come on, come here and we can go for a little walk around the woods. There’s no need to go anywhere else.
V: *turns around and begins running the other direction*
H: No! *makes a barrier of bones to stop her and runs toward her* you can’t leave! You have to stay with me or you might hurt someone or even worse they could hurt you. I promised to keep everyone safe, that includes you.
V: *slowly turns around and looks at him with sad eyes*
H: *stops running* I don’t like this just as much as you do but if we don’t think of something or find some kind of middle ground then we’ll be here all night trying to think of who’s next on the menu. So just come, sit, and we can talk this out. *begins to inch closer and closer to her again*
V: *backs up away from him but runs into a tree. He claws digging into the trunk as he gets closer*
H: Its okay… just relax.
V: *Closes her eyes and whines as his hand reaches out to touch her*
H: *touches V’s nose* that’s it… don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.
V: *opens her eyes as tears stream down her face. She rests her head into his hands*
H: See. Nothing to be scared of… *grazes V’s nose* its okay.. I wont hut you V. I won’t.
V: *tail droops as she releases her claws from the tree*
H: *holds V’s large hand* see, I’m harmless sweetie.
V: *pulls her hand back and whines*
H: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that… *wipes the sweat off his forehead* Geez, you put up quite the fight there V. Hopefully this will wear off soon.
V: *shakes her head and bend down and writes a 2 in the dirt*
H: 2? 2 what? 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks?
V: *grumbles and struggles to write a D in the dirt*
H: 2 days?!?! *stubbles backwards and falls into the dirt* oh boy… this is gonna be a long, long date. *laughs*
V: *moans sadly and curls up on the ground*
H: *leans on her side* Well this wasn’t how I planned this date to go, but hey at least this was a great experience.
*they sit in silence for a bit before V stands up and hands HellSans his jacket with her tail*  
H: Oh thanks! *puts it on and stands up* So uh, what now?
V: *sighs and walks over to HellSans grabbing him by the hood of his jacket with her mouth and lifts him up*
H: Woah! Easy tiger! Where are we off to?
V: *face scrunches as she focuses her magic, her eyes glowing blue and yellow. She teleports them to an old house on the outskirts of Snowdin*
H: Woah… what is this place?
V: *puts him down and begins walking towards the house that appears to be abandoned. Motions with her head followed by a grunt signaling HellSans to follow*
H: *starts to walk towards the house following V* This place seems very barren..
V: *gets to the door and struggles to turn the handle, makes grunting noises the whole time*
H: Heh, I got it. *walks up to the door and opens the door, pushing it open for her* Lady blasters first *winks*  
V: *looks down and walks in*
*there is a living room connected to a kitchen, papers and books scattered all over the table with strange symbols written on them. There is a lab coat hanging next to the door with a broken name tag reading something like W.D.G.*
H: *looks closely at the name tag* yep. This place screams old and terrifying… Have you been here before? Do you have history here? *looks around and sees several of V’s jackets lying on the couch. He turns and looks at V* Have you been here before?
V: *looks down*
H: Is this where you live?
V: *nods and walks in past him*
H: Alright… what next then?
V: *walks around the living room into a hallway and leads him to a door in the hallway*
H: *stares and the door and opens it to reveal a staircase that leads down into a dark basement* Oh man… getting really deep aren’t we?
V: *carefully walks down the stairs with HellSans following behind her.* *They reach the bottom and V switches on the lights. The dull lights come on to reveal a big empty concrete basement with only a single desk in the corner with some boxes and chains with shackles hanging on the opposite wall*
H: Was… was this where you were kept?
V: *ignores him and slowly walks over to the chains, picking them up and tries to hand them to HellSans*
H: *takes them* now what? You want me to put them on?
V: *holds out her wrists*
H: oh… you want me to… *breaths in* okay, I’ll do what you ask… *clips them on her wrists*
V: *bends down for him to put the last one around her neck*
H: *clips it around her neck and watches as they light up for a second tightening around her bones, restricting her magic*
V: *looks sadly at HellSans and nudges him back towards the door*
H: alright, if that’s what you want… *walks towards the stairs before looking back*
V: *walks over to the wall and curls up on the cold concrete floor. Turning her head ways from him in shame*
H: I hope everything works out… *turns and begins going upstairs*
V: *watches as he leaves then looks at the ground curling in on herself as tears fall down her face*
*two days later*
H: *walks down the stairs quietly, trying not to disturb V. Finds her passed out on the floor back to normal. Walks over, takes a knee and shakes her shoulder a bit* Hey, V. You okay?
V: *Slowly opens her eyes and tries to sit up*
H: *tries to help her up* You okay?
V: *grips her side in pain* nnnnggh… H-HellSans? What- what are you doing here? I thought you left for good…
H: What?! There’s no way I would leave you here alone!
V: B-but you saw… I’m not… I’m dangerous. I tried to warn you.
H: Well your not the first monster to try and kill me. *giggles* I deal with this every day… sure this was a little different but it doesn’t mean that I can’t handle you. I’m not gonna leave you behind because of something that is a part of you. I’m not that shallow.
V: I just destroy everything I touch… I don’t belong around other people or monsters… I’m just an experiment that’s gone out of control. A weapon… nothing else. I don’t know what I was thinking… *looks away* I don’t deserve… love. You should just forget about me. Its safer that way. Your safer that way.
H: V…
V: I couldn’t even go on one stupid date without ruining everything… *begins to cry*
H: That’s not true! *grabs her shoulders* None of it is! V you are the most stubborn, most mean and harshest women I have ever met, but you know why I like you? You know why I didn’t just leave even though you tried to kill me? It’s because I care about how you feel and I want to see you happy unlike me. You have tons of people and monsters who support you everyday and the fact that you think you are a deadly monster hurts me. You’re the most beautiful person I have ever met and you deserve someone who can treat you that way and give you what you deserve. *hugs her* LOVE.
V: *eyes widen in surprise* HellSans… Why… *sobs into his shoulders*
H: And even if that person can’t be me, then I will do everything I can to give you a change at a better life.
V: *chains rattle as she wraps her arms around him* I’m sorry. I’m so sorry… *continues to cry*
H: Don’t be. The date was great and I loved every second of it.*unchains the shackles from V.* there, I bet that was uncomfortable.
V: *rubs her bruised wrists* It’s industrial titanium with magic blocking crystals fussed into the metal. They are the only things that can hold back… that thing…
H: That thing is you and I don’t mind you being who you are. Stop addressing it as not a part of you. You are who you are and that’s what makes you great.
V: You’ve already helped me enough… you don’t have to say things to make me feel better… you don’t have to lie.
H: *lifts her chin for her eyes to meet his* I’d never lie to you. When I look at you V, my heart goes a thousand miles an hour. I couldn’t stop thinking about you when I left, but I was never far away. I care about you a lot. I love you V.
V: *stares blankly into his eyes, not knowing what to do*
H: Now come on. *stands up and offers his hand to her* Let’s get out of this place.

(Part one: https://vzearia.tumblr.com/post/167148243687/the-talk-ft-v-and-hellsans)

Best Time to Be a Klutz

Title: Best Time to Be a Klutz

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,749 (#sorrynotsorry ;) )

Warnings: Dean being a sweet heart and smut sweet smut 

A/N: As a total klutz who adores heels myself this speaks to me haha Hope you all like it!! Let me know if you have any ideas on what to write next or want to be tagged! Tags at the bottom :) Love you all! <3

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Second Love - Part 2 (Sam x Reader)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, and Bobby.

Word Count: 1235

Warnings: Angst, language, Smut (Later chapters)

A/N: This is my first series hopefully it doesn’t suck too much. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Summary: Your Life with the Winchesters, throughout the years.

After several hours of driving and the pumping of Led Zeppelin through the speakers of your finished silver mustang you arrived at the diner containing the Winchester brothers.

Getting out of Bullet (what you named your car) and walking to the run down diner, seeing those two familiar faces sitting in a booth next to the window. Sam looked out the window and saw you walking towards him, he waved and smiled you did the same in return.

This is Bullet, 1967 Shelby gt500 Mustang, Silver, Your Car.  Image from Google Images

Entering the Diner the brothers got up and gave you big hugs, both had a hard time letting go.  Sitting back down, you slid into the booth with Sam, for big guy he didn’t take up the entire booth.  He leaned back and put his arms around the back of the booth, and you leaned slightly forward in response.

“So, how have you boys been, I’ve miss ya.” You asked as you glanced over the beaten down menu.

“Oh you know, living the dream, looking for a missing father, the usual” dean said sarcastically. Earning him a light punch to his shoulder from you. Raising his hands in the air in defense “Fine, fine, I’m alright”.

“Good” You turned to Sam “And you Sam? How’s jess”

“Decent, ‘have an interview on Monday cant be here long. She’s good” He looked at his fidgeting fingers and smiled gently, a blush creeping on his cheeks, filled with love. “More then good, great even.”

You smiled in response.

The waitress came over and took your orders, giving Dean googly eyes as she leaned over towards him slightly flirting. He winked at her while she walked away looking over her shoulder.  Drawing a unanimous eye roll from Sam and you.  

“So, what ya have on John?” Looking back at dean.  

“Not much, well we was trailing somethin’ in Jericho, California, missing men” that was three weeks ago” He took a sip of his coffee while maintaining eye contact. “We’ll give you the details when we get there”

You nodded in response as the waitress laid down the food in front of you and the boys.

“I’ll tail you guys” as you shoved a forkful of your pancakes into your mouth.

Earning a chuckle from Dean.

“Are you even old enough to drive or tall enough.” Sam said as he ruffled your hair.

“Hey now” you nudged the Winchester next to you with your shoulder “first, I’m not that much younger then you. Second, I’m not that short you are just freakishly tall. Thirdly, only one of us actually has a car” you shot back sarcastically. Dean Laughed.

“Whatever you say”

The three of you finished your food catching up on the years apart, paid for your food and left.

Dean spent several minutes in amazement over Bullet, like he does every time, and you doing the same over Baby.

It only took 30 minutes to get to Jericho.

John was there a few days before, gone, but it gave the boys hope. The case turned out to be a woman in white. The boys and you managed to put the woman down by returning her home, to her children.

Following them outside towards Bullet.

Cases like these always were depressing, so much unnecessary blood and death.  It was cases like these that made being a hunter worth it, putting down baddies and saving the good.

“Looks like this case is done” you gestured to the Winchesters “So where to?”

“Well I have to get back, got an interview in the morning” Sam looked at you and made a face you couldn’t quite determine, a combination of sorry, hopefulness and nervousness. “Its for law school, my entire life depends on this” He rubbed the back of his head and averted eye contact.

“Oh, you said… good luck, hope it goes well.” You unlocked Bullet and Sam nodded as a thank you. “What about John?” You turned to Dean.

“I’m going to keep looking, ya commin’, Y/N?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world” And he gave you a shit-eating grin.

“Then lets hit the road”

“Okay, I’ll head straight to the motel, you drop Sam off.” You walked over to Sam and gave him a hug. “It was great to see you again, don’t be a stranger Sam, I miss you”

“I miss you to Y/N”

You hoped in Bullet and sped away, followed shortly by Baby.

A few hours passed.

You were in the bathroom just getting out of the shower when you heard a noise coming from the room. Your hunter instincts kicked in, you wrapped a towel around your body and grabbed your gun you always brought into the bathroom with you.

You held the gun in your right and steadied it with your left and nudged the door open with your foot. Silently exited the room and into the next.

“Woah, easy there tiger” the figure said. You recognized the voice.

“Jesus, Dean! I could’ve killed you” he chuckled and gave you his signature smirk

“You couldn’t kill me if you tried” And glanced over your nearly naked for and licked his lips.

“One second. I’m going to put clothes on. So stop looking at mw like I’m a piece of meat, before I shove something up your rear.” You gestured downwards. Grabbing you clothes that were on the bed and headed to the bathroom.

When you came back out fully clothed you saw a second figure, sitting on the bed hunched over, head in his hands.

“Oh god Sam, what happened?” You ran over to him put you hand on his shoulder and gently pulled him towards you. He didn’t move still lightly sobbing.

“…Jess… S-she’s…” You pulled him closer and stroked his hair slowly, trying you best to give him the slightest amount of comfort. Based on how Sam was you didn’t need him to finish the sentence to know she wasn’t around anymore.

“She’s dead.” He managed to stutter out. “The thing that killed mom got her to.” He curled into you tighter. You pulled in up to the head of the bed so you were both lying down, you on your back and him on his side fleshed against you.  He put his head on your chest; his arms laced between you and him, while one of your hands moved back to his head the other on his shoulder.

He stayed huddled in your arms all night, crying himself to sleep. You managed to stay awake humming slightly, you hand still petting his hair, the other making circles on his shoulder.

Dean on the dropped onto the other bed, stayed quiet, not sleeping just thinking, and listened to you hum, his very broken brother.

He looked over at you and mouthed ‘thank you’ wordlessly, knowing fully well that Dean had a hard time comforting, wasn’t in his programing he was more of a drown it in whiskey and cover it in dirt sort of man. Not that you minded, wishing you didn’t have to though as in see Sam like this.  

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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EMI, HELLO X)!! Lol can I request an imagine where Ai is having a conversation with his gf in front of the others and their conversation sounds like they're implying they did something dirty the previous night but they actually didn't.

Written in script format for because 1) I’m lazy. 2) This request seems focuses more on dialogue anyway.

Reader: Ai, I’m so sore from last night.

Ai: Well, you were too tight. I supposed we could’ve prepped you a bit. It’s best to loosen up the muscles beforehand.

[Reiji’s eyes widen comically.]

Reader: That may be true but did you really have to be so rough on me?

Ai: Don’t you mean tough?

Reader: Rough. Tough. Same difference! All that matters is that I’m extremely sore. 

Ai: Well, you shouldn’t have asked me to do it.

Reader: Who else would I have asked Ai? 

Ai: *shrugs* By the way, is it really necessary to walk like that? I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that bad.

[Camus nearly chokes on his tea.]

Reader: You think that? Fine, then tonight it’s your turn! And I’m in charge! *storms off*

[The rest of Quartet Night looks at Ai with wide eyes. Completely shocked that he and his girlfriend would have a conversation about that in front of everyone so shamelessly.]

Ai: What are all of you looking at?

[Ranmaru couldn’t help but laugh out of disbelief.]

Ranmaru: Didn’t know you had it in you kid!

Ai: Had what in me?

Reiji: Say, Ai-Ai what did you do to that poor girl last night?

Ai: I didn’t do anything to her. She brought it up herself. I told her she wouldn’t to take it.

Reiji: Woah! Easy tiger~

[Camus frowns in disgust]

Camus: Have you no shame? Discussing something like that in front of us.

Ai: What is there to be ashamed about? Why are all of you getting so worked up over this? Ranmaru does it every morning. 

Ranmaru: THE FUCK? NO, I DON’T!

[Reiji blinks.]

Reiji: Wait, Ai-Ai… I know what I’m thinking you’re talking about. I’ve got an idea what’s going through Ran Ran’s mind. But what are you talking about?

Ai: High intensity cardio training.

[Reiji and Ranmaru exchange looks before cringing when they realized how far off from the truth they were. Camus drops his sugar spoon.]

Reiji: Cardio, huh? Anyone else feel like a creepy old man after this?


Harrison "Harry" Wells x Reader Good Man

Imagine telling Harry he’s a good man when he finally accepts the fact that on his earth the metahumans are his problem…

Barry, Cisco and Joe had just rescued Harry from a metahuman that had captured him, thinking Harry was this Earth’s Harrison Wells. They brought him into the medical room, where you and Caitlin began to treat him. He had various cuts and bruised from being thrown around like a ragdoll. After you two were finished Caitlin left to go check up on Barry and Cisco. Surely they where in a much better state than Harry right now.

You sat down on a chair next to his bed. He opened his eyes and started to slowly move. You got up and assisted him, “Woah there, take it easy tiger or else you end up making the pain worse.”

He looked up at you and watched as you pulled the chair closer to the bed. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, looking down at his hands that we’re in his lap.

“Hm?” You raised an eyebrow, Harry never apologized for anything so this was different.

“I’m sorry for everything. Griffin…I think that was his name, told me that the particle accelerator is responsible for his aging, for deaths, for the metahumans. On this Earth.” Harry mumbled as he sat, shoulders tense and pondering the consequences of his actions. “But the same thing happened on my Earth… So many metas and deaths… I’ve been running away and ignoring my Earth’s metahuman problem…This is all my fault…And I’m gonna find a way to fix it.”

You softly smiled at him and gently placed your hand on top of his, “I know you’ll find a way. You’re a genius and hard-working.” You moved closer and kissed his cheek, “But above all, you’re a good man.”

Jefferson x Reader (Out Of My Mind) Part 1

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Summary: (I’m sorry I suck at summaries :/) You thought you lived a normal carefree life, but when the clocking starts ticking, Jefferson might be the one to lead you down the rabbit whole to a world you never thought existed. But the problem is, You don’t even know him, or yourself.

Word Count: 1,390

A/N: Hey guys I hope you like part One! This is my first Jefferson fic so please bare with me alright lol. If I forgot to tag anyone or you want to be tagged, just message me and I’ll get right on it. 


Jefferson stared down at his freshly made tea, swirling the bag around in his cup. He took a small sip of it, looking around Granny’s Diner. He licked his lips. before setting down the cup again. He reached into his coat pocket and set a photo down on the table. He smiled, running his fingers over the picture he snapped a couple days ago. He could already feel tears forming in his eyes as he brought the photo to his lips, kissing it lightly. His head rose up at the sound of the door shutting, followed by a bell. He stuffed the photo back in his pocket, going back to his tea. He scoffed at the person’s entrance, as he raised his cup for another round. She took notice of this and made her way to his table, a mischievous smile plastered across her face. She scooted into the booth across from Jefferson, resting her arms on the table.

“What do you want Regina?” He growled softly, moving his cup to the side. 

She smirked, “You always think I want something, don’t you?”

“I don’t have time for this.” He got up from his seat, preparing to make his way out the door, when Regina grabbed his arm. He flinched at her touch, feeling her tug at his coat sleeve. He exhaled sharply, sitting back down across from her.

“Now,” she leaned in closer to him. “I need you to do something for me.”

“Why would I help you? After everything you’ve done to me?” He spat. From the look of her face, Regina was amused. She took a sip of his tea, plopping on her side now.

“Because of her.” She answered, showing the photo of you he had just moments ago. 

“Give that back!” He snatched the photo from her hand. 

“You know you just tell how you feel? About all this?” She spun a finger in the air. 

“You know I can’t do that.” He gritted. He thought he had lost you a long time ago, he thought you were dead. Grace was the only thing he had left of you. She was as kind as gentle as you, and just as fearless. Everyday, he regrets ever making a deal with Regina to take her to Wonderland. The way she tricked him into getting stuck there, all because he wanted a better life for Grace. Then, he got sucked into Regina’s curse, taking him to this town called Storybrooke. He almost collapsed when he saw Grace, seeing her in this unknown land. His heart felt like it was ripped out of his chest at the sound of her screaming when he ran up and embraced her. Grace yelling ‘stranger!’, trying to break away from him. She didn’t remember him. She was scared of him. He felt as if he was going crazy. Everyone he knew, everyone he’s ever met, didn’t even recognize him. He thought things couldn’t get any worse. Then he saw you. His eyes widened in disbelief, as you walked quietly down the sidewalk towards him. He couldn’t stop looking at you. You were as beautiful as ever. You looked exactly how he remembered you, except your hair had changed a bit. He wanted to hold you, kiss you, touch you in any way. Just to feel close to you. To show him that you were really there, and not just in his head. He wanted to tell you how much he’s missed you and how he didn’t know he survived without you. He wanted to marry you all over again. But he knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t. Because you too, didn’t remember. He was alone. 

He smiled at the picture, not caring if Regina saw him cry or not. He had to do what Regina said, for your sake. He glared at her, “What do you want me to do?”

“A woman just arrived into town who could jeopardize everything I’ve worked for. Her name is Emma Swan, I need you to get rid of her.” Regina grabbed her coat, and threw a couple bucks onto the table. She turned her heels, making her way to the door.

“And how do you suppose I do that?” Jefferson mocked.

“You’re the mad hatter, aren’t you?” She raised an eyebrow. “Do something crazy.” 


You smiled when you spotted Jefferson through the window, making his way to your hair salon. 

“Hey, Jefferson!” You beamed, waving him over to his usual chair. “Long time, no see.” He returned your smile, slumping down into the seat. You wrapped the cover up over his body, snapping the two buttons in the back. You raised the seat, getting it to the position you wanted it. You spun him around to face you, “The usual trim?”

“Yes, please. I have big uh- plans tonight.” He muttered softly. His tone of voice wasn’t very excited, but you shrugged it off, not really paying attention to it. You ran your fingers through his hair before working it through with a comb. “You know, you don’t have to come in to get your hair done every two weeks. Not that I don’t like the time we spend together, I’m just trying to save you money.”

Jefferson chuckled, “I’ve got all the money I need. Don’t worry about about it.”

“Okay then.” You teased, massaging his scalp. During this time you had with Jefferson, you were the one doing most of the talking. He would just sit there quietly and listen to what you’d have to say. Whether it be about the weather, or about your bitchy next door neighbor, he’d always be intrigued by your stories. 

“Might I ask what your big plans are?” You said, snipping the hair between your fingers. 

He hesitated. “I’m uh- I’m having a guest over.”

“Fun, may I ask whom?”

“Just some woman new to town, you probably don’t know her.” The word ‘her’ was a surprise to you.

“Like a date?” You wondered. Jefferson was never really known to be in many relationships. In fact, you had never seen him with any other girls besides yourself and Regina, of course. Regina talked to everyone. She had a knack for getting under your skin, but as long as you didn’t get it her way, she wouldn’t mess with you. 

“No, no, nothing like that! I promised!”

“Woah! Easy there tiger, I was just wondering! You don’t have to go all crazy on me!” 

“Right, sorry.” Jefferson cheeks were flushed from his sudden outburst. You tried your absolute best to not burst out laughing. Jefferson was so awkward and adorable around you. You be lying if you didn’t admit you had a tiny crush on him, so you almost felt relieved when he said it wasn’t a date. 

“Did you hear that Marry Margaret’s, in jail?” You whispered into his ear, making sure no one else heard you. “She couldn’t have broken the law, could she? It’s not like her. I think she was framed or set up, but that’s all I know about it. Okay, you’re done! How does it look?” You smiled as you waited patiently for his answer. 

“It looks perfect. Thank you (y/f/n).” He grinned, taking off the cover up.

“Here, let me make sure I got all the hair off you. You know, it would be a lot easier for me to cut your hair if you didn’t wear that stupid scarf.” You stated brushing off his shoulders. You tugged at his scarf, raising an eyebrow at him. 

He grabbed your wrist, “Trust me. You don’t want to see me without a scarf.”

You cocked your head to the side. “And why is that?” 

“I have uh- neck problems.”

“You giggled, “Sure Jefferson. Whatever you say.”

Jefferson looked at the clock hanging on the wall. “I’ve got to go. See you later (y/f/n).” 

You walked over to him, and placed a kiss to his cheek. He gasped at your actions, widening his eyes. “Goodbye Jefferson. Have fun on your ‘not date’.” 

Jefferson nodded to you, before walking out of the establishment. The feel of your lips on his cheek lingered as he walked down the sidewalk to police station.  “I love you, (y/f/n).” He sighed to himself, glancing at the yellow beetle driving away from the station. “That’s why I have to do this.” 

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Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Requested?: Yes

Prompt(s): #28 (“Don’t do that.” -“why?” -“just… don’t do that.” - “why?” - “because!! Just don’t do it!”) and #29 (“You look like sh!t.” - “gee, thanks for noticing, Captain Obvious.”)

Warning(s)?: None

Word Count: 1,359

Getting into the elevator, you sneezed for the thousandth time that morning. You quickly sniffled before bringing the kleenex to your nose and blowing, making the elephant noise you were growing annoyed with. Everyone around you quickly moved to the corners, trying to get as far away from you as possible.

The elevator quickly came to a stop, making your already upset stomach bring a little bit of your breakfast back to your mouth. The rest of the people in the elevator left before you even got a step forward, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, because you didn’t have to struggle through a group.

You hid the kleenex back in your sweatshirt pocket, hoping that your best friend wouldn’t give you any crap this morning. You turned towards your desk and quickly sat down and pulled your hood in front of your face, hoping that Derek hadn’t noticed your sickly features.

“Hey, (y/n).” Morgan stated before wheeling his chair over to you and pulling at the back of your hood.

“Don’t do that.” You stated, your voice hoarse and thick, causing more pain to erupt in your throat.

“Why?” He asked, before pulling on the fabric once more.

“Just… Don’t do that.”  You stated once more, your pounding head starting to get even more aggravated.

“Why?” He repeated his response, making your hands slam on your desk.

“Because!! Just don’t do it!” You shouted before pressing one hand to your forehead, trying to get the pounding to stop, and the other on your throat, hoping to get the scratching to die down.

“Woah, easy there, tiger. What’s up with you?” Morgan stated before lightly pulling the hood down so he could see your face. Lucky for him, the second the hood was lowered to your shoulders, another sneeze came through your nose.

“Sorry…” You sniffed before grabbing another kleenex and blowing your nose once more.

“You look like shit.” He stated, making you roll your eyes before a cough rattled your throat.

“Gee, thanks for noticing, Captain Obvious.” You replied before rubbing your arms.

“You shouldn’t be here.” He continued, the only effect your snarky comment had was the smirk that now rested on his lips.

“Yeah, well, I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on and I don’t have to time take a sick day.” You stated before Morgan grabbed your hand and pulled you out of your chair. “Derek Morgan, let me go back to my desk right now or I swear-” You started to scold the man who continued to drag you across the BAU, but another sneeze cut you off.

Eventually you both came to Hotchner’s office, your eyes now wide. “Morgan, what are you-” You started before he pushed open the door and put you in front of Aaron.

“She’s sick, and she won’t go home.” Morgan stated to Aaron, making you glare at him.

“I’m not si-” you started before another cough ran up from your lungs and out your mouth, you body shaking from the strength it took from you.

“(y/n),” Hotchner started, grabbing your attention, “you need to go home. I can’t have you getting the other agents sick. Did you drive today?” He asked, making you shake your head.

“No, I took the bus.” You responded while looking at the ground, somewhat ashamed that you needed the person in charge to tell you to go home.

“Ok, I will send Reid to take you-” Hotchner started before Morgan butted in.

“Reid? Really?” he asked, causing you to giggle slightly.

“Do you mind if Morgan takes me?” You said while looking at Hotchner, a small smile now stretching on his face, “you need your brainiac here.” You continued before returning the smile.

“Alright, Morgan, take her. But you come straight back here, do you understand?” Hotchner directed his gaze towards Derek once more, the smile on your face opening up to a weak giggle.

“Yes, sir.” Morgan replied before helping you out of Hotchner’s office and towards the elevator. You were met with multiple concerned glances from your other co-workers, but with a small nod from Derek, they continued on with their work.

*small time skip brought to you by Reid’s genius*

“Alright, here we are.” Derek stated before parking his car next to your apartment building. You looked towards him to give him a smile and thank him for the ride, but you quickly turned your gaze back towards the windshield when another cough rattled through you. Almost immediately, you felt a hand on your back, rubbing calming circles over your work attire.

Once you gained you breath back, you gave him that small smile before unbuckling your seatbelt. Morgan quickly got out of the car and ran to your side, opening the door for you like the gentleman only you and Garcia knew. You went to stand, but once you were on your feet, your vision blurred, all of your blood rushing to your head. Without hesitation, Derek grabbed you and lifted you up in his arms bridal style, allowing you to weakly grip at his shoulders as you coughed once more.

“Honey, you shouldn’t have come into work… What were you thinking?” He asked, making you shake your head.

“I have so much paperwork Der…” You trailed off, your voice almost nonexistent.

“Don’t you worry about that paperwork, beautiful,” He started, making you turn your tired gaze towards his worried features, “I will get it done. And by that, I mean fork it off on Reid, but it will get done.” He chuckled, making you smile slightly before laying your head back down on his shoulder.

“Thank you, Der.” You stated, knowing that two simple words couldn’t possibly be enough to return everything he was doing for you.

“No problem, gorgeous.” He replied, making you giggle slightly and your eyes quickly fell shut in his warm embrace.

“Sweetheart, I need to get back to the office…” Morgan’s voice woke you from your small nap, and you groaned slightly as a response. He chuckled before pushing the wet hair from your forehead and placing a small kiss on your salty skin. “I brought out your chicken soup and put it on the counter, along with a bottle of water. When you can stand, you should try to stay hydrated and eat some of the soup, it will help with your nausea and your coughing. I will see you after I get off work, ok? I will come back and check on you.” He gave you those instructions before placing a piece of fabric by your head. Opening your eyes, you saw that it was your one of his favourite sweatshirts, and you weakly smiled. “I remember you told me once how much having my sweatshirts helps you sleep, so here you go.”

“What if I throw up on it?” You joked, making him chuckle.

“Don’t throw up on it?” His words seemed to make more of a question than a statement.

“Why?” You asked, recreating the conversation that you two had earlier this morning.

“Just don’t do it.” He replied, making you shake your head, a smile on your face. He turned to leave, but you grabbed his hand.

“Please don’t leave, Der…” You trailed off, making him look at you desperately.

“Sweetheart, you heard Hotchner… He wants me back at the office as soon as-” He started to reply before you looked at him, the paleness of your skin and your shaky grip on his hand making him stop dead in his tracks.

“I would sleep a lot better with you here instead of just your sweatshirt…” You stated, making him shake his head slightly, his signature smirk resting upon his lips.

“I will call Reid later and tell him to start on that paperwork.” Derek stated before crawling into the bed next to you, holding your back close to his chest. “Just get some sleep, hun.” He finished before lightly kissing your neck, making you smile.

The last thing you remember before falling asleep was him squeezing your hand lightly and you saying; “Now I can just throw up on you.”

Mr. Fluffy

Description: I don’t really know, but this is what happens when you let your imagination run wild

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

[Y/C/N]= your character name

Y/N = Your name

Word count: 1,689

Warnings: Bad words (as per usual)

A/N: I’m a bit new to this so constructive criticism  is always welcome, Enjoy! :)


You loved Comic-Con you really did, ever since you joined Marvel as [y/c/n], your life has been flipped upside down but it felt kind of good seeing the world in a different perspective. But you had to admit that after 3 consecutive days of photo ops, autographs, and panels, you were ready to go home and sleep for 2 weeks straight.

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First Love

Title: First Love

Pairing: Wanda x Reader

Plot:  WANDA X FEM!READER! Someone is trying to confess to the other using the language of flowers. Up to you to decide who does what!

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

           Training was never easy. But for some reason, that particular day was more difficult than normal. Her body ached as Y/n walked back to her room, bag hanging from her shoulder as she pushed open the door to her room. It was dark and she couldn’t see anything, so she let her bag drop to the ground and flicked on the light switch.

           Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she noticed something sitting on the nightstand. Flowers. A whole bouquet of them. They were a vibrant pink hibiscus and as much as Y/n liked to act tough, they were beautiful.

           She approached them and carefully cupped one of the flowers in her hands, pulling it out of the vase and bringing it up to her nose. She inhaled the scent of the flowers, bringing a smile to her face. She searched the bouquet for some kind of indication of who the flowers could possibly be from and found a small white card buried in the petals.

           Hibiscus: Delicate Beauty

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“When can we go, Daddy?!” a five-year-old you asked.

“As soon as Sam and Dean are ready to leave,” Castiel replied as he switched his gaze to the boys.

“I’m ready,” Sam said with a shrug and a smile.

“Yeah, me too,” Dean added.

You clapped your hands in excitement and held on to Castiel’s hand.  Sam and Dean shuffled up to the angel as well and set their hands on his shoulders.  Within seconds, the four of you were transported to Disney World.

You looked in fascination around you, breathing, “Wow…"  A huge smile formed on your face as you exclaimed, "This is amazing!"  You began to jump up and down excitedly.

You suddenly spotted a woman in a light blue dress with blonde hair that was pulled up into a bun.  You gasped and tried to run over to her, but you were stopped by an arm reaching out in front of you to stop you.

"Woah!  Easy there, tiger,” Uncle Dean said.  He turned you around so that you could look into his green eyes.  “We don’t want you to get lost or hurt, so you have to stay by at least one of us at all times, okay?”

“Okay!” you agreed.  “Now can we go see Cinderella?”

Dean chuckled and stood.  “All right, let’s go.”

Before you walked over to Cinderlla, you took your dad’s hand and began to drag him behind you, Sam and Dean close at your heels.

The Summer´s tale of Dean Winchester - Part (8) Our romance.

I can´t believe that next chapter is already going to be the last one. I´m so in love with writing this series, I just can´t describe it. :)

Read the other parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,Part 4,Part 5,Part 6,Part 7

Summary: After your boyfriend broke up with you, your plans for the last summer before your senior year in college are cancelled and now you´re stuck at your grandparent´s in Florida.
But suddenly the new gardener Dean Winchester shows up and after you meet, there´s absolutely no going back.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 1400 ish

Warnings: so much fluff, smut, semi-public sex, seriously so much fluff

Originally posted by honeydean


Ten minutes later you had told your grandma you were going out and headed towards the car with Dean in silence. Usually he would have put his arm around you, but this time he just kept his hands in his pockets and you felt lonely all of a sudden.
You got into the car and he just started driving while neither of you said anything. You had no idea whether he was heading somewhere or if he was just driving, waiting for you to spill the beans.
But after ten minutes or so, he finally pulled the Impala off the road and you recognized the beach you had driven to on the first night you´ve been together so many weeks ago.
It felt like a memory that didn´t even belong to you.
He stopped the engine and then looked at you, his eyes dark and sad: “Please tell me what´s going on, because I kept thinking about what I might have done to set you off but I can´t think of anything. So please, just tell me.”
You felt tears behind your eyes, because the moment was kinda intense and then you let it all out:
“You didn´t do anything wrong. That day I told you I´d come to you, I was so happy. And then I realized that this wasn´t going to last.
After all I have to go back to Sacramento on September 1st and then we won´t see each other for a year.
We would never get over that, it would be just too much. And I…”, for a second you debated whether to show your cards just yet or to wait what he said, but then you realized that you were already all in, “And I´m already starting to fall in love with you, so I tried to save myself from another heartbreak.”
He looked at you for a second and then leaned over to kiss you, cupping your face and giving you the sweetest kiss possible.
When you broke apart, he smiled: “I want to show you something.”
Without further information, he got out of the car and you couldn´t do anything else but follow him.
He waited for you with an outstretched hand: “Close your eyes, it´s supposed to be a surprise.”
Not sure what to think of this, you obeyed and he started leading you across the sand.
You had no idea where he was going, but you didn´t fear tripping for one second because you knew Dean would never let any harm get to you.
It took you maybe ten minutes before he said: “Okay, you can look now.”
You opened your eyes and what you saw took your breath away:
You were standing in a little rock formation that was a little down the beach. The rocks shielded you from the rest of the beach and in the middle of it, there was a blanket with a few pillows on it.
Beside the blanket there stood a tray, that had two glasses and a bottle of what looked like champagne on it and when you turned around to Dean, he held a bunch of roses in his hands:
“I´m glad that´s the only problem we have, because I start falling in love with you too.”
Now tears really made their way to your eyes and you got up on your toes to kiss him.
This was the most romantic thing someone had ever done for you and you loved every tiny bit of it.
When you stopped kissing, he smiled at you:
“Wanna have a glass of champagne and watch the sunset?”
If any other person would have said that, it would have sounded cheesy, but again, everything was different with Dean.
You smiled too and sat down on the blanket that just so happened to be the most comfortable place on earth, while Dean poured you two glasses of Champagne.
When you both took a sip of it, you thought about the fact that maybe this was what a real relationship felt like.
Maybe this was what your grandparents had, what your roommate and her fiancé had, what Sam and Jess had.
This was real.
You put your glass aside and started kissing Dean, slowly and full of emotion.
You had one hand on his neck and he put one on your waist.
Within minutes, you were lying on the ground, Dean on top of you, his weight just right and his touch magical.
Slowly you started pulling of his shirt, while he lightly kissed your ear, then he worked on getting off your pants.
It was the second time you were going to have sex in a semi-public space, but again you couldn´t care less.
When both of you were completely naked, you continued to go slow, making everything last. This wasn´t sex, this was making love.
And it felt great.
You both moved in perfect synch once he was inside you and even though none of you hurried towards your climax, because that was simply not what this was about, you both finished simultaneously.
After he had laid down beside you, he made sure that you put on your underwear again and then covered you with another blanket before putting on his own clothes again.

You felt so nicely taken care of, you just closed your eyes and smiled, enjoying the feeling of how he was laying beside you, your head on his shoulder, your arms around his waist.
You almost drifted off to sleep that way, but then he whispered: “I love you (Y/N)”, and you felt a warmth spread through your whole body that you could only describe as pure luck, before you said: “I love you too Dean.”

The rest of July and half of August, flew by as if it were only seconds. You and Dean were totally in love and you basically lived with him and his brother by now.
Your g
randpa was back home for two weeks and was getting better every day, which left you without a bad conscience when you left for Dean´s at another evening.

Today you two planned on having Dinner with Sam, because he was going to leave for Stanford again in the morning, meeting up with Jessica in their shared apartment again.You were happy for him but it also reminded you of the problem you and Dean still had and also you would really miss Sam, even though you would probably see more of him for the next year because Sacramento was only two hours from Stanford away.
Live went crazy ways sometimes.
By the time you three sat around Dean´s small kitchen table, you hadn´t forgotten about all that and your mood was probably pretty obvious because Sam grinned and nudged you in the rips:
“Hey, is someone going to miss me so bad?”
You smiled at him: “Yeah, actually I will.”
Dean grinned: “What´s that I´m hearing? You got your own girlfriend Sammy, stop hitting on mine”, he joked.
All three of you laughed and then Sam and Dean shared a glance you couldn´t quite interpret. But the brothers had some weird kind of bond so you mostly didn´t ask what their telepathic conversations were about.
Suddenly Sam got up and came back only seconds later with his laptop under his arm: “I meant to show you something.”
He called up some photos and showed you a nice apartment with two bedrooms, a huge kitchen, a cozy looking living room and even a small balcony.
“What do you think of this?”, Sam asked and you smiled at him: “It´s really amazing. Is that yours?”
For a moment there was silence until Dean spoke up: “Actually, it´s mine.”
Confused you looked at your boyfriend: “Yours?”
He smiled shyly: “Well, it could be ours if you want it to be.”
It started to dawn on you what this was all about but you refused to believe that this was really happening until Dean continued to explain:
“The apartment is in Sacramento, I bought it two weeks ago. I planned on living near Sammy for quite some time now and since the garage got closed up nothing holds me here.
And most important, I´d love to live with you.”
You gaped at the brothers and you were sure you looked like a deer in headlights before you jumped up and almost pushed Dean from his chair in attempt to hug him.
“Woah, easy tiger”, he said and grinned before kissing you on the forehead.
You couldn´t believe your luck: “I love you so much”, you whispered into his year and he smiled against your face: “I love you too.”

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