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160821 KTR -10th anniversary special ♡

* SJ Hyung- line receiving the 10th year anniversary recognition award from KBS for Sukira~

KBS radio Chief Producer said fans, staffs and KBS love Sukira. He wants SJ to do sukira 10 years more, and then 10, 20 years more then KBS can celebrate their 60th birthday haha.

*  They knew that Heechul will have a phone call, because he asked, but he appeared suddenly, YeTeuk were so surprised ㅋㅋ

* Teuk talked about how Yesung was sad at first, but when Heechul appeared he was so touched and TeukChul teased that he’ll cry. 

Heechul: In a few days, it’s Yesung-ssi’s birthday. Today is Kibum-ssi’s~ Yesung-ssi, when the 2 maknaes got enlisted, you became the maknae!

*   Heechul: Donghae can’t even read his own writing.

Heechul mentioned that fans’ handwriting is really pretty unlike Lee Donghae’s handwriting. Donghae can’t even read his own words and always asks “ what is this?? what is written? what is written? “

HC: Fans write hangeul really well! They’re 5000x better than Donghae. 

LT: DH’s writing is a mess.. 

HC: DH can’t even read his own writing!

Heechul: Woah, Donghae was a fixed guest in radio before (Sukira corner)?

Leeteuk: Yes, but because his pronunciations is bad…ㅋㅋ

* M&D did karaoke Sechs Kies’ song & in the midst of song, Yesung danced randomly & M&D followed him kkk~

*  When the guest sang,Leeteuk-Yesung-Heechul randomly danced ^^

 After the crazy singing, Heechul was like “Can someone please give me water” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

 * Leeteuk: Eunhyuk said since concert to shave your hair when he enlists and a fan cut her hair..

Heechul: Should we 3 shave too?

Leeteuk: Cannot cannot!

Heechul: i went to the salon to shave but they didn’t allow, i suddenly feel like shaving now.

Leeteuk: Cannot, dont do it!!

* Teuk: we’ve gotta thank yesung and heechul for coming and- 

Heechul: are you sending us away already?! 

Teuk: oh nono we have to play!

* Teuk: okay now…. 

Heechul: are you finally sending us away 

Teuk: No we have to listen to songs!

* Heechul was supposed to leave an hour ago but he stayed cuz he said he likes being with the members~

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