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when you feel like you’re on top of the world


Woah this is the first transparent image I’ve ever done!!

So, I put off watching the Gravity Falls finale for a while because I didn’t want to face that it was over… But when I did watch it I was glad, because it was perfect. I will miss seeing new episodes of this show that has been both created and received with such love. But I’m so happy Hirsch and his team got to end it right. I may have cried, but at the end I was smiling!! 

maple-maypole  asked:

I saw art so beautiful I fainted??? Like dude woah. The lines and colors and style and the way you interpret characters and how you can add to the design but still make it look 200% canon and how you draw hair and faces and nOSES and eyes and did I said colors already becAUSE COLORS MY DUDE WHAT THE FRICK

thank you!!!

In celebration of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle being reintroduced to DC after all the weird rebooting they’ve done lately, I had to make a drawing. I don’t really read DC as much anymore, but these two will always be my favorite duo.