no but i actually laugh rlly hard whenever i watch the stylo music video bc its like when cyborg noodle shoots at the cop and he drives off the road 2-D is just like

and that’s not even the best fuckign part no look
when bruce willis tails behind them 2-D and murdoc both look behind and

their reaction


why does nobody talk about the progression of ‘sun’ in fun.’s lyrics?

“Sun will come, we will find our way home." - Carry On

"The bottles never break, the sun will never come. So come on let me in I will be the sun." Out on the Town

"I used to run at first sight of the sun. Now I lay here waiting for you to wake up” - Sight of the Sun

because it hurts my heart.


I noticed that Farkle wears a lightning bolt shirt in GM Bear, and I followed Maya’s advice in GM Jexica. We know that Farkle’s on this journey to learn who he is, and he feels lost right now.
So why is he wearing a lightning bolt in GM Bear?
“I don’t know Farkle, why are we all looking so hard to find the last ripped up raggedy piece of Riley’s childhood? Maybe I’m not quite ready for it to be gone.”


update: An awesome Anon just posted another theory:

Maya: Thunder! ☁️

Riley: Lightning!⚡️