I remember kissing you for the first time. I had to take a minute because you sent my head spinning. Asked if I was okay, but I wasn’t. I was somewhere else. You were just too beautiful. I had been wanting to do that for too long. And the moment was just too perfect. I had to take a second to make sure you were really there and it wasn’t just one of my rare happy dreams

🌴🍊 Yam orange juice good times. Yuck annoying assignments bad times 👎📝 Does anyone else find it amusing to write up a seemingly logical, in depth analyzation of whatever is required (because it fits relevant theory and research) but at the same time think “this is so not what I believe”. Is that just me? Probably the root cause of a lot of world problems… The ease in writing what you know will be graded well over original, controversial ideas… #selfreflection #iknowyoudoittoo #butwhy #woah #brainisfried #apagoaway


You walked out of your room hesitantly, trying not to trip over your heels. Sam and Dean were making you dress up for a stupid party so you could blend in and try to look around for a hunt. Your eyes came in contact with Dean as he scanned you up and down, clearly speechless. Sam glanced at you then back to his laptop before doing a double check. You felt your face heat up from their stares.

 “Both of you.. Shut your mouth.” You ordered them in a futile attempt to stop the compliments coming your way soon from both brothers.