10 Eras & 10 Canons

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 10 Eras and 10 Canons ficlet project for the 10 Years of Steve/Tony celebration. This post is a masterlist of those 20 works spanning and celebrating the breadth of Steve and Tony’s relationship. But sure to also check out the other works posted to the Anniversary Collection

Ten Eras

Ten Canons

Captain Halenvar Bloodborne, Valarjar

Captain Halenvar Bloodborne, Valarjar, Council of the Scions of Antiquity

Full Name: Halenvar Bloodborne

Race: Sin’dorei (Blood Elf)

Class: Ingame: Warrior, ICly: Valarjar, D&D: Fighter 9/Occult Slayer 10

Appearance: FC: Jason Momoa. Halenvar has long red hair and a matching goatee. His body is covered in arcane scars and tattoos. His eyes are a mix of green, common to sin’dorei, and blue, due to a bit of Titan magic healing. The right side of his face is covered in a blue woad tattoo. His right shoulder and bicep is covered in an intricate rune knot tattoo. The left side of his face has a long vertical scar that barely misses his eye but starts at the forehead and goes down to his chin. His is built very well and trains every morning with his weapon to maintain his impressive physical form. He is most commonly seen wearing his various suits of plate armor, forged from various materials from his various campaigns.

Dispostion: Halenvar is angry, for the most part, having lost much over the years. He grew to hate magic in all it’s forms, seeing it as the cause of the worlds problems. His views were recently tempered by a beautiful mage, that showed him magic was a source of inspiration for her. He retains his frown in most cases, except with his closest friends.

History at a glance: The Scourge invasion is when he lost his family. The Burning Crusade, he watched his friends turn to the Betrayer and was forced to kill them for the good of his people. The Northrend expedition watched his slain brother be raised as a death knight in service to the Scourge and was laid low by Halenvar on the snows of Icecrown. The Cataclysm brought the death to his first love, slain by Twlight cultists, earning him his facial scar and a set of cursed weapons. The discovery of the Misty Isle saw him almost give into the Sha of Anger. On the plane of Dreanor, he stood with his old friends, the ones that still lived and slew many of the Iron Horde. The coming of the Legion has brought him love and loss, a cursed freed and finally a place to call home.

Notable Items: The mighty relic sword, Odynsblade, Who’s true name is Ragnorok. The mighty blade augments his already impressive strength and can deliver crushing blows to his enemies as well as heal Halenvar in combat.

LF People: If you wish to interact with Halenvar I accept most types of RP on him. The one type I will refuse right of the bat will be any type of romance and shipping. Halenvar is in love with one woman and can not be swayed from it. If you want to do a pre-established relationship, that is wonderful. If you want to be his enemy, that is great. If you just want to be his friend, I love it. Btag: Baalagor#1141

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