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|| @sasageru from here ! 

          —– Upon slightly getting CLOSER to the girl to check upon her,
Goshiki could now clearly spot a few small CUTS on her legs, possibly
from the fall, and without awaiting any longer, the boy quickly rushed
towards her and knelt in front of the girl. 

With a quick movement, he took off his backpack and searched with
determination for his handkerchief, books now LAYING on the floor as the
boy finally found the light blue small handkerchief. Luckily he hasn´t used
it so it was perfectly CLEAN!.

“ —– Please, hold on still… This will be quick don´t worry !” 
—– The boy spoke up as he GENTLY wipped off the blood from
her ankles, and took out his water bottle, handling it inmediatly
to the girl. —–

Afterall, once upon a time, Goshiki had found himself on a similar situation,
luckily, an older lady came to help him, so since then the boy had managed
to keep her action deep inside his heart, and try to lend a helping hand whenever
he saw someone in trouble, and definitely, this girl WASN´T the exception.